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A Nightmare Before The Night [Interactive Story]


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Thanks for the Fave on my One Piece crossover. To the Grand Line! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks the fav on Celestia's Rocket Adventures! I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me a like and some feedback in the comments!

Thank you for favoriting Outsider's Game: Turning Wheel.

Majin Syeekoh
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Thank you for favoriting Twilight Sparkle Pierces The Heavens!

Thank you very much for the favorite of A Dandy Crusade :twilightsmile: I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :moustache:

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Stories that many, including myself, would like to read thrice

  • The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments Sweetie Belle must find Twilight by travelling through different Fanfic worlds... by Wanderer D 466,316 words · 36,322 views · 3,056 likes · 60 dislikes
  • Hail to the King A human soul is stuffed into King Sombra's body. Having no idea what's going on, and thinking he is in some kind of coma, he just casually strolls into the Crystal Empire. by Qwapdo 85,508 words · 62,886 views · 5,267 likes · 88 dislikes
  • Daring DONE! Rainbow Dash finds out that Twilight's mom is the author of the Daring Do saga. Things escalate quickly from there. by Aragon 5,538 words · 18,582 views · 2,812 likes · 45 dislikes
  • Diamond Tiara Hunts Down And Systematically Murders Bad OCs There's a plague infecting Equestria, and Diamond Tiara has taken it upon herself to cure it. Permanently. by Aquaman 7,010 words · 7,469 views · 587 likes · 49 dislikes

Super silly stories that are enjoyable while making little to no sense

  • EXPLOSIONS??? Mr. Torgue, a successful corporation eponymous who loves explosions and yelling comes to Equestria because Pinkie is bored. Ridiculous events follow. Note: Written for anyone to read, assumes no knowledge of Borderlands 2 or its DLC. by Opticlaudimix 37,454 words · 3,271 views · 143 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Old Spice Guys invade Equestria Why? Just... why? by MarineMarksman 37,930 words · 14,453 views · 493 likes · 67 dislikes
  • Truth vs. Fiction Lyra watches My Little Pony. by JasonTheHuman 1,074 words · 19,015 views · 969 likes · 47 dislikes
  • A Dream Come True? The Mane 6 materialize in your bedroom...and they're not very happy to see you. by Flint-Lock 7,605 words · 10,191 views · 1,278 likes · 101 dislikes
  • Oh Hell No! Lashona, lady of sass, finds herself in Equestria... and she isn't having any of it. by Flint Sparks 6,289 words · 7,086 views · 941 likes · 66 dislikes