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A routine flight brings inexperienced pilots to lose themselves in the Bermuda Triangle. But maybe they didn't just disappear? Maybe they went somewhere else? The Bermuda Triangle is a strange place, full of unknowns and horrible tales. This is the tale of Flight 19.

This is a collaboration story between Myself, Dave Morris, and Ty500600 (Retired).

We will be adding tags and characters as we see fit, because a good story is a dynamic one. We as authors can only plan for so much, and if for some unknown reason, we end up with some background character in the main cast, well, we'll add em in.
*spoiler alert*
it may also be to avoid spoilers.

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Firstly, it's good to see this story again! If it's moving here, I'll gladly throw back in a favourite again.

Secondly, I have recently also asked to move a collab story from one account to another. I'm not going to pretend to know how you tried to contact the admins, but in case you only tried asking through PMs on the site, I'd recommend emailing knighty instead. I think they don't respond to PMs, but when I emailed, I got a reply within hours, and knighty kindly moved our story over with all its stats and followers intact. I'll gladly follow the story here as a replacement, but for the sake of those already following the story, I'd recommend shooting knighty an email first. Of course, if you have already tried emails and that failed as well, I'm not sure what to say, but I felt I should let you know regardless.

Anyway, keep it up! :scootangel:

787471>>787502 Please read the description.

Also, to whom it may concern: I will be posting the first chapter of Act II on Sunday. I know I said I was taking the week off, but feh.

How did this pass moderation with only 357 words ?


Copy-paste the original story, delete it after accepted.

I understand the confusion of other correspondents. I have the original "Flight 19" in my read list. If this is, as suggested above, "Flight 19, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo" :rainbowlaugh:, you might include this in the title. Otherwise, we might think this is a different story with a similar title.

I appreciate your attempt at collaboration. It's tough, like herding bunnies.

787752 This will be the entire story. once we have edited the first 10 chapters, they will be posted here, in order.

787697 What distrance said.

Thanks for the elaboration. I look forward to it.

787507 Yah, I tried emails. Thanks for letting me know though.

Another benefit of doing this, is that we are now going to be offering Gdocs versions of the chapters, to be posted along with the chapters. This also lets us submit the story to EQD <snip>

I don't understand. What was stopping you from submitting it without the Gdocs? EQD accepts FiMfiction as readily as any other site.

788116 The Gdocs are a bonus. EQD wouldn't accept it if it was hosted via multiple accounts. I just worded that really poorly.

788132 Oh, I see. Makes sense.

What did just happen? :rainbowhuh:

Did you delete all the chapters and upload them again?

not sure if i like anymore...no offence but...i dont want to read 13 or so chapters...

Lol, this is worth re-reading.

839454 You only need to reread the first 4. the rest are just grammar fixes.

839149 I only deleted Midnights letter. The rest have now been re-uploaded

840676 Ah that explains why almost every single chapter was marked as new.

I am enjoying this story very much and am looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the fantastic work!

850045 Thank you for your kind words. Hopefully even through a busy schedule of waking up at hours of the day that shouldn't exist to have chainsaws thrown at me, we will be able to get the next chapter out on time.

Forgive me for being cynical, but I hate the mornings.


Oh trust me. I work thirds because I believe mornings are meant to be slept through. Speaking of chain saws, I need to stop reading and go get that tree off my car. Stupid storms.

850075 sounds like fun. Have fun with that, just don't do it at 5AM.... lol

The ponies have the guns they took from them yet they expect them to go with sticks and bows not to mention the fact (Bullets + duplication spell = unlimited ammo cheat.) Its looking more and more likely :trollestia: is sending them to their deaths on purpose.

First off nice story will definitely track this one

Second; if the ponies are humbled at seeing the weapons that are used to fight battles imagine there reaction if they saw the weapon used to end wars.

907097 Hah... they would be... *puts on glasses* Blown away!

A/N So, Does anyone actually read the google docs version of this? Or is it just wasted effort?

Also, I hope you all enjoy this chapter. I know it's shorter than what were all used to, with Dave being needed for real life stuff though, we can't blame him. Hopefully he gets done soonish, and hopefully I get done soonish as well. In other words, expect the next chapter in 2 weeks... Sorry.

In other news: I am moving the authors notes into the comments.

Feel free (and be encouraged to) comment on the story. What you liked, didn't like, think could have been done better, etc. because I am not that great of a writer, and I need all the help I can get to make this a story you will all continue to read. You have a voice, please use it.


Edit: Please point out any errors in the chapter. Thank you.
Also, also: recommend us to your friends! :pinkiehappy:

Looks promising. *Read later*


Haha,its just that Human/Pony stories arent my thing.But this story does look really good,so im going to give it a try :twilightsmile:

Wake up. Read stories. Play Battlefield 3. Play basketball at gym. Go to sleep. Repeat.



918032 Yah I get yah, Thanks for considering. Hopefully it wont disappoint you. :pinkiehappy:

LOLOLOLOL "Tis' but a flesh wound."

917924 wasted effort. The only time I'm on G-doc is to edit

"Who threw that coconut?!"
"Maybe it was a swallow...?"

"Tis' but a flesh wound."

Story just got SOOOOO much better. :rainbowlaugh:

918164 Eh, whatever... I'll keep doing it n the off chance someone actually prefers gdocs over fimfiction... Because as a Canadian, I really don't want anyone to be disappointed....

Holy fuck, their gas tank just fell off... This ain't good. One of em' isn't gonna make it to the destination, I can almost taste it... :pinkiesad2:

918212 "One of"

Just pointing that out in case you missed it. They still have 1 more external, plus the internal.

918209 I'd hate to be disappointed by you disappointing someone by disappointing me.

918223 True, but that'd still shave off a lot of much needed gas, soo... Jus' sayin'. Still pretty bad.

918230 Speculate all you will. Only the active story workers know what will happen. :trollestia: (there needs to be an evil laugh or something...)

918229 I am, at the moment, to tired to comprehend... I think I may have disappointed someone...

well that's gonna suck in the long run ><

nice chapter sir!

and for the gdocs thingie... sorry I don't go there unless I need too.

“One of your gas tanks just fell off!”
Well fuck.

I would of shot Trollestia right at the end of this chapter if I had a gun. To the horn, then the head.

918749 Thank you so much for telling me that... after referencing what you meant, I realized that I still had some of the gdocs formatting at the end of every chapter....

I am made of fail...

Anyway, have a moustache. :moustache:

The story is very well done so far. Looking forward to what happens next!:twilightsmile:

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