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After some erratic driving during the second coming of Jesus Discord, Twilight gets a letter informing that says her Air Balloon Licence has been revoked, at it seems that all her friends, magic, and connections can't get her out of this one. Join Twilight (and Spike too, I guess) on an exciting journey through the dark abyss from which none returns with their sanity: The Department of Magic Vehicles.

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Loooooool. I'm so reading this.


I have concluded my session of reading this story.

10/10 would read again. I loved how well it mocked today's society. I also can't get over this line:

“I’m sorry Ms. Sparkle, but I’m afraid we’re going to have to revoke your air balloon license."


I have long suspected that Equestrian bureaucrats were as intractable and adamantine as the human variety.

The Bernie Saddles bit felt tacked on and out of place but the story was well-written, the premise was funny, and the comedy delivered.

The fat instructor reminded me of the Rocko's Modern Life DMV episode. "Don't get the fat guy."

Two Stalions in Black & mirrored Glasses approch the wrecked baloon "Hello, Mr. Fats We're from the Equestrian secret Service please come with us"

Spike just stared " Where did they come from?":facehoof:

"Bureaucrats Cover each others butts":trollestia:

"Like a foals cutiemarks":pinkiegasp::flutterrage::rainbowhuh::twilightangry2::ajsleepy::moustache::duck:

Can you write another story?

“Of course I do!” Twilight shouted incredulously. “That was during Discord’s occupation of Equestria. I was saving all your small-town Hoofington flanks for Celestia’s sake!”
The mare frowned.
“Do we need to discuss these issues in private, or do you want me to have security drag out?”
:pinkiegasp: Wow the DMV is bucking hardcore if even that won't get you off the hook

This story is too good not to continue. You gotta find a way to keep it going!

There's really no way to continue it past this chapter, though. A sequel would be possible, but not a continuation of this story,

I actually read this while I was waiting in the DMV. :twilightblush:

Needless to say, I finished the story before the wait was over.

Yeah, I can see that.

The thing to remember about the civil service is that the job is underpaid. However, you basically can't get fired. Therefore, the people who take these jobs are the people who think not getting fired is more important than the money. Also, NOBODY deals with them who doesn't absolutely have to. This means customer satisfaction has zero meaning. They take the attitude that The Customer Is Always Wrong.

I remember a line in the movie Beetlejuice "I don't set policy, I just use it to grind people under"

That's pretty accurate. And to all fairness to the mare at the counter, Twilight was being an asshole about it. That scene drew off a lot of my experiences working as a grocery story cashier, and Twilight is kind of a representation of annoying customers I've dealt with.

You looking for a sequel? Have Princess C find out about this & sentence T to community service -at the DMV. Maybe have RD try to get C to fix the ticket. (old saying "With friends like these, who needs enemies?")

1st law of childhood No matter how bad it is, it's worse when your parents find out.

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