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MEMORIES WAS FEATURED!!!! · 3:17am Oct 26th, 2015

WOW! I come back on a whim and Memories gets featured for the first time ever! Oh wow! I can't even believe this right now! Thank you all! I love everyone!

I can't believe this luck!!!

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I have a one question, What about memories? if this is on hiatus, but you are planing on continuing it, change it's state to "On hiatus" if you cancelled it (Please don't!!) then "Cancel" it. Because that's what those story statuses are for.
I really like this story, and the idea and it's execution are really good.

Fuggin' stellar, class up to Power Slavery in t-minus dos weekos. Bought a longboard to rock studying civvies. If ya see a dude tearing around at Mach .5 wearing shorts that remind you of Jolly Ranchers, thats-a me, Rustio!


haha I'm doing just fine for now. My class had some fun today at the Kickball tourney. Put together a team an hour before the sign up deadline and ended up beating the Corrections guys from the Brig for the championship!

How is T-track treating you?

Slick Ricky's Fun Palace treatin' ya well, bro?

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