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Lilith Evanson

Rainbows and cupcakes and lesbian ponies. Shippers and cloppers and all of the bronies. Applejack licking all up Rainbow's wings. These are a few of my favorite things!

Who I am Inside.

I'm a dreamer, an artist, a fangirl, a writer, an animator, a peer tutor, a patient woman, a lesbian, a believer, and a hopeless romantic.

Well, now that we got all the dramatic feels out of the way, on to the less theatric and emo bio!

I've been writing fanfiction since I was 10. I stopped when I started college and started up again once I finished. Honestly, I never thought I'd write again but My Little Pony has seriously changed my view on a whole lot of things.

No, really. There's a whole story behind this but I'm too lazy to type it all down. There's only one person who knows the entire story and that's Glasmond. I miss you.

I'm...uh...21 years old. I live in Chicago (whoo windy city and high taxes!). I'm a digital artist with an animation degree which I am trying very hard to find a use for. I also dabble with watercolor. Once my portfolio's complete, I'll put the link up.

Hm...what else?

I love ponies.

I love AppleDash.

I love ApplePie.

I ADORE AppleDashPie.

That's about it. I love getting to meet new people. If you want to ask a question or just chat, you can PM me or visit my tumblr.

And remember, smile smile smile.




Jeez, I need to organize myself better. · 1:31am May 20th, 2014

Wrote a RariDash for the contest and did not even come close to finishing before the deadline. What SHOULD have been a oneshot ended up turning into four chapters. Two are currently up, two are currently being edited.

*slams head into desk* Damn it all to hell.

WELL! I wrote something besides AppleDash! That's a start!

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*Poke *Poke *Pokie *Poke

We miss you


I really do enjoy your stories. In fact, I have a few more placed in my "read later" list. You are talented and gifted! I can't wait to read more from you.

Comment posted by The Descendant deleted Apr 19th, 2014

Heh, I'm sensing you have an interest in seeing Apples to Apples getting expanded.:ajsmug:

Also, thanks so much for the Fave of Our Gifts. I'm glad that you enjoyed my little piece of pony/dragon cuddling, and I'm very glad that you found another of my works to enjoy.:twilightsmile:

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