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Flurry Heart accidentally finds her special talent one day at the Crystal Palace. She discovers she can speak the long lost language of “Ou-wou”. Or at least, that’s what her parents are saying in public. They'll probably never talk about this again.

Man, I dunno anymore.

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OwO what's dis?

I was there for the creation and I still don't understand wat.

My brain hurts. 11/10.
I highly recommend having text-to-speech read it for you.
Trust me.

I URGENTLY second this.

I would ask why this exists... but I just don’t have the heart to do it. Like.


That was...............odd. Enjoyable but odd.

"you cant tell me what to do"

Funny. 😄

Oh. Woah.

The pinnacle of comedy.

Furry Heart. That is all.

“Oh god, she caught the cancer,” Shining whispered.

Best line in this fic, and it sums it up fairly well.

There's been a huge ramp up of this thing being posted in region chat of warframe, it's hilarious.

I fully expect Flurry to relapse the first time she has to marry two ponies.

"Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday..."

That was random.

I like it!
(I don't even know the bets line, since there were so many of them.)

And I'll leave this one here:

*See the baby*
OwO what’s this?

My Tenno! (seriously why did that start up? I don't log on for a week and suddenly it seems like it is everywhere.)

Thwis iw gweat!! :3

jesus christ how horrifying

Don’t judge me.

I will, but not harshly. I promise!
*evil hoof rub* heheheh

“HEWWO!” Flurry yelled, waving her little hooves in the air. “WILL YEW PWAY WIF ME??? :3”


The door slammed shut, and Shining officially noped out of the building.


“Oh! And if you hit on my husband again, I’ll cut you. Love you! Be back later sweetie!”

just complete lol

all expression dropped from my face at record speeds reading this and I think I had the worlds first septuple stroke, '
top kek have a lke


took the words outta my mouth!!


... What the Sam Hill did I just read. :rainbowlaugh:

Holy shit I haven't seen you in a while



Omfg that is amazing

@w@ i wike dis

C-can I blame someone for this?
Thumbs up and favs this story.

at least it wasn't uwu

I started reading this to myself audibly, and my younger brother ended up imploding and noping our of existence. It was a good time.

I was not prepared

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