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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty.


Danny has recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Along with his medication, he is assigned a very special helper to get him back on his feet with plenty of affection and a listening ear.

A story written to relax and inspire confidence in both those with mental illness and those that simply need a listening ear and a smile on their faces. Love to all of you.

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(Wipes glasses)

You wrote something that isn't porn?


Okay then. I'm happy I can read something by you that isn't M.

It sounds like he's come down with a wicked case of acedia.(among other things) The grey, creeping malaise, where nothing really seems to matter, where every day goes on like the last, and you forget what you were ever trying to accomplish.


'tis strange, at first glance, one would never expect Rainbow to be good at this. but at the same time, it makes perfect sense that she is. This was very good, I'm glad to have read it.

A minute ago? Huh, never thought I'd wake up from a nightmare and be this early to a story.

No Spike = no like.

JK. Cute Rainbow is Cute Rainbow.

Wew lad. This was good.

Wow, what a nice story! It's refreshing to see other genres from you, 'specially since all I can really pull off is half-decent comedy. It's also impressive how many ways to cope there are.

I remember when I was young and mostly alone, I got given a book called The Chameleon Kid that depicted different negative things like hate and depression and fear as monsters, then invited the reader to draw their own. It was childish, but giving a face and name to the manifestation of my own self-loathing and negativity helped a TON. Kinda like Nightmare moon, but he ultimately became my friend and ally instead of just getting rainbow lazered into oblivion.

Rainbow dropped her spoon. She walked over to you, over to your couch, and placed her front hooves against your legs, staring up at you. "Wipe that sulk off of your face, dude. You're okay. We're both okay. I promise."

This is also second person in a first person story. Might wanna fix that.

Shhhhhhh (fixing now thank you)

A month's supply of Citilopram


Also, this reminded me that I should refill my own prescription. Oops.

*got done reading*

*inhale breath and feel warmth in heart*

*smash down like button as hard as I can*

Danke! (I'm picking up my next batch tomorrow.)

Why are there any down votes?

Thank you for writing this. I've been depressed and dealing with social anxiety for most of my life, just kind of assuming my state of mind was normal and I was just a loser for not performing as well as anyone else. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 32, but CBT has helped me personally a lot.

I... Thank you this helps remind me that there are others out there similar to me. Thank you.

Kind of sad that this is all we get, but it's cute Rainbow Dash and I'll take it!

This did help so thank ya kindly you wonderful human!

This was very touching. It's great to see Danny take the first step on his road to recovery and find a kindred spirit in Rainbow. Would a continuation be at all in the realm of possibility? I would absolutely love to see this journey continue.

Because there are unique snowflakes in this world that feel offended because they don't like one thing, although most were good.

Thank you. Thanks so much. Anxiety and depression are things that I and my family are very familiar with, and I'll be the first to say that both the counseling and the medications have helped tremendously. Also puppy cuddles. Puppy cuddles are the best.

Non-porn. From a porn God. Why is that such a trend? Anyway. You get a like just for fun.

Very wonderfully done.

I will tell you something, guys.

I'm a very nervous person. I get angry very easily. This story shows that little is enough to feel happy. You know what? Sometimes when I'm upset, I just wanna be hugged. Imagine that you are hugged by a pony. It's not a big deal, but it makes you happy. Eh... Danny is a lucky one. I would like to be hugged by anyone now :fluttershysad:

"Scared?" I ventured when she trailed off. "Worried that you'd come to something you couldn't blag your way through?"

That's Rainbow for you, biggest blaggart around. Good story, mate.

I have but a few words to say: Thank you, and this was a fantastic story.


I... hadn't planned on it thus far. Was that something people wanted to see this story turn into?

maybe? I was just goofing off, and it is your story. HAving a good day?

This pleases comrade Stalin. Continue for more rations, blyat.

this story is awesome.
are you gong to make a sequel ?
may you can have the rest of the mane 6 do the same .
yes Starlight to .

I might read this. I've been feeling pretty down lately and this might be what I need. Besides, Rainbow Dash is one of my two favorite ponies

There's an advantage to this particular therapy pony. If you fly somewhere, you don't have to get special permission and buy a seat. She'll just fly along with the plane and greet you when you land.

"Worried that you'd come to something you couldn't blag your way through?"

Brag, not blag. The second refers to when someone uses persuasion or guile to obtain something.

NOPE. This is pure. We need pure.

I'd be ok either way.

Continuation? 100%
Sexy continuation? ... I mean, maybe if it's a natural development, as a result of their close personal relationship, and not just clop for the sake of it. Or a non-canon spin off or something.

I'm definitely 100% satisfied with it being wholesome AF, but as long as it develops naturally, and their relationship is the main focus, I would be cool if it developed.

(Side note, I would also be extra cool with frank discussions about sex and/or sex-adjacent topics. Like Ponies' lack of nudity taboos. Not even necessarily anything more than T rated, but I feel like having in-depth discussions about the cultural differences between a clothes-wearing society and a heavily nudist one are really interesting, and not explored nearly enough)

The reason I give this a like and you a follow was this story alone. I loved every bit of this and it just made me happy reading this. Being there for someone in need is something we all need in life, and to help others when they are in a funk. Thank you for making this wonderful and beautiful story.

Another reason I like this and watching you is also for the picture. I'm so glad to see that a commission art that I requested was posted here and used for this story. I love it and this story and I thank you for that. :twilightsmile:

I love this. I'm absolutely bawling right now. It's nice to be reminded someone cares.

Eh. Ethically speaking, there are, problems, with a therapist bedding their patient. I think Rainbow would know better.

What an enjoyable little read. You did great at capturing Danny's mental state one I find to be all to familiar at times. I loved your portrayal of Rainbow as well, her personal struggles with anxiety, subsequent recovery, and venturing into working as a therapist was a pleasant surprise. She really does great at being supportive and understanding with Danny.

I'm glad I got to read this today. I can definitely relate.

think that's a shorthand term for bullshit/brag in this case

Very well done, not much to say other than this story really touched close to me. I hope there may be more? Or at least more feely stories like this. Bravo.


You need to to continue this pronto!

Forget support dogs, support ponies are a much better idea. Where can I meet one.


No story on this site I've ever seen maintains 0 downvotes, especially the ones who get any attention. ESPECIALLY the ones that make the featured box. There are a lot of salty-ass authors on this site who hate how the featured box works - not for any real reason other than the fact they don't wind up in it. So they'll quietly downvote any story that makes it, and sometimes wind up coming into the story comments and bitching about it having made it to the featured box as though it should not have.

Finally , some quality content gets featured

<instant upvote just for the subject matter>

I’ve long been thinking of tackling a similar fic myself, although more focused on a helper pony for physical disabilities (but certainly helping with emotional ones as well). Given pony nature, it seems to me to be a very logical fit in a PoE setting.

I’m really interested to see your take on the subject. :heart:

Should you find one please inform me where I might also locate said therapy pony.

I just wish that presciption was really avaible. :unsuresweetie:

Very nicely written, have a thumb up.


Granted, those ethical issues are more due to a general stance on things. You can't be sure that someone in a 'position of authority/power' over another isn't going to abuse that in some overt or subtle way. But in a one-on-one, where we aren't comparing these two to the faceless many others who might/could, then we can see nothing is going on that isn't wholesome. Or see if it is going on, because these are the ones we're paying attention to.

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