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Dear Google Docs · 9:51am November 14th

Please stop highlighting all my words in red just because I spelled them the British way. I get it, America is the only country in the world. Yadda yadda. But it makes editing really annoying as my eyes keep back tracking to perfectly acceptable words just because your programmers are uncultured.

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Serialized Fiction as Public Performance · 8:36am May 15th

I've remembered recently how much I like blogging. It's nice to be able to talk about the various goings-on in my life in my own way and not have people look at you funny.

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It's Gone, and for a while, so am I · 10:10pm February 21st



How have you all been?

That's good.

I've been... okay. But to be honest, I haven't been writing.

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We Did Everything Right · 9:04pm Aug 31st, 2021

We wore our masks, stayed home as much as possible and got vaccinated as soon as we could. Both shots.

But because my aunt's immunocompromised, we still have to rely on others to do their part. Even with a vaccine, her immune system might not be strong enough to fight off the disease, and since she has a progressive lung disease, she's at risk.

She got vaccinated, wore her mask, and stayed inside except for doctor's appointments and to visit family. She did everything right.

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Happy (Belated) Pride · 7:57am Jul 1st, 2021

Howdy. It's been a while.

I'm gonna preface this by saying I don't have any announcements or news or anything. As far as that front goes, I'm still working on the project I mentioned in the last blog. I'm always slow when it comes to writing porn so I'm not too surprised this is taking so long. No estimates yet, but it'll hopefully be done by the end of the year.

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Relative Radio Silence · 8:41am Mar 3rd, 2021

Well I missed having a blog up every month this year already. Oh well, it's not like I totally died; A Mare's Needs happened. Super happy with how that turned out, and it seems like you guys are as well. That's good. To be honest, that entire fic exists because a friend of mine posted the cover art picture in a discord and I just had to write it.

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Full Disclosure; Nothing Fancy · 7:54am Jan 23rd, 2021

Howdy boys and girls. And welcome new followers! Been a while since I gained some of those. Guess that'll happen when you branch out into porn. Not good porn, but still porn.

Anyway, I'm not really here to talk about much. Once more making an effort to be a bit more transparent, so have some word counts. This'll be word counts from the posting of my last fic, not since my last Full Discloser cuz... that was a long time ago now.

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A New Day, A New Year · 8:33pm Jan 1st, 2021

I don't really need to talk about how shit 2020 was. We were all there. We all know. Frankly I've just been thankful that I have a job still, all things considered.

Honestly, I was supposed to have a fic up to celebrate the new year. Even if it was going to be porn and not an actual new year's fic. But y'know. it woulda been something. But I'm slow to write, especially porn, and I have like another 3K words to go on it. So expect that sometime this month, I guess.

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I'm A Perfectionist Now? · 9:23am Dec 16th, 2020

It sucks. I hate it. It's actually the worst. Combine it with my hideous procrastination habit? I don't get anything done.

I shit you not I just spent an hour one one sentence.

An. Hour.

And not even a full sentence. I was literally going back and forth over using a single word, rewriting the sentence over and over, with and without the word, using it in different ways, trying to figure out if I wanted it there or not.

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8 Years · 8:01am Aug 5th, 2020

Eight. Years.

Holy hell.

It's been... well it's been a cluster fuck, frankly. Hell, I missed my anniversary this year by a few days. If you're looking at the date it says I joined and scratching your head I count my anniversaries from the publish date of my first fic. And if you're looking at my earliest fic and scratching your head, I've since deleted that fic. Aaaaaanyway

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