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"He's not a geek, he's a geek with combat skills. That's why the ladies love him." -Flashpoint


Earth ponies- The brute-force masters of the land, with superior strength and hoof-speed to match!
Pegasi- Winged warriors who dominate the skies of Equestria with unparalleled speed and agility!
Unicorns- Precision fighters who's horns give them a diverse and unpredictable array of attacks!
And other species- From alicorns to draconequi, and the mythical beasts of the Everfree Forest and beyond!


To find out, our world-class fighters are testing some of Equestria's most lethal tactics. Using Modern-Age science, we'll see what happens when the two warriors go hoof-to-hoof. No rules, no safety, no mercy; it's a duel to the death, to decide who is...


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premise is pretty cool, story is better.

I look forward to the upcoming deathmatches.

Deadliest Warrior! :rainbowlaugh:

Now I gotta read this. :moustache:

on hiatus already? D:
on hiatus at ALL? D:

Oh I have been WAITING for this cross-over :pinkiehappy:

a deadliest warrior crossover.
THERE IS NO THUMBS UP BIG ENOUGH!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

could they? would they? should they?

506573 Yeah, I was wondering how long until someone would notice that. I'm not sure how I'm going to balance this story with The World-Jumper, but what I may do is alternate chapters for each until the first ministory in The World-Jumper is done. After that I'll work on this exclusively.

ok, as long as your not dropping it just because it didn't get a whole lot of attention at first, heh

its a duel to the death.
to find out which ponies will be getting cut open like pinatas.:pinkiecrazy:

After reading this story, I had to go to wikipedia to check up on DWs status.

508815 Allow me to smash them to tiny bits when you're done.

510839 Yeah, couldn't get it to work. I usually use a Google Images search for that kind of stuff, so getting it off of Senor GIF was not familiar to me. :derpytongue2:

Deadliest warrior?!:flutterrage:

have few ideas:
Celestia vs Luna
Twilight Sparkle vs Shining Armor
Doctor Whooves (Dr Who version) vs Queen Crystalis
Pirate Pipsqueak (Grown Up) vs you choose:pinkiehappy:

521559 I thought I fixed that, but don't worry, it's not on hiatus. I'm trying to balance it against my other story, so updates will be infrequent for a while. Hopefully not too long, though. The ideas seem deliciously chaotic. (Discord emoticon goes here)

Oh, I am looking forward to this! How are you going to decide who fights who? Are you going to position the ponies to achieve maximum drama potential, or are you just going to roll the dice on it, which could potentially unleash even more drama potential? Also, are you going to use Equestrian historical figures, like Chief Thunderhooves, Starswirl the Bearded, or Daring Do?

Whatever this is, I am so excited for the next chapter now. :raritystarry:

531749 A mixture of both. You'll see some classic clashes that Lauren Faust never saw it fit to give us, such as Celestia vs. Nightmare Moon. Then, there will be some symbolic battles, such as order vs. chaos (Discord, of course, vs. I'm not sure who, maybe Twilight? :twilightoops:) And occasionally, I'll just mix things up with a random fight, but I'll try to keep some kind of method behind the madness (though with Discord at the controls, you never can tell). As for your second question, I'll generally keep to the Mane 6, major supporting characters, the Mane villains, and popular background ponies (DJ PON3, Trixie, Derpy) during the first season, for the benefit of bronies less familiar with the show. But in season two (if it comes), as I exhaust character reserves, I'll add another element of fanfic to this and create what isn't given about those more obscure characters when they battle.

Keep in mind that as of now I promise nothing except the appearance of characters in the summary (which has been severely limited by the new regulations).


That's so cool! :yay:

:pinkiegasp: Also, are you going to do a prelude to the fights, like on Deadliest Warrior, where you analyze the strengths and limitations of the ponies in combat? Are you going to allow the other ponies to watch while the testing goes on, and comment on it? :pinkiesmile: Specifically ponies who have previous experience in commentatoring? :pinkiehappy: Like PInkie Pie? :pinkiecrazy:

533360 Most definitely; I find that to be half the fun. Pinkie may get a guest commenting appearance once and a while, but she won't be on the main staff. After all, she's a combatant. But don't expect a lot of plot from this story; it's mainly going to be the episodes Discord produces.

I dunno... It seems interesting but he outright stated they have to kill each other. I'll wait 'till we see if they're revived after death before giving it a thumb up 'cause personally I don't want no dead Dashie.

Seriously though, despite my caution, it looks like an interesting premise. If they manage to get out of there alive/respawned. *Thinks* Whiiich given their friendship he'll have to agree with if he wants anyone to so much as lift a hoof against each other. Chrysalis doesn't count.

553893 Don't worry, Dash looks to be a top contender against just about anyone else :rainbowdetermined2:, and how will I do a Back for Blood special/rematches and repairings if they stay dead? And for the motivations, this is probably going to play out a lot like Saw; they don't initially want to hurt each other, but once it dawns upon them that only one is walking out alive (as far as they know), self-preservation instinct kicks in. :twilightoops: And with a little mental de-inhibition, courtesy of our host, anything can happen, right? :pinkiecrazy:

554256 (Hesitantly) ... Alright, ya got me mate. I'm tracking. But at least one of them's going up against an alicorn and that's hardly fair to anyone. "Forget about love" implies Chrysalis no longer has amplified power and considering her surprise in the show itself, it looks like Celes will have to fight one of the M6. And this version of Discord seems sadistic enough to pit her against Twilight. Even though Dashie's high on the list of contenders and in TVtropes terms is "Made of iron", it's been shown magic can restrict and prevent her movement and she's the physical embodiment of Loyalty, so she'll probably refuse to fight unless her opponant attacks first, Chrysalis excluded.

Once again, I sincerely hope they don't stay dead, and a respawn system could work with rematches/repairings, given that they now know death isn't permanent in the games and have less incentive to not fight. Hold up... No sad, grimdark or tragedy tags? My hope has been reinforced:rainbowkiss:!

554358 Well, if you look back to S1 (ages ago, I know), one character was able to handle Tia (albeit not in outright combat). Come to think of it, Discord did too (breaking her magical lock on the Elements). Hang on a sec...
First time vs. Luna/Nightmare Moon: uses Elements
Second time vs. Luna/Nightmare Moon: Presumably loses, needs help of M6 and Elements
Vs. Discord: Needs Luna's help and Elements
Vs. Chrysalis: Loses because Chrysalis is hyped up on super-love
(Realization) You know what, we have never seen Celestia in combat except w/ an overpowered Chrysalis, and never even heard about it except when she uses the Elements! For all we know, minus the Elements, she could completely suck at fighting! Mind=blown

I'll leave the rest to be seen.

So our little ponies are going to fight to the death, be resurrected, and forced to fight again? How diabolically twisted!:trollestia:

Also, I demand Cutie Mark Crusaders vs. Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and... I dunno, Pipsqueak?

617212 A team battle might be interesting, given each of them don't have enough distinction or experience to give them solo battles. Thanks for the idea.

yay yay yay yay yay :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I have been waiting this for "years":rainbowkiss:well no years but still:unsuresweetie:

this is the best battle to start this, lets hope Nightmare moon wins this time

"Princesses! Welcome... to DIE!!!"
I see what you did there

*Checks* No dark or tragedy tags. ... That only enforces my hope that even the dead somehow make it out.

What? I'm a sucker for happy endings, no matter how the main body goes.

Oh wow. That was dark. Kudos mate, you've done a great job thus far. Figured they'd be set in an arena of some description, but who the hell cares?! Already looking forward to the next fight. Hoping it's one of the Mane 6 vs Chrysalis. Hmm... without being super-charged on love, how well do ya think the changeling queen'd do without the legion at her command?

EDIT; Erm... oops. Just saw your reply on the first page about "Back for blood". Initially misread that as a possibility and only just saw is as ya meant it.

... Have a delayed, yet still slightly hesitant, thumbs up mate.

Reminds me of the Green Beret vs. Spetznaz episode for some reason. So what's the 'official' win ratio?

714689 Yeah, like the actual series, I wanted to create an environment that would make the fight semi-plausible. Chrysalis will be coming soon, don't worry.

715024 Yeah, this one was close. But because this fight is still somewhat plausible, I might compare it to Rangers vs. NKSOF. And next comes the expert analysis, and that's where you'll get the ratios and end commentary.

very good love every bit of it:rainbowkiss:

now who are the vectims?

What X-factors played in Celestias favor you only listed Lunas?


Ah, damnit. Thought ya were asking for fight pair up suggestions. No matter though, it makes sense Nightmare would win considering no matter how Celes looked at her, all she'd ever be able to see would be her little sister. Additionally, it doesn't seem like she's capable of deceit even if it saves her life. Celes never had a chance.

No idea what you're gonna do next and I already had this typed up, so here's why I think things aren't looking good for the changeling queen;
Chrysalis without minions was only able to trap Twilight by surprising her, despite being queen seems physically frail but might be powerful magically. Unlikely considering all power was a product of draining Shinings love for Candace and Discord blatently said "Forget about Love". If push came to shove, I think even Fluttershy could kill her. Not without ending up mentally broken afterwards, but still.

... Actually, being forced to try killing anyone would render her insane. For her sake, I hope she looses her first fight. Killing her before she had to would be a mercy.

735295 Don't worry, when Fluttershy enters the fight, I'm gonna set her up with a nice, easy opponent (undecided who). Or I might find a way to put her in Flutterage mode:flutterrage: and that should up her abilities quite a bit. As for the Chrysalis issue, points well made. Here's what I think. Chrysalis is the queen of the changelings, so that's got to count for something. She's probably stronger than the others in terms of magic and fighting ability, and has a strong grasp on magic, even beyond shapeshifting. And shapeshifting gives her a few interesting options in combat, like turning into a parasprite to evade attack, then turning into a manticore for a powerful strike. I always assumed that shapeshifting was an innate ability for changelings, regardless of how much love they had consumed. But needless to say, Chrysalis won't be going up against any heavies (like Discord), but one of the Mane 6 might not be out of the question.

to save on space you should have combined all the chapters of this into one chapter for each battle just sayin

765619 Interesting idea. I do the spread version mainly so that I can publish each battle in smaller sections, not just a lot of work all at once. And that way, readers who want to just skip to the battle can do so.

I think Dash wins this real experience is better than only reading but lets see if Twilight can even the oods with its magic

931709 Don't worry, they don't actually die, though I'm a little confused myself as to how it all works. Here's my best explanation:

Discord tells ponies that the fights are to the death.
The battles are set up as a situation that would lead to a fight.
In battle, one pony really will kill the other.
Discord uses chaos magic to revive that pony when nopony else can see it.
Everypony thinks that the losers are really dead, until the Back for Blood special at the end of the season (if we get there).

And Discord is doing all of this for laughs.

twilight sparkle, because she is smart enough to teleport outside the blast of the sonic rainboom then inside once she is comfortable with the distances she would be in


:twilightsmile: :rainbowhuh:

932599 But she'd have to teleport pretty much the millisecond it was pulled off, to the exact point Dashie was when she executed the boom to actually avoid anything and considering Dashie seems more of a close-range fighter she'd probably execute it right before throwing a punch. Let's face it, for how smart and magically advanced Twilight is, no-one's that accurate. Plus even if she pulled it off and her enemy was still pretty far away, being that close to the source'd still disorient her, giving Dashie enough time to change course and execute something else... or just execute.

Structural weaknesses; Technically speaking, a Pegasus' wings would be the weakest part of their body, yet Rainbow Dash has proven time and time again that to break her wings she needs to completely lose control and crash at supersonic speeds, only then fracturing a single bone and getting out of hospital in a single day. Judging from how her friends reacted when she woke up, she'd only been out for a hew hours, tops.

Unicorns on the other hand, have to channel magic through their horns. If Rarity's a good example, we can assume that it's also a very sensitive apendage and highly fragile... at least when conducting magic. Considering Twilight relies on magic to fight, breaking the horn leaves her utterly helpless while if Dashies wings are broken she still knows martial arts and is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with one of the strongest earth-types there is, actually beating her in hoof-wrestling.

And if I didn't miss anything, the total is
Dashie; 354
Twilight; 334

I personally vote for Dashie if that wasn't already obvious:rainbowderp:.

light travels faster then sound (by a significant amount) so if twi saw the blast from around 500 feet ( the accuracy of rd dropping a srb right on top of twi would be damn near impossible due to the fact of traveling at mach five its easy to misjudge time and distance from a non direct angular line of site) see pic
also rd has used the srb directly over canterlot (assuming this is cannon to the show and not head cannon) it had no adverse effect on the inhabitants




935544 Perhaps, but if you combine the Sonic Rainboom with Speed Burst, Dash could get an accurate hit if Twilight had no idea where she was coming from. Or if you use it as a follow-up after Hurricane, where Twilight is too disoriented to do anything. And with the Canterlot thing, remember that everypony was surrounded by thick, structurally stable buildings, even if they weren't inside at the time. The blast hit these buildings before it came anywhere near them, dissipating its force exponentially. The first Sonic Rainboom (during the open-air race in Cloudsdale, when Rainbow Dash was a filly) was shown not only to be able to travel an extreme distance (from Cloudsdale to Canterlot, the outskirts of Manehatten, the Pie family rock farm, and however far away Rarity's horn dragged her), but to have unique properties with serious effects even at that distance (splitting a very large rock in two, curling Pinkie Pie's hair through nothing but wind blast, and overloading Twilight Sparkle with magical energy by channeling its own power into her). A funny episode would be to see some unintended consequences of every Rainboom (giving Derpy her derp, inspiring Trixie's love for illusions, attracting the interest of Doctor Whooves (which itself generates an MLP/Doctor Who crossover episode), etc.) But I digress. In an open area, with only one thing to take the blast (Twilight), it would be an effective weapon even at long ranges.

but then again, we can see that the sonic rainboom is a can be compared to a directional explosive

935544 second picture
as it only travels on a plane and not in a sphere as would be optimal for an attack

I'm not sure if I missed anything, but did we touch on the Sonic Rainbomb from Lesson Zero?

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