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Once, Ford was just a human who led a boring and lonely life. But suddenly, his life is turned upside down as a mysterious golden light not only transported him to the magical world of Equestria, but has also transformed him into a Pegasus Pony without a Cutie Mark! Despite how much of a fan he is of MLP:FIM, he can't help but feel concern on what kind of consequences his presence might bring on account of his knowledge of a fictional cartoon show.

Now, under the identity of "Ford Mustang", he must face many trials ahead of him. Will he be able to blend in with the rest of the pony community? Will he ever be able to earn his Cutie Mark? Can he make it back home in time before the ponies learn the truth about him? And what happens when he starts to fall in love with a certain cyan Pegasus with the spectrum-colored mane? Find out on the incredible journey of Ford Mustang!

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A guy named after a car? :ajbemused: really?

Is this one of those fics where the author plays out his fantasies? Coz I'm sick of those

>Pretty obvious self-insert
>Main character has amnesia (I'll take "plot devices so overused that they make me cry" for 200, Alex)
>HiE romance fic (Same category, 400, Alex)
>Brony in Equestria (You get the point)
>Main character doesn't seem to care about getting home, or about staying long-term as a pony (Can anyone say: plotholes?)
>Main character has the typical "Oh woe is me! My life is meaningless and agonizing! Lets go to Equestria to make it all better!" (...)
>Using caps lock instead of italics. (Real writers do this. It makes it look cleaner)
I like your writing style, but this story is reeking like a dead fish of Self-Insert/HiE/HiE Romance story. This style has been so badly beaten that it's painful to read any more of them. Sit back, take a long look at your story, and decide if you want to continue or create an original, non-beaten-to-death plot. If you stay on course here however, this story has a significant chance of ending up in the slop heap.

Just review, get a beta reader, find a good idea that you can flesh out and go for it.

Great for a newb, Average overall. You did a fine job mate

2644176 A self insert with a guy named after a car...
...Yeah, sounds familiar.



I'm also sick of that word.

Anyway, its better than some other self-inserts. I've seen worse, at least this author has almost proper spelling and grammar for sure.

I like this story so far good plot but its been used so much its lost it appeal to me I give this story a 9.8 out of 10

Yes very good plot and also nice to have a good laugh once in a while

This story is the victim of rampant, unnecessary down voting simply because it has an OC.

Give the fic a chance guys, Christ. OCs can be very good, what, you just want to read about the same ten ponies over and over forever? Lighten up.

Guy...stallion named after a car, as a HiE Romance story?
Personally I see nothing wrong with this. Sure that plot has been beaten to death by all the other people out there, but who cares. The point is for you to write a story you come up with and share it, right? So go for it.
Oh and I didn't read it personally because I'm working on my own story(s) right now, but I'll tag it for later.

Mr Septonic

2645224 no they want to read about the same 11 ponies all the time


Just cause it's been done doesn't mean someone can't do it better, eh? It's not like other fics haven't been done to death and still get upvoted anyway, right?

Folks just have an easier time attacking individuals posting more singular creative property. I guess to be fair Mary sues and stus are a common things, but you wouldnt know until you read the fic, OCs can be done very well!

This fic could have so easyly turned into a self-indulgent self-insert fic at least a dozen times now but you side-step each and ever pit fall and make this a very enjoyable fic to read. Keep up the awesome work

hahahaha !!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: this story has some good comedy too

2644497 You dont wana see my grammar when i try... or spelling...:ajsleepy: im such a fail...
on the bright side i do like the cover art and i might read this later... might...

I saw a perfect doctor who moment that should of happen but didnt. after ford got hit by rainbow dash he should of david tennent it and said "what! I thought it was funny"

rainbowdash a softy what has the world come to!!?:pinkiegasp:
Kiddin it was so awesome and cute!:rainbowlaugh:

As I walk around for a bit to get some fresh air in the quiet night, I keep thinking to myself, What’s wrong with me? What is it that makes me so unappealing to the opposite sex? Is it because that I’m a post-graduate that’s stuck at a dead-end job until I finally get a more profitable job? Or is it because that despite maintaining a well-mannered, healthy life style, I still have this slightly pudgy gut that sticks out like a sore thumb every time I look at myself in the mirror? Or is it because I’m a struggling artist who’s a huge nostalgic nerd when it comes to movies, video games, and cartoon shows, especially in the latest craze, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”?


I feel your pain bro!:pinkiesad2:


but feel concern on what kind of consequences his prescene might bring on the count of his knowledge of a fictional cartoon show.

"prescene" and "count" instead of account in the description. When I see such things in the description it makes me question how much the author cares for their own work. Though this still somehow got featured.

It could have been worse. The guy's name could have been Ford Prefect. :rainbowlaugh:

I mean, seriously, are they even making Prefects anymore? I didn't even know it was a type of car until someone finally explained the joke.

Why am I bringing this up? Because every time I see this story pop up in the Popular Updates listing, I keep mistaking it for a Hitchhiker's Guide crossover.

Edit: Never mind. Unless this story had been taken down and resubmitted all at once, I must have been thinking of another fic. That said, the title still makes me expect a Hitchhiker's Guide crossover.

Crikey :applejackconfused: let's see how many first story offenses we have here

>Self-insert HiE story
>Self-insert HiE story with shipping
>Self-insert HiE story with Rainbow Dash shipping, the most overdone shipping of all
>Main character as a human has a generic CRAWLING IN MY SKIN! kind of backstory

And that's just what I gather from the description alone. Grammar seems to be good, but with a plot as overdone as this in pony fanfiction, it would typically end up with either a negative Like to dislike ration or few views. However, that's not the case here. That alone has me curious. Might be worth checking out later.

In the mean time, I'd recommend that you check out this group. It specializes in helping new writers learn the basics in fan fiction writing and helping them know what things to avoid.


I thought that Fluttershy shipping with a human was the most overused shipping, or did Rainbow Dash take that position already?

There was no position to be took. Rainbow Dash has always been, by far, the most shipped character in the fandom, even with OCs. It's been like that since the start of the fandom. There have been full stories making fun of how Dash is shipped so much.

Applejack is a troll. Who woulda guessed it. lol

Well, I did find a small problem with this chapter. You said he shook Octavia's hand. Hoof, maybe?

Cutie Mark Crusader Spelunkers? This can only end well.

2658950 :facehoof: D'OH! Thanks for pointing that out for me!

2652325 same here :'(

"And I envy these fanmade fantasies because as I have realized long ago, life isn’t always a fairy tale. Still, it doesn’t hurt to believe in them sometimes, right?"
this one too :/

2661628 haha as soon as i saw "Ford Pinto," i knew the pic would involve one exploding before i even clicked on it XD

i have enjoyed this series so far
we saw brief AppleFord and RariFord, now wheres my RainbowMustang?? XD
i love how Ford gets cock-blocked by Pinkie Pie

Comment posted by RoyalRainbow deleted Jun 2nd, 2013

Great as always, dude.
Hey! Comment # 42. I am the answer, lol.

Isn't Ford Mustang close to the cover name the alien uses in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

Use Library computer at school.....
New chapter came up!:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::trollestia:

2669145 I don't know. I know that one of the main characters is named Ford, but I've never read the books before. I only read a graphic novel version, and I think that only covered the first book though.

How I would have handled RD's stunt: Rainbow Dash? What are yo- SWEET JESUS HELP ME!

Dude I think he is going to hate vodka in the morning. That berry stuff really wipes ya out dont it. So from :pinkiehappy: to this.....:pinkiesick:

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