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I read. I write. I edit. I Twidash. But above all else, I'm just a regular guy. Shoot me a PM if you have a question.


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  • ENap
    Spike settles down for a nap. His friends say 'good night'.
    Kodeake · 3.3k words  ·  464  5 · 4.3k views
  • ETouching Stars
    A few month ago, Rainbow Dash found Twilight stargazing up on the balcony of Golden Oaks library. Ever since then she comes back, every night, and listens to Twilight's lectures on everything astronomy.
    Kodeake · 2.2k words  ·  463  6 · 5.5k views
  • EProject P.I.
    Project Princess Infatuation, or Project PI, as Pinkie dubbed it, was the fool-proof plan to get the princess of friendship to fall in love with Rainbow Dash. Plans aren't always what they seem, however. Especially when they were made by Pinkie Pie
    Kodeake · 8.6k words  ·  307  3 · 4.6k views
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  • EDancing for Eggheads
    The Spring Dance in Ponyville is only a week away, and Twilight has plans to ask a certain somepony to it. The only problem is she can't dance to save her life. Unless, a certain somepony could teach her in just a week?
    Kodeake · 6.8k words  ·  202  3 · 4.3k views
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