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Prithee and well met, thou tempestuous witch of storms, to alight so delicately upon the jet streams of the cerulean sky. Welcome to Spirit Airlines.


There's a plague infecting Equestria, and Diamond Tiara has taken it upon herself to cure it. They may be stronger in number and in sheer absurdity, but she's got a little something special to even the odds.

That something being a three-foot long magically enchanted samurai sword. Look, nobody said this was gonna be pretty.

(Written for the FIMFiction Writeoff Association's inaugural writeoff. The prompt was "Lonely Happiness". I got a bit creative with it.)

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You are a beautiful soul. Take all my joyous love.


Shit~ *Run*

That is a rather beautiful title.

You know what? I'm giving this story a thumbs up just for the title.

tragically mauled to death by a terrible hybrid between a bear, a pig, and a pony.


Damn I wish this expanded...Oh well I enjoyed it anyway:scootangel:

Get 'em, Diamond!

One typo:

Her fur was jet-black save for his electric-blue stripes, neon-green fetlocks,

His? Also, ponies don't have fur, so might want to go with "coat".

Simply amazing.

So DT is the Highlander?


I haven't read this yet. But i hope it's not an excuse to hate on Nyx. because "Past Sins" Was awesome.:twilightsheepish:

Sabban #15 · Dec 28th, 2013 · · 4 ·

I will touch myself to this tonight.

Aaaaaaand congrats on the Feature

This... is the best thing ever.


I think I laughed a bit more than I was supposed to.

This is actually really good. Diamond Tiara has discovered the TRUE potential of being a Mary Sue. If a character is so perfect, why the hell is she wasting her talent, her power, her potential in some small-town high school, for some people she probably won't even see again after graduation? DT says "Fuck that, with this power, I can take over the world." And so she does. And it is awesome.

Uhhh...the competition isn't over yet...the conclusion has been moved to 31st...

I was told the extension was going to be twenty-four hours, and only once the site came back up did it suddenly become four days. Beyond that, GV's already said it's fine to post our stuff separately.

This explains so much...

I'm kind of terrified now. Also, I'm beginning to suspect that every earth pony is actually an eldritch abomination. Each and every one of them. Especially Twist. :twistnerd:

Excessive verbiage for a trollfic. :trollestia:

you're a butthead but i think i love you a little :yay:

Somehow, this fic inspired me to write a story about an eldritch abomination in Equestria… I will PM you it when I've finished the first chapter.

Answering machine head...creepy, yet I still want one.


The last and most powerful OC... was just epic. Double batlipegacorn ftw!

I also miss Self-Extraction and wish it had been finished.

How would DT be in lonely happiness? She has the blood of the condemned and damned to keep her company. Of course, she is always happy.

Oh, fuck you. I was going to say that.

This site needs more ponies killing each other with swords. I mean, really.

Gotta be faster. :rainbowwild:

Also, good stories involving ponies and death by sword seems to be hard to come by here. And that is depressing.


answering machine head

Like the Deep Purple album or the band?

So shes finally out of her chrysalis stage.

Seriously?! Introverts are not lonely or against friendship, I am quite frankly insulted. Hmph, extroverts!:twilightangry2:

And this my dear ladies and gentlemen is why a OC is like a tatoo.
Think 10 times before creating one

3693201 So, what you are implying is taht DT is a bad OC?

What's her email address? I have a list of OCs that NEED to be killed for the sake of everyone's sanity.

well that was certainly something thumbs up on the creative title :pinkiehappy:

3693100 Holy cow, someone else who remembers SE? Yeah, I got huge vibes from that story here.

Awesome story. Diamond Tiara being badass is just awesome.

I think what sells Diamond is that she's not making excuses. She's awesome just because she is, not because she uses all those insipid trappings of assumed awesomery that are the birthmarks of the Mary Sue.

Alicorn? She's fine with being an earth pony. Magic and flight is for weaklings.

Badass coat colors? Please, pink is an awesome color. Flowing mane of gold with supernatural effects? Pfft, lame. Cutie mark looking like it was copied from a tryhard metal album? Poser!

Diamond doesn't need superpowers when she can just kill any enemy through sheer badassitude; effortlessly killing a trained warrior with her bare hooves by far trumps dredging up canon-defiling Seventh Elements. And ganking a fancy pigsticker off a foe trumps coming up with a long backstory for it and pretending that it makes her cool, as though she wasn't already.

Simply put, DT makes it work by putting less effort into it, and thus seeming more genuine and less pretentious.

I have been warned. I have to get my OC to a safe place. Is there a safe place?

When I started I just figured Diamond Tiara was just being her usual bratty self with a napoleon complex. Then I read Captain Hoove's appearance and just thought "ya, he probably deserved that." That said it is surprising how much OCs have improved the community. Granted many are terrible overpowered versions of their creators, but others tone it down and make it more sensible. An example would be Doctor Whooves which has practically become a subset plotline driven by the fanbase. Hell, the official comics have recognized this with several issues showing off Doctor Whooves facing ponified versions of classic Doctor Who enemies. The overpowered ones with little to no balance, please get rid of them. Those that have an interesting and balanced storyline are a different story.

Lovely take on mary sues and gary stus (No, they don't even deserve capital letters). Here's my theory with DT: She's got all the traits of a mary sue, but there is one little itty bitty teeny tiny detail that lets her get away with it.

She's an antagonist.

That just makes her a villian sue. She's a grab bag of easy reasons to hate.
Though of course said sueness would disapear with a bit more rounding in her case, which is unlikely in the show because the kids need an obvious villian to hate.

I am more than ok with this.

I read the title and the first thing that comes to mind is "my OC better not be in this".
IDK why, she is an earth pony, only earth pony OC I can think of in fact. :twilightsmile:

To quote a Youtuber:

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