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This story takes place in The Lunaverse. After a particularly random day, Cheerilee calls for a Parent Teacher conference. Hilarity ensues.

But what will come of the conference? How badly will Scootaloo be punished? Will Cheerilee be able to relax? Find out inside!

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Howdy friends. Yet another Lunaverse for you all. Anyway, this time around we follow around Cheerilee as she becomes a butt monkey for the universe. Fun, right?

I'd like to give a VERY special thanks to Emeral Bookwise. Without him, this story quite literally would not exist as it does right now.

And, as usual, go read the rest of the Lunaverse stories. they all rock.

Expect the second (and most likely final) chapter of this story whenever I get to it. Enjoy

So is this the equivalent to the Time Travel episode, Feeling Pinkie Keen, or Call of the Cutie?

Cause, poor Cheers. :fluttercry:

Yes! It's finally up. Been reading the test chapter of this for quite awhile. I'll get back and edit this post as soon as I have time to read this completed version. Busy editing GOtL with proofer advice right now though. Just had to pop over and congratulate BB on finally having it ready to go.

Edit: Yes, yes, yes! :pinkiehappy: After having seen that opening go though at least two nascent forms, the completed vision is everything I could hope for and more. Also, I'm quite pleased to see my suggestion that Heavy should have a brother named High got taken. Wasn't expecting to see it show up where it did, but the mental recitation of his will was wonderful comedy.

Other than that, all the hijinks that led to Cheerilee's present state were all quite entertaining. Still a little skeptical about Scootaloo enjoying liquid rainbow as a dipping sauce, but I'll give it a pass on rule of funy.

Oh and thanks for the shout out inregards to the help I provided, though I'll repeat what you once told me. All I did was open a door, you're the one who stepped through that door and kicked ass while doing it.

Cheerilee and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.


770598 somehow I wasnt following you and allmost missed this story

Aww poor Cheerilee :(

This is some crazy random stuff there :scootangel:


That's...but...how is Scootaloo surfing on mud...?


...this is a very, very fun fic. But...I'm going to have to admit, it feels a little crack ficcy...I'm not sure if I want this to be part of the canon list.


She's using her wings for propulsion, and using the slick nature of the mud to her advantage to drive the surfboard further. Perhaps I shoulda explained that better in the story.

crack fic? I actually tried to avoid that...

I mean, it's no more cracky than Feeling Pinkie Keen or It's About Time.

Finally got the time to give this a proper read, and added my thoughts to my previous post.

I'd be disapointed to see this lost to the non-canon bin. Yeah, it's got lots of silly over the top comedy, but I'd think my Boast Busted side story was more of a crack fic than this. I'd hope you could maybe at least work with BB a little. Give him some advice on what's crossing the line so he can maybe smooth over any parts that are bothering you.

Oh, gog. That was just hilarious. I'm still laughing! :yay:


Huh. That door line seems more badass from this side.


remember to breathe dood.

It's cracky... but not too cracky. It's Cheerilee's bad day, basically. And good that Scoots has a father! For that alone it should remain canon!

Hmmm. This could just as easily have happened in the Celestiaverse. The only difference is that here in the Lunaverse, Cheerilee has the added burden of having to live up to her elemental nature and laugh off the damage Cute Clumsy Filly :scootangel: is doing to her. After all, she could be doing it on purpose, right?

Thats our Scoots! :scootangel:

The same could largely be said about Family Matters. Other than Trixie's background antics, there really wasn't all that much exclusively Lunaverse to it.

That said, BB, you need to be careful here. This story is at risk of being a little too generic. Make sure to at least through in some token nods in later chapters that firmly establish this as set in the Lunaverse.


Honestly, the fear of it being too generic, and being something that could happen in the mane verse, was a MAJOR fear of mine dating back to the planning phases of this story.

Chapter 2 will make it so it is definitely Lunaverse.

Liking this so far. Only real thing is I wish we could have heard more of Trixie's lesson about the Night Court, I always love to see takes on world-building, especially in alt universe stories where you don't have to worry about a future ep coming along and showing everything you came up with was wrong...

Very funny. I'll shoot some editing notes your way later on.

Have I mentioned lately how much help I've gotten with this story? No? Than lemme talk about that.

I basically hand off a bunch of crap to Emeral Bookwise, and he gives me feedback which somehow turns my crap into this story that you read.

You doods should be thanking him as much as you thank me, cause heaven knows the first draft of this stuff was nowhere near as good as this.

Also, updated the character tags for obvious reasons....man, first I put Cheerilee through than the ringer, than I force Scootaloo to hang out with DT....

not to mention mentally scarring Trixie in my last story....

Is it just me, or do I enjoy messing with the main characters of my stories?

Diamond Tiara has a crush on Scootaloo?

This... this works for me...

847905 Ya know, that's my writing method these days too! Weird... :derpytongue2:

Well, that sort of explains things, doesn't it? I wonder if M!Diamond Tiara is Pony Helga Pataki and if so, who her Arnold is.

Oh, yes! Tsundere Tiara is definitely updated to TvTropes. xD


"I basically hand off a bunch of crap to Emeral Bookwise, and he gives me feedback which somehow turns my crap into this story that you read."

I do that too! :pinkiehappy:

I hinted it in "Family Matters," a bit, when Diamond Tiara got all defensive about how she doesn't want to be anything like Scootaloo - while turning bright red.

I dunno; in all honesty the ship never even occured to me until I had already written the line down and thought to myself "Hey...yeah!" Those are probably the best kinds of ships.

Plus this one's so cute 'cause we get tsundere out of it. And, hey, you know that "grimdark" thread we have going? There could be a yandere DT grimdark story.

Aww, DT isn't a complete and utter jerk like in M!Equestria. I like it! And poor Scoots, there. I'm guessing single father, mother dead? :pinkiegasp:

One question I have is, why is this a Lunaverse story? So far, everything that's happened could have happened in the main universe, with some appropriate story tweaks and fanon-distortion.


because I have an outline I'm working from which will reveal ALL!!!!!!


Well this story did have Trixie as a guest lecturer at the school talking about Night Court stuff.

Also, this wouldn't be the first fic that could be M!verse with a few tweaks either. Other than Trixie's background antics Family Matters has very little that is specifically bound to the L!verse.

847905 848123 849464

Well, just change that bit to Twilight talking about a Day Court session she sat in on or something, that's what I mean by 'story tweaks'.

You mean you hand all your crap off to Emeral too?!:pinkiegasp:

I'm really enjoying this story! Your characterisation of Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara is a hoot! Poor Cheerilee! She really needed that spa treatment.

847905>>849464>>850548 Geez, maybe we should ALL hand our crap out to Emeral :rainbowlaugh: I kid Emeral, I kid :derpytongue2:

852067 If we did he'd never have time to write his own stories!


Bust out the cloning machine......

It may be that Scoot's mom is still alive, just deployed somewhere else.

This shall be ... interesting

A wicked smile crossed Diamond Tiara's face. "My dear, I am not worried about the bits. Daddy can supply me with enough bits. No, what I need is a favor."

:pinkiegasp: "She wants to have sex with her!"
:ajbemused: "Yer a disgustin' perv."


huh. That line could be interpreted that way, huh?

Not my intention, but meh. Makes it funnier.

Thanks to the Lunaverse, and this story in particular, I now ship Scootiara.

Another chapter. And with Now I have COVER ART!!!!!

I was so happy when Emeral showed me this. It's just so.....BEAUIFUL!!!!!

There's really not much else to say at this point. So enjoy the story.

Aw... thank you and you're welcome, again. :twilightblush:

Anyway, glad to finally see this up and looking more polished than ever.

I'll repeat one thing from our back and foreths for public record: I find your interpretation of DT's cutie mark interesting and a fair bit better than the way far too many other folks who just assume her talent is being a spoiled snob. I may have my own personal idea on what her talent should be, but just like I didn't much care fore the Tsundere stuff at first, you've managed to make it all compelling enough that I can't really argue the point. Please keep it all up, and don't let anyone say you're wrong.

Oh, and I really want me some of that Rainbow Choclate, it just sounds so Super Ultra Extreme Awesomazing!! :rainbowwild:

And Diamond Tiara is Helga. And yes, I enjoy the story. Great to see Dinky there with Sparkler, too. :pinkiehappy: And I loved DT and the maid, there.

"A card? But that's so-"

SILENCE YOU FOOL! She just invited you over to her house! Just nod and go with it!

Greatest inner monologue line ever.

Fun work here. Too bad we didn't get a Rarity fashion accessory in the basket just to see how she's doing but overall this was a lot of fun. Definitely the best chapter of this work to date.


Agreed, sounds like the Hot Peppers and dark chocolate bars I've seen around.

Seriously, this version of DT is hilariously adorable.


I apologize if I inadvertently ruined a story you had planned.


That line was the first thing written. I had that one chambered and loaded the whole time, and it was worth it!

That was positively brilliant! Really liking Diamond Tiara here :D

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