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Everybody wants to make a statement, everybody needs to carve their mark. To stand alone in the victory circle, stake their claim when the music starts.

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It's been several weeks since Sludge's departure, and despite their relationship being stronger than ever, there are still some awkward moments as Twilight Sparkle and Spike adjust to finally figuring out what they are to each other.
But there are moments when that isn't an issue.
A rainy morning is one such moment.

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Rarity considers herself an artist, and like any artist, she carries around a notepad and sketchbook, just in case inspiration strikes at an inopportune moment.
It's no surprise that she has filled many sketchbooks over her years in the fashion industry.
However, she now keeps two sketchbooks on hoof at all times.

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It's almost time....the contract has just one stipulation left. Just...one. After that...well Discord gets to make good on the promise he made to Fluttershy all those years ago,he promised her she would live on through more than just memory,but she made him sign a contract. It's so tempting to give that last part a tiny little push...but he knows better,the stipulations must happen naturally...but still,the wait has driven him sane.

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An In-no-sense Innocent Short Story.

Sometimes the enemy is more devious than you think.
Trickery and treachery go hoof in hoof, change always results.
Somethings, like allegiances, can be changed back.
Others.... others can't.

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An In-no-sense Innocent Short Story.

"Okay...keep yourself calm. Just relax. Hopefully you're still dreaming and this isn't really happening." Twilight told herself as she looked at the mirror in despair.
She trepidly lowered her head and took a mouthful of the fur and skin on her left foreleg and gave a short,sharp tug.
"Yow!" she yelped, snapping her eyes shut,daring to open them a few seconds later and look into the mirror again. "Oh-ho-nooo... I am awake..." She moaned sadly.

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An In-no-sense Innocent Short Story.

It's the post graduation ceremony for the ponies who spent the last three years of their lives training to become Royal Guards of the newly established Mobile Response Team and all the new soldiers families are there,including Shining Armor's. His mother, Shimmer Tail, his father, Night Light, and his three year old sister, Twilight Sparkle.

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It's a perfectly normal day in Ponyville,and Sweetie Belle,Applebloom and Scootaloo are relaxing in the playground near the school when a mysterious comic book appears.Each page details a horrific even from Equestria's history,as well as several near catastrophes that were averted by groups of ponies.2 of which are fairly recent.
Not knowing what to make of it,they take the comic back to their clubhouse and hide it.

Rated E 10+ by the ESRB. May contain infrequent swearing.

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"I'm a hero! Not that Mysterious Mare Do Well!" She screamed at her bathroom mirror. "I am Rainbow Miriam Dash! The best young flier and fastest pony in Equestria! She is nothing! I'm everything Ponyville needs in a hero!" She continued screaming before tugging at her mane and shouting obscenities.
"Ponyville doesn't want me as a hero?" She asked no pony in particular as she pulled some dyes out of her cupboard. "Fine. Let's see their precious Mare Do Well handle a villain." Rainbow eyed her Nightmare Night costume and began to cackle madly.

Rating and tags may be subject to change as the story progresses

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