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Amras Felagund

Hello. I am a brony by the name of Amras Findaráto Alatáriel Felagund. My pronouns are 'he/him' and 'they/them'. I am a big fan of FIM fanfictions, both in the reading AND writing departments.


Remembering DarthLink22, and Plans for the Future · 1:00am March 11th

So... how long has it been since I actually penned a blog post here? This place is just so dusty...

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Hello Amras. Back in November, I offered to create an audiobook of his stories "Aftermath of the Games" and "Integration". While they might not be completed, I am still planning on creating the audiobook. I plan on using 15.ai once the new characters are put in. Darth Link wanted me to let him know when I made it. He gave his approval to me as well. If you would like, I can share it with you once I get it made (gonna work on a chapter at a time for Integration, for Aftermath of the Games, I will do the entire story). I just can't believe that he is gone. I only found out today as well.

Element of Inspiration, actually. It was a bit too hard to describe for a TV-Y audience, so they changed it to Generosity. I wonder if that's where the idea for Inspiration Manifestation came from.

I suppose you’re right it’s not fair is it. It’s like picking your favorite child. Did you know originally rarity was actually going to be the element of charity or something? But they chose generosity because it’s easier to explain.

I really don't think that I can rank any of the Mane Six on a scale like that, although I do have a good fondness for Rarity (I feel like a lot of people forget about the fact that she bears the Element of Generosity)

  • Viewing 32 - 36 of 36
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