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A few month ago, Rainbow Dash found Twilight stargazing up on the balcony of Golden Oaks library. Ever since then she's come back, every night, and listened to Twilight's lectures on everything astronomy.

Twilight never found out why Rainbow came to the library that first night, but when she makes an unusual request one night, she discovers more than she thought she would about her pegasus friend.

New cover art generously provided by Angelic Flight over on DA. Go check her stuff out.

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I hope you enjoyed the Twidash.

I don't think I've ever NOT enjoyed the TwiDash.

This was a pleasent way to end a rather unpleasent day. Thanks, Kodeake!

Some people just wanna read mindless TwiDash, and this, as you stated, is the perfect example of it. It''s not a super-deep-philosophical fic, just something simple to read for everyone. Anyway, cool story bro.

4916055 Seems like I wasn't the only one having a bad day today :ajbemused:

And couldn't be more true, very nice 4 AM read just to end the day, cheers Kodeake :rainbowdetermined2:

please make a sequel. :applecry:

Beautiful :twilightsmile: :heart: :rainbowkiss:


Glad I could be of some assistance.

Great start of the day! Something to do on the train!

Sometimes we as readers just need some mindless, fluffy TwiDash in-between reading "other" stories that shall not be named. Or, a more apt description might be "other stories that we've been waiting to update." Either or.

This was cute though. Very nicely done.

I refuse to admit that I ship this. I only read TwiDash because they always get featured. Nothing else to it. Nope. Nothing. :pinkiecrazy:

So fluffy I'm gonna choke, lol.

A lovely little thing, well done :twilightsmile:

I wouldn't really call it mindless, but definitely cute and fluffy. :twilightsmile:

4917918 More of a Dashpie person, myself.

4918115 I ship FlutterDash :twilightsmile:

Nice. Though part of me wondered how Twilight knew of her star's demise, what with the speed of light and all. Although Luna may have told her too.

My Little Pony: Shipping is Magic! :rainbowdetermined2::twilightblush:

4918137 Charisack :ajsleepy::raritywink: (Charity and Applesack)

I did my research for this exact question... that and I'm an astronomy buff.

In real life we know the average lifespan of a star depending on it's size/composition. We can also gauge a rough estimate of how old a star is, and of course we can measure how far away a star is. So if we do all of that, we can get roughly how old the star is when we see it, and how old it would be at this exact moment, and if it's older than what stars that size live to, we can assume with a fair amount of accuracy that it's died. It's not an exact science by any stretch, but it's pretty reliable.

4918137 I also ship FlutterDash. And TwiDash. And TwiLuna. And now, apparently, Twinyl, Twyra, Raritwi, TwiJack, and RariDash.

Wow, I have issues.

I very much liked this. Twilight's reason was very interesting and deep, although I agree with Rainbow that it's a tad bit depressing.

You most definantly should write moreon this and create a sequel and a sreies it would be most epic. Its of to a veryy great start.:rainbowkiss::twilightblush:

4918166 You can tell the age of the star by its Luminosity increase and the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram, or Gyrochronology (measure of rotation rate). With this you can tell at what point the star is in its life cycle. Coupling this with triangulation/parallax for distances (for distances of <400 ly), or star brightness and colour spectrum (>400 ly), you can find when it may have died, or when it will die.

Speaking both as a shipper AND as an astronomy dork, I found this amazingly cute.

4919416 Wow. :rainbowderp: I love FlutterDash, TwiJack, and LunaDash (OTP :pinkiehappy:)

That's it. I wonder what it's like to ship so much!

4920204 what it's like being awesome? It's pretty awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

My favorite kind of fluff, sweet without being sappy

This is the best fanfiction I've read this month, you did a great job!

Your astrophys is a little bit off. A star that's millions of lightyears away (in another galaxy) wouldn't be discernible with an amateur telescope.

And that's literally my only criticism, because the story itself was delightfully sweet and pretty well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thank you for taking the time.

Have you seen the telescope in Twilight's house? It's MASSIVE. The last thing I'd call that is amateur.

4955567 I have seen Twilight's telescope. It's a ground-based refractor with an aperture of a fair few inches. It's not powerful enough to discern a star from a galaxy millions of light years away. Even Hubble struggles with that.

It's a lovely, romantic notion. And as I said, it was the only real flaw I could see.

Except we can see starts millions of light years away with the naked eye. We can see Andromeda, which is 2.5 million light years. Add a telescope and we can see the stars in that galaxy.

Aside from that, you cannot possibly know what Twilight's telescope is from just looking at it. Sure her smaller one which we've seen a few times, but there are a couple big ones that don't look like any telescopes we have in real life so you simply don't know what they are or how powerful they are. Plus magic trumps everything, but I'm basing my argument here only on what we've seen, which is telescopes that are massive and can barely be compared to anything we have.

4955700 If you want to discern individual stars from Andromeda you need something like Hubble. Something with an aperture measured in metres.

We can see the size of the aperture on Twilight's telescopes. We can see that it has a lens at either end. Telescopes of that size and configuration could probably pick the spots off Jupiter pretty nicely. But a star awash in the backdrop of another galaxy? Nope.

You can go the magic route, by all means. It's the easiest way to resolve the issue. And it does remove the only flaw in the story I could find.

It's weird. Every time I see a Twidash story that involves stars in some sort of way, it always turns out good.

And yes, that includes this one :twilightsmile:

Love the idea of using a supernova for Twilight's favorite star. Her explanation seemed a bit long, but fit her really well.


So cute <3


What an amazing fic...
Even though its a very short story, it still left a powerful impact on the reader...
Atleast it did for me. Fave'd :twilightsmile:

I don't ship TwiDash, but this was amazing.

Thank you for bringing this into my world, good sir.

Twilight's explanation of her favourite star almost made me cry...

Also, THAT WAS AMAZING!:raritydespair:

others stories... that shall not be named.... LOL

Losing Air
A Bluebirds Song
etc etc...

Actually that was specifically referring to another story I wrote around the same time called She Said No, which generated an insane amount of backlash that I needed to write something fluffy to cheer myself up.

5703699 Lol... well... the stories I mentioned are also quite... interesting

I think that out of all the TwiDash stories out there, the ones that revolve around stars/stargazing tend to be my favorite and among the better TwiDash out there.

For something 'mindless', it sure had quite a deep statement in it. Great story.

I don't know about calling it a light fluff story but it was a lovely little piece.

I loved the creativity given from the two stars on rainbows half. It was a very well planned out story, also short and sweet without anything feeling of it being rushed! This was one of the better Twidash I have read and for that I give a (brohoof) /)(\

Lovely story! :heart:

I just wish I had read it sooner.

Ok everyone, follow my lead; DAWWWWWWW :rainbowkiss:

Well, that was certainly cute.

I remembered that Lapidot Steven Universe Fanfic, they seem to be talking about the same star, Albireo?

If i do I would die, but it would we worth it ...

“But I suppose if you want an actual answer...” Rainbow trailed off, watching as Twilight nodded and motioned for her to explain. “Because of the little things, like your voice. I could listen to you ramble on and on about this that or the other thing, so long as I could hear your voice. Always listening but never hearing a word you say.”

Seems like Twilight would be super turned off by someone who was basically just ignoring her…

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