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The interviews have drawn to a close. All goes according to the Administrator's plan... for the time being. A new threat, one that promises to definitively end the stalemate between RED and BLU, watches patiently and waits for an opportunity to strike.

It finds one.

As both sides struggle for survival, friendships are made, schemes are executed, trust is betrayed, and ponies are manipulated. All in the name of a worthy cause.

Such is the way of war.

Welcome to PvP - Pony versus Parasite.

Many thanks to Tarantad0 for the artwork and Sergiovan for proofreading the whole thing.

Sequel to Meet the Team: Pony Fortress 2. If you don't want to read the prequel, the first chapter (of this story, that is) should get you up to speed.

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Haha! I knew this would be made eventually!

You know, the land is definitely going to be painted green and red...like christmas :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, NOW I get it. :facehoof:Now I feel stupid.

Aww man, and they were so close too.

I give it 3,4 Story arcs chapters before their ghost appear and start fighting over Whose Mercs are doing better at saving the world.

Honestly, Celestia and Luna in this are far and away NOTHING like Blutarch and Redmond Mann ... in short, I see much work having to be done to truly resurrect them for the aforementioned "Scream Fortress" tie-in. Though, I could see them arguing over which team's Mercs have the right to be the Element bearers and thus banish the Administrator/Discord ... and why do I see Flutter-Medic's new Medigun prototype being a plot point later to potentially restore the dead Princesses to life? Somehow it just feels like that direction is a path that may be taken.

Another point I'd like to address is the fact that the mercs, at least the Element bearers are now technically only inhibited by their own pre-created rivalries and propoganda-bred dislikes of each others' respective loyalties - as was said in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager - "It's easier to start hating than it is to stop hating."

Over all, good fic to start!!! Loved the original, and hope this one delivers more of the same or similar flavour!

Thanks for the praise! I have to avoid spoilers, so all I can tell you is that this story's going to be a lot epic...er than its predecessor. And definitely a lot longer, too. For flavour... I suppose there are many similarities, but there are subtle differences... and some obvious ones too, at times.

the Element bearers are now technically only inhibited by their own pre-created rivalries and propoganda-bred dislikes of each others' respective loyalties

Don't forget the Administrator!

Cannot forget the Administrator. Chaos damn him, but cannot forget him.

You have secured my attention, Usurper ... in this story. Heck, reading this story's predecessor helped spur me to playing TF2, which I am taking a bit of a break from. Had to disable my pony-sprite mods for awhile to actually enjoy the game a bit more. Nothing like seeing a Twilight Sniper's smiling face to fire the "rage-quit" reaction more than just the act of getting chain-sniped itself.

How deliciously ironic. Writing this story's predecessor forced me to take a break from TF2, which I'd been playing a lot back then.
As for mods... mine were mostly weapons, but yes, getting chain-sniped is very annoying.

I was confused who was on what team but now I understand lol

Even more genius than before? A recap? MY ATTENTION–you haz it.:pinkiehappy:

Then she dropped the bombshell. The medigun prototype I saw earlier wasn't just meant to get rid of knockback. It was supposed to bring the dead back to life.

Wait a minute :derpyderp2:

*looks back at "Meet the Medic (Part 3/2)"

Did you just predict the Reanimator? I'm hoping you'll reincorporate that into this story.

You got the idea from the comic didn't you? So the changelings are the robots huh. Interesting choice.

Are the changelings the robots of tf2?

Welp shits gonna hit the fan when the mercs have to defend against changelings

Now for the awkward part of saying hello to the people you covered in piss, set on fire, decapitated, blown up, stomped on and taunted for the last 3 years. :twilightsheepish:

3806241 Especially since they're carbon copies of each other.

Now they HAVE to work together. Maybe Spike and Zecora can be friends again. Wait, did that happen in this universe? Pretty sure it did.
You'd think they'd have noticed that by now.

Yes, that did happen in this universe. Also, they have noticed it by now, but they got over it about a year or so before the timeline of this story.

I've wonder how BLU Twilight will be with RED Twilight?

Hooray! New chapter. Great as usual, waiting to see the mercenaries in action.
About the Administrator's plan:
Demomare and Soldier is going to be interesting if they end up on the same team.
Same with Pyro and Scout although I'm not sure if Pinkie and Diana are going to switch a lot.

Soon, Zerg rush. They have the pylons, but what they don't have are respawn points.:trollestia:

I half expected you to make a God squad with both snipers and pyros in it

3882697 Dude fuck no, balance is key in MvM and the other pyro is a background character.

Other then that it looks like Ician not as smart as he seems.

3883322 :facehoof:
Read the first story if you have not
The Twilight and Pinkie mercs are both several times stronger than the other mercenaries voiding the need for balance part since they are far stronger than the actual tf2 mercs

3883330 OBJECTION I have read the first part, don't make me slap you with bone-less.
Also this was the plan all along to get rid of the unimportant characters and put the characters from the show into the same group,

3883435 Okay then, it's not like I was saying he should have done it that way. I was saying I half expected him to do it. Oh well I have obviously offended you by saying a thought that was in my head when I first saw mixed teams. So I apologize like that kid who apologizes because his parents tell him to and not because he actually cares.

3883451 and I'll act like a adult and forgive you but does not forgive you in his heart and has a giant grudge for the rest of his life.

Well at least you found out your theory was flawed, best not to act on an imperfect thesis only to be too far off.

Well everyone, if you've noticed, so far I've been posting chapters on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, that's going to change for maybe the next one or two weeks. I feel like I need to be doing something else other than writing this story for a while, plus there are a few small exams coming up, so I'm going to be taking a little rest. Not to worry, though, I'll be back soon. I've been keeping at least one complete buffer chapter at all times, so when I want to publish the next chapter it'll be ready.

I personally wish tthat the action could be q bit more show than tell like the action sections in the prequel
But, it's a bit intriging, sometimes :pinkiesmile:

These are just the few chapters in the beginning, so there tends to be a lot more exposition. Not to mention that there's not very much action for a Sniper. But once we get settled in the action will begin - especially if there's a scene shift to Pinkie. That would be an action-guaranteed scene.

Great chapter!:pinkiehappy:

:pinkiegasp:If the changleing beside him got headshoted, dosn't that mean he is about to blow up! :twilightoops: I liked Exos.:raritycry:

Just a reminder for those not really keeping up with it - BLU Sniper is "unicorn" Twilight, and did not get upgraded with the explosive headshots. RED is our much-loved "pegacorn/alicorn" Twilight and has her upgrade. Just thought I'd clear that up

Actually... Neither has explosive headshots in the beginning. Unlike normal MvM, the cash in this one is changeling exoskeleton, meaning that they don't get any upgrades until they actually kill something.

So... Yeah.


BLU Twilight: Thanks fer standin' still, wanka!

I'm sorry about the long wait, everyone. I kind of fell into a bout of laziness and writer's block, and went and involved myself in some other writing projects, so I put this story on the backburner (heh, a TF2 pun) for a few weeks. But this chapter is out at last, so enjoy!

Also, an interesting fact: I finally got the inspiration I needed to finish the latest chapter by reading through all the comments on the prequel. All 351 of them. So don't hesitate to leave any encouraging comments or constructive criticism behind if you want to, because it'll probably make the next chapter come out that much faster.

Awesome though it could use something to grab other's attention

God I love Ician's mindset. I find it funny somehow.:rainbowkiss:
Also, even when dormant, Pinkie is as silly as ever.:pinkiehappy:

Man I still am really looking forward to the Pinkie, Diane, Pinkimina reveal to the other characters especially in reference to Rainbow Dash.

The reactions will be worth seeing. For instance can their relationship be repaired after Pinkie had to end it despite not wanting to?

Ack, sorry the next chapter's taking so long. Got some other commitments and writer's block in general. But it'll be up in due course.

Oh, I have that relationship all planned out, too.


Its cool I can wait for a good story.

Good to hear that you have that all planned. Diana was, for me, the biggest reason to read the last story (since I knew nothing of the game really) and I really would like to see where you were taking her character. Rainbow Dash being so important to her was also a big part of that. I am also interested in this sort of rivalry you have between Pinkie and Twilight as well.

One thing I don't get.... How did Celestia and Luna shout for their guards if the room was soundproofed?

You know, when I read your comment I kind of froze, and then wondered in dread if I'd forgotten something.

Thankfully I hadn't. Phew.

Anyway, my headcanon is that it would be inconvenient for soundproofing spells to affect a vicinity, because then nopony outside would be able to hear anything until you dismissed the enchantment. So most soundproofing spells affect the walls and door rather than a discrete pocket of space, and as such Celestia and Luna could shout for their guards because they opened the door, thereby providing a means by which sound could travel without being blocked by the enchantment.

Urgh, sorry this took so long everyone. It was the usual again - writer's block, laziness, etc. I promise to try and be more punctual with the next one.

Anyways, this one clocks in at almost 8k words, so enjoy! As usual, feel free to leave likes, favourites and comments - mostly comments though. Reading through comments gives me the inspiration I need to pump out a new chapter. So keep 'em coming!

EDIT: Ha ha, um, wow. Featured. Again. This story is really following in the footsteps of its predecessor.

Not to say that isn't a good thing. Woohoo!

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