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"You think you know me..."


How far would you go for love? Would you travel across the world? Face peril whatever the danger? Even sacrifice your own being? Rainbow Dash will have to answer these questions as she tries to find a forbidden mirror to bring back the one she both loved and lost. But at what price will it be?

Originally publish in 01-15-12. This story has been rewritten.

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wow. so reading this! :pinkiehappy: can't wait to see the story! :yay:

First? And very good. Very, very good.

Oh wow....this is great! The original was good but this somehow seems cleaner, crisper...and somehow even more intense and sad. Can't wait to see more!

This is a lot better and opens other doors than rainbow being blamed for it (minus actually sinking the dagger in of course). This doesn't feel as rushed either. Curious as to where you go with this now and really looking forward to it. Well done.

oooh my god...
this is even better than the last one :D

Better than the original, shows more emotion

(5/5 stars)

Okay, so I am successfully distracting myself from the depressive mood here by finding a plot hole and diving in.
Effectively - Cyrus gives them an out. He asks them to give him a reason not to kill them. And Rainbow Dash uses that as a moment to play the lovestruck fool and instead _merely asks that she be killed_.
They are _both_ national heroes. They are _both_ best friends with the personal student of one of the reigning Diarchs. They _both_ may or may not be in semi-regular contact with that same diarch (depending on when this is set). They are _both_ Elements of Harmony/Bearers of the same. Lastly, the other reigning Diarch _owes them her life_. Any of these, on their own, would be a good reason to not kill them. Taken together, their death would effectively book their murderer a one way ticket to the _sun_.
So why does Dash not mention any of these? Why does she attempt to appeal to the softer side of a criminal, a person who, in the course of their profession would become, and even demonstrated that they are, callous gits? I know Dash isn't the smartest pony on the block, but surely even she can recognise that the threat of divine retribution is greater incentive than emotional pleas?


Never really occurred to me to write it. Even if I did, Cyrus still wouldn't really give a damn.

When i first read the origional "Wings of sacrifice"
i thought to my self that there was not a single better story on this entire site... I eagerly and impatiently waited for every chapter... and when i heard you were rewriting it i nearly tore my house apart :rainbowkiss:
Now that i have read this new and improved remake... i cant help but be excited for the upcomming chapters! this is my favorite story on fimfiction and as i said the last chapter.... if you say this isent good enaugh... im gunna go on a murderous rampage :pinkiehappy:


Trust me. This is the final version.

dude! not cool! upload more ASAP! you can't leave me hangin :rainbowhuh:

You know, when i read the first draft of this story, i loved it, absoulutley loved it. When i found out you were re-writing it, i felt distraught, i felt like telling you that you were in the progress of making a brilliant story and re-writing it will just ruin it, but i didn't.
Im glad i didn't, This draft has SO much more emotion and detail written into it, much more so then it did, and i NEVER thought i'd say this, but i love this re-write.
I honestly can't wait for the next chapters, this has to be 1 of the best story's i have ever had the pleasure of reading. I wish more stories were written in this caliber. :twilightsmile:
Now, im just anticipating the new/old chapters to be re-written, that, i am looking forward too.
Well, i have too thank you for such a great story (even though unfinished) :derpytongue2:

Forever a fan
~ Dashing :rainbowdetermined2:

Wow, so you made Rainbow mercy kill Applejack instead of having her fall to her death. I can already hear Applebloom saying it's Rainbows fault, and this time Rainbow won't be able to say she did everything she could to try and save her.

I read the original version of this story. It was deathly saddening to read that Applejack died from falling off the cliff. :fluttercry: Now reading the new version of the story, it isn't only deathly saddening again, but I just can't help but get pissed off at Cyrus. You picked a smart, cold thief for the leader (great choice by the way). The only thing I can't ever picture, even if reading it in this story, is Rainbow "mercy killing" Applejack. It may be my opinion, but I kind of preferred the original version of Applejack's death. Still, the story is brilliantly written, as well as emotionally inducing. Can't wait to read the next, new version of this story. I do hope it will turn out like the original with Rainbow in Grydon and I saw Gilda in there as well. Meeting of two ex-best friends, still interesting. :duck:

"Get your filthy claws off her, you damn, dirty griffin!"

Emotions get the better of people in dire situations.
And she was juxtaposing her own life with Applejacks. "Shes honest, caring" implies RDs lazy and apathetic (although we already knew that); "Shes got a family that cares so much for ger that I'm even jealous" implies RD's family isnt and probably hasnt been there for her for a while. Shes just ruling of reasons as to why killing Applejack would be the least immoral desicion, and why she would be the more appropriate candidate to be slain.
Also, the gryphons are already wanted in their own country, so maybe RD figured the "diplomatic" aproach wouldnt be as effective as an emotional one.
Or maybe Im just reading too far into this; Its late, Im sleep deprived and Im suppost to be up again in five and a half hours for another gruelling day at work. :ajsleepy:

Great rewrite, by the way. :rainbowkiss:

... I don't think pissing off a Dithearch or two is a good idea. An eternity as a statue would be agonizing to say the least.

But a beautiful and heartrending story none the less.

I thought so too. I wonder how Pinkie Sense will pick up a death this time. My version:

Pinkie was finishing up a bach of muffins for Derpy, as she was putting them on counter, she suddenly felt tired and weak. Flipping the tray and spilling hot muffins all over the floor.
"Pinkie what's wrong?" Asked a worried Mrs. Cake. Upon reaching her she noticed Pinkie shivering, like she's been stuck in a meat locker for some time.

Something like that.

I... Require... MORE :flutterrage:

If that's alright with you, that is... :fluttershysad:

Really liking this so far. Well written, with a good plot.
Also,I liked how you brought back the 37/38 bit from the dream in Pinkie's talk with Dash.

:fluttercry: Nooo, AJ! I hope those griffons get a proper punishment:twilightangry2:.
Looking forward to the next update!


It's got new stuff and is better, trust me

My manly tears are escaping the confines of my eyeballs! Y U DO THIS TO ME :fluttercry:

Wow, Mac crying really choked me up. My manly tears are yours :fluttercry:

I think :applecry::fluttercry::raritydespair: and :pinkiesad2: are the most appropriate things here. That was a heartrending depiction... I cannot wait to see where you go with this from here on out.

Nice rewrite of this chapter (having read the original). Can't wait to see the direction this takes.

I can understand Applebloom's blind rage. But I expect Dash's friends will understand, and feel sorry for her rather than blame her.

I hope eventually something happens where AJ comes back. I've never read this story, so I don't know what happens later on. :twilightblush:

Also, I is a sad pony. :fluttercry:

Wow, this was a very powerful chapter. It will be interesting to see how Dash copes with this.
Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

OH My...*sniffs* ...gosh..Sad face...I'm crying many...ugh...girly...tears...:ajsleepy:

So probably a couple chapters away from being where you dropped the story before assuming the same pacing. Looking forward to it.


Actually, no. There are going to be two chapters before we get to where we left off. It's going to take place in the Port of Grydon, where Dash needs to find away to get out of the port which is on lockdown for military reasons. It's going to help explore the nature of the Griffin Republic (Which is not as democratic as you might think) as well as explore the nature between the ponies and griffins after AJ's death and Celestia determination to enter her troops into the nation.

So be sure to keep an eye out

Continue it. Please please please please PLEASE continue it, PLEEAAASEE! :flutterrage::fluttercry:

Except for the fat you just made me deppresed and sad on how AJ died i love this story :twilightsmile: I've seen you on Fanfiction.net as well but didn't think you would be here as well:rainbowhuh: Can't wait for next chapter though:twilightsmile:

I loved how it had a 'happy dark' going on near the end. "I stabbed her I stabbed her!" was the theme and I loved it. I was hoping Celestia would beat the manure out of RD, pick up and toss AJ's corpse out of the coffin, jam RD in there and scream: "YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN KILLED INSTEAD!" before sealing the whole thing with magic and burying it. I was so engrossed in the story that I was stopping every paragraph just to imagine how it could have ended from those points. I want RD to smile a creepy smile and say "Looks like I win AJ, and I have everypony believing that the gryphons killed you. It was the perfect crime." Then Luna overhears or something and the whole scene turns bat wild. Too bad, I loved the story anyway. "I killed her, it was me! I finished her off!" Hahaha! Priceless! OH AND THE "Why?" from Apple Bloom, just hilariously put mate, absolute gold! Good show!
You should make an alternate ending where everyybody gangs on on RD for some reason, and slices her eyeballs out with a screwdriver. Everybody has insane bloodlust and then they start eating her while she's writhing on the ground going "OH MY GODDES OH NO!!!!!!!!!!" Then everybody including the princesses, Trixie, and the changelings have an orgy on top of AJ's still-open casket.

These sad fics never managed to even make me a little sad I just don't know why :rainbowhuh:
I mean come ON!! This was depressing so why don't I feel depressed ??

So um? Where's the rest of it :rainbowhuh:

I like, i like a lot.

10/10 Stasches for you!


and because it was sooooooo sad

This is one of few stories which actually drew manly tears from me.
I will be following this.

I was thinking about this story the other day and wondered when it was going to be updated. You didn't disappoint.

Equal value....
Such a simple phrase.

I'm glad you put out a new chapter, I really like this story and can't wait for more. =)

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