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I’m just some dude who loves ponies the same way a lot of people do... Wait, you like them 'how much' now?

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I'M STILL ALIVE · 2:01pm Aug 5th, 2019

Alright guys, I'm still alive. Don't y'all worry. I'm juggling fan fictions right now and I'm currently banging my head against my desk right now due to the fact that I thought I could get all these stories finished. I'm an idiot. Anyways, I'm working on a bunch of stories and decided I should go and fix this Lyra and Bon-Bon story I have while working on the next chapter for "The Save File Has Been Corrupted". Yeah, anyways, I hope y'all like it when either of the two come out.

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Howdy there, partner! You're prolly' wondrin' who I am, so here's the about page.

Name's Luna, at yer' service. No, I ain't that Luna. Ah' love writin' funny stories! Drama and sad stories aren't mah everyday slice of apple pie, but that ain't stoppin' me from breakin' outta mah comf'rt zone, y'hear?

Ah' love writin', but ah' wish ah' was as good as mah idols that ah' listed just below this about section. Y'all read'em now, they're absolute treasures to behold!

Ah' do appreciate y'all takin' the time to look at my user page.

Enjoy, and have a fun time readin' y'all!

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My pleasure! :twilightsmile:


Thou hast been booped!

And after all this time, we still are the same age.

I just realized something you and me are the same age

Duuuuuudddddeeee your a PNoy insta follow

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