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There it is · 11:07pm Oct 21st, 2016


Cover Art by DarkFlame

Rainbow Dash has it all: a life of mystery and suspense, ups and downs, adventure and calamity. As time goes by, she finds herself swiftly becoming the most daring, awesome pegasus in all of Equestria.

She would gladly give it all up, though, just for a chance to tell Applejack how much she loves her.

(An ongoing, daily updated story about the adventures and calamities of Rainbow Dash while she deals with her ongoing crush on best friend Applejack. Plenty of action, drama, silliness, fuzziness, comedy, appledashery, and copious amounts of cute pining pegasus sappiness.)

Experimental Pony Chaperone Of Tomorrow

Appledashery: The Covers

December '13 - May '14

(Chapters 1 - 163)

May '14 - Present

(Chapters 164 - present)

Source: DarkFlame

Courtesy of Ponky, Circa Summer 2012

Courtesy of sagwamat aka random words

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why is your Avatar picture the famous WOW!!! signal... wait... nevermind

Considering this is just another Skirts alter ego.... no.

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