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While the story is sad and entertaining, I find this kind of reminding me of the Remembrance series by Ashley H. Though this focuses more on Spike than Twilight, I could see this happening in that universe.

Why must you hurt me in this way?

Cute. Though I've always hated the Twilight is now immortal theory.

This was nice, and succeeded in getting me all choked up. There are a few typos like "her" instead of "he", "dragons" instead of "dragon", and some capital letters where they don't belong in the names of Applejack and Fluttershy.

But on the whole quite a wonderful tale.

I wish the show had broached this subject immediately following the return of the Mane 6 at the end of "Dragonshy" instead of going for comedy with Spike trying to wrangle Angel. I even wrote a story that does just that. But like your story here it has been sitting in my docs folder for the past few years. :twilightblush: It's written all the way to the end, but it's not hitting the emotional chords like it should. This story might be just the thing to get me motivated to give it another shot.

I fear, however, the 100-year nap idea seems to have been forgotten about as there's been no mention of it in the show since then, despite having two friendly dragons added to the cast.

Seconded. It's a powerful idea and well executed (when I read the description I thought that the "nap" was Spike dying from something. I like this much better).

It would definitely benefit from a round of proofreading, but on the whole it's a great short story.

good fiction.

Alondro #7 · Mar 7th, 2019 · · 1 ·

9494449 She's an ascended alicorn who 'rose from the dead' after blowing up.

Kinda implies she ain't 'xactly normal no mores! :ajsmug:

Alondro #8 · Mar 7th, 2019 · · 2 ·

And then they found out Fluttershy was STILL ALIVE, trapped in a time-loop Discord had placed her in so she'd NEVER AGE!!

Discord hunches over her, "My Precioussssssss..." :fluttershbad:


I'm... I'm not crying, you're crying!

This makes me think. Also this is good.

This was a fantastic read. It says something when my only rreal complaint is that there isn't more to read. I love stories of Spike growing up. The possible threat of his hundred year nap is something I tackled in my story, as well.

I know it can be a struggle, but if you can find the time and motivation, you really should expand on this. Fics set in the distant future are a treasure trove of great head canons and world building.

In any case, great job, author!

Could use a solid editing pass, and perhaps a division between sleep and waking, instead of it sort of just happening without a reader-notable transition.

But good, bittersweet story.

I started to choke up before spike fell asleep but when i found out that twilight and applebloom were still alive i felt relieved.
Also i thought twilight was talking about her grave when she said she was going to be there when he woke up.

A well written and powerful story - very nicely done. The ponies may not have had any way to survive this, but at least humans can now.

This was really good.

By Celestia's beard, this made me cry I am crying right now from this you are awesome I am following you.

Frick... I have a lump in my throat now. :fluttercry:

Except she didn't blow up. There's no implication she actually blew up in the movie, just that there was an explosion. We don't have any implications that Alicorns are inherently immortal.

Whoa. I have to say this is really powerful stuff for such a short story. Yeah, I can understand why Spike would try to avoid taking "the hundred year nap" for as long as he could (I mean, the thought of KNOWING that, when you wake up, MOST of your closest friends will be dead IS a pretty scary thought. Thankfully, at least A FEW of Spike's friends ARE still around (INCLUDING some that haven't appeared here [Discord {who has had a hundred plus years to think of a good O & O campaign}, Thorax {who is not only still around, but, by now, has probably soaked up enough love to be EVEN STRONGER}, Ember and Smolder being among them]). Of course, the thought of Spike meeting the great-grandchildren of his old friends would be really powerful stuff too.

Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations and potential sequel set-up are all wonderfully.

They are referring to Magical Mystery Cure. Where after fixing her friends cutie marks , the elements activate, blasting Twilight, and actually leaving a scorch mark on the floor. A lot of fan theories are, that was basically a resurrection to Alicorn.

I'm not crying, it's just raining onions!

9495479 I suppose Celestia and Luna aren't over 1,000 years old, then. :trollestia:

I came here to shitpost not to feel

jesus! that would've probably killed spike if that happened! :twilightoops:

Sad tag is well deserved.

What a beautiful piece of darkness. May the memories of the past sleep for many years until they are called by the pen.

You're a monster and this is beautiful.

Ahh, I had forgotten, but thanks for the pointing out. I'd disagree with the theory but that's me (if for no other reason than they're not going to blow her up in a kids show.)

My grandfather lived to be 80, does that guarantee I will? My personal theory (which I actually admit is just a theory) is their life is bound to their power, so Luna and Celestia will live until the sun explodes, but Twilight won't outlive the other elements of harmony, and Cadence who knows when she runs out of "love".

This is nice. It feels like a cool throwback to earlier days in the show's lifespan when this premise was more popular.


I doubt they'd ever really mention it again at this point. It was probably just a throw-away line to fir the plot of the episode. It stuck out so much back then because it was one of the only things we knew about dragons period, but now there's more lore from the show.

9496247 I theory has experimental data to back it up.

What you have is a postulate. With no evidence in its favor.

What I have is the fact that 2/5 of all known alicorns are over 1,000 years old.

That's statistically-significant.


You can' focus


chance as her grumbled


His shoulders hooves and he cried into the embrace

Uh... Did you mean "heaved"

words. “You’re body can’t hold


I know I promised I’d be hear and Luna said


When you have a Princess that can make dream sharing a reality with the lucid dreaming associated, it's not that bad having to go to sleep for a hundred years...

Thats why i was relieved.

Not really since all the alicorns are fundamentally different at such a base level. And your sample size is too small to be significant.

You’re body
Rainbow Said

Your body
Rainbow said

This story was very interesting, I never thought about if Spike literally had to sleep, and not just felt the need to. Good job!

i cried halfway through, and even more at the end. i hope you make sequel chapters of spike reading letters from the mane six, CMC's and others

This is very good, although I can’t help but wonder whether Luna couldn’t have occasionally allowed the girls to share a dream with Spike as in the Season 5 episode, ‘Do Princess Dream of Magic Sheep?’

Damn onion-cutting ninjas.

Just type in Remembrance Ashley H into YouTube, and you should find it pretty easily.

Who ever disliked this fight me:trixieshiftleft:

9496700 Not true at all.

The sample size includes 100% of all existing alicorns.

Plus, a sample of 5 is enough of an n group number for most experimental procedures.

The first 2 samples created have lived for 1,000+ years. One more lasting that long creates the minimum n=3 required for most journal publications.

Spike smiled through the tears. “I bet they did.”



And then they found out Fluttershy was STILL ALIVE, trapped in a time-loop Discord had placed her in so she'd NEVER AGE!!
Discord hunches over her, "My Precioussssssss..." :fluttershbad:

That may explain why Fluttershy was always so scared of dragons---they're mobile volcanoes. :moustache:

Oof. This was a good one.

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