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"I'm a hero! Not that Mysterious Mare Do Well!" She screamed at her bathroom mirror. "I am Rainbow Miriam Dash! The best young flier and fastest pony in Equestria! She is nothing! I'm everything Ponyville needs in a hero!" She continued screaming before tugging at her mane and shouting obscenities.
"Ponyville doesn't want me as a hero?" She asked no pony in particular as she pulled some dyes out of her cupboard. "Fine. Let's see their precious Mare Do Well handle a villain." Rainbow eyed her Nightmare Night costume and began to cackle madly.

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Kaijin found a new intersting story!

Kaijin used Track!

Its Super Effective!

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

Great update and nice storyline so far. Please do continue. :pinkiehappy:

You cheated because I like superheroes.

And there ain't no doubt it I'm in loooove! This is how I feel about your story:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63yzu-eiuR4

YOU MAKE ME HAPPY:pinkiehappy:!!! Happy is not a term that should describe a super villain:pinkiesick:.... I AM YOUR ANTAGONIST SIR:flutterrage:!!! Fear me...:twilightangry2:

A Team Four Star Reference?Really?:rainbowhuh:

I'm a bit confused. In the first chapter, you have Rainbow Dash putting on her Nightmare Night costume and becoming Shadowbolt. In the next chapter, you show Shadowbolt dangling Rainbow Dash as a prisoner. Could you please clarify?

Twilight Sparkle passed under an archway as she trotted through the courtyard. As she did a single word left her lips.

Is this foreshadowing? Because I am completely confused

44903 Not really foreshadowing.Just the word that summons her costume.

I have to say I'm loving this :D i love stories where Rainbow Dash is villain but have a hard time finding them. Keep up the good work.

44944 Please don't let anything horrible happen to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash as herself I mean, not as Shadowbolt. I know Rainbow can be a loudmouth at times but she still doesn't deserve a horrible ending

:pinkiehappy::heart: Love it, Keep up the good work

I'm personally hoping something does happen to RD (consequences wise not like pain wise), but that's just the way I am xD

Oh. My. God. Must, must, must read this! :raritystarry: I knew it wouldn't happen in the show, but it was such an obvious idea! :yay:

Have read now. Must. Have. MORE! :applecry: *tracks*

Yay a new part :D things certainly seem to be heating up, and the duplicate Rainbow Dash has been explained

Loving the story so far! Dash as a villain is surprisingly great imo.

I'm probably nit picking, but there were a few typos in there. "half and hour", "got out of the cloud". Just pointing that out.

Story is awesome though :twilightsmile:

so glad to see zecora and apple bloom especially with the whole apprentice bit.

some grammar issues here and there but great story

52251 I was writing this chapter almost immediately after waking up so,yeah.I'll go scan through it now and fix them.

Another great addition :D can't wait to see the friends reaction at the unmasking

I really enjoy this story, it's nice to see RD go a bit.. Off..

Man, Rainbow Dash is setting herself up for a big fall if she keep this up. :pinkiesad2:

I truly do hope she takes Pinkie's advice and stops this before its too late. :pinkiegasp:

Nice storyline so far, I wish to encourage you upon such an entertianing tale like this one.

Yet another solid chapter, sorry you were not in the mood to write, but I don't mind delays that much; better for a story to take a short break then the author of the story getting completely burnt out. :pinkiecrazy:

good story bro keep it up :eeyup:

Awesome story. Keep it up :ajsmug:

Sorry to hear that you weren't in the mood to write, but please don't strain yourself too much. Rather finish this story at a slow pace than burning out halway trough!
Just wanted to comment that I enjoy the stroy you've made. Keep up the good work!
That is all.

Cute! and i'm surprise scootaloo didn't say
"Hey Applebloom, what color is my skin.
"Its Orange-" Applebloom stopped as she realize she hit the dreaded orange paradox.

65010 hahahahaha :pinkiecrazy: dont forget purple, silver, and month. :moustache:
anyways, mr. author (or ms. idk what you are), you ROCK at writing the cmc. i love what you did with applebloom. hahaha im excited for more of this :moustache::moustache::facehoof:

I agree with Scoots, AB has definitely been spending too much time with Zecora if she's even THINKING in rhyme :derpytongue2:, but it's still funny:rainbowlaugh:. Interesting little side-story, keep up the good work!

At least X-Matic let me know where you got Izayoi from..
Great story, keep it up!

65169 Yukianesa is Jin's sword.
Muchourin is Platinums wand.
Geminus is the first prefix to Hazama's Ourobouros.
I've yet to decide on which Nox Nyctores I'm going to name AJs suit after though. Maybe Take Mikazuchi.
Also,Ragna.For the love of the azure,debuff your goddamn priority.

Can't wait to see more of this, in due time. And dear Celestia, I didn't think even Zecora would think in rhyme.
What has happened to Apple Bloom? I hope she can straighten herself out soon.
...Hold on, what has my speech become? Oh no, it's contagious! We must run!

65010 "What colour is my skin?"
"Scootaloo, your skin is orange. And your brain is as good as a rusty door hinge."

"Orange is the answer see, why would you ask such things of me?"
Yeeeeeup. Lots of loopholes in the rhyming business, the door hinge one works too, though it's a half rhyme.

Bloody good story overall!

Did pinkie just break the 4th wall by saying plot advancement? :pinkiegasp:

team four star......amazing, ill continue reading this cuz it just sounds awesome
and that reference made me laugh

"Warning,the following two chapters are going to be very non essential to the plot"


75364 I know right? they seem like they'd fit perfectly into the plot

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