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Hello. I am a brony by the name of Amras Findaráto Felagund. I am a big fan of FIM fanfictions, both in the reading AND writing departments.



This story is a sequel to The Elements of Friendship, Book I: Harmony

After freeing Queen Celestia's sister from the pall of NightMare Moon, Twilight Sparkle has settled down in Ponyville with her new circle of friends. But no sooner does she settle down than a foe from the reign of NightMare Moon returns: Trixie Lulamoon! Bearing a mysterious trinket of great magical power, Trixie leads Twilight to test her assessment of friendship being the greatest magic. What is the Alicorn Amulet? How does it possess such absolute power? Where did Trixie get it from? Who gave it to her, and why? And what was the Sonic Rainboom, and how does it tie Twilight Sparkle to the friends she has just made...?

Can be found on TV Tropes.

The Elements of Friendship, Book I: Harmony
The Elements of Friendship, Book IS [interlude one-point-five]: Bonds
The Elements of Friendship, Book II: Chaoskampf
The Elements of Friendship, Book IIS [interlude two-point-five]
The Elements of Friendship, Book III
The Elements of Friendship, Book IIIS [interlude three-point-five]
The Elements of Friendship, Book IIII

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 36 )

Oh, it continues! I'm so happy :D.

Hm... Trixie is pretty low on pathos in this one and just seems like a straight self-centered and clueless villain. At least so far. Alright, let's do this.

This Trixie seems to be more mad and delirious, than she was in the show.
I really wonder how are you going to portray the duel. Hope it will be handled smarter than in the show. :pinkiehappy:

Wow... I'd call Trixie's thought process "Evil Cannot Comprehend Good", but I don't think she even comprehends anything not having to do with her...

I'll figure out the cipher. I'm guessing it's a Vigenere, but I can't figure out the key word.

Inspect the chapter closely. You'll find the keyword if you work backwards from the beginning...

Such ſimpliſtic ſatisfaction ſtirs ſolace in Queen Celeſtia. Stifle not ſtirring ſnickers behind your ſnout

Although I know how it should be pronounced, my inner voice can't help but read it with a liſp :rainbowlaugh:.
So, Trixie is even more insane in this story, and she's digging herself an even deeper pit. For assaulting Royalty, she will not get away with a simple apology.
Am I correct in assuming, that just like the previous story was fully dedicated to defeating Nightmare Moon, this one will be dedicated only to the "Magic Duel"? Will Twilight be forced to once again spend a few months away from Ponyville, while it's being held hostage by Trixie? :pinkiegasp:
Or is this story going to be really short?
In any case, I am looking forward to seeing, how you manage to make this story more realistic and logical, just like you did with the previous one :D.

This story will be largely a Magic Duel and Cutie Mark Chronicles mash-up with elements of Luna Eclipsed and The Best Night Ever. It is an interlude, so it will probably only be in the 50-60k words length. To see how long Ponyville may or may not remain under Trixie's sway... well, you'll have to read.:raritywink:

And Celestia is aware of how comical it looks, which is why she wrote it out alliteratively.


Ok, this has been on my mind since book 1...how did you come up with the idea to take Tiamat, one of the most legendary evil dragons in history. One of the creatures I tend to use as a big bad or the most villanious thing in existance, into a Queen and a nice gal over the more common Bahumit?

Also, is it wrong when I read "Aunt Selena" I wanted tht to be Cadence?

The reason for the switch in alignment from Lawful Evil to True Neutral for Tiamat is because she's more commonly presented as an evil force. I rather felt like breaking tradition on that score. Besides, she's not really truly good. She could have done something about NightMare Moon, but chose not to, because there was no direct threat to her little dragons. If every race of Dragon has a treasure that they cherish more than anything, Tiamat's treasure is her brood and blood.
Besides, Bahamut makes an appearance as the Behemoth, though with a considerably less draconic appearance than the former name would suggest. And he goes by a name that we already know of...

I asked you this on one of the last chapters of Book 1, but you never answered. Why did you change Luna's name? I'm well aware that "Selena" was a name that was almost used instead during the show's developmental period, but that still seems like a rather unnecessary change.

I won't say anything other than, That change was not made idly.

Jeez, Babs, you've got a real mouth on you. "dock-head" sounds like a pretty seriously juvenile insult.

And... wow Diamond is just completely reprehensible, isn't she? She's managing to beat out the amulet-insane Trixie for most awful pony. Blueblood still hasn't been addressed much, so there's no indication yet whether or not he's nothing more than an egocentric noble, or if there's some less awful depths to him.

Dark magic is not evil magic, not any more than light magic is good magic. Both light and dark have good and evil application, and both branches of magic have forbidden branches of their own

An important lesson to always remember

ARRRG! Why must you make this so good.

The break up (Wich better end with them back together or else it is going to be war!!)

The defeat of the elements, th madnes of Trixie. I just...AHHHHH!!! Celestia you know hwo to keep me going!

Huh. Well, all that stuff being an illusion was actually a pretty nice idea. Not the best, I must admit, as it still seemed a little anticlimactic, but still much better than what the show gave us.

If only you could be here now, Sunset,

*GASPS* Will we be seeing the bacon haired gal later on?

(The dozen-third of Pansy (the fourth month of the Equestrian year) is essentially April 15th, the day that the episode Cutie Mark Chronicles aired.)

Nice. Very nice.

And so we see what I was waiting for, the adatation of one of my favorite episodes to the series, and much like before. My heart was warmed and I felt good about it. And now for the next book

"In may"

AHHHHHHHHH! Oh wll, season 5 will be out by then.


... What?

To quote Wikipedia:

The motif of Chaoskampf (German for "struggle against chaos") is ubiquitous in myth and legend, depicting a battle of a culture hero deity with a chaos monster, often in the shape of a serpent or dragon.

(Italicised emphasis my own.)

Well... my face is red. :twilightblush: I knew it meant struggle, its just that whenever I think of 'Kampf,' my mind goes to a bad place.

So the cipher's keyword hint is "Number of letters in the first word back from last word", but what does that mean? I don't get it.

So is the cipher keyword here the same as from the first chapter, or does the keyword hint apply here as well?

Take the number of letters in the first word of the chapter, and count back from the last word in the chapter to find the keyword. For instance, if the word at the start of the chapter is six letters long, the sixth-to-last word will be the keyword.
The cipher stays the same unless you find another backwards hint at the start.

I still don't entirely understand what the Concord Flame is...

That's the point. We'll learn more about what the Concord Flame is in a later Book.

Great work on this chapter.

Here's a question I forgot to ask, who or what brought the ursa minor to Ponyville in the first place?

that Rainbow Dash’s wings had been transplanted onto her belly.

she was easily the size of a mouse

Nice shouts to Bridle Gossip.

It was the magic of NightMare Moon, attempting to turn the wrath of the ursa major mother on Ponyville to slaughter the Mane Six.

8083255 Thanks for the answer.

What a trip! And all an infinitesimal part of whatever the bad guys have planned (so infinitesimal, in fact, that most of them didn't even think it was worth it:rainbowlaugh:).... Hoping we see more of the new guards, too.

I'm not clear on what it was that Twilight noticed to clue her in to the illusions, though.:applejackunsure:

The way I see it, it was hearing Trixie's utterly solipsistic statements about everything being an illusion of her own mind that led to her realizing that the same was true of all her Amulet-boosted magic.

Hmmm...I like how you made a change to Season 3 Episode 5! This is much better than the actual show! I also like how you made Trixie and the amulet look as sound much more lethal, especially with the spells!

Awesome work!

I love how you made a difference scenario to Season 3 Episode 5, much better than it was in the actual show!:pinkiehappy: I also love how you made Trixie's entrance more epic and the Alicorn Amulet more lethal, especially with the spells!:scootangel:

Awesome work all together!!:rainbowdetermined2:

You just had to use that god forsakenned pony didn't you .

Yay, great story, but seriously: FLOOF OFF WITH THE ORG. XIII CLIFFHANGERS!

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