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The I.D.D.B. was founded for the sake of Non stop Action for no reason but action. The I.D.D.B. began when Darker Shadows realised how much fun it was to pit two unigue O.C.s created by two different minds in Dimension shattering Combat. The I.D.D.B supports the violance of Equestria. Have action pact story to post well post it here. Blood, Violance, Gore it is all tools of the trade. Have a war where ponies continue to die for there, belieths, land, love ones. We take those to the I.D.D.B. will not Discriminate... pony, anthro, human, ulternate universe if they are action pacted we want them. The I.D.D.B. is also the home of The Insanity Dimensional Death Brawl Competition. Have a O.C. that is king of the crop. Prove it step into the ring. Are you a Dark being, human, equestrian, supernatural figure, god, demon or anything of the like with something to prove. Do it the old fashion way not with talk and rational thinking. But Gut Wrenching, Bone Crushing, Face smashing combat. You have a warrior spirit, do you like to see blood, is causing pain your game then I.D.D.B. is just right for you so why wait. Join now and start at the top.

Warning joining the I.D.D.B. may subject your O.C. to a challenge in Dimensional Death Brawl. Death Brawl Challenges issued to members outside of the I.D.D.B. Will need to be aggreed upon before being posted in the I.D.D.B. roster.


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ATTENTION EVERYONE! I HAVE NEWS! *clears throat* I am currently working on an I.D.D.B comic... I thought it'd be cool to see how the infamous Darker Shadows came into power:pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Peewee the Dragon deleted Nov 25th, 2014

so whats going on in this neck of the woods

i would submit a bio but dark did it for me

I dare say I am so far proud to be the newest member of this group. Thank you Maxii.

378788 Princess... Daddy will be proud of you no matter what you decide. Daddy love his princess.:heart:

378786 Yus !!!! Wants to make daddy proud of hers!!!!

378783 Well you are in the roster dear. Congratulations you are now know to the I.D.D.B. as a combatant. You are quiet the little killing machine when you want to be. :twilightsmile:

378781 That's my princess... Look I see we have another time lord in the realms. So that is why you keep changing appearances... Also why you go through so many socks. *chuckles warmly*

378779 A lot of people it is a big event but don't worry daddy will not be fighting alone. There are a lot of strong combatants. It is going to be a big even just you wait and see.

378773 Things are about to heat up big around here. I have a fight to take part in...

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