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This group is for fans of the new Disney movie Big Hero 6, any and all crossovers with the movie and comics are welcome let's fist bump and have fun

Rules: No flame wars are allowed, in other words be nice to each other

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This is an awesome idea for a group! But you should you use
this for the profile picture and this for the cover :pinkiehappy:. Just thought I'd share my idea :twilightsmile:. Hope you like it!


I honestly quite liked the movie (and Disney's Tangled) more than Frozen but sadly most people tend to dislike with me on both Big Hero 6 and Tangled. I honestly perfer the story and characters more in both of them and thought the stories, animation, characters were all amazing in both of them when compared to Frozen which is pretty weak without any of it's music in my opinion.
Frozen seems to mostly be popular for it's music. The story and most of it's characetsr without any of it's songs are weak when compared to the movie's soundtrack while Big Hero 6 only had one song and was still a pretty solid movie as well as Tangled which doesn't have a popular soundtrack.

It's also the only Disney movie to make me cry out loud. Not even Simba's father death in Lion King could make me cry as a little girl. :fluttercry:
Also the first to make me fall in love when I was 12 and have my first and only crush because of Hiro even though I never wanted to fall in love. I hate most of his obessive fangirls and I'm Asexual. Yet I find him so relatable and kinda cute. Not the fangirl kind of cute like a innocent-first-crush-since-I was-12-kind-of-cute or something. Lawl XD :pinkiehappy:

391309 *eats pancakes* scout knows it.
Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups. This was deserved because of its freshness.

First, and Pancakes.

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