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First and foremost, Twilight Sparkle is the pony after my own heart :3 and as such, I love books quite a bit as well as the art of the story. I hope you enjoy the tales I weave.


What happens when Space Dandy, the galaxy's suavest, good looking and sharp dressed man ends up on Equestria after an incident with his hyper drive? Well... lets just hope he doesn't do anything he'll regret later...

Like letting the Cutie Mark Crusaders go get registered with the Space Alien Registration Bureau so they can go on space adventures...

Seriously... What could go wrong?

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Space Dandy seems to live in a universe where shit like this can happen all the time. And that is why it is awesome! :rainbowkiss:

There's nothing a Dandy can't do :rainbowdetermined2: Also, I have things planned. Things...

There had better be a chapter where Dandy takes the Crusaders to Boobies! :ajbemused:

Oooh this should be interesting:rainbowwild:

Quite an excellent story you got here, can't wait to see what else will happen. :pinkiehappy:

Going once, going twice...
"I really like its mane!"
AND SOLD! *fav'd

This. This story. It will be a fun time. :twilightsmile:

The first stop better be Boobies.

Well... They need to get some money first... But then, of course... BooBies lol

I... have no words to explain what I am seeing right here... I love it so far. Good job, hope you keep it up :pinkiehappy:.

Any particular part you particularly enjoyed?

3994313 That would have to be the whole argument about the pie. Well done, my friend. If the first chapter can catch my interest; then usually the whole story will keep it. I'm looking foward to it.

I couldn't help but feel that Scootaloo should be the one to ride Dandy with harassing sarcasm and nuclear levels of snarkiness :rainbowlaugh:

3994352 I think the way it turned out shows that it was a good choice to do such. I'll go ahead and throw out a favorite and wait for more of what I hope will become a lovely drug.:rainbowlaugh:

Looks interesting, now then, what the hell is this a crossover with ,and where can I get some?

This is a crossover involving the suavest ladies man in the galaxy... Space Dandy. It just so happens that he's also kind of an idiot too... So... yeah...

You can find your fix here.


You were right, I did enjoy this. I would post a better comment but weekends are a restaurants busiest days so I'm kinda beat, but I at least wanted to let you know I enjoyed this story and would like to see where it goes from here.

Also: Where's the Gogol Empire? We need some hilarious lines from Dr. Gel.

Just gotta wait for it :rainbowlaugh: I plan on making this basically into a Space Dandy OVA involving our favorite ponies :trollestia:

3994428 Just watched the first episode, and I have to say it turned into a clusterfuck faster than a massive detonation in the midst of a flamewar.

Love it and both shows instant fave. Dandy and the CMC, don't see an issue here, he's great with kids.As for Celestia, it shouldn't be too hard to find Dandy, go to the nearest Boobies or place that sells styling products in bulk or a galactic liquor store. I only wish Meow had some lines in the chapter.

I hope this isn't another universe where Dandy ends up dead. Again..:pinkiehappy:

He is Schroedinger's Dandy, neither alive nor dead, but both since we never actually see his moment of demise :trollestia:

Great first chapter. Can't wait to find out the story behind Dandy and Celestia being engaged.

Bit rough around the edges, needs proofreading, etc. Among the problems that can be caught with a good proofread are some verb tense issues and a lot of missing apostrophes, as well as some absent words.

There's also the matter of "anyways" and "his self". These are both incorrect outside of dialogue. The former is ALWAYS "anyway", and the latter is ALWAYS "himself".

Anyway...I'll continue reading this for now, even though I give minus four hundred fucks about Space Dandy. Terrible, awful show. :pinkiesick:

You know my motto on these differences... To each their own :moustache:

this could be an amazing story even without the whole chased by the mane 6 thing :heart:

That only adds to the usual insanity :trollestia: Just wait until the Mane 6 meet up with the Gogol Empire goons chasing him :rainbowlaugh:

and now stoop slightly apart

I think that one's MY fault. :twilightsheepish:

BA: The universe is not ready for them. Especially if they're with Dandy.
EI: I can't wait to see how f'd up this gets.

I had been waiting for this update. And it didn't disappoint. :pinkiehappy:

“Well... You see... He's... my fiancee'.”

Dandy what the HELL did you do!

Just when I thought this story bit the dust! Awesome to see the CMC are avid alien hunters :rainbowlaugh:

Sorry for the late update :twilightsheepish: I've been busy and next I have a little short I want to start before finishing my next update for His Life to Live :twilightsmile:

first let me say i know 0% about space Dandy. Second let me say despite that. THIS story is AWESOME and i MUST read more! LOL:pinkiehappy:

4548951 Very welcome! I actually hope the CMC actually DO show talent as bounty hunters, it would be SO cool! May i ask when we can possibly expect an update/? :pinkiehappy:

I would say between two and three weeks at this point. I have to update His Life to Live first, then work on this chapter lol

4548972 I see ^_^ I suppose while i await an update i can browse your other stories. :twilightsmile:

4549042 I most likely will hehe. I only recently discovered this site, and i must say it has a LOT of wonderful stories :twilightsmile:

4549082 Just wish it had more search options to make looking for certain stories easier. especially when it comes to searching for cross overs :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Yeah. It does get a little interesting when searching for specific stories lol

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