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Rainbow has gone through a lot in life. So many things had gone wrong over the years, and when the one thing she values most is lost, she looses herself in an abyss of despair. There comes a point when everypony gives in to their sadness, thinking they have nowhere else to turn. In those instances, it takes a lot to remind them that there is always another way, and that any tragedy can be overcome.

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Okay, This took me a while but I'm finally done with it.
The first thing I would like to say that this story is going to be a pretty long one. And it will be about much more than Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. This was just the best way to start up the plot. You're starting to see that in chapter 2.
And I just want to give a HUGE thanks to the people who read this story even though it's another one of those damn flightless dash stories. Thanks for that.
So yeah, hope you like it.
Updates: Story cancelled for permanents

Hey man. Ive really liked it so far. Good beginning. Only mistakes i remember is that you left the italics on and I'm pretty sure there's no 'u' in Gilda. But other than that, it's tuning out to be a good read

Yeah, I kinda hate that the fic has to start out like this. I just used this start to explain why Rainbow Dash can't fly, but the fic will have a much larger scope later on. Thanks for commenting.
There's no 'u' in Gilda? Aw Buck.
Thanks for that. I had no idea

You missed an italics tag at the end of Dash's flashback about flight miles. Everything after that is in italics, which I'm pretty sure you didn't mean to do. Other than that it's pretty good so far; the 'Dash can't fly' thing is a cliché, but that's forgivable if it continues to be as well-written as it is.

Thanks for the complement, and I'll look into the italics thing.
And I promise the scope of the story is much larger than her not being able to fly. It's just a device to make something happen later.

Yeah, I figured this was going to be a big story because you spent 7500 words just setting it up, lol. I'm curious to see what's going to happen next.

I tend to write too much. Or maybe too long is a better word. But considering the opposite, that's a good problem to have.
I planned for the first chapter to be about this length, but it ended up being about 11,000 words so I'm making it two separate chapters.

I'm the same way. I haven't posted anything here yet because I don't have a proofreader, but most of my chapters tend to be around 6-7000 words at the least. I think my problem is I can't stand writing something and then not adding as much detail as possible. Usually I end up having to compress large sections into smaller ones to avoid being too verbose. :pinkiecrazy:

Anyway, wow. You need two separate chapters for your prologue, lol. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this; I like long stories because I'm a speed reader and I hate having to search for new ones all the time when I finish. Is the other part of the chapter going to go up soon, or will I have to wait and suffer in its absence?

Like I said, I'm proofreading it right now, but I'm in high school and the amount of homework dictates how fast I can go.
I'd say somewhere in the later part of this week. Just a rough estimate ;D

Chapter 2 will be out in a few days. After that, I'd expect a wait of two to three weeks for chapter three.

:yay:! Glad to see you didn't decide to abandon this. =3

A extremely good story even without rainbow dash be the best:twilightsheepish:

Don't expect me to abandon it. I've already planned the story the entire way through. I wrote it down and everything. There's no way I'm pulling a Calvin and Hobbs on this one!
True dat. Rainbow is best pony. But that's only because Spike isn't a pony. Which reminds me, I need to work him into this story at some point.

Oh, also just wanted to put this out there: this is a link to the song I quoted at the start of chapter one. I actually found this song while I was already writing the story, and the lyrics fit rather well for what I had already planned out, so I thought that was pretty cool. It also gave me some ideas for the early parts of the story (and the chapter one title). And now I usually listen to it while I write this piece. Great song, great artist. Rock will never die!

haha, yeah that's what I first thought when I came up with it. I needed Dash to ship with someone for the story to work, and after watching Griffon The Brush Off again, I came up with that scene at Ghastly Gorge. And I somehow convinced myself that it was a good idea.
Oh, and to those reading the story, just ignore the fact that she doesn't have a beak. I'll call that creative license at work. ;D


That's what I was going for. Wow, I'm being really mean to RD.
Thanks. There will be more, but the next chapter will take considerably longer since none of it has been written yet. I was already done most of this chapter when I posted the first chapters. But there will be moar!!

Would you mind to terribly much if I wrote a story with one similar factor....?

I wanted to write an uber-depressing one-shot about Rainbow breaking her wings, and thinking that life is meaningless.

I can't tell you not to. It's not like i'm the first author to write stories where Rainbow Dash looses her ability to fly and is depressed.
But if i'm the one who gave you the idea, I'd love to see it.

1354952 All right, I will.

Warning - It will be dark, somewhat gorey, and very depressing.

I'm trying to write a short, sad story for almost every character. I already have Pinkie and Luna, if you want to see those. :3

Oh, so it's a series. I think I've actually read the pinkie pie one before. I must have seen the story somewhere.
I'll go check Luna out.

1349525 You are more than mean to RD, if you wouldn´t be, the Story would just be half as good as it is until now.
And my feelings changing almost every minute i'am reading this Story like: :twilightsmile: :pinkiegasp::fluttercry::fluttershysad::facehoof::twilightsheepish::pinkiesmile::pinkiehappy::fluttercry::applecry:.

Just awesome keep it up please :scootangel:

I'm glad you're enjoying this so much, but I'm putting this on hiatus (only a week more, not that long) to write some other stuff. I need to get some of my other ideas out of my head. I'm almost done one of them.

1420854 I know what you mean :pinkiehappy:.
I started to write my own Story´s, but i am from germany and i have to translate all my Story's :ajsleepy:... and now i realized that it is too much work for me to write them, proof reading and editing them AND to translate... :twilightoops:.
I also realized that i´am not good enough in English to translate... the point is: You did an awesome job there and i'am envious :pinkiehappy:.

This seems to be building up to a great read, nice work! :)

I got sent here from Solitary Locust's writer the parasprite, and, now Im not sure which continuation Im looking forward to more.
Well, both ones seems like they will be great! :D

Will you be continuing this story, or is it on a hold? (Sorry for asking upright, but, as I see that it haven't been any activity in comments for 2 weeks, I got unsure. Im still kind of new here, no idea how long an update is, so no offence please ;) )

Btw, I found some [very] minor errors in chapter 3:

And within the first week or so she'd also met applejack, and the two had been great friends - and competitors - ever since.

- Applejack should probably be capitalized.

Nopony responded so she continued on her explanation. “The reason a blame Scootaloo is because it is mostly her fault."

-"The reason a...", i think it should be "The reason I..."

Now I havent proof-read this comment looking for errors, so please take no offence in pointing these minor things out. Im just trying to help ;)

Again, thanks for something that seems to be an upcoming great story! :twilightsmile:

yes, this is continuing. I took a break to write some other stories, but I'm in the process of writing the next chapter right now.
And thanks for the errors. I like it when readers point out errors. I'll fix those when I get the time.
thanks for commenting.

Nice definitely needs a dark tag i would say.

I got rid of it at one point, but with this new chapter, I think you might be right.
Yes. Update.

I think I also said it when you first sent me the rough draft, but that was intense.

It was. I don't really understand why i've gotten 2 thumbs down since this chapter was released, but whatever.

Thanks for the patriotic dash.
Dash would make a great president...

1650922 well, I think that Rainbow would make a better Solider, Twilight would be the right for President, don't you think?...

anyways, I am just Impressed, you got somthing this good out of your Brain at this late/early time :rainbowdetermined2:

This is true.
She could run against Mitt Romney, no wait, I mean Filthy Rich ...
Oh wait, I forgot they're the same person.
Just like Pinkie Pie and Andrew WK. That guy is awesome, and a brony.

Aw, that's a little mean to Dashie.
And I'd say this story has done enough to her already. And believe you me, even worse shit is going to happen to her later on.
Actually, something terrible will happen at the end of the next chapter. It's going to be quite a ride for our beloved Rainbow Dash.

1666115 Realy? :rainbowderp: Sounds exciting cant wait!

Finally an update! I've been waiting forever FOREVER! :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait to see how this turns out.:twilightsmile:

It is. I won't give any spoilers though
I know it took forever, and I'm sorry for that. I'll see if I can get the next chapter out more quickly. Last time I wrote two or three fics in-between, but this time I'm only writing one other fic, so it will take less time. They also tend to take a while because the chapters are 7000+ words.

It's fine Iwas just really excited when it was updated. :pinkiehappy:

Well, I'm flattered. Glad you're enjoying this.


Actually, something terrible will happen at the end of the next chapter. It's going to be quite a ride for our beloved Rainbow Dash.

:applejackunsure: Danm your spoilers must be so orgasmic compared to this then

Well really, that's happened to Rainbow Dash in every chapter, it's not much of a spoiler.
To review:
Prolouge: She crashes
Chapter 1: she finds out she can't fly anymore
Chpater 2: she finds out it's Scootaloo's fault,
Chapter 3: she gets the wonderbolts invite.
Yep, every chapter something bad happens to her. I will say this though: the story is headed in a different direction after chapter 4. I hope that isn't too much of a spoiler for you.

1669094 I cant contain my giddyness!:rainbowlaugh:

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