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You are offspring of the chaos lord/god. You are all my sons and daughters and together we make a family of beings that represent good, evil, anarchy/disorder, destruction and, chaotic creation! You all are the sons and daughters of chaos!

the group theme

there will be rules later

family tree

Father of Chaos: Sir Alonne
Mother of chaos: Eris H Discordia
Corrupted Mother of Chaos: Walpurgis B Nacht

Eldest Daughters of chaos: Ice Feather

Eldest Sons of chaos: Leonz11


Nieces of chaos:

Nephews of Chaos:

Grand daughters of chaos:

Grand sons of chaos:

other groups that are run by our admins

Fimfiction's Olympus
Princess Celestia's Personal Army

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Hi I just joined... I felt the pull of chaos and it lead me here

405252 Lol idk what we are laughing at anymore

What starts with the letter cheese? :pinkiecrazy:

Chaos. What is there to say.....?

389636 just dont ever do that again

389620 I had to explain it to him in a way that a space marine would understand.

388687 Demons not Daemons. USA English here please

388701 Uh...grandpa? you spelled my name wrong. Just saying.

388700 Welcome we happily accept you as one of the sons of chaos Geek lord. This is a group of trolls anarchists and maniacs watch your step.

388699 Well, I killed Princess Cadence.

388687 Oh? Says you I am just rallying up members so I can send my friends all over fimfiction to fuck shit up

Well what is it? are you casual or are you going to show that you are worthy to be here scrub?

I came because I heard there was randomness!
388683 Actually, this group has nothing to do with the Chaos Daemons or the Chaos Marines...

this group is heresy
for the emprah

388603 I kinda do trust me

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