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You all saw how the episode ended: Rainbow Dash unmasks Pinkie-Do-Well, the others show up, she learns her lesson, a letter is written, and everything ends up hunky-dory. Well, if I know Dash (and my fellow bronies), I'd bet a group of us thought that this was not at all characteristic of our favorite speed-demon. I have my own interpretation of that day's events, respectfully submitted below for your reading pleasure.

Having lost her one greatest fan to the usurper, Rainbow Dash is brought to a new low. How did she lose it all? Even her five greatest friends seemed to have abandoned her for Mare-Do-Well. And then Scootaloo... No. She would not let this happen. She would not lose everypony she cared about to some mask-wearing intruder. Even if she had to go beyond the limits of legality, morality, or even sanity, she would bring Mare-Do-Well down.

Loyalty is a two-way street.

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uh oh... :rainbowderp:
waiting for more.

This reads sort of similar to my own Mysterious Mare Do Well:Rise of the Shadowbolt story...some major differences in timing of the stories start and events,but on the whole,a very similar concept with similar situations.
With less Blazblue and Jojo's references obviously.

If I may offer an actual opinion...
Your plot is moving too fast and the character interactions are...lacking.
There is plenty between Dash and Gilda but I find it odd that aside from Rarity,not a one of the other Mare Do Well's attempted to talk their way out of the situation.
And not even then.Rarity seemed downright proud of what she had done,not sheepish at having had the operation revealed in such a way.
Biting into that,it seemed odd that Rarity would just out and out reveal herself in such a manner,not even trying to take the heat off the others by drawing Dash and Gilda's attentions.
But these are just my honest opinions,and do not account for the whole of the site.

There were a great many things wrong with that episode, Dash's reactions among them. This concept sounds really interesting. But now that the reveal's been made...how will you have Dash react?

I love this. Its one of those stories that keeps you wondering!:duck::duck:

"This is what REALLY would have happened. " :rainbowhuh: No. No it's not. That's elitist thinking.

198029 Don't worry: the fallout is coming next. New Alliances was intended to reconnect Dash and Gilda, Numbers Game was the slam-bang action piece (I love writing them), and Chapter 3 will get back to the Mane 6 and how this affects their friendship. Anyway, I read Rise of the Shadowbolt before I started on this, and actually it was an inspiration for some of this story (nicely done, by the way!). I admit I did kind of rush writing the end of the chapter a little, but I think I can explain Rarity's actions. If you remember the episode, I don't think she ever actually was Mare-Do-Well, so she probably wasn't in a position to suit up and make a distraction. She seemed more like the team's behind-the-scenes operator, running logistics and that kind of stuff (an Alfred to Mare-Do-Well's Batman). I always considered Rarity the type who wanted every ounce of credit she deserved, and in the episode she did brag on the costumes quite a bit. She probably still thought that the plan was going to end well for all parties, and having not been credited as one of the Mare-Do-Wells, she wanted everypony to know that she was a part of the project, too. Just my interpretation, but primarily, I just had to get her in the mix to set up the next chapter.

Well, it's official.

Rainbow Dash can dish it out, but she can't take a joke. And their antics endangering innocent ponies? That's rich coming from the mare too busy signing autographs to save another from falling to her death in time.

We'll see whether she realizes she's acting unfair towards her friends (who are trying to apologise, unlike Gilda at her party).

This is getting very interesting. Like me, I wasn't happy with how Dash just was so nonchalant about how her friends acted and I enjoyed how you scolded them. Keep up the good work here, and I hope to see a new chapter soon.

I loved this chapter. Keep it going mate!

I always kind of wondered, Dashie IS the element of loyalty right? Why was she so quick to abandon Gilda that one episode, you'd think her loyalty for an older freind (if that was to say she knew Gilda before Fluttershy) would work against her loyalty for her new freinds.


250169 Well, if you remember the episode, Gilda had been harassing Pinkie Pie the entire episode. She also stole, scared the living daylights out of Granny Smith, and (most unforgivable of all) made Fluttershy cry :fluttercry: . Dash just decided that was not the kind of company she wanted to keep, and she preferred her new, awesome friends :pinkiehappy: to an old, mean one :rainbowhuh: .

P.S. I like Scootaloo too, though I hope KFC never gets a hold of her. :scootangel:

Not a bad way to end it all, but there are some issues. For one thing, it feels a little on the rushed side, and there's no resolution as to whether Rainbow and Gilda are accepted back by Ponyville. Secondly, I think there should've been more remorse from Twilight and the others. Like they all cut off Rainbow Dash and tell her it was their fault for how she acted, and that they went way too far with the Mare Do Well thing. They even mention that they destroyed the costumes in shame of what they did, and felt awful about what they did. They even go as far as saying they she was right, and that they should've talked to her first.

All in all, not a bad fic, but the ending needs some rewriting.

250791 You're right, I did rush it a little. My original plan had been to not even give the story a happy ending, and just have Dash and Gilda leave Ponyville for good. Chapters 4 and 5 were not part of the original plan. I may rewrite the ending, but I have several other projects I'd like to start work on. Even then, it'll be additions to the original chapter, not a full-blown rewrite.

251124 That sounds cool. I look forward to this.

251284 Never mind what I said before, I just updated it. :pinkiehappy: There are a few additions at the end that should cover your concerns. Tell me how you like it. :twilightsmile:

Nice work on Rainbow dash letting the others have it. :rainbowlaugh:

I mean man, this was something else as she rip the others a new one. :twilightoops:

Way for a plan like Twilights to backfire on her. :facehoof:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one. :rainbowkiss:

Why the sappy ending? WHYYYYY!!!

252941 Well, I couldn't just break up the Mane 6 forever, now could I?

While I dont mind a happy ending it was just.... well TOO happy, thats all.
Oh well least it gave me an idea ...

251619 Okay just reread it and it's a little better.

Because ruining someone's reputation in front of an entire town is a joke, right? HAHA, SO FUNNY. The MDW scheme is over-the-top no matter how you slice it, but what really gets me is that the rest of the mane six didn't even TRY to get through to her. The fame goes to Dash's head, so naturally the first thing her friends should do is teach her a lesson by humiliating her in front of the entirety of Ponyville.


This is so dumb. Are you kidding? Rainbow's boasting was getting in the of her saving ponies. Remember? That carriage would of careen of the cliff, the construction workers would of been crushed, the dam would of flooded the town, etc. All you people saying that "This is how it should of ended" are dumb. Yeah, how dare they give Rainbow a lesson about putting the lives of the ponies she's trying to save first instead of her own ego. Rainbow was in the wrong here, and no amount of fan art and fanfics will change that. How dare they try to change your dear waifu.

289502 Her friends actually save her reputation. Had Mare Do Well not stepped in, RD wouldn't have saved those ponies because she was too busy boasting. That would have tarnished her rep more than a new hero ever would. Her boasting was getting in the way of her saving lives. She was more into the fame and not just helping ponies.

Allow me to refer you to the REST of my post, which tells you why the scheme was over-the-top regardless of who you believe was ultimately at fault. :ajbemused: Trying to "teach someone a lesson" NEVER ends well when dealing with friends, but it's only a thousand times worse when you don't even attempt to clear up the issue with conversation first. I would be much more agreeable to the MDW plot if they had TRIED to get through to her, but they didn't.

"Rainbow's letting the fame go to her head--ENGAGE FORCED-HUMILITY CONTINGENCY PLAN ALPHA!" :flutterrage:

294720 Yeah, because Rainbow's been know to listen to other ponies when her pried is on the line. She's to hard headed to listen to reason when it comes to her ego. She would of denied everything her friends said until it was too late. (besides, the show last for only 22 minutes, where are they going to cram a conversation that wouldn't of worked in the first place?) And humiliate her? Rainbow did it all on her own. Did Mare Do Well force Rainbow to mow that lawn, or overly dramatically force open a bottle? No. It was all Rainbow. All Mare Do Well did was save ponies lives, and with the fame going to Rainbow's head, all Rainbow cared for was her pried and reputation, not saving ponies, which would of ended badly because with her boasting. She would of messed up and a ponies life could of been lost.
The town didn't even see Mare Do Wells unmasking, so Rainbow didn't get humiliated as much as everyone thinks she did. Not to mention that the "there's always someone better" is a good added lesson for Rainbow who thinks she's the best at everything. This story isn't as ego pandering as "What's eating Rainbow?" (oh no, our waifu got what's coming to her NO!!) and not as stupid as that one fic where she becomes a Shadow Bolt, but still this is wish fulfillment.
All this fic does is make Rainbow look like a child. If Mare Do Well didn't show up, that carriage would of careen of the cliff, the construction workers would of been crushed, the dam would of flooded the town, etc. Odd, people seem to forget that.

It is irrelevant whether or not Rainbow would have listened to reason, as it is the duty of a true friend to attempt communication before taking drastic action. If they had tried and failed to get through to her, the MDW scheme would have seemed much less cruel than it did. And honestly, the reality of the situation is mostly irrelevant--the show is primarily about the exploration of friendship, and it is a poor friend indeed that neglects to talk to you about your mistakes.

The very first time Dash's ego kept her from "adequately" saving somepony or stopping some disaster, her friends should have immediately gone to talk to her about it. Whether she would have seen reason or not is completely immaterial, point being that communication is the very first thing a true friend should attempt in any such situation.

Note that Dash never once actually put anypony in danger, merely that her ego kept her from reacting in a timely manner to situations that were already occurring. That said, none of the accidents that happened in the episode can be considered her "fault." That is, unless one wishes to imply that anyone with the potential ability to to help who neglects to do so is as much at fault as the perpetrator of a crime or the misfortune itself, i.e. everyone ever. Or unless you wish to say that Dash preemptively set up the various disasters and misfortunes that befell Ponyville for the express purpose of saving ponies in harms way and ultimately becoming a hero...?

Also note that it was in no way Rainbow's responsibility to interfere in any of the disasters that occurred during the episode. Dash chose to help because that's who she is--she was under no obligation to lift a hoof in defense of anypony at all. Rational minds cannot villainize someone for not taking action if they are not obligated to do so, and how can you berate someone for not doing their best when the very act of doing is not their responsibility?

As a final note, consider this--if you give to charity, does the charity to whom you are donating belittle you for what you have given, or demand that you give even more? They most certainly do not! And why would that be? Because you gave something, despite the fact that you had no need to. One who accepts from charity has not the luxury of picking and choosing and demanding more of those who provide it, after all.

"attempt communication" Would of ruined the mystery (even if it was obvious) the episode was trying to do. Besides, twenty minute show. Where were they going to fit it?

"her friends should have immediately gone to talk to her about it" This is how the conversation would of gone. "Hey Rainbow, maybe you should tone your boasting down a bit-" "The problem isn't my "boasting", it's that Mare Do Well creep's fault! I would of caught up to that carriage if she didn't butt in!" It wouldn't of worked, and it would of wasted the episodes time.

"merely that her ego kept her from reacting in a timely manner to situations that were already occurring." WHICH IS WHY MARE DO WELL EXCITED IN THE FIRST PLACE! THAT'S THE MESSAGE THEY WERE TRYING TO GET ACROSS! THAT'S THE LESSON! HER EGO GOT IN THE WAY AND PONIES COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT! Not to mention that Rainbow is pretty much Trixie with wings for most of the episode (and most of the time in the show).

"That said, none of the accidents that happened in the episode can be considered her "fault."" What the fuck are you talking about? I never said they were Rainbow's fault. Her reactions, how she took it, and how desperate she was for recognition were her fault. I said it was her fault for letting her ego get to her head and only care more about fame and not saving lives.

"Dash chose to help because that's who she is--she was under no obligation to lift a hoof in defense of anypony at all." When she saved that kid from the well, yes. Pretty much every other instance, no. Fame is what she cared most about then. She was signing autographs instead of speeding to the rescue.

"and how can you berate someone for not doing their best when the very act of doing is not their responsibility?" Again, WTF? Rainbow did try to save ponies, yes, but she was to full of herself to do it properly. (did she really need to say her catch phrase?) If Mare Do Well didn't show up to help, ponies could of been seriously hurt, or worse. If Rainbow just swooped in and tried to save their lives *first* and *then* bragged, that would of been okay (annoying, but okay), it might of even worked. The problem was, she wanted recognition before and during the rescue, which was her problem to begin with.

"if you give to charity," Yet once again, WTF? You seemed to get the wrong message from my reply. Maybe I worded it wrong, maybe it's something else. You do like this fic, after all.

"Maybe I worded it wrong, maybe it's something else. You do like this fic, after all."

Subtle insults? Must we really devolve into baseless mud-slinging? I was trying to have a reasoned debate, here. You've made your argument and I've made mine, and there have been solid points on both sides--there is no need to stoop to baser political tactics here. Neither of us is running for president, so we needn't be subtly calling names and airing one another's dirty laundry, yes? Moreso, I don't see why you need to be belittling the fic itself. What, just because you don't agree with the premise suddenly makes you suspect everyone who does of carrying some contagious disease?

Honestly, I thought we were raising some fine points of conversation.

On another note, I would like to refute your rendition of how the conversation between Rainbow and her friends would have gone--admittedly, that is how it would have gone after the MDW scheme had been instigated. My intended point was that her friends should have talked to her before they resorted to the MDW get-up at all. With no active "antagonist" (an antagonist to Dash, if not to everypony else) to dig at her pride, Rainbow may have proven to be more amenable to the idea of toning it down.

294992 Oh, okay. Now here a image that has nothing to do with anything: 27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m02oh854ea1qd7m1so1_500.gif Honestly, I kinda wish YouTube would let images in like this, but you know someone's going to screw it up.

Yep. Porn in every comment as far as the eye can see!

290947 Guess what? I happen to like my interpretation of the episode.:ajsmug: I'm not sure what problem you have with me, or why you've bashed my fic twice on grounds that have nothing to do with the writing itself. :rainbowhuh: If you want to promote your interpretation of the episode, then write your own fic about it. Don't just attack anyone with a differing opinion.

Possible hate detected. Ready the Orbital Friendship Cannon.

297269 You're writing was okay (I guess) but what your problem was characterization (major OOC). It's so bad they might as well be meat puppets with souls of different entities. You made Dash into a petty child and she "put's the Mane6 in their place". This is like a wish-fulfillment revenge fic. Not to mention that your summery is beyond pretentious. "This is what really would of happened." If that was true, then why didn't happen in the show? Rainbow was in the wrong, your interpretation of the episode is bad (though looking at your avatar, it makes sense), and I don't need to write a fic with my interpretation. That's because my interpretation of the episode is dead on with the canon of the show. "not at all characteristic of our favorite speed-demon" What, you mean how she humbled herself and accepted that she let the fame get to her head and she can't be the best at everything and should focus on saving lives instead of massaging her ego? Yeah fuck that. Let's make her a vindictive petty child that's always right. As least you labeled it as a alternate universe.

298379 Like I said, you're just bashing my work because you don't like my premise. :flutterrage: As an author of fiction, I have the right to interpret the show based on my own beliefs, and to write based on that interpretation. It's called creative control. And as several comments above prove, my premise isn't as idiotic and illogical as you paint it to be.

Target locked... Harmony batteries online... Orbital Friendship Cannon ready to fire. Awaiting Omega firing codes. :rainbowdetermined2:

298623 If you write a fetish story, no matter how bad the story is, if a reader has the same fetish, they'll love the story, no matter what. It's the same here. A bunch of people didn't like the outcome of the episode (it's okay if you humiliate every other character on the show, BUT DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH OUR WAIFU!!) got mad, and decided to surf for a fanfic about it, came across yours and like it even before they read it. Look at this fic. The Tails of Spike's Harem It's beyond atrocious in grammar, tenses, spelling, just everything is bad about this fic. And yet, it get's a high score simply because it's something they like, and not the actual quality of the fic. It's the same for this story (okay, it's not that bad, but still). I mean, you had the other Mane6 destroy there disguises and apologies to Rainbow, that she was in the right all along. This is pandering and you know it. Let me be more clearer this time. You're characterization SUCKS.
And you seem to think that I just hate this premise. I don't. I click this fanfic because it intrigued me. I though it would be like a "what if" story, like when Bruce never became Batman , and someone else was doing the crime fighting. But no. Rainbow is one of my favorite characters, and you made her into a self righteous baby while making the rest of the Mane6 look like the bad guy's, and they just forgave each other like that. Rainbow "put's them in their place" and the MAne6 forgave her, proving that the rest of the Mane6 (even in your fanfic) are way more mature than Rainbow.

I believe this is the part where you delete all my comments and/or ban me from your page.

Not really. This is the part where I fire the Orbital Friendship Cannon.:trollestia:


look not saying being the hero went to Dashie's head.

saying that the others went waay to far and in the wrong direction to try and teach her humilty.

706617 This story's point exactly. Hope you had fun along the way.

So is this going to continue in another story or is the next chapter the final one?

Now this is some idea of an alternate tale. I would love to see more of this if they are successful in their quest. :pinkiehappy:

I also find it interesting to see that Fluttershy was the one who planned this idea and reminded the others of their place as Elements of Harmony. :flutterrage:

I also found it interesting that Rainbow Dash had nothing left to say to Pinkie pie at all. :pinkiesad2:

Nice update and I wish to see more. Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one. :yay:

1085528 1085547 Unfortunately, I have four active stories going right now, and it wouldn't be fair to anyone who reads my work to start on another new story. I'm bringing one or two of them to a slowdown, and in the meantime, I'll finish the other two. Then, I'll have more of an opportunity to start on a sequel. But I would very much like to make one.

1088022 Okay then. Hope to see the new chapter get started soon.

1088076 Since it's the sequel to an alternate ending, it'll more likely end up being its own new fic. But I'll put it out on a blog post for everyone who's favorited this story, and comment on this story when it comes out.

So you will be doing a spinoff of this alternate ending, or is this just a maybe?

1192062 It's a "very likely, but not for a while". I've already got four active stories, two of which have no definite ending. I'm going to finish the parts of those two that I'm working on right now, then finish the other two. After that, I'll probably add a segment each to the indefinite stories, and after that, this alternate ending is my first priority. If I tried to start it now, it would only slow down updates for all of my stories, and wouldn't be very fair to my readers.

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