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We are the children of the night, we are lively during the night, we play in the garden of shadows and in the garden of shadows only, we are the Children of the Night.

And this is our group theme song.

(Big thanks to Dark0592 for letting me use a picture of his/hers).

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Greetings from my hidden shadowed corner in the crystal empire where I was forced to resign.

It feels like our family of the night has been sentenced to the moon like our mother was. Sisters and brothers, it is time to awaken and praise Mother Luna´s night! 🌙

May thou moon eclipse the sun and plunge us into eternal darkness

Greetings brothers and sisters.

My name is Stormy Aurora

(Just joined)

For us to know that there art ponies who understand our Night Mother's night, it fills my heart and soul with the light of the moon. Nopony knows we are still here, smiling beneath the moonlight while remembering our dear mother. For we shall always be, her children of the night.

355921 Of course. Dost thou know of any traitors?

Greetings, brothers and sisters of the night! We hast arrived!

Greetings, Brothers and sisters of the night.
I tell thee, if thou has not yet read the comics of when our dear mother took over her sisters work for a day, then I tell thee to do so.
In the name of our beloved mother.

My dear Little Ponies,

We must warn thee that our dear Enchantress of the stars, is being shadowed by the tyranny of thine sister, The Sun. It is our deepest sorrow that the Moon Goddess is being treated this way. Why must thou world be so cruel to thine beloved protector of the stars? if anypony has any idea to stop thine tyranny of the sun, and stop thee foreshadowing of our beloved moon, then thou must respond to our letter. I am sorry, thine little ponies, that thou world must be this way.

ever such deepest apologies,


Ah. Night is a beautiful gift.shadows dance with me. I allow solitude to wander in. To know there are brothers and sisters of the Night is another gift from Her. May She reign forever.

Praise our Night Mother! Long may she reign!

All I can say is hello, brothers and sisters of the night. A Dark Brotherhood, if I may go so far.
I'm running the show in this other group dedicated to our dear Mother, Princess Luna. And I have a nightly post going, Admin guy, mind if I link it?

So used to speaking about the Night Mother as in the one in Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood... xD

I bid all of you, my brothers and sisters of darkness, a long and happy life.

Gladest tidings, Brothers and Sisters mine! I am ever so pleased to have found my long forgotten family!

I'm ready to join our mother. May she return and bring us all to paradise

367139 It shall be done:heart:..

367110 eeyup! Di it Do it now! And I shall preread if thou brother or sister allowsme to!

367102 We should totally make a fimfic about this.
WE HAVE THIS IDEA DONT BE STEALING IT!:pinkiecrazy: Well you like the idea?

367086 Let it last for ever! One day we shall bring down the vile light...

367085 Never seeing "Her" precious dawn light ever again! All we need is our mother who truly loves us, So when we grow up we shall fight against the one we denied mother's request!:twilightangry2: And soon Mother will be the new ruler of Equestria! Long Live The Lunar Republic!

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