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Takes place in Rainbowdoubledash's Lunaverse. It's time for Winter Wrap Up in Ponyville, and Representative Trixie has to take part. She wishes she could have stayed in bed.

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Lots of Lunaverse stories referred to what happened during Winter Wrap Up, but no one had written it. So I decided to write it.

Now I have to stop procrastinating on Scootalong to the Cheer.

Liked this Day's ago, and soon to be Favorited, I have to say this was hilarious all of it :rainbowlaugh: Sorry I'm still chuckling in front of my computer, my favourite bit had to be Trixie's "Insanity Defence!" Glad someone took a crack at this and just made the whole thing fun rather than a big drama pile up.

"Note to self: FORCE LOCALS TO ACCEPT A CHANGE TEAM LIKE EVERYPONY ELSE!!!! Method: insinuate that tradition started by agent or agents of Corona."

Ah, good to finally see this up for reals. Sorry to have been such a pain while you where prepping it. You really did a bag up job though, and you should feel proud.

Heh heh, that was not a fun day for Trixie.
:trixieshiftright: "You think?"
As everybodypony said already, you did a great job with this. Incorporating the song like you did was hilarious, and were I in her place, I would share Trixie's annoyance. I am not a morning person most days...

Hmmm, there's a rogue extra "o" in Luna's letter, "too apologize".

I suspect that you could have drawn out Trixie's torment a little longer, but that's about where I (if I was Trixie) would have chucked the towel in too.

Short and sweet!

Nice work! Very fun!

Though if you had taken my 'prank war with rival town' idea it would have been longer.

Oh well, this is a worthwhile addition to the canon anyway.

We must all help, to see this through
Here's what everypony does?
We'll do it all without magic
We'll do it just because!

Trixie was disgusted at how bad that rhyme was


This would have made a better episode than the one they aired!

you get thumbs up. love the song rewrite, and great humor.

Awesome, awesome. *Punches the mayor in the face* She deserves it this time. :pinkiecrazy: Ah, Ivory Scroll... you are useless. In every single way.

Great rewrite to the song, too.

This one was pretty fun. Fairly simple, but still fun. I loved Trixie's "insanity defense" plans, the fainting couch, the song, and just the story in general. And the ending pretty much sums up my feelings on the Winter Wrap-Up in general, only with more apathy and less swearing.

You get a happy Twilight. :twilightsmile:

A well written alt take on my very first favourite episode.
Also, the very first Lunaverse story I've read and faved.

Nicely done! :pinkiehappy:

...I'm always late to the party now. :pinkiesad2:

We, the readers, find this fic, as well as Trixie thoughts of homicide, hilarious, by reason of insanity.:derpytongue2:

... Okay, that's one more to put in my mental 'I like it' checkbox, RDD.

You know that I'm not the writer for the majority of these, right? I didn't write this, Blackbelt did.

Right, sorry. XD Accessed this from the Group.


The fact you mistook this for something RDD wrote is actually a compliment.

You're welcome, but... don't read too far into it, okay? I'm looking at these because I'm a huge 'Tia fan and because of my bias... I'm afraid to give the Lunaverse a chance, what with Celestia being insane when 'cleansed' while Luna in canon is sane. Still, I'm going to at least TRY practicing some tolerance... and read some of the fics, not judge the 'verse based solely on what I've heard.


The fact you're giving it a shot is all I ask, and I thank you for it.

Oh, that song... It will never leave, IT WILL NEVER LEAVE! I liked it the first time I heard it, knew (most of) the words by the fifth time, and started to hate it by the 24th time.

It doesn't help that I'm one of the ponies with a shovel. That song works its insidious chorus into my head all winter long.

As for the story? I rather liked it. The main thing I'll take from this story? Bon-Bon wants kids, but Lyra isn't ready yet.


Oh this was brillant.

Trixie really got to flex her snark muscles :trixieshiftright:

Though what clinched for me was the end.

"....you got me out of bed, made me work with this crazy fashion mare" Trixie ignored the sound of indignation that escaped Rarity's lips. "and spoke of how much pride Ponyville had when it comes to making Winter Wrap Up a community effort, yet you've been late for the past decade, and in fact have no direction whatsoever? Am I correct in this, Miss Mayor?"

"...yes?" the Mayor answered, clearly nervous.

"....I'm going back to bed. Good night."

And thanyou weave the ribbon through

1. Then.

Good ol' Trixie...:pinkiecrazy:

The best part is that Trixie doesn't try and help fix everything. Just "Fuck it, going to bed."


Ok, since this is the second story you've done this, I'm just gonna point it out:

Instead of saying there are errors, you could list the errors. That way, I can fix them. Just saying there are errors is useless to me.

2329003 It is difficult to do that while using a tablet. If I were using my laptop computer, I would specify some of the errors.


so get thee to a computer then.

Enjoyed the story, Blackbelt, but the writing was somewhat amateurish.
I really enjoyed how Trixie kept fighting to go to bed and expressing disbelief at every turn, but other parts...

Also ends on a bit of a whimper. Your "The Night After" fic was both more symmetrical in portraying each of the ponies and ended on a much more hilarious note, even if it had some of the same flaws I'm seeing in this one. Keep improving! Don't let me get you down, I'm hard to please.

Faving, but will neither up nor down vote.

Eeehehehehe :raritywink:
Someone identified my avatar at last! And, by association, one of my favorite games of all time.

A portion of it, yes.

Though now we're cluttering up someone's comment box!


no, please, continue. I really love Terranigma.

Though I prefer Illusion of Gaia. Then again, that's probably the nostalgia talking.


I love both of those games!
I think Terranigma was, in general, better, but only in the sense that it refined and perfected what Illusion of Gaia started. I'm only sad that Square-Enix has never done another Gaia installment.

It was easily one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. It wraps up a huge package of exploration and mythology and action...
And it's bloody gorgeous, too.

HA, priceless.

I don't get it. So Trixie, who is making nests probably for the first time, is much better than Rarity, who probably isn't and have, let's say, crafting skills..:rainbowhuh:
This is just rule of funny or means something else, maybe a reference to Trixie's sleight of hoof.:duck:

What a funny story :rainbowlaugh:

Definitely a good parody of the episode, right down to there being, in this universe, nopony actually in charge, which doesn't strike me as odd in the very least - I loved the twists on the songs, and of course, Trixie's overall laziness :twilightsheepish:. What stuck to me the most about this story is that it starred Rarity who, like the others in the Mane 6, is slightly more antagonist and unpopular (Twilight, more so) because of the changes in their lives: even so, It's nice to have a story that has her front and center, even if only a small one and for a little while.

Definitely an enjoyable side-story that parodies an important event in a short, funny way :twilightsmile:

Now I've got 'Winter Wrap-Up' stuck in my head.

Used the 8-bit version to do an accuracy check with the original. You could pass this version off as the real lyrics.:derpytongue2:

Also, I think Trixie just ragequit Winter Wrap-Up. :trixieshiftright:

The song should seriously be sung and put on YouTube.

So... Luna Trolls Trixie in this universe, apparently...


I did, thank you very much, it was part of the live read.

Ah, the winter wrap up chapter.

I like this one for at least two reasons.

1) It properly demonstrates what to do with a cannon ep and make it different with what you have. Take in the fact that Twilight is not here, remember that Trixie is not Twilight, and BOOM. You have comedy.

2) It does well in showing the difference in our two mares.

I also love how you made the song a little bit different to make it fit. We all know the lyrics of the song, but that is for the mane 6, not the l6. So bravo sir.


Live read? On an unrelated note, I attempted to do my spin on that song myself, although it's with an OC's perspective.

You can find it right here.



a live read, where I go and read a fanfic and do some voices and review it. I am currently doing the entire Lunaverse

Like this

2702256 Is there anyway to forward this through iMessage to send to a friend, I want them to get this song stuck in their head so much! :pinkiesmile:

Edit: I also like this story a lot it was so funny compared to the original! eventually I'm gonna try watching the whole series superimpsoing the lunaverse mane six over the original mane six with my mind and see what it's like just for fun, well if I don't get to distracted by technically thinking sideways ~_~

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