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It's been several weeks since Sludge's departure, and despite their relationship being stronger than ever, there are still some awkward moments as Twilight Sparkle and Spike adjust to finally figuring out what they are to each other.
But there are moments when that isn't an issue.
A rainy morning is one such moment.

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Rest in spaghetti, never forgetti.

Hey genius, titles are supposed to be capitalised.

That's your focus?
I mean your right, but your word choice makes you sound like an ass.
A title is supposed to be capitalized unless it's a stylistic thing or story reasons.
I mean yeah point the issues with a story, just focus on the ones that matter, like the content or description.
'Oh no! the title isn't capitalized looks like I can't read this' is what it feels like your saying here

But you are right, just don't be a dick about it.
And hey. this could all be a misunderstanding,
I might be misinterpreting your words
(the context of the use of the word genius can be taken in an insulting manner after all)

When you buy a tv or a movie, do you choose the product with missing corners, punctured labels, or torn plastic?

Do I know for sure I'm getting what I'm paying for? then yeah I will
I mean seriously, your point fails as I just bought a tv and they pulled it out of the bow to prove that it worked despite the packaging damage
you've missed my point, it wasn't the title capitalization remark, it was the way you said it, read a comment before you reply since you clearly didn't

again, the packaging was damaged and the product was fine, whoop-de-do


it was the way you said it.

So your problem isn't a random voice pointing out subpar English, it's that you felt I was "being mean"?

To Phoenix kitten, this was a good read I really enjoyed it, sorry that this broke out in your comment section
I just have a problem with people who don't Understand the difference between helping and being a dick

subpar English? the title wasn't capitalized on a fanfiction and that's your argument, I've seen worse from professional articles.

And yeah that is my point, did being a dick about it help your point? No, it didn't, therefore, it was unnecessary
if anything it undermined your point, rather than giving advice and correcting a mistake you sounded like you were fishing for things to criticize.

Now, you wanna continue this? Fine we will, pm me, we're done doing it here

Why is the world full of wankers?

Brilliant story, many feels. I love it! Nice to see the gear change here in Twilight, and written brilliantly.

This was so cute and relaxing!

Nice blog post. The reddit spacing really packs that passive-aggressive punch.


My heart-

I didn't know so much love was possible in a short story, but I was wrong :applecry::heart:

Dude, what part of "PM me if you want to continue this" did you not understand? I could care less about the argument, just take it off the comment section like Blazing_Dusk asked.

This was sweet and adorable, please give us more!

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Dec 16th, 2018

I'd love to see a lot more stories like this one. Twimom and Spike stories are my favorite.

This tale was the perfect way to start my day. :twilightsmile:

He says with an all caps name...

--Disappointed Spade

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Dec 16th, 2018

This was a very nice and sweet little one-shot. I enjoyed reading it very much, so keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

That was adorable and sweet. I haven't seen this episode yet, but I probably need to.

What do you reckon Twilight changed the words on the photo to?

Um... okay... wow... the comments here are literal poison...

Father Knows Beast is one episode I would love to Thanos Snap out of existence but man this story bleeds nuclear levels of heartwarming and wholesome.

Adorable story, and everything I've been looking for in a TwiMom story with Spike. <3

Always did bug me how Spike never did call TwiLight mom. I mean she did hatch him Was always brother this and brother that ugh. Sure Velvet raised him too but still

Very sweet, thanks!

Years late comment here (I only recently discovered this here story, lol,) but I wish to say that I really enjoyed it. Short and sweet!

I like Twilight and Spike being mother and son. :heart: Twilight did raise him after all

Always wanted him to call her mock lol but seriously yes it looked like he was going to in that episode actually

Yeah, whioops typo. fixed it

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