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First and foremost, Twilight Sparkle is the pony after my own heart :3 and as such, I love books quite a bit as well as the art of the story. I hope you enjoy the tales I weave.

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Great story. Great idea. :scootangel:

Thanks :twilightsmile: Took about 45 minutes to write and a few more to tweak it


What the heck, man? You wrote that in forty-five minutes?

I'm glad I followed you. :scootangel:

I just got hit with a bolt out of the blue :twilightblush: But let me say that when it hits, it's like I got hit by an Orbital Friendship Cannon :rainbowlaugh:

Wow. This story is pretty great! It has some nice feels.:pinkiesad2:

Just something I noticed, you have repeated descriptions a few times. When you describe her mane and wing tips color changing, you use seemingly twice. Maybe change that to another word? You do it again when describing her parents' bodies by using the word form in both sentences. That's really just a nit-pick though, this story is nicely done. :heart:

It's all good. Like I said before, I wrote it fairly quickly and I missed a typo or two :b Glad you like the story :twilightsmile:

You used the wrong word. When you say "Ascension", it should really be "Accession". Ascension means going up, as in 'going up the stairs'. Accession is the proper term.

The Merriam-Webster definition states that Ascension is: the act of rising or ascending; especially : the act of moving to a higher or more powerful position.

I generally try to check my proper terminology :twilightsheepish: Though yours is correct as well.

3813913 ascention refers to an increase in height, either via stairs, the lift or flying.
The heavens are high up.
Thus ascention is a metephor for becomeing more powerful.

Hence why it's called an ascension when any of the three tribes becomes an alicorn. They gain power, stature and a plethora of other abilities they lacked before. That's also why it's used when someone ascends to a throne when they become a ruler. Also, it's not much of a metaphor. It's simply a word.

“Never a sacrifice to one you love”

Missing the word "save"?

Also I thought that alicornifying for the deeds of others seemed off... But I suppose one could claim that Twilight's was 5/6ths that?

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