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No more CLOWNING around here!

I am also on this all the time...

My favorite class in TF2

This is my favorite TF2 Freak

This is my favorite Borderlands 2 character


New awesomenauts character · 3:44am Aug 22nd, 2015

So who is excited for Ksenia?

Cause I sure know that I am!

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Hello internet my name is Discord214/HO0DIE NINJA so yea there's that. Also I make SFM's. Why? Because I can that is why!!!
I know I can put that stuff in my bio but I really don't really want to.

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Thanks for the favorite~

Thank you for the follow! Have one in return! Would you like to be friends? Also if I may ask, how did you find me? :yay:

thank you for the stalk!:rainbowkiss:

Thanks for the follow.

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