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Pyrus Nightwrite


Daring Don't · 6:38am Dec 11th, 2013

First impressions... I must say I need a Rainbow Dash so I could write more often... (her rant around minute 4)
just... had to say that.

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346730 oh, i'm pretty sure i know.

Meybe. Who do you think it is? >:D

265175 you know, that would be awesome!
i'm gonna send you a note through here. hang on. so we don't clog up my profile page with discussion...

Okay, oops, I got names confused. Yes, I suppose I meant Daybreak. So you didn't redo Pyrus. Hmm...would you like a picture of Pyrus drawn for your profile pic? I know I'm a little busy with other work, but I can probably draw up a picture for you still.

265150 i mean i don't know what you mean by "Re-did Pyrus":derpyderp1:
i think you might be thinking Daybreak... that isn;t happening if you know what it is. you probably don't.:trixieshiftright:

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