Rainbow Dash is many things. Awesome, radical, amazing, and at least twenty percent cooler than any other pony in Equestria.

She is also lost, lonely and uncertain. Not that anypony else would know.

During the day she is everything everypony expects her to be: she is fast, daring, and adventurous, but when the sun goes down, she is left alone with her thoughts. Tired of simply yearning for something more, she sets out on a night of soul searching and stumbles onto a friend in need, and maybe, underneath the vanilla twilight, she finds something more.

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Thought I recognised the name :rainbowkiss:


It made me go "Awwww...! That's so adorable..!":twilightsmile:
And then it made me feel lonely, drifting aimlessly through life with no focus, no true thing to look forward to, merely existing. :pinkiesad2:
And now i wish I had my own special somepony, and that I wasn't socially awkward and almost terminally shy when it comes to talking about anything.
To qoute myself: "I talk about nothing, so I can keep myself from talking about SOMETHING."

Your story has moved me to melencholy. Bravo, Milady. Bravo.

A sequel!? YES I'm following now

Dawwww! I loved the mood you created. Definitely a heavy dose of atmosphere. :) Really enjoyed the Rainbow Dash introspection. Good job! :rainbowlaugh:
One thing I caught; but here Twilight was, starting through it into the sky

looking forward to the next chapter!

Sequel eh? will have to watch for that. Fantastic story, by the way, so adorably... adorable.

2198192 that about sums me up too,

I was too much of a shy cunt that when I smashed my pinky toe off of a metal baby gate (barefoot) and it swelled up for two weeks and is still hurting 5 week afterwards, I never bothered asking someone if there was a problem with it :facehoof: it looks kinda deformed now compared to my other toe,it kinds bends.
(if you havnt guessed this was 7 weeks ago, I think I may have fractured it or something)
Okay I'm getting off topic :rainbowhuh: where was I?.... Oh yes now I remember! So if m too shy to ask for medical assistance, you can imagine me asking a girl out cant you? :facehoof:

Sucks, doesn't it? I fractured one of my fingers doing....something stupid, but I didn't tell anyone. Hurt like a mother-clopper, too, but I have 7 siblings, and our mom once thought someone was being overdramatic when she actually had a hairline fracture in her arm. So yeah, I learned pretty quick in our family that with that many siblings, injuries probably aren't taken very seriously until it swells up and a doc tells you it's broken.
But yeah, I don't exactly have the traits of a Prince Charming either. I can count the times I dared show intrest in someone on one hand with fingers left over, and one time I was outright told in so many words not to even bother.
Guess that's why I read so much of this fluffy, sweet stuff in secret. We all know real life loves to be a royal witch to anyone who shows weakness.
Which makes me sad, because I've read all the non tragedy and grimdark Twidash, and the only other ship I can say I somewhat support at the moment is TwiLuna.
Trying to work up the courage and motavation to write my own story here. Funny how it happens. Get an idea, plan it out, plot events and plot twists, start planning sequel, and suddenly, motivation vanishes, but you still have the story floating in your head.
Anyway, I'm sure Quillary doesn't appreciate me spamming her comment secion of her story with nothing, so I'll cut it here.

Am I late? Huzzah! I knew this would show up on FimFiction eventually. Glad to see it up here, now come to my favorites list! :pinkiesmile:

I would recommend rewording your synopsis from Lonely, lost and uncertain are others, but not that anypony else would know. to She is also lonely, lost and uncertain. Not that anypony else would know.

Just my opinion, of course, but there it is.

I believe I will paying very close attention to this one. Nice work!

D'awwww. This story is as cute and heart-lightening as the song you based it off of :twilightsmile: I love Owl City (so many beautiful songs). Thank you for writing this, it just made my day.

2198457 :pinkiegasp: We meet again :rainbowdetermined2:
I've expanded my arsenal since we last met :trollestia:

Deep intro. I'll see where this takes me.

Am I the only one who hates Owl City?
Reading anyway.

This story is adorable :3 I mostly clicked it because I love Owl City as well, and I regret nothing. Wonderful job ^^

Well anything with a title of an Owl City song I've gotta check out.

>expect it some time this summer.

You bastard! You can't possibly expect us to wait that long! :fluttershyouch:

Jolly good tale, old chap. :moustache:
Looking forward to seeing a sequel.

Alternate title: Twidash, because sometimes you're just in the mood for something sweet and vanilla. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

It has so much potential. I'd love to see this go somewhere!

Neato story. I don't really have much else to say, very little grammar errors I could spot, so there's that.

Okay. You have my attention.

:raritydespair: this summer! :raritycry: i cant wait

Good story, cute :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

2199262 damn it, I forgot to restock on pictures :facehoof:

Hello, feature box. Glad to see this successful, man. You still want that critique? (I would have replied to your post in TTG, but I'm not ponychanning for a while):pinkiehappy:

Oh, btw. I totally used the "fly another pony up to the cloud platform to watch the stars" as a romantic thing in a roleplay.

I would say D'aww, but I don't think that is good enough to describe this story's adorableness. You have a fantastic gift for writing, and this is a lovely story. I found a few grammatical errors but it was nothing to ruin the overall feel of it. Bravo!

2200033 That was just a fantastically devilish plot to get us to follow you wasn't it? Damn you... Damn you to hell... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: *clicks follow*

2201347 :eeyup: Early victory (took me like 5 times to spell "early" correctly, it's way too early for this)?

2201615 yes I surrender, you may commence the *insert embarasing punishment here*

2201628 Me - 1, bats - 1, and one tie. Good to see you again though :twilightsmile:

This is beautiful :twilightsmile: I've been listening to my Owl City playlist while reading this, and that enhanced the story so much. Can't wait to see the sequel!

Alright. I'm not here to troll or degrade. I'm just frustrated as to how a story can get such high views so fast. Maybe I just can't write at all, but I'm tired of not being able to write anything that gets great reviews. How do you do it?!!

That was amazing so very cute :pinkiehappy: I love how you went through the layers of RD's thoughts :twilightblush: You timed it perfectly and it felt natural you have a wonderful gift :twilightsmile: To bad I have to wait till summer for the sequel cause it is far away :fluttershyouch: I think if I'm guessing right it will be mostly Twilight's thoughts on the sequel which I'm curious about how our adorkable librarian thinks of Rainbow Dash :twilightsmile: You have earned a watcher. :pinkiehappy:

The Owl City title drew me in, will check out later. :pinkiesmile:

This is so fucking cute! upvoted and faved!:pinkiehappy:

That definitely was sweet and enjoyable little story. You weaved some beautiful and balanced prose there in such a thoughtful, melancholic way that I can't help but like this story.

There were several errors when it came to word-choice and grammar, but rather than clog up your comments section, I'll PM them to you.

All in all, I definitely enjoyed this story, and I can't wait to see the sequel to it :twilightsmile:

2198094I may love that one, bbut I dont love it as much as this one

Alright, my two bits.
You are amazing author and you can write truly great stories.
You completely missed RD's character.
That's it. I can't really elaborate on second point-she just seemed completely off throughout the story. It just wasn't RD-some other mare that was very close, but so very different at the same time.

That was very sweet. Thank you for the story.

I'm a little floored by how quickly this story caught on. I woke up today seeing 98 notifications on my Fimfic page, and decidedly hid from my email while I dealt with school and work. Coming home to this tidal wave of praise and support is nothing less than amazing, puts a spring in my step, and I am tremendously happy that everyone enjoyed it so much.

I suppose with so much desire for the sequel will prompt me to work on it a little sooner, but I will still have to wait after April at the very earliest. School comes first I'm afraid, and those final exams wont write themselves!

Happy reading everypony!


Yay more chapters!

This just seems so real and believable. I love how you wrote out Rainbow's thoughts and her realization she's falling for Twilight.

Your characterization of Dash is perfect! Can't wait for more.

This was fantastically written. Unlike what some may say, you did not go out of character; instead, you explored a submissive side of the character that has been explained wonderfully. You ended it on a perfect note, no forced romantic interaction between either pony. That's the one thing most one shot shippers do wrong, they build up for about three seconds with bad explanations and then bring together two characters without either having forethought or character building.

Rainbow Dash was done flawlessly. You nailed not only her softer side (which we saw in dragon migration, sonic rainboom, and other episodes) but managed to tie in her outer bravado without making anything awkward for the reader. You also didn't make the mistake of shifting the spotlight to Twilight when this story was obviously about Rainbow. There isn't a single thing I've found wrong here.

The quality of this work from a name I haven't seen before is unbelievable. I don't know if you're new or not, but don't leave.

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