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Since the moment Jon was first approached by Celestia to interview ponies, from the mystic land known as Equestria, he knew that one day he would have to interview that pony. A pony of such overwhelming importance and prominence that he would need to call upon all his years of training to properly execute an interview worthy of their presence.

It is on this day that Jon will interview such a pony. But the question is what new secrets will be revealed.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion for who Jon should interview next.

Thank you to Zeta040 for proofreading this.

Disclaimer: One does not need to read previous interviews to read this though there might be some references to previous guest appearances.
For more Equestrian interviews with Jon Stewart please visit the browse section of all my other stories.

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Jon Stewart needs to find a way to get more people to watch his show. To do this he welcomes a new series of guests from a far off land containing monsters, magic, and most importantly... ponies!
Join him on an adventure that has him matching wits with sentient mythical creatures ranging from god-like ponies to a fire breathing dragon! Each "Episode" marks a different MLP character getting a chance to travel to the human world for an interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Please feel free to leave a suggestion for who Jon should interview next.
Disclaimer: For proper context it is highly recommended to reach each chapter in order as many interviews allude to past guests and events.
A special thanks to Zeta040, Cantankerous, and Zervziel for proofreading several stories listed below.

List of Characters who have already appeared:
- Chapter 1: Spike
- Chapter 2: Derpy
- Chapter 3: Applejack
- Chapter 4: Ms. Cheerilee
- Chapter 5: Octavia
- Chapter 6: Zecora
- Chapter 7: Mayor Mare
- Chapter 8: Twilight
- Chapter 9: Trixie
- Chapter 10: DJ Pon3
- Chapter 11: Rainbow Dash
- Chapter 12: Iron Will
- Chapter 13: Fancy Pants
- Chapter 14: Queen Chrysalis
- Chapter 15: Luna
- Chapter 16: A Changeling
- Chapter 17: Rarity
- Chapter 18: Lyra and Bon Bon
- Chapter 19: The Cutie Mark Crusaders
- Chapter 20: Discord
- Chapter 21: Fluttershy

Chapters (107)