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This is a group inspired by the group WARRIORS OF EQUESTRIA but we have a wider category of classes and weapons!

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389605 YAY! i wanna fill it. DO IT :pinkiecrazy:

376782 any position for queen or princess? :pinkiehappy:


376621 oh he's good on the torture he might just act like a child while doing it.........well a very demented insane child

376620 I hope Marcus tarts to take the position of one of the abyssalite kings seriously because if I'm out for some weird reason I need you four to take care of my kingdom and torture the damned properly. so get Marcus to shape up he ain't a child no more he is a god of death and a abyssalite king both are serious jobs!

376497 i tried to make him act really childish

376550 -pokes your dead body with a stick-

376545 I got diabeetus from that...

*Dies from Fluttershy's cuteness*

376447 I like this demon Marcus guy.... He really deserves the position I gave both of you!

376442 -just stands there looking at you -

Demon Marcus -..........bye come back any time:trollestia: he was such a nice young Mad man i do hope he invites me out for a drink sometime :pinkiesmile:

he just killed you and you want to have drinks with him

Demon Marcus- yeah why wouldnt i i mean it was a glorius death :pinkiecrazy: and i get to watch you try to put the big guy back to sleep :rainbowlaugh:

I HATE YOU SO MUCH:twilightangry2:

376437 takes out a bottle of abyssalhol and drinks it....

Eyes shrink to the size vof pin pricks.


Runs out the door whooping

376437 oh sorry snaps fingers and they all come back

All better!

376433 :rainbowhuh:ummm Why wouldnt we be i mean yes i am a little agitated at the outcome of the battle but even though Marcus's power could rival god and satan it couldnt stand a chance agenst all three of you and i planned on having him die sooner or later but still he was leaving you didnt have to kill the other reapers to now iv only got about 13 left and you woke up the thing that links the reaper world to the Land of Corruption do you know how long it took to knock that thing out:twilightangry2:

376432 hmmm yes are we still friends? :derpytongue2:

376424 it was fun i will give you that

376423 im not one to lose so easily - the souls of the reapers scream across the realm as they fall on the ears of a being who had been sleeping deep within the land between death and corruption for the soul you cut in half has already been split in 2 the stronger half resides in the being that has been sleeping for so long - the voice of Marcus creed can be herd all across the realms of death - awaken my master your children are calling for you -

- the mighty being opens its dark yellow eyes -
and rises from his broken throne - a voice both loud and full of anger yet soft and kind can be herd with in your minds - My Children Do Not Belong Where you Have Sent Them I Will Be Coming To Take Back What Belongs To Me I Will Bring With Me A Cloak Of Shadows That heavens Light Can not perice In My Hands I Will Hold The Cold Steel Of Death And Corruption My Fallen Brothers Will Rises To Take Back My Children The Dead Will Dance And ALL OF HELL SHALL SING!!!

376412 hello so how did you like that rp sorry I ended it so early I was in a hurry..

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