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One day. All it took was one day, and Equestria fell apart. Fear, Love, and Chaos work surprisingly well together, somehow. It took only one day for Discord to fall for a queen we all thought had perished at the hooves of Princess Cadence and her love for Shining Armor. It only took one day for the Queen of the Changelings to invade and dominate most of Equestria when it was at its weakest. As it turns out, it’s difficult to fight a war against ponies that aren't themselves, when your allies turn into black bugs of love and mob you when your back is turned.

However, not all was lost, and now we have a war to fight. Luna has ordered for us to abandon our illusion of nonexistence and fight alongside the ponies we have never trusted, and even fought against once upon a time: The royal guards of the other princesses. Needless to say there is doubt on every front, when feuding groups suddenly thrust into combat together. And if the changelings don't take them out for me...

I might have to kill them myself.

Protecting Luna is all that matters to the Nightmare Division. No changeling war is ever going to change that.

Special thanks to:
FeatherNote21 for being generally awesome and editing
gturkey For the cover art

Chapters (3)

Pyrus Nightwrite, a new foal from Canterlot, meets Scootaloo through an unfortunate event. the two instantly strike up a friendship. But the more time they spend together, the more Scootaloo finds herself thinking about him, and wondering if there's more to their friendship than either of them realize.

Scootaloo Shipfic. there aren't enough of these out there.

Chapters (14)
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