We all know of how Bardock attempted to stop Frieza but still suffered the same fate of Planet Vegeta, resulting in only his sons, Vegeta, Nappa, and Tarble being the only survivors of the saiyan race.

But what if they weren't the only ones to survive? What if, before he tried to save his race, Bardock at least managed to warn the one saiyan he knew for a fact would listen to him? And what if this saiyan managed to escape only to wake up in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic ponies and other creatures?

Through this tale, learn how Gine, the mother of Goku, will learn to live amongst Twilight and her friends, while also learning of what she will accomplish.

Spike will be aged up in this due to possibility of anything mature thrown in later. He'll be 18, and while he's not in the show, he'll be older than most of the students if not the same age as some of them.

Cover art done by RainbowDashVegetaFan123.
And the anthro look of the Young Six is the work of Traupa: https://www.deviantart.com/traupa.

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I’ll read this tomorrow since I’m heading to bed now and have to get up early for work but know you’ve got me like this:

Like and follow!
Great start!

Good job man. I need more dragonball fics. Though i think for a dbz fic, you should start off with a T rating

Thanks. And I'm still learning somethings, so don't be to surprised from me asking what exactly you mean by T rating?

I don’t care that this is anthro, but I was in the moment Gine was mentioned. So, is Gine a pun or something?

No. I've just read so many fanfics where Gine survives and I got to looking on here and after seeing no one mentioned her in Equestria yet, I thought I'd be the first. I ain't gonna lie, I am a huge Gine fan ever since they finally revealed her as Goku's mother a couple of years ago.

8798778 This is the first one for me. I’ve seen more Bardock survives and this is a much welcome change compared to the boatload of Anon-a-miss fics I’ve been seeing for the past six months now.

Yeah. Actually the Bardock ones, which I have a feeling were inspired by the episode where he fought Chilled, inspired me to write this story here.

8798788 Figured as much. At this point, I’m expecting the ponies to freak out at Gine’s carnivorism instead of her using ki. I also wouldn’t be surprised that there are least forty meanings for strong in Saiyan language because Videl’s stubborn, Bulma’s strong-willed and Chi-chi’s a tiger mom. I still don’t see what Vegeta sees in Bulma, though.

He did mention he liked her feistiness once. And plus I think the ponies won't freak out as much, even Fluttershy, once they learn saiyans are natural omnivores. I mean being an animal lover, Fluttershy knows nature is nature.

I mean being an animal lover, Fluttershy knows nature is nature.

8798796 Yes, but the second part’s a minority in all the Fluttershy fics I’ve read. The majority fics have Fluttershy react badly to anyone eating meat even when it’s not in her presence. Also, Rainbow Dash shouldn’t freak out about meat so much because of her experience with Gilda and that one fic where she tried a chicken leg.

I get what you mean. But I'm not like most writers.

This is an interesting fanfic you got here. I mean, why hasn't anyone written something like this for Gine before today?!?

Eh, I'll follow for now because it's unique. That said, the pacing, jumping around with perspectives, and just how...."stilted", I guess would be the word, everybody is acting kind of had me clenching my teeth at points. But like I said, this is a unique take on a popular idea, so I'll save any judgements.

You know I was always wondering the same thing.

This is already off to a great start. Just curious if the CMC have their Cutie Marks at this point, does that mean it is currently set during MLP: FiM Season 5 and onwards within the show's timeline? Or is this an entire different take on show, well besides them being anthro, I mean.

My the question kinda also applies to the Dragonball timeline placement. Though if that is a spoiler then don't answer. Just hope Gine will not have to wait thirty, (from Bardock Special to Dragonball to Z era) plus years on Equss to find evidence of her children's whereabouts.

Better hope she did not end up in whole other timeline within Universe 7 whole other besides Universe 7. That would suck for her especially she would be REALLY old by that point that her Saiyan body will start showing signs of aging at that point.

Then there is the factor that in MLP FiM both in Season 2 and DEFINITELY the Season 5 Finale The Cutie Remark (which alone created SEVEN different timelines thanks to Starlight's & Twilight's actions), would have MASSIVE repercussions if we go Dragonball/Z/Super, Xenoverse too if you want to count it), and temporal logic.

Sorry did not mean to go at length just curious. I am looking forward to future chapters.

They have their cutie marks. If you read around the point I’m describing them, you’ll see it.

As for the timeline, you’ll find out later in the story, though I can tell you it’s not one of the alternate ones Starlight made.

And it takes place during, if not after season 7.

I can't believe it! Gine! Good job dude! Can't wait for more ^^

Goku had a mom?

Piccolo: Everybody has parents! ... Ceeeeept me.

Vegeta: HA HA, your mom's dead!

Piccolo: SO'S YOURS!!


Thanks. I've been wondering why there hasn't been one with Gine yet. So I decided to be the first.

So at what point in Supper do we actually get to see Gine? I'm still in the Goku Black stuff at the moment.

I don't think they're ever gonna show her super. I wish they would though. It would be so badass.

Then where does she come from? I seem to be missing alot of backstory for Supper. Namely how Bulma knows Jako. Among other stuff I think.

Well. Bulma knows Jaco through her sister Tights. And Gine if from DBZ Manga.

I should've thought about it xD
Damn now wanna write one now

Go ahead. That's what the site is for. Share your ideas of anything Mlp related.

Hmm but now I can't think of any ideas that aren't similar to yours

Just be patient. It'll come to you I'm sure.

She may not be a fighter but she is no slouched.

i don't mind dragon ball its just my mind can't see ponies and planet busters together

Spike will be aged up in this due to possibility of anything mature thrown in later


On a serious note: get an editor. The typos run amok in this chapter.

Yeah. I know. I saw how many I made. I'm gonna revise and edit.

Spike will be aged up in this due to possibility of anything mature thrown in later.

I think he should have been probably at least old enough to do that anyway, depending on which age the others are, well...I just hope it isn't Rarity that is his Marefriend and not Twilight.

Bardock moved to a nearby table and picked up a green lensed scouter. "Raditz will be fine. He's with Vegeta's brat off planet right now. And Kakarot was sent off world not long before I got back.

I would like it if she would have to beat up her missbehaving son later in this story, while he probably makes trouble for the ponies after he died.

oh...this time i hoped it wasn't anthro.

"Yeah. She's right. It's like Rarity sometimes says, all you can do is just keeping trying until you get it right."

what did they expected? I was thinking Zecora made medicin that only helped the wings to grow and not making them big in one minute.

The first wolf to reach her pounced only to have Gine grab it by the snout and toss it into another pouncing Timberwolf. She then swung around and back fisted another Timberwolf to the ground before catching another one from above and throwing it into a rock. She then jumped and flipped to dodge the fifth wolf before landing behind it and grabbed ahold of it's tail.

Is she holding her power back?, even she should be able to completely anihilate one dog with a swing of her fist I think.

"Yeah. She saved us. But what is she? I don't think she's a pony. And she doesn't look like a minotaur. Is she some kind of monkey or ape?"

with everything that walks on two feet there I'm still curious at how they think of apes when they see a human. If I'm honest several species could somehow have something to do with humans in their world I believe if you not exactly thinking about what "we" know.

"Forgive me if I sound rude but what are you exactly? We know you're not a pony because you don't have fur and... Is that a monkey tail around your waist?"

ahh yes, even before she said it I suddenly remembered that Gine probably still had a monkey tail.
I'm curious if someone accidently touch it if she feels safe enough, maybe Fluttershy thinking it's an animal or something like that while she sees only the tail itself.

But after seeing many stories that involved Goku, Bardock, and even Beerus in Equestria, I began to wonder, what would it be like if Gine, who we all know is a unique kind of saiyan, landed in Equestria.

Well a different kind of sayan story it would probably bee, it this would not only focus on fights or only on fighting big Villains that cause some kind of majior chaos. Maybe add some slice of life chapters too, it wouldn't hurt to make it longer than planned I think. Like I said maybe add Raditz later and save the big Villains for when she isn't alone anymore.

That male saiyans only like strong women. So if Bardock was attracted to Gine, then more than likely she must have be tougher than most gave her credit for.

To be honest I think you don't exactly have to swallow a complete wiki entry for dragonball z or mlp to write this story or add some variation to it, something that would not be typicall to both series.

I had roughly read three or five sayan stories from how many there are and probably because of the main char and how it is written, this is one of the only stories I was really interessted in.

Either he is probably expecting some swearing or something sexually (words or more).

Your already one of my favourites for wanting to do something different than the others.

Thank you for that.
However I think I would actually like them to be a bit wary or suprised, some kind of reaction instead of calm acceptance, that will make her look like she isn't anything special.

Now that your saying it yes I believe that happend to often recently.

Not sure if I understand the talk about the timelines right now, I haven't exactly read anything that made me question the timeline or where it could be a problem. In a fan story like that there are probably several things that could "just happen" to achive whatever you had planned.

I admit I haven'T watched Dragon ball since Gt, because I was never able to watch every episode and I hated it to continue watching in the middle of a season all the time. I also think at some point their transformation maybe has to stop. If they transform once or trwice more then they would probably rip apart the planet, they can't tell me that they have to try to fire a strong enough kiiblast that destroys a Villain but only does so much damage to the planet itself.

Well it's a good think GT isn't cannon to Kai.

Is this comment the answer to the timeline thing I mentioned?
Not sure but I believe the series was redone at some point yes, but not sure what that should change about my answer.

No. Just a comment from you mentioned you didn't really finish GT like me. I just couldn't get into it.

May I offer a suggestion? Why not do a story based on Vegeta's younger brother Tarble, and his wife Gure after the events of Dragonball: Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return! 2008 Special. I have yet seen anyone do one based of him being in Equestria.

Hmm, that is a very good idea! I'll put on the list of possible stories. Thank you for the idea! ^^

Happy to help. Good luck on your future projects!

Gine first appears in the bonus story Dragonball Minus within the Jaco Galactic Patrolman manga. Both of which take place prior the orginal Dragonball and even the Bardock: Father of Goku Special.

I gotta agree with Belated1Truth. You could be the first to write an Mlp crossover with Tarble and Gure.

so far, this story is gettig pretty good. :) keep it up, man. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks. What did you think of unexpected twist?

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