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This is a box I've decided to keep updated with the best fics I read.

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-- Sad, Dark & Tragedies

Schemering Sintel
(29.6k words, [Tragedy], [Sad], [Dark], [Adventure])

(17.5k words, [Romance], [Sad], [Dark], [Adventure], [Alternate Universe])

The Monster We Made
(11k words, [Tragedy], [Sad], [Dark])

The Trouble with Sympathy
(8.5k words, [Romance], [Dark])

Population One
(23.7k words, [Tragedy], [Dark], [Alternate Universe])

Disease in the Darkness
(38.4k words, [Romance], [Tragedy], [Sad], [Alternate Universe])

Que Sera, Sera
(15.4k words, [Sad])

The Signal
(18.4k words, [Sad], [Dark])

Calm Before the Storm
(3.9k words, [Sad], [Dark], [Slice of Life])

Inner Demons
(149k words, [Romance], [Dark], [Adventure])

The Things We Leave Behind
(23k words, [Sad])

[Removed] My Faithful Student
(13.2k words, [Tragedy], [Sad], [Slice of Life])

Bright Eyes
(31.1k words, [Sad], [Slice of Life])

Together In The End
(4.2k words, [Sad], [Dark])

(2.8k words, [Sad])

-- Shipfics --

Spellbound Fireflies
(77.2k words, [Romance], [Slice of Life])

Vanilla Twilight
Dreams and Disasters
(106k words, [Romance], [Adventure])

A Bluebird's Song
(206k words, [Romance], [Sad], [Dark], [Adventure])

(76.2k words, [Romance], [Comedy], [Slice of Life])

And he Silently Painted a Rainbow
(48.5k words, [Romance], [Sad], [Slice of Life])

To Fix You
(25.9k words, [Romance], [Sad], [Dark])

Yours Truly
(18.6k words, [Romance], [Sad])

No Matter How Dark
(86k words, [Romance], [Tragedy], [Dark])

(76.1k words, [Romance], [Tragedy], [Dark])

-- Humans

Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger
(66.5k words, [Adventure], [Human], [Sci-Fi])

(67.5k words, [Romance], [Tragedy], [Slice of Life], [Human])

Dash's Tears in the Rain
(22k words, [Sad], [Alternate Universe], [Human])

Project: Sunflower
(242k words, [Adventure], [Human])

Five Score, Divided by Four
(284k words, [Romance], [Comedy], [Adventure], [Human])

Flight 19
(Incomplete, [Tragedy], [Dark], [Adventure], [Human])

Buck My Life
(82.9k words, [Slice of Life], [Human])

My Little House Guests
(49.9k words, [Romance], [Comedy], [Slice of Life], [Human])

My Little Dashie
(12.5k words, [Sad], [Human])

To Friend is Human
(28.8k words, [Romance], [Sad], [Random], [Human])

Friendship is Optimal
(38.7k words, [Alternate Universe], [Human])

-- Adventures --

(119k words,[Adventure])
Fanfic Reading

The Pale Land
(182k words, [Dark], [Adventure], [Alternate Universe])

Inner Glory
(222k words, [Dark], [Adventure], [Alternate Universe])

Blue Angel
(Incomplete, [Romance], [Sad], [Dark], [Comedy], [Adventure])

The Immortal Game
(297k words, [Dark], [Adventure])

The Ash
(120k words, [Sad], [Dark], [Alternate Universe], [Human])

Hard Reset
(37.4k words, [Dark], [Adventure])

Past Sins
(203k words, [Sad], [Dark], [Slice of Life], [Alternate Universe])

Never judge a book by its cover
(10.6k words, [Sad], [Slice of Life])

-- Crossovers --

(217k words, [Dark], [Crossover], [Human])

The Aperture in my Heart
(20.8k words, [Sad], [Dark], [Comedy], [Crossover], [Alternate Universe])

-- Funny Reading

Drop of Moonshine
(10.3k words, [Comedy])

Wild, Sweet & Cool
(34.7k words, [Comedy], [Slice of Life])

Mood Wings
(9.5k words, [Romance], [Comedy], [Slice of Life])

-- Other Good Reads

Better than the Best
(66.9k words, [Drama], [Slice of Life])

The Last Pinkie Promise
(8.7k words, [Alternate Universe])

Veil of Thoughts
(51.9k words)

Hey all!

If you want to know more about me, try this blog post. But I realised a while ago that I want my profile clouded with links to all the amazing works out there. So, all of this page is clammed with links.

If you'd like categorized recommendations, check my list of recommendations in the right bar.
Or check below if you want to find fics that really deserve more attention than they've gotten. Together with the latest updates to the list.
Or, scroll further down to the comments, as great links may be hidden there as well!

Best of luck and see ya around!

Latest Recommendations

  • Integration For once, a pony wishes to join the changelings instead. by Raugos 118,733 words · 18,707 views · 1,659 likes · 24 dislikes
  • Better than the Best Rainbow Dash convinces Twilight to enter a flying pairs competition with her. by BronyDad 66,911 words · 2,668 views · 213 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger A mission to investigate a far off world takes an interesting twist. by AdmiralTigerclaw 66,597 words · 55,245 views · 5,240 likes · 85 dislikes
  • Frequency While randomly scouring the airwaves with her two-way radio, Vinyl stumbles upon a desperate voice with a wild story. Can words save a life? Can they give hope, and is that hope even worth it? by PaulAsaran 67,560 words · 5,175 views · 631 likes · 43 dislikes
  • The Pale Land Clover the Clever never defeated the Windigos. Now thousands of years in the future, the three pony tribes are still at war as extinction looms over the horizon. Twilight Sparkle wanders through the frozen land, looking for a way to end the winter. by OrphiusOlyandra 182,019 words · 2,271 views · 209 likes · 6 dislikes

Take a look at these fics too!

  • Fifteen Dinners Rainbow Dash's life is perfect. The Wonderbolts want to hang out with her, her relationship with Twilight has somehow lasted seven months, and she's even dropped her cider addiction! But if life is so perfect, why does it still hurt? by Quill Scratch 67,163 words · 1,281 views · 67 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Life of Sin Rainbow Dash keeps a short diary after she returns to Ponyville. by Thyrai 5,395 words · 1,598 views · 196 likes · 7 dislikes
  • Collapse Failure Can Twilight Sparkle figure out how to deal with the aftermath of a magical accident before it's too late? Fourth place finalist in the "Out of Time" writeoff prompt. by Winston 3,934 words · 1,359 views · 120 likes · 4 dislikes
  • Shooting Star A story of Shooting Star, a baby Pegasus, and the best day of his life. by Isseus 2,918 words · 345 views · 35 likes · 5 dislikes
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2498059 Sorry for the late reply. And, you're welcome!
Set in Stone painted an interesting timeline where things could've went. The horrors experienced by Twi' and Spike while exploring this frozen barren land opened for wondering what happened here?
Starlight's reaction to it all further added to the picture.
All in all, good stuff.

Story Approver

Thanks for reading my story. :heart:

2414443 Heh, you're welcome. Haven't faved it yet, as I haven't started reading the FimFic version. But I have read the original, and that was all good. Decided to follow you here to see what you'll post on this site. Best of luck, man!

Thanks for the follow and thanks for favoriting Excuses!

2346157 This Isn't War gave the aftermath of the alternate universe we saw a glimpse of a fair outcome. It feels like Dash is pondering some important questions, and, being who she is, longing back to the action. This, together with a nice ending, if chosen to be interpreted as such at least, made it a good one-shot; both from a story perspective and from the characterization of Dash herself.
In short, thanks for writing it!

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