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Mr. Haze

I'm a brony. I love to write, read, draw. I was sucked into the MLP fandom by voluntary choice. I love these stories and I love making stories.


STALKER · 10:32pm May 13th, 2014

To anyone who's still viewing my channel I thank you. I would also like to inform you of a new One-Shot story I'm making about a Stalker/MLP crossover. If you have no idea what Stalker is I suggest you play it a bit. You can find Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky easily available on a torrent site of your choosing. And if you like a challenge I suggest the Misery Mod with Call of Pripyat. Stay tuned pony fans! I will soon again have another dark and morbid story for you if you're interested in

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1140078 You should probably make that announcement in a blog poste, then your followers will receive it in their inboxes. Just some advice.

Aftre a very, very long time away from fimfiction. I am pleased to say, I'm back. To those who are still viewing, thank you. I have had some, financial and personal issues that prevented me for quite some time to coming back to this site.

Your profile pick is fuckin legit. Just sayin'


Well, it was a one-shot story. I hadn't planned on making another Lich-based story, but I'll consider it. I'm working on a different story right now.

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