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Daily Show Ponies


Jon Stewart needs to find a way to get more people to watch his show. To do this he welcomes a new series of guests from a far off land containing monsters, magic, and most importantly... ponies!
Join him on an adventure that has him matching wits with sentient mythical creatures ranging from god-like ponies to a fire breathing dragon! Each "Episode" marks a different MLP character getting a chance to travel to the human world for an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion for who Jon should interview next.
Disclaimer: For proper context it is highly recommended to reach each chapter in order as many interviews allude to past guests and events.
A special thanks to Zeta040, Cantankerous, and Zervziel for proofreading several stories listed below.

List of Characters who have already appeared:
- Chapter 1: Spike
- Chapter 2: Derpy
- Chapter 3: Applejack
- Chapter 4: Ms. Cheerilee
- Chapter 5: Octavia
- Chapter 6: Zecora
- Chapter 7: Mayor Mare
- Chapter 8: Twilight
- Chapter 9: Trixie
- Chapter 10: DJ Pon3
- Chapter 11: Rainbow Dash
- Chapter 12: Iron Will
- Chapter 13: Fancy Pants
- Chapter 14: Queen Chrysalis
- Chapter 15: Luna
- Chapter 16: A Changeling
- Chapter 17: Rarity
- Chapter 18: Lyra and Bon Bon
- Chapter 19: The Cutie Mark Crusaders
- Chapter 20: Discord
- Chapter 21: Fluttershy

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I'm gonna put this in my Read Laters, see where this goes

I don't know what to say, really. I'm... underwhelmed.

The craftsmanship is solid, the characters are good. You've nailed Jon's stage persona perfectly. The writing is good. Spike eating the backstage manager's necklace was priceless. But... there's nothing there. No real comedy, no conflict, no drama, no romance, nothing. It's 4000 words of two guys having a chat.

You definitely have serious writing chops, but there has to be a bit more going on if you want to keep me interested.

Lots of small errors. It's a nice premise but it feels like it could've been written better.
Not bad, but not impressive either. In any case, keep it up. :moustache:

Colbert needs to make an apperance, he did make shout outs to bronies :yay:

Agreed with Ethrak on this one. I really like what you're trying to do here and it's got a lot of potential but it doesn't feel very clever or too interesting. Happy with the dialogue though, and it's formatted just as it should be for this kind of thing.


I feel that was kind of the point. I mean, if you've ever watched his show, this really is the way he runs his interviews. They are quite comical, and, while not completely serious, they do give us little bits and pieces of information.

In all honesty, I liked this a lot, because, like you said, this author has some great writing ability, and to make a 4k word story merely of two guys talking about nothing in particular, and make it hold my attention the entire time...that's pretty impressive.

I think this has a lot of potential, should it become some kind of series. Jon Stewart was nailed brilliantly, and so was Spike. The problem in the interviews is just that Spike really isn't a very interesting character. If another character was brought on, one with more interesting traits, then this would work brilliantly. It was unfair, because Jon is an adult, and Spike is really just a kid. If an adult pony were brought on, that could defend him/her self against Jon's jibes, and respond in kind, it would make for a much better story. I hope to see it develop further; if Pinkie Pie were ever on the Daily Show, I think I would piss myself with laughter.

I wonder what the rest of the mane 6 would be like on the Daily Show.



This isn't something you just oneshot! You have a good intro, and a VERY well written interview, now get on more!

He should have went to Jared. :D FUCKING AWESOME STORY! :moustache:


Well I'm new here and don't know much but when I put complete I mean to say the interview with Spike is complete. I was thinking about doing more under a different titles, like: "Derpy on the Daily Show," then have two chapters (An intro then the interview) like this one. That way people can read whichever one they wanted and I get to have a new picture of Jon with a new pony. You know so it can sorta have the feel of different episodes.

But like I said I'm new here so I gotta ask am I doing this wrong? :unsuresweetie:

I came to see Jon Stewart interviewing Spike. I got what I came for.

An invisible helicopter award for you sir!


Well, just based on what I've seen, it should be a series. Like Ponies explaining Ponies.

Why do i have this sinking feeling? :rainbowderp:

Wow, my sinking feeling didn't mean this ended in disaster. that's rarely happened before. :derpytongue2:

980380 Yea. That was for when i thought things would end in disaster.
I also have other feelings for different things like when something is gonna be somewhat funny, when a story is bad, ect. ect.

Interesting. I shall place this in my read later list.

feels like i'm watching the show for real :pinkiehappy: good job sir! can't wait to see interviews with Dash, derpy, twilight, luna, spitfire, big mac and pinkie lol

jon might make doubled rainbow and "we heard rumors that you are gay" jokes in dash part
or in spitfire part is a few "how is it to be a sex symbol for the wonderbolts" or something :rainbowlaugh:

btw, you should add a "greenroom" chapter. :pinkiecrazy:

yeah, i'm finally reading them :3 good job on derpy part :derpytongue2:

See this? This right here? This is why nice things exist, and it is why we can have them.

I think you have yourself a new fan. Let's just see how the other interviews go...

I really liked this story, but I think you tried too hard on the jokes, it didn't really feel natural.

One other thing: When Spike sent the letter and Jon goes "I wish you hadn't done that," I wish Spike went: "You act like we've never seen this show before. I'm pretty sure she's used to it."

Jon pauses for two seconds. "That's a good point, that's a good point. Can you stay for five minutes? We'll throw it up on the web!"

I'm so reading the rest, and I even have a joke for Applejack, which is way too obvious for you not to have used it.

I'm mad I only just found this, this is some very good stuff! You nailed the persona's very well!

Say thanks! If you like this one check out my other interviews! :twilightsmile:

Also thanks for following too. :heart:

Did somepony say SEX ROBOTS?!??!?


Also, might I inquire whether you will do an interview with the Cutie Mark Crusaders? And if you do, will NYC survive? lol


I wonder where you got that phone number from.

This looks interesting, I look forwat to reading you series of interviews:pinkiehappy:
Though in my personal opinion, Jon would be a lot more skeptical/freaked out by these events.
I wouldn't be suprised if he had a heart attack:twilightoops:, I know i would.

This IS good:pinkiehappy:
I was legitametly laughing at tiemes:rainbowlaugh:
Though once agian, the audience is handling witnesing a being from another realm suprisingly well.:moustache:

Comment posted by BronyWriter deleted Jun 24th, 2013

I just found this and intend to continue reading because this is an interesting idea that clearly has a lot of followers. However, I have to say I agree with EXOLIEF (I was going to post this on the previous chapter but decided to read the transcript first)— your proofreader could have done a better job. The writing isn't half bad, though it could be better, but the grammatical and technical errors are quite numerous. I'd offer my help to you, but I already have multiple stories I'm editing. If you're interested, if you send me one of your episodes I can show you some of your errors for you to keep in mind for future 'interviews.'
Otherwise, you did a pretty good job on this. I'm upset I didn't find it sooner. Looks like I'm going to have a marathon.


the grammatical and technical errors are quite numerous

When I started I didn't have an editor; I thought I could do it myself... looking back I don't know what I was thinking. :facehoof: I can't edit for shit and I know it! :raritydespair:

I have one or two editors now and at some point I'll have one of them go through my backlog :twilightblush:

Sad to see all the comments go but I can also understand FimFiction's opinion. But I can't wait for the next interview (BonBon&Lyra FTW!).

When I heard that you had to post all of the stories into one, I thought that there would be a word count around 500,000. Guess I was wrong, but not too far off.

It must have taken a lot of work, but well done getting all these in one place. Oh, and the cover picture is hilarious.

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