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I’m just some dude who loves ponies the same way a lot of people do... Wait, you like them 'how much' now?

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Dr. Stables was your average doctor. He was as skilled as any other doctor, yet, unlike most, he believed in superstitions and urban legends. Most ponies would always expect a doctor to be steadfast and skeptical about these kinds of things, however he isn’t like most doctors. Believing in what seemed to be something most ponies would dismiss as 'just my imagination' or 'i'm just seeing things'. Nevertheless, Stables follows the rules bound by superstitions...

An encounter at the elevator would show just that.

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This story is a sequel to Pinkie's Journal

A few months after the events of Pinkie's Journal, Pinkie Pie finds herself caught up in Twilight's experiments which focused on her Pinkie Sense and the anomalies it caused. Due to a mishap in the experiment, Pinkie then finds herself back home in Cuyahoga, Ohio eighteen years after Peter's death... As a human version of her pony form.

Meanwhile, Twilight now has to reopen the portal to bring Pinkie back. The only way to get there is to find somepony with the same anomaly signal... the only pony who can find such is Rainbow Dash who knows the criteria to find that pony; the person who Pinkie described as the person who was with her during the time of her death; the pony with the golden pocket watch.

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Lyra; that silly human-obsessed unicorn, and Bon-Bon; the more sane member of the duo, hear of a rumor that an abandoned carriage storage base was said to have only one carriage that lay there. Rumors have it that nopony is able to remove the carriage due to its "haunted" nature. However, Lyra, being the overly-dramatic skeptic, tries to find out if this "haunted" carriage was real or not... and Bon-Bon's there to stop whatever insanity Lyra is going to ensue... or at the very least attempt to.

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“Human to pony, yeah, blah blah that. Those cliche stories that y’all are obviously used to. Yeah, this isn’t funny though. All this ain’t funny. And someone get me some eye drops or something!”

Martin’s just your average regular normal... yes, redundancy is a must... Martin’s just a human being. However, he just woke up as Equestria’s infamous mailmare, Derpy Hooves. Now stuck as probably the only pony on Earth, he has to find a way to turn himself back to normal.

Only if he stops being a jackass first.

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[EDIT: March 3, 2019 Changed the title from "The Diary of the Pink Mare" to "Pinkie's Journal". Also needed to fix some grammatical errors. Sorry about that.]

Pinkie Pie. A name beloved by many ponies in Ponyville. She makes parties and makes everyone happy. She doesn't stop for reason...

It was a depressing time for the planet known as Earth. Germany took control of Poland, France surrendered, Russia was having tough times, South Pacific Islands like Manchuria, India, and the Philippine Islands were invaded by the Imperial Japanese soldiers, and the screams of the numerous people were heard throughout World War II.

A soldier serving the Allied Forces during the Normandy Landings was killed after they had gotten past German defenses. Though he had died, he was given another chance at life; to leave the depressing time and go in to a more colorful life. Specifically in a pinkish color in the form of a pink mare.

All is revealed when Rainbow Dash decides to pull a prank on that same day by sneaking up on her as a joke during the date of her birth... the date of his death.

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"Out of all people, it had to be me..."
"Out of all ponies, it had to be Scootaloo..."

I'm just a regular bike courier. I deliver stuff that may or may not be illegal from one place to another. Let's just say, I'm pretty good at what I do. One day, my little sister got me a sticker of Scootaloo's cutie mark. I placed it on my bike. Turns out, placing My Little Pony stickers on your bike gets you killed. I got into a truck accident on the day I put that sticker on my bike. Imagine being crushed... I actually thought I was dead.

Until I woke up on a cloud 50 meters from the ground with no way of knowing how I got here and how I can get down.

After making that disaster of a Scootlaoo fic back in 2014, I thought I might be able to redeem the past with this. Hope y'all like it!

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\\I decided this be cancelled because I can't come up with any good ideas for it anymore. Sorry if I disappointed y'all.

"I'm NOT obsessing over some "fictional horse", mmkay?" I said with a hint of annoyance in my voice. "I just, you know, like her. She may have never said a single line in the show, but somehow the fans gave her such a tomboyish, strong, and reckless attitude. That's what makes me like her. What makes you think I'm obsessing!?"

"Alright, alright... I get it. If you're not obsessing, then tell me why are you wearing magenta contacts?"

"My what?"

Basically, I got turned into Vinyl Scratch, well, her human form for now... But what do I do? Sport my very distracting blue hair in public?

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Everyone knows Evan Fong by now. He's on Fox Sports, the Internet, anywhere! And for some reason, he was chosen to protect Equestria, a land filled with talking ponies, from an indestructible force that will destroy everything in it's path.

"Please tell me, why did you choose me?"

Hey guys! What's up? This is my brand new Vanoss fic because I know I can do better than the last one I made. Hope you guys like it! :) ~ Pixelized Dreams

Thanks to 'crooked' for proof reading.

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Reenboe hs herd uph tha stry tht ppl whu own th brck bcm mr awsm. No jst 20% but hger!

Translation: All hell breaks loose... Rainbow has heard of the story, that people who own the magic brick became more awesome. Not just 20% but higher!

A deep and touching fic with such a deeper meaning about life and philosophy... Please welcome, a fic that is nothing like what I explained.

(And this is what it's like to ask a friggin 8 year old brony[well, he wasn't really a brony that much] what'd he think about me writing a story for him.)

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Right after the events of the 'Changeling invasion', Fluttershy felt something wrong when the shield spell was used. Her true form exposed: a changeling hybrid...

I just wanna note that this was written way before a lot of big reveals and other stuff. I'd consider this more of an alternate universe of pre-season 4 stuff. I've been away from the fandom for so long that I have no clue on the new stuff.

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