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- Act I - Act II (You are here) - Act III

Twilight Sparkle has been forced upon a revelation. The life she thought she had is not real. Her memories are deceptive.

As Twilight tries to establish a hold on her new life, she realizes that her actions have consequences, even if she doesn't remember those actions. An embittered stallion eager for revenge against Twilight tells his story, and Twilight realizes just how precarious her situation is.

Meanwhile, and a world apart, a group of six ponies led by another Twilight Sparkle desperately search for a way to rescue their friend before her identity gets her killed. Rainbow Dash uncovers clues about her counterpart's past in the form of an old friend.

The appearance of an enigmatic mare with unknown motives threatens to complicate the rescue plan and warns that the interaction between the two worlds is more than anypony initially thought, for plans have already been set into motion.

Act I can be found here: http://fimfiction.net/story/92
Act III can be found here: http://fimfiction.net/story/5197

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"Twilight's coming!" [Dash] shouted. "She has a plan! And it's about me!"

Oh, narcissism, Rainbow Dash be thine name. That line straight cracked me up.

Anyways, nice to see things coming together (seemingly at least), but confound these multi-chapter cliff-hangers. My grip just isn't /that/ good, y'know? Glad the "brick joke" (as you put it) wasn't overplayed and that the Doctor had more purpose than the long awaited (?) payoff of a silly joke. A bit odd to see the title conceit making its way in so late, but I don't remember the set-up chapters so well anymore (time makes idiots of everyone as far as remembering details is concerned). I actually like the way you played with Dash in this chapter, the fiery sorts tend to burn themselves at times.

So...nice continuation at any rate (still waiting for the pin to drop in moonside, though).

-Somebody from DA who is now commenting here instead (I sooo did not realize this was up here...)


Okay, let me start by saying that this is indeed one of my favorite fics in this fandom right now. It's one of the few I'll stay up to read when it updates past when a logical person would go to bed. Now that that's out of the way....(overly long qualifiers for the win)

That cliffhanger payoff was really...really...really underwhelming. I mean, Stone Wall was really set up to be pretty cool...but then they start waxing philosophical just to stretch the potential meaning of the cliffhanger line like a 10-cent rubber band? It was just...disappointing to say the least. It almost feels like you were going the natural direction for that line (self-sacrifice in the name of SCIENCE! or something) and then backtracked from it for some reason...leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth.

Lucky that most of the rest of the chapter was composed of Listerine then, isn't it?

You really kinda lost me a bit in the middle, but managed to rope me right back in with the mysterious strange bit at the end. Damn your voodoo.

(Also, random Star Wars reference is really...really random....)


I understand the disappointment, and I apologize. I kind of knew when I posted chapter 12 that people were going to be underwhelmed with the way I resolved the cliffhanger. I'm pretty sure the cliffhanger only existed in the first place because I needed to end the chapter with a reason for Silver Shield to not kill Twilight.

I was originally going to try to lampshade it, with Silver Shield losing his cool and yelling at Twilight for misleading him, but I couldn't find a way to work that in that didn't seem forced.

What do you mean by Listerine?

1928 Y'know...bad taste in my mouth...Listerine Mouth Wash...the smell/taste of minty freshness...*is silly*

Anyways, don't worry too much. Still have one of my favorite fics.

...Well, alright then. Let's see here...

Cons: I'm honestly having some difficultly following the plot here. You seem to be jumping back and forth a lot, and not just across realities, but also through time. It's a little confusing.

And, that's pretty much the only complaint I have. Onto the good stuff.

Pros: Interesting story. You seem to have really thought out this alternate world scenario, and I like that. It looks like you're taking it to a good conclusion.

Good characters. Not only are the main cast acting in character, but you've also come up with a few characters of your own which I'm enjoying. The Doctor is always a welcome addition to any story, and you play him well. In addition, I find myself growing attached to Stone Wall and Silver Shield. I'm eager to find out what happens to them, which is always a good sign.

Engaging cliffhangers. You do a good job each chapter of feeding out some information, answering a few questions, and then raising a few more to take their place. You're providing a feasible explanation, while constantly expanding the complexity of the situation. It's a good tactic, one that's managed to draw me in.

Alright, this story isn't the best I've ever read, but it's definitely up there. I can't wait for the next chapter.

"Are you ready?" she asked, managing a weak smile. "This is Silver Shield's final message to you."


Shouldn't that be "Stone Wall's final message"?

Crud. I thought I fixed that.

It has now been fixed. Thanks.

Re: Through the Looking Glass
Hehe... dehumanizing...
Y'know, this chapter does bring with it an interesting question though... had Dash not performed the Sonic Rainboom at Flight Camp, would she have ever gotten into Junior Speedsters and met Gilda. All supposition of course. (There's also the question of where Lunar Dash is... I don't recall her ever making an appearance as the rest of the main cast have... could just not be remembering, but I certainly hope that the mention of round two means something...)
As for the rest of the chapter though, well... fan service is what it is ain't it. Poor Dashie and her papiermache wings (and Fluttershy being apparently afraid of heights...). I dunno, both read a bit odd, but at least this chapter felt like we got somewhere. It'll be interesting to see how things go now that we've got a whole lot of doubles running around.


Since Gilda doesn't have any backstory, in order to determine what Moonside Gilda was like, I had to make one for her. Whether or not they know each other, and how the lack of rainboom has affected them, will have to wait for the next chapter.

4189 " The griffin's large eyes looked at each pony in turn before they froze on Rainbow Dash." / " Glad you decided to come back for round two."

Sure makes it seem like moonside Gilda recognizes Dash from somewhere. (Though I suppose she could be talking to Twilight... the direction of her gaze makes me think she talking to Dash especially with her tone being 'seductive')

Look forward to the backstory though. Different takes are fun.

Is it just me or is there literally no text on this chapter? I'll give it another check in case.


>Main fanfic page
Loyalties ( 0 words )


Nice closer.
"The her from this world was dead. Rainbow Dash wondered if this was really true, and if so, how she had died." You and me both, Dash.
Pretty sure she's the only one left that we haven't seen an alt for... wonder if this will be the way we learn everything else that happened as a consequence of the divergence.

When's the next chapter will be released?

Next chapter is coming very soon. Within the next couple of days.

i'm confused!!!!!:pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh::trixieshiftright::twilightoops::facehoof::trollestia::unsuresweetie::applejackconfused::derpyderp1::fluttershysad:

Holy guacamole! It's my favourite fan fic! Wow, I always kept track of you on DA, but you're on FIMFiction which only makes things much easier!

I love the plot, really. It's what I think would best happen if Dash actually failed the Rainboom! Though some things are still a little uncertain. What did happen to Moonshy? What made her become so aggressive and cut off her own wings? Meh, only time will tell. I've been waiting for weeks for a new chapter, no kidding. Expect me to stalk this story quite often :scootangel:

Can't wait for a new chapter, keep up the awesome writing!

This is amazing! Truly magnificent!

Hmm, a random unicorn... Twilight's mom? Trixie? I don't even know anymore. And why is it that they lost their Applejack and found Moonjack first? Urgh, AJ's gonna get real messy with her when she finds out about her Moonside self...

42291 if that was Twilights mom then how did the moonside Twilight get born? it said there are only 1 of it and no other.


42434 your reading a story with alternate diemensions,ponys,doctor who,assasins and an apprently rich applejack and your gonna question how 1 of a single thing exisisted can have children.From a personal view though I agree I would say it's probably um whats her name um it's the one who stand's on her hind legs either that or a made up character

46048 What can i say? Thats just how i am. :derpytongue2:

I think I would have preferred Twilight-A & Twilight-B to Sunlight and Moonlight.

Awesome fight sequence, and a great Gilda.

Eagerly anticipating more!

Oh thank goodness!^_^

It's updated finally!^_^

I've been waiting sooo long for this fic to update now!^_^

This is great!^_^

A good fanfiction!^_^


shit just hit the fan

RD's gonna have some trouble looking for AJ and Rarity. Speaking of Rarity, is she even safe? Hope she is, those wings seem murderous. I'm just wondering how you're actually going to make more arcs for this, the story seems to be ending! Oh well, you're the author. :pinkiesmile:

RD's gonna have some trouble looking for AJ and Rarity. Speaking of Rarity, is she even safe? Hope she is, those wings seem murderous. I'm just wondering how you're actually going to make more arcs for this, the story seems to be ending! Oh well, you're the author. :pinkiesmile:

SOOOO AWEESOOMMEEE!!! this is a great fic, keep up the awesome work!

Ending? What makes you say that? We're just getting started!

I'm really glad this chapter of the story is finished, I really cant wait for the next one to begin as well. I usually don't like AU stories, but this one at least has the original universe as well, and the story itself is well crafted. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Can not wait for AU rarity and Big Mac to meet AJ:pinkiehappy:

85404 What else could you put in... this is gonna be AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

If I remember correctly, they haven't found Pinkies other self.

I wonder if Pinkie was born as a pegasus, and Flutters as an earthpony.

I suggest you review the last part of Act I, "The Party Hasn't Begun"

I suppose that the problem with such a slow update schedule is that by the time we reach the end, we'll all have forgotten how it began.

Oh hay, this has been on fimfiction all along? :derpyderp1:

Keep it up, man. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
And I agree on your last comment Phoenix, that's why I always reread the ending of the previous chapter when a story updates. Of course that still leaves me confused from time to time...

meh, Rainbow's reaction is perfectly understandable. She was working on adrenaline a moment ago and then finds out what happened. She's just extremely emotional at the moment and wanted to hurt the others as much as they hurt her.

I understand everything!!!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2::eeyup::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::trollestia::moustache::ajsmug::derpytongue2::yay:

Oh dear Luna. :pinkiegasp:That last sentence took me a surprise. Twilight killed Stone Wall? I guess I have to read the next chapter to find out but I read it to tomorrow. I sure wish I didn't have to go to bed.

I wonder what Pinkie's dream of two Dashies was about...


>>"See these wings? They're like tissue paper, and they break all the time. All the clopping time."
Oh, how true. One of the classic FiM fanfic tropes.

"Get ready to move when the opportunity comes."

This line in particular struck me as off-character for Pinkie Pie. It just sounds too technical. As Swarm of the Century illustrated, even when seriously focusing on a serious problem, she doesn't suddenly become clear and comprehensible. :pinkiegasp:

But the moonside Rainbow Dash was killed in Buraq. Time to find the alternate Spike; he is the best replacement Rainbow Dash. :moustache:


LOL I had a hunch...

Fun story so far I will continue to check for new chapters in your series.

Contraptionology + Applyjack!

... time ... blood ... dreams ...

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