• Published 28th May 2013
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The Arrival of Ford Mustang - RoyalRainbow

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

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Chapter 14 – What Goes Around, Comes Around

Chapter 14 – What Goes Around, Comes Around

With my saddlebag and my special package in the form of a micro-barrel strapped to my back, I hastily trot over to the Golden Oaks Library to see my sick friend, Rainbow Dash. I’m certain that what I have in store for her would definitely cheer her up instantly. It was now sunset as soon as I have arrived at the entrance to the library.

I quietly enter the establishment as I scope around the place. From what Fluttershy has told me, the spare bedroom that Rainbow Dash is using is on the second floor. I gingerly ascend the stairscase to hopefully find her.

“Fluttershy… is that you?” Rainbow Dash calls out in a sickly, hoarse voice.

“Wrong Pegasus, Rainbow.” I reply with a chuckling smile as I make my appearance. I set aside my small barrel away so Rainbow can’t see it yet.

“Oh, so you’ve come back to finish what you have started, have you?” she smirks weakly at me.

“Sorry that you got the Feather Flu because of me.” I respond remorsefully.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, alright? I was willing to take that risk when I looked after you last week.”

“What happened to that ‘impervious immune system’ of yours?” I smirk a bit.

“Oh… well… it decided to take a holiday off, that’s all. But it will come back more impervious than ever! You’ll see!” she tries to maintain her usual smugness.

AH-CHOO!!” she sneezes loudly as her loose feathers spread across the library.

“Just hopefully sooner than later.” she sniffles a bit. We chuckle a bit together before it starts to become quiet here. Ironic, considering that we are in a library after all.

“So… how much?” Rainbow asks me with a deadpan face.

“How much what?” I puzzle at her expression.

“How much did Pinkie Pie buy this time?” she asks again with a raised eyebrow.

Sigh… seventy-five mugs of cider.”

“SEVENTY-FIVE MUGS?!” she shouts in great surprise. “That’s got to be a new record! By now, they must have already sold out all of the cider earlier than last year! Arggh! This is so frustrating! I can’t believe I have to miss out on this year’s opening day of Cider Season! And thanks to you, I might never to get a chance to have some of that frosty goodness until next year!” she sulks significantly as she cross her fore legs together. Oh, is Rainbow Dash in for a surprise, but it wouldn’t hurt to tease her for a bit.

“Gee, that’s too bad you feel that way.” I pout exaggeratingly. “And to think I came all this way to cheer you up with this.” And with that, I pull out my special surprise: a micro-barrel of some of our leftover cider from the 1st day of Cider Season. Her wide eyes light up as she begins to figure out what’s in that barrel.

“Is that…?” She asks gingerly with an awestricken face.

“Eeyup! Turns out we had a couple of barrels left over after we have dealt with our last customers. It’s the first time it has happened in Apple Family history. So knowing for a fact on how much you enjoy this, I thought I would share some with you.” Rainbow smiles greatly when she hears me saying that, but she wasn’t going to get any just yet.

“But seeing how you’re sick in bed because of me…” I continue with a fake sad expression. “…I guess you don’t want my company now considering that this is my fault entirely.” Her face begins to droop with deep regret as I place the barrel on my back and slowly walk out of her bedroom. “So, I’ll just take this back with me and see if we can sell it by tomorrow--”

“WAIT! I'M SORRY! I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I'VE JUST SAID! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!” Rainbow cries out immediately in a very childish manner as she desperately reaches her fore hooves out for that divine beverage she craves so much. Okay, I think I had my fill of fun with her for one day. She’s already in enough pain as it is.

“Okay, Rainbow!” I chuckle at her juvenile antics. “Let me just get you a straw, and I’ll pour some for you!”

“YAY!” She expresses childishly in great delight as she waits in anticipation for her drink. After scurrying through the kitchen down stairs, I find a glass and a straw. Once I swiftly made it back upstairs, I pour some cider into the cup, place the bendy straw, and hand it over to the eagerly waiting Pegasus in bed. Delicately, she holds her cider closely as she takes big, adorable sips through her straw. After gulping down nearly half of her drink, she exhales in satisfaction after quenching her thirst.

“Oh sweet, delicious nectar of mine! How I’ve missed you so!” Rainbow says sweetly to her precious cider. Once she has finished her glass, I knew she would keep begging for more, so I pour her another.

“You know, Ford, you can have some if you like.” Rainbow Dash offers to me.

“Thanks, Rainbow, but I already had my fair share of cider for today.” I politely turn down her offer. “Besides, you’ll need it more than me. Drinking extra fluids is important for you. And since this is made out of the finest apples in the orchard, their nutritious values can be quite beneficial for your health too.”

“Yes, Dr. Mustang!” She jokes heartily. “Perhaps you can fill out another prescription on this surprisingly tasty medicine for me too!”

“I might consider that option for tomorrow.” I smile as she happily continues to sip her cup.

“Oh, Doc!” She calls out to me as she places her empty glass on the nightstand. “Since you’re here, do you mind preening my feathers for me?”

“…I’m not sure I’m qualified for that kind of task, Rainbow.” I gingerly respond after a brief pause.

“Hey, I scratched your back, now you scratch mine!” she retorts frowningly.

“It’s not that, Rainbow! It’s just that… I’ve never preen anypony’s feathers before.” I admit shamefully.

“Well then, let me adjust myself in a better position, and I’ll explain it to you.” Carefully, she stretches across the bed as she lies on her stomach just like I had when she preened my feathers.

“Okay, now get on top of me!” she instructs casually. The way she said that sounded a bit… raunchy.

“Rainbow, I can probably do fine from this side.” I suggest softly with a mild blush.

“Trust me, you can’t get most of the feathers like that. Now quit being shy and get on top of me!” she instructs again, firmly this time. Without a second thought, I gradually get on top of her just like she asked.

“So… now what?” I ask her after I assumed my position.

“It’s simple.” Rainbow informs me. “All you have to do is feel around my wings and look for any feathers that may seem looser than usual.”

I look carefully at her expanded wings, but I couldn’t tell a difference between a loose feather and a regular feather. Carefully, I glide my hooves gently around those angelic wings of hers. Touching their soft, feathery bristles was not like any feather I have ever come in contact before, even on Earth. As I continue to glide my hoof across, I feel a feather wiggle away from my delicate stroke.

“Okay. I think I found one.” I confirm as I point my hoof at the loose feather.

“Great! Now just yank that sucker out with your teeth! Don’t hold back now, alright?” She instructs me again.

“Alright… if you say so.” I respond after I puzzle for a couple of seconds.

With tender care, I grasp her loose feather with my teeth. On the count of three, I’ll pull it out with one swift move just like she suggested.

One… Two… THREE!

“Ooh!” Rainbow Dash yelps out after I pulled the feather out quickly.

“Ohmygosh!” I panic immediately by her reaction. “I’m so sorry, Rainbow! Was that the wrong one?! It was the wrong feather, wasn’t it?! I knew I should have looked at them more carefully!”

“No! That was good! That was the right feather!” she reassures me.


“Yeah totally! I was just… nevermind!" she replies with a small blush.

“So… you want me to keep going?”

“Well… I didn’t say stop, did I?” she responds with her trademark smirk.


After nearly a half-an-hour later, I’ve manage pluck out as many of Rainbow’s loose feathers as possible. Soon after, she gets back underneath the covers of her bed.

“Thanks again, Ford!” she sighs in relief as she stretch her wings. “My wings feel much more freely than before!”

“No problem, Rainbow! Just helping out a friend, that’s all! Oh, almost forgot!” I went over to my saddlebag to reach for something. I pull out a thermos containing tonight’s dinner.

“Applejack and her family send their condolences by making you some tomato soup!”

“Well we certainly can’t let such good food go to waste, now can we?”

“My thoughts exactly!” I concur as I go back down stairs to fetch a couple of bowls, spoons, and a tray. Once I come back up, I pour Rainbow a bowl, place that on the tray, and set it carefully on her lap. With one spoonful, she enjoys the first taste of that rich and creamy soup.

“Mm-mmm!” Rainbow compliments by licking her lips. “As Applejack would say, ‘That’s good eatin'!’”


We have a quiet moment to ourselves as we continue to eat our soups. Once we have finished, I begin to take Rainbow’s tray away from her.

“You know something, Ford?” she says to me as I gather the rest of the dishes. “I’m really glad to have friends like you and Fluttershy to help me out like this. It's shameful to admit it, but I can’t really do anything for myself when I’m this sick. I can’t even take a moment to read Daring Do without feeling ill just by looking at the pages.” As I place my empty bowl on the tray with the rest of the dirty dishes, an idea comes into mind.

“You know… if you like… I can read it for you.” I suggest hesitatingly.

“Really? You’ll do that for me?” she beams slowly after hearing to my suggestion.

“Sure!” I confirm with a smile. “Like you said, you scratched my back, so I’ll scratch yours!”

“Well, if you’re okay with it, you can find the series downstairs on a shelf in the ‘Adventure’ section.”

“Okay! Umm… which book do you want me to read?” I inquire.

“Just pick one you haven’t read yet. I’m fine with any of them.”

After cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen, I look around the library to find a book to read. Once I find the Daring Do series in the Adventure section, I point my hoof across each book to figure out which one to pick. I’ve pretty much started on them since last week, so I’ve only completed the first two books myself. I pulled out the third story, “Daring Do and the Secret of the Sphinx.” With my book in hoof, I fly back up and pull a chair next to Rainbow Dash’s bedside.

“Just so we’re clear, I never read to anypony before.” I say to her uneasily.

“It’s fine. Just give it a try and do you’re best. That’s all I’m asking.” Rainbow assures me.

“Okay then… Ahem!” I clear my throat before opening the book and begin my narration.

“Daring Do and the Secret of the Sphinx – Chapter 1.

At the famous Hoofington University, Daring Do was just finishing up one of her archeological lectures. Unfortunately, most of her listeners didn’t share much enthusiasm for archeology as she does, so today’s lecture left her in a sour mood. As Daring Do enters her home, she first sees an unusual envelope laying there on her coffee table. She carefully examines the envelope before opening it. Inside of it, there is a small piece of delicate papyrus, and on that is what appears to be a riddle…”


“…As tons of sand fill up the room, Daring Do struggles to get to high ground on the opened sarcophagus. The flightless Pegasus glares up at her cackling rival on a high ledge where their only means of escape is.

‘Claudia! I should have known this alliance of ours was too good to last!’ Daring Do shouts at her supposed Griffon friend.

‘Sorry, Daring Doofus!’ Claudia smugs to her ex-partner down below. ‘But there’s only room for one treasure hunter in this game of ours, and it’s going to be me! But hey, thanks to you, I finally have the last clue that will lead to the whereabouts of the Sphinx, and with that, I will obtain its mystical secret for myself!’ She laughs in triumph as she holds the scroll in her claw.

‘When I get out of here--!’ Daring Do growls.

‘You mean if you can get out of there!’ Claudia mocks arrogantly. ‘That lotion I gave you to prevent those nasty beetles from biting you is also a special numbing ointment I’ve prepared to prevent you from using those feeble wings of yours! It should wear off for another hour, but I doubt you’ll be able to escape by then!’

‘Claudia, you’re nothing more a scheming vulture!’

‘Thank you! Farewell, my worthy rival!’ And with that, Claudia leaves Daring Do to her fate as she closes the stoned entrance behind her.

Realizing that there wasn’t much time left, Daring Do quickly surveys what she has in use. In her knapsack, she has the jar of ointment, flint stones, and a small bag of mysterious metallic powder that bursts into flashy explosions when in contact with fire or flung onto the ground with great velocity. Right next to her is a mummy lying in its opened casket that’s wrapped up in a one long roll of ancient cloth. And of course, Daring Do always carries her trusty hat, which has aided her in many dangerous situations. With all of these items in check, Daring Do comes up with an escape plan and…”

“… that is saved for another day!” I finish it up by closing the book.

“AAAAAHHH!!” Rainbow Dash whines immaturely. “Why did you have to stop so soon?! And on such a cliffhanger no less!”

“What are you complaining about, Rainbow? You already know how it’s going to end anyway.”

“I know! But the way you tell it adds a more exciting, different experience to it!” she responds with a thrilling smile.

“Well anyway, it’s getting late right now.” I notice how dark it is outside from a nearby window as I place the book on the nightstand. “We’ve read like five chapters already, and my throat is parched as it is. I’ll read some more for you tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay.” she playfully pouts.

“And beside, you need your rest. You’ll need all the sleep you can get if you want to knock that flu out of your system!”

“Puh-lease! Sleeping is my specialty!” Rainbow boasts grinningly. “Once I’m off into Dreamland, that cold won’t even know what hit him until it’s too late!”

“That’s the spirit! I’m going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?”

“Just some more cider please.”


“Aaaaah… That hit the spot!” Rainbow Dash says with satisfaction as she finishes her glass. I then take her empty cup and place it on the nightstand.

“Well, if you’re all settled now, I’ll just take my leave and see you tomorrow.”

“Wait, Ford!” She calls out to me before I leave her bedroom.


“Could you… perhaps… stay here… for just one night… with me?” She hesitantly asks. I become startled when she asked me that, and I couldn’t even tell if her face is red because she’s blushing or if it’s the fever that’s making her do that.

“It’s just that…” she continues timidly. “I’m not too used to staying here by myself when I’m this sick. And I’ll sleep much easier if I had some company over for tonight.”

“Well… I… umm…” I stammer as I try to figure out a proper response.

“Please?” she asks very softly. I look into her pleading eyes. I have never seen Rainbow look so timid, so scared, and so… vulnerable. I would do just about anything to see that strong, confident self of hers once more.

“Of course, Rainbow.” I comply gently. “I don’t mind staying here. I’ll just sleep in the other bed if you need anything.”

“Well… there’s enough room on this bed for two ponies.” she offers coyly as she scoots more on the right side of the bed. “I don’t mind sharing it with you, Ford.”

“You sure about that, Rainbow?” I ask with uncertainty.

“Please, Ford?” Rainbow insists with her pleading eyes once more.

I wasn’t sure how to answer that time. Instead, I turn off the lights in the library and gradually get myself underneath the covers on the left side of the bed.

“I’m not taking too much of the bed, am I?” I ask her.

“No, you’re good.” she assures me casually.

“Okay… well… goodnight, Rainbow.”



Nearly an hour in bed, and I still can’t sleep yet. How could I when my back is inches away from Rainbow’s? Then Applejack’s mocking words from this afternoon start to haunt me. Do I really see Rainbow Dash more than just a friend? I mean, I do like her a lot. She does have that wonderful personality, which I do find attractive. Not to mention she has that cute, multicolored hairstyle and a well-toned body. Oh wait, what am I even saying?! I shouldn’t be falling in love like this, let alone with one of the main characters from the show! Besides, she probably doesn’t share the same feelings for me as I do! Face it, Ford! You’re just having another one of your stupid crushes just like before! The sooner you realize that and dismiss it, the better off you will be to get on with your life!

Then, I hear something behind me, and not only that, but I feel the bed shaking slightly too. I peek behind, and I see Rainbow Dash shaking within covers as she has curled herself up.

“Rainbow? Are you okay?” I ask with concern. “You’re shivering.”

“I feel… cold all of a sudden.” Rainbow admits quietly in a shaky voice. Her body temperature must be going off the frizz. It hasn’t found the right balance when counteracting her flu. What she started with a fever, she is now enduring her sudden chills.

“Hang on. I’ll get you another blanket.”

“But it might get too hot for me! Can you just… hold on to me for a little while?” I pause nervously as I start to feel uncomfortable with her suggestion.

I hesitate to ask, “Rainbow… are you certain that’s a good idea?”

“Hey, it’s a known fact that when animals huddle together, it helps keep them warm even under extreme cold temperatures. So get over here and huddle!”

“Yes ma’am.” I reply quietly as I scoot closer to her. I move as closely as possible to Rainbow’s trembling body without applying any physical contact. I’m sure she wouldn’t like it very much, so hopefully my body can radiate enough warmth for her without having the need to touch her.

Suddenly, Rainbow grabs my right hoof and wraps it around her torso like it was just another blanket, forcing me to pull in closer to her as my chest touches her smooth back. I blush intensely at what just happened, but strangely enough, it doesn’t seem to bother Rainbow that much.

“Do you… feel any better?” I inquire with a flustered blush.

“Better, but still a bit cold.” Rainbow responds with a slight shiver. I wish there was more I can offer for her. But then, I think about something that might help. I stretch out my right wing and gently wrap it around the trembling mare.

“Does this help?” I ask.

“Ford… your wing…”

“Sorry! I knew I shouldn’t have overstepping my boundaries like that!” I panic as I was about to fold my wing back. But surprisingly, Rainbow Dash prevents my wing from leaving her grasp.

“No! It’s fine, Ford!’ she eases me. “I was just going to say that… I’ve never noticed how big and strong your wings have become.” I blush again silently, but in a good way this time.

“Oh! Thank you. Well, I did have the best trainer in all of Equestria to help me get where I am today.” I compliment to her grinningly.

“Your wing feels really nice… and warm.” She says to me warmly as she gently caresses some of my feathers.

“It is?” I react surprisingly.

“Yeah… For some reason, I feel so safe when you hold me closely like this.” She says dreamily as she nuzzles closely to my wing. “Kind of makes me wish… I could stay like this… forever.” Eventually, she drifts off to sleep soundly as I sigh in relief by this.

“Me too, Rainbow Dash. Me too.” I whisper to myself as I too begin to fall asleep.