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Hello!So people have bugged me about a FimFiction account for a while now and I've finally decided to get one. Anyways, I suck at these bio things so... yeah.


For as long as ponies can remember, it has always been winter. With limited resources and worsening weather, war is escalating, driving them closer to extinction with each passing day. Hidden away in the middle of all this is a single purple unicorn who braves the frozen wasteland, looking for a way to stop the weather and return the mythical sun to the sky. However, in a world without harmony, the task is far greater than she could ever know.

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So here it is, my next big solo fic and I really hope it's as good as what I've done in the past. Anyways, we all know why you're here, for the super long ramblings that I call my author's notes.

To begin with, RD is seriously, seriously, seriously fun to write. I mean, racist RD? So much fun. But it's really hard to balance as well, I mean, in the original draft, I had the opening line being Dash kicking one of the slaves and y1 basically went "Too far, you'll turn people off with that as the start due to how OOC it is" so I had to tone it back. But still! So much fun. Just working in all those racist hints while keeping her loyalty there and everything was a major challenge and it's one I happily welcome. Oh yeah, Lightning Dust is also there as second in command and I really wanted to play up their dynamic with each other, making them act as sisters/lovers and deliberately leaving it ambiguous on purpose. There's a lot there and I'll be doing a lot with it, but not until later. As for Fluttershy, she's pretty normal thus far, so not much to comment on.

Then we get Twilight. This one was interesting to write because I had to tread the line between making her a survivor and her being a badass. Just for reference, I'm going more for survivor, but I can see how it slips over into the other side for some people. Not much to say at this point due to the limited screen time she got and the heavy influence of Dash over the narrative, but it sets up her character for future chapters as well the overarching plot.

Then we get AJ. Oh dear, AJ. You know how I said racist RD was fun to write? Slave AJ is probably even more amusing. I don't know why, but AJ and Rarity together with this strong power dynamic is probably the most interesting thing I've written in a very long time. Unfortunately, it's all y1 ever asks me about so meh. Take the good with the bad I suppose.

Finally, my goal for this fic is world building and subtle stuff so tell me what you thnk. And as always, critiques are much appreciated.

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This is awful. No one should read this. Everybody downvote this crud and and while you're at it punch Orphius in the face. Because he's stupid. And smells bad.:rainbowwild:

2296102 So mature. So very mature of you.

I love AUs, especially unique AUs.

Poor dirt ponies, always at the bottom of the pile. Also, Soarin' is the best part of this chapter.

Damn it! I knew I forgot to talk about something in the A/N. Yes, Soarin is awesome. So hard to write, but so fun to write with him jumping between serious and goofy.


Bah, you're rarely any better.

But in all seriousness, this is shaping up to be something pretty damn awesome.

Who knows? Who knows...
I certainly hope so. I want it to be epic.

Epic thus far. I expect great things from you.
(And terrible things whenever twilight's involved)

I think everyone expects terrible things from me now. I hope I live up to expectations

2296357 The pressure, the pressure :twilightoops:


No. This is one hundred percent genuine.:pinkiehappy:


You just had to bring it up now don't you? :twilightsmile:

2296446 Come on, it's me, don't tell me you actually expected me to play nice.

Looks interesting, unfortunately I have school in about 15 minutes and can't read.

BTW, the fuck is y1?


I expect a shocking change in your Twilight manipulations.

Top fucking notch.

It was gonna come up eventually. I figured I might as well get it out of the way before the mutilation starts.

2296772 A friend a fellow author who I've collaborated with and my prereader.
2296902 Heh, we'll see. You know me, I have no plan so even I don't know what I'll be doing.
2297363 Thanks!
2297629 I'm not that bad!... Who am I kidding?

2296772 The relationship Orphius and y1 have can best be summarised by the following comment I made on Temple of the Stars:

I'm not sure what I enjoy more about this, the actual story, or watching you two bicker like an old married couple...

I am going to be watching this its pretty good so far.

It's here!!

I got a super-sneak peek over the editor's shoulder, and the five lines I read had me hooked, and I've been waiting for this story ever since! Glad to see it finally up!

2302885 Wait what? That's news to me. At any rate, I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!

2302919 Corporate Espionage! (me and Doom used to be roommates)

2302954 Ah, that would explain it. Any juicy details you can give me so I can use?

:trixieshiftright: Not unless you're ready to start talking prices...

but seriously, I'm really excited to see where this goes.

How much money we talking about here?

normal anecdotes? 5 bucks a pop.

drunken misadventures? Double.

Hm.... tempting, tempting...

2303074 You're a very cheap information broker. Just sayin' but you could hold out for more (assuming Orphius doesn't know already that is).

2303532 Doom, the strategy is called 'reeling them in'. You got to build up credibility first

2303532, 2303969
That is legit economics after all. How about I pay you in advance chapters of this fic?

Rebel leader Pinkie Pie. Heheheh.

You are a shrewd businessman, sir. Unfortunately, Doom has threatened to hold chapters of my fic hostage if I tell you anything. :fluttershyouch:

What. WHAT. No, bad Doom, bad!

2307994>>2306614 Please. I wouldn't do that; it's unprofessional. Just remember, I know where you live and might just be a knife enthusiast. :pinkiecrazy:

2308187 You don't know I live though

2308224 That part wasn't directed at you.

2308264 He can hide out at my house! Payment for telling me all those dirty secrets you have

2308273 No. you don't understand. :twilightoops: DoomManta could be hiding around every corner...

On one hand your avatar has nothing to do with your comment, but on the other...

Very Intrigued, looking forward to more.:twilightsmile:

Really awesome so far, i can't wait for the next chapter to be published :heart:

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