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It's Family Appreciation Day once again, and Scootaloo's aunts/parents are making their long awaited debut. Unfortunately, their arrival coincides with Filthy and Spoiled Rich's presentation and, well...

Read it, and find out.

Cover image belongs to the talented Pixelkitties[

FEATURED FROM 14/10/17 TO 17/10/17

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You're welcome for introducing them to you!

Great fic by the way, I love the idea of them putting Spoiled Rich in her place. The one minor nitpick I have is that in the book its Holiday who's Scootaloo's father's sister not Lofty, but hey, its a fanfic.

8487595 Thanks :twilightsmile:
8487596 ...aanndd by the wonders of editing, that little oversight is now fixed. :raritywink:

Damn straight Lofty and Holi, to paraphrase George Takei on this to Spoiled.

"You ma'am, are a douchebag."

Excellent! Holiday and Lofty put Spoiled firmly in her place, where she belongs! Karma is so so sweet! :pinkiecrazy:

Well, that escalated quickly

HAH! Spoiled Rich getting owned verbally by Scootaloo's aunts. I wonder who wro-
*See's Deadpansnarker's name*
Of Course. Carry on good sir.

8487602 :eeyup:
8487605 Beam her up, Scotty. :rainbowwild:
8487607 Sweet... delicious... crumbs of karma. Mmmmm! :pinkiehappy:
8487619 Cheers!
8487623 Yes it did. But wasn't it satisfying? :duck:
8487633 As long as i don't get TOO typecast for this kind of thing... :raritywink:

8487641 I started a fimfiction group dedicated to them if you want to join.

Too late for that lol.

It was an interesting interpretation of the aunts, and an entertaining story. It was also nice to see Spoiled taken down a peg. Her behavior was a little over the top for my liking, though. I don't think she would be so overtly rude to the entire class like that.

You don't have to tell me twice... dashes over.

8487658 Aw no... :raritycry:


I believe I was thinking of this scene, when I described her conduct in this story. I'd say calling the Crusaders 'confused, insignificant, low-lifes' in front of the entire class AND Miss Cheerilee doesn't exactly disqualify from behaving in this way, but that's just my opinion. :pinkiesmile:

Nice! Spoiled deserved that, you can be proud of your family, Scoots!

I'm waiting for them to be canonized in the actual show before reading any stories about them.
As much as I want to read it now, I can't bring myself to do so yet.

Welp, THAT was satisfying! :pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

8487674 She certainly can be! :scootangel:
8487678 Welp. See you then! :twilightsmile:
8487681 Glad you liked it. :twistnerd:

When there are two "Featured" stories with the same picture :scootangel:

8487710 :rainbowlaugh:
8487725 Well, seeing as it's the only picture of Scoot's aunts we could find, I guess we had little choice but to share it. :raritywink:

I think Spoiled was more shocked about being told off at the start, but the two telling their relationship being the last straw.

Concerning the law cited by the couple, I think that there would be a clause about the couple having x number of biological children, assuming that the law is 1000 years old...

That being said, I see another entry to the Scootalove and Adoptaloo type groups and fitting

So they both sisters to both of Scootaloo's parents, well clearly the two sides of the family have a thing for the other:raritywink:

Looks like Spoiled just learned the true meaning of 'putting your hoof in the mouth,' AKA karma! :trollestia:

Excellent fic! :pinkiehappy:

You refer to both of them as Pegasus ponies early into their appearance.

Man, having two stories with identical cover pictures and near-identical titles in the featured box at the same time sure is confusing.

That's what I love about this fandom and website.
The story /revelation came out so recently and we already have nice fanfics about it! :scootangel:

8487781 We also have a group about it now.

I need some hotdogs and marshmallows, considering the grilling that has gone on here, the coals will be good for hours.

8487776 As soon as there's another picture of the aunts, I'll be the first one to change the cover. :scootangel:

8487781 Which is better, the show or the fandom? Place your bets nnnooowww... :rainbowdetermined2: (thanks for reading) :twilightsmile:

8487906 Fryin' tonite! :rainbowwild: ..

Having Spoiled get royally owned is the best thing ever.

"Come on Filthy, speak up... don't miss this chance to hoodwink more feckless nitwits to stack shelves for the rest of their wretched lives." Spoiled smirked evilly, beginning to enjoy herself. "It's all they'll ever be good for, anyway. Throw a banana into a crowd of monkeys, and you get..."

Oh, Spoiled Rich, how I hate thee!

Whoo! This story was great! I'd love it if you did more with these characters!

LMAO!!! Spoiled fainted!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

My ribs!!

Ohh man I loved seeing Spoiled being put in her place by Holiday & Lofty so much...! :rainbowlaugh:
Although, you got the aunts' relations to Scootaloo mixed up. Aunt Holiday is Scootaloo's dad's older sister, and an Earth Pony, while Auntie Lofty is the Pegasus who married into the family.

8487977 Indeed. :raritywink:
8487992 Thanks, maybe I will! :scootangel:
8488007 Hope your ribs are okay! :rainbowderp:
8488026 Uh huh. :rainbowkiss:
8488102 I've fixed it, once and for all. :twistnerd:

This was a pretty great fic, but there's one continuity error. In the original book where Scootaloo's aunts first appeared, it's mentioned that Scootaloo's parents are away on business and that's why Scootaloo is staking wit her aunts.

Well, it depends on how closely canon follows the book, I suppose. I could say this fic is set after the series either way, and if there was a tragic accident I can think of no better couple to adopt our Scoots than her aunties :fluttershysad: (Rainbow would still see her a lot, though. Sisters need to stick together, too.) :rainbowdetermined2:

Trust me, it was worth the pain!

seeing spoiled bitch i mean rich get taken down a peg is nice

#1 LOVED this fanfic!

#2 I was rather quite surprised when they did more than the whole "Best Friends/Close Roomates" type deals, when they had one kiss the other on top of their head. That's a lot more explicit affection and such then I would have thought. Granted it's in book format, rather than the show, but still!

#3 Great job on being featured! This fanfic deserves it for what you did to that annoying and wicked mare!

"Anyway, seeing as you were so kind as to inform us about the meaning of your Cutie Mark, allow me and my 'friend' here to share our talents! Mine helped me start up one of the biggest Travel Agents in Equestria. We send ponies all over the world, from the bright lights of Las Pegasus to the cold climes of Yakyakistan, at very reasonable rates, too. You might have heard of us, we're called the E.T... Equestrian Travels."

Upon hearing the deceptively illustrious profession of the mare in front of her, Spoiled began to look a tad ill. "B-B-But that can't be true. T-T-They make thousands of bits every year. W-W-We used you last year for our tenth wedding anniversary. Y-Y-Your service was exemplary..."


This was awesome!

Once again, your characterization of Spoiled Rich is exquisite. You always make her a bad guy that I love to hate.

Thanks very much for this awesome story!

8488391 1. Thanks! 2. Obviously, the writers didn't want to be subtle about their relationship. 3. Much appreciated! :yay:
8488490 Even he knows this was a verbal knockout. :rainbowderp:
8488517 Glad you enjoyed it! :scootangel:
8488678 I try my best! :rainbowdetermined2:

Indeed.:twilightsmile: Also, that joke was WAY too perfectly set up for me to pass up on.

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