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Hi a standard brony gamer who likes a lot of different stuff star wars, pokemon etc.


The land of Equestria but a husk of its former happy self. Celestia rules with an iron hoof, Luna is in the sun and the elements of harmony never existed. In the Canterlot Mines, a statue of a human clad in the armor made from the scales of a great beast sits there. What Celestia doesn't know is that the being inside is still alive biding his time. That being is me, Krieger von Gerechtigkeit, I will soon break out and Celestia shall pay for all the crimes she has done. For I am her RETRIBUTION!

Co-written withSolphestus.
If you'd like to suggest anything just say it in the comments or PM me. Krieger von Gerechtigkeit translates to Warrior of Justice. If anybody wants their OC in this PM me.

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i like this :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I liked the fight sequence. Really well executed. Cannot wait for more!:scootangel:

Comment posted by Dracosaurian deleted May 25th, 2016

it's written a little poorly but i like it. keep up the good work!

i love that one. i have the upgraded one :pinkiehappy:

6878746 Thank you my Emperor

Comment posted by NightmareKnight deleted May 25th, 2016

Hmm..so dictator ponies...well Atleast isn't Caribou...

There's nothing more beautiful than a perfectly executed combo with a Switch Axe.

Thy Supreme Leader Mishka demands more.

CW Mick Rory:*grabs you by the shoulders*More.

Last updated 11th Jul 2015. I don't think they'll be more, boyo.

Well the guy better make more. We all know how Mick gets when he's pissed. He starts burning down the place.

Everyone has a life though, if it's preventing him or her from updating or getting any form of inspiration/writing muse/interest/ideas, then there's really nothing you can do.


you do can

You need to work on your grammar.

It's called a typo, look it up. You might learn something.

I know what a typo is, I saw it's horrifying power in that Home episode on Netflix.

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