The Arrival of Ford Mustang

by RoyalRainbow

First published

After a mysterious golden light teleports him to Equestria, the human, Ford, has been transformed into a full-grown Pegasus without a Cutie Mark. What challenges await him as he coops his new life in Ponyville?

Once, Ford was just a human who led a boring and lonely life. But suddenly, his life is turned upside down as a mysterious golden light not only transported him to the magical world of Equestria, but has also transformed him into a Pegasus Pony without a Cutie Mark! Despite how much of a fan he is of MLP:FIM, he can't help but feel concern on what kind of consequences his presence might bring on account of his knowledge of a fictional cartoon show.

Now, under the identity of "Ford Mustang", he must face many trials ahead of him. Will he be able to blend in with the rest of the pony community? Will he ever be able to earn his Cutie Mark? Can he make it back home in time before the ponies learn the truth about him? And what happens when he starts to fall in love with a certain cyan Pegasus with the spectrum-colored mane? Find out on the incredible journey of Ford Mustang!

Chapter 1 – When You Wish Upon a Star...

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Chapter 1 – When You Wish Upon a Star…

Sigh… God, I’m so lonely.

I may not give up on life so easily, but it still hurts from having to go through the same motions over and over again: some cute girl talks to me, I talk to her, I develop an attraction for her, and at some point I try asking her out and she tells me that she’s already with someone. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

As I walk around for a bit to get some fresh air in the quiet night, I keep thinking to myself, What’s wrong with me? What is it that makes me so unappealing to the opposite sex? Is it because that I’m a post-graduate that’s stuck at a dead-end job until I finally get a more profitable job? Or is it because that despite maintaining a well-mannered, healthier life style, I still have this slightly pudgy gut that sticks out like a sore thumb every time I look at myself in the mirror? Or is it because I’m a struggling artist who’s a huge nostalgic nerd when it comes to movies, video games, and cartoon shows, especially in the latest craze, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”?

…Yeah, I’m probably leaning more towards that last one.

I don’t admit this to anyone, but I love that show! I enjoy the well-developed characters, the brilliantly written stories, and the immeasurable amount of fan service it provides. I myself have created some parody comics based off the show, which has earned some praise among the Brony community. But other than enjoying some good fanart, I also like to read some good fanfiction too, especially the romantic ones.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance! I don’t see it weird for two female ponies (anthromorphic, human, or otherwise) to have a romantic relationship. I think it’s beautiful (and sexy sometimes) for some of my favorite shipping pairs to go through these incredible journeys as they discover life lessons, hardships, and ultimately, love. And I envy these fanmade fantasies because as I have realized long ago, life isn’t always a fairy tale. Still, it doesn’t hurt to believe in them sometimes, right?

Anyway, I stop to take a moment to look up at that nightly, starry sky. Wow. You don’t see that many stars on a clear night like this. As I gaze upon them, I notice one star bigger than the rest and giving off some kind of golden radiance. Wonder if that’s some kind of a wishing star? No, that’s ridiculous. I’m too old to believe in stuff like that. And yet, I can’t help but become so entrance by that glimmering beacon of hope.

With a quick turnaround to make sure no one was looking, I hold my hands together just as I would when I’m praying, look up to that shimmering star, and whisper:

“Please, let me have a chance to find true happiness for myself.”

As if on cue, the star begins to glow brightly as if it just heard my wish. In fact, it looks like it’s getting bigger… and coming closer to me at an incredible rate.

… I think I should start running right now.

But before I finally decide to run, the shooting star engulfs me in a barrier of golden fire! It felt hot, but strangely enough, it was soothing, and it wasn’t burning me at all. All of a sudden, I’m lifted off the ground and the mysterious flames intensify into a blinding, white light! I panic and try to move, but my body is paralyzed as it begins to disappear from the blinding illumination!



Ugh… where am I?

I remember a bright light swallowing me whole, and now I’m on the ground just waking up very weakly. My eyes begin to adjust themselves as I try to look around of my surroundings: a dark and somewhat creepy forest with lots of strange foliage I have never seen before.

As I try to get up, I begin to scratch my hair. Strange. I can’t feel my hand that much. Even with my other hand on the grassy ground, I can’t feel much of that either. It’s as if I don’t have any fingers what’s so ever. I look at the hand I was scratching with and made a terrible discovery: I really don’t have any fingers at all.


Not a single digit on them.


And it wasn’t just the lack of fingers that startled me, but also that my pale Caucasian skin is replaced with smooth fur in a light bluish color. Still, I continue to panic over my missing appendages. I mean, to an artist like me, fingers are just as essential as his eyes!

As the horror of never seeing my hands ever again begin to grow, I immediately stand up from where I was sitting. But then, I suddenly lose my balance quickly and plop back on the ground. As if things couldn’t get any weirder and more frightening, I not only see that my feet are lacking their respective appendages, but I also notice a long, blue tail right between my legs.

During my panic attack, I begin to hear rushing water. I frantically look around for the source of the sound. If there is water, maybe there is a place where I can look at myself to see what I have become. I have to know the truth on what I have become. As luck would have it, there was a creek right beside me. Since I can’t walk in this state, I crawl on all four limbs to finally get a look at myself. At long last, I finally find out on what was happening to me: I have now become a pony. And not just like the actual ponies back on Earth, but a pony just like the ones from the cartoon show, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

Staring at that reflection, I get a better look at the mysterious pony before me: a tall stallion with turquoise eyes and the same lightly bluish coat as my hooves. I still maintain the same hairstyle: short, and combed back; except instead of my usual hair color, I have the same, rich, blue color as my tail. Plus, I have a couple of golden yellow streaks on my mane and my tail; one streak on each side. And hey, look. I have wings too.

Wait… I have wings? I’m a Pegasus?! That’s cool and all except I don’t know how to use these things! Ugh! I’ll figure them out later. Right now, I should get out of this forest, which I assume must be the Everfree Forest, so I can have a better idea on where I’m at right now.

Hmm… I almost forgot. If I’ve been transformed into a pony, then that means that I might have a Cutie Mark as well! I eagerly look at my flank and saw… nothing. Not a single image on my blank flank. Sadly, I become disappointed by this. I mean, I thought my special talent would be related to my artistic abilities, but if that’s not the case, what could all of this mean? Do I have to demonstrate my art skills at some crucial point to earn my Cutie Mark, or does this mean that my own artistic craftsmanship was never my special talent in the first place? If the latter theory was true, what is my true calling in life if it’s not to create artwork? I am lost in so many ways, that I can’t even think straight on what to do next with all of these revelations.

Despite my despair, I have to keep focus. I should get out of this forest as soon as possible. There’s a clearing right behind me. As I head for the exit, I wobbly practice my walking with my new legs. Eventually, before I get out of the forest, I’ve manage to maintain a proper pace for myself.


Upon my exit of that gloomy forest, I gasp in amazement. Before my eyes, I stand on a vast, open field filled with colorful wildflowers and luscious, green grass that sway softly from the nice breeze. The brightly blue sky above me is cleared except with a few scattered clouds. I have never seen such vivid colors in real life except those in films, cartoons, and video games. And as I look up, I can also see Celestia’s radiant sun as it greets me with its warmth and light. While scanning the area, I see something familiar in the distance. Something that sparks an idea in my head on where my next objective should be: Ponyville!

I’m not the kind of guy who wants to draw unwanted attention, especially since I’m from a different dimension where this world and everyone who lives here is based off an animated kids show. But I have little to no choice on where and who I should turn to. Hopefully in Ponyville, I can still find that certain individual who may hold the answers I seek in order to get back into my own world.

With my sights set, I am filled with hope and determination as I briskly trot across the fields of fresh grass and wildflowers. As I trot merrily, I hear an unusual sound: it sounds like a jet roaring across the sky. I look up and see not a plane, but a continuous trail of a glistening rainbow made up of loops, twists, and turns.

No. Way. Can it be? But as I become distracted, I see the rainbow jet stream change its course and suddenly heading directly towards me. As the multi-colored rocket charges towards me, I hear that familiar, tomboyish voice screaming out:


Before I have time to react, the colorful bullet train slams me into the soft ground. I black out for a bit. I imagine at that moment I will be waking up and being back to my normal, boring self. As I drift into slumber once more, I begin to hear that same feminine voice ringing against my muffled ears.

“Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry!”

My ears begin to regain their senses. I slowly open my eyes as I continue to hear that sweet, apologetic voice again.

“Please be okay! Please be okay! Please be okay!”

Once my eyes are opened, my blurred vision begins to see familiar shapes and colors: a four-legged creature with angelic wings, a coat that matches with the blue sky itself, a turf of rainbow hair resting on top of its head, and two dazzling magenta orbs gazing right back at me. At last, my eyes have regained their 20/20 vision, and right before my very eyes is one of my favorite characters in that show I adore so much…

Rainbow Dash!

Chapter 2 – Introductions are in Order

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Chapter 2 – Introductions are in Order

I can’t believe it. This is so unreal! Standing right on top of me is my favorite pony out of the Mane Six, Rainbow Dash! What’s there not to like about her? She’s cool! She’s awesome! She’s confident! She’s brave! She’s loyal! She’s everything I strive to be and more!

I’ve lost track of time as we continue to stare into each other with wide eyes. Somehow, I have a feeling that we’re going through the same emotions we’re feeling right now as we keep looking into each other’s eyes: surprised, confused, and awestruck.

I know I would have to break the ice eventually. So I decide to speak up firsthand.

“Umm… hi.” I say timidly with a soft smile.

“Uhh… hi.” she says to me while bearing the same expression as mine.

“So… do you mind if I get back up?” I think Rainbow Dash’s pupils shrinked a bit after I ask her that while she blushes.

“Oh right! Of course! Here, let me help you.” She lends a hoof, and I grab hold of hers as she pulls me up from the crash landing.

“Thanks Rainbow Dash.” I say with gratitude.

“No problem. Again, I’m really sorry about that! I usually have this really bad habit of crashing into somepony every now and then.” She says with guilt and embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about that.” I respond with a reassuring smile. “I’m a lot tougher than I look as you can see.”

Rainbow Dash sighs with relief. “Well, that’s good to hear.” Then, her expression changes from relief to shock in an instant as something just clicked inside her head.

“Wait a minute. We’ve never met before. How do you know my name already?” she asks suspiciously with a raised eyebrow as she walks toward me.

Crap! I should have been more careful about that! Every step she takes towards me, I take a step back.

“You’re not a spy, are you?” she glares with narrowed eyes. She gets so close to my face, I immediately freeze at her Medusa-like stare.

I have to think of something quickly. I know so much about Rainbow Dash, that maybe there’s something I could use to my advantage. Something that could stroke her ego. Wait… her ego. That’s it!

“Well, duh! Of course I know who you are!” I exclaim boldly. “You’re THE Rainbow Dash! The most incredible Pegasus who’s one of the best flyers of all time! Not to mention the only one who has ever been able to pull off the legendary Sonic Rainboom! There’s probably nopony here on Equestria that hasn’t heard about you and all of your amazing accomplishments!”

And from all of that praise I’m giving to her, Rainbow Dash smiles widely as she holds her chest and head up high with pride for all of her feats I have acknowledged.

“Well, I guess news of my awesomeness does travel just as fast as me, huh?” boasts the athletic Pegasus.

“What can I say? You’re quite an inspiration to me.” I admit.

“Thanks! Well, since you know my name, how about you tell me yours?”

“Oh, of course! I’m Ford. Ford…”

Then I pause from what I was about to say. I can’t use my full name here! It will be too suspicious enough if my name isn’t even as close to that of the Equestrian names!

“Ford what?” Rainbow Dash puzzles.

Come on, Ford! You got yourself out of one situation! You can get yourself out of this one! Just got to think of the right surname for yourself! Just think of one word that pops into your mind, and use it from there!

“Mustang. Ford Mustang.” I say with fake confidence.

Really? That’s the best you can come up with? “Ford Mustang?” You choose that name not only because it relates to a well-known Ford car model, but because it’s also a horse-related pun?! Out of all the names to choose from, that should be the last name that would ever come into mind!

“Ford… Mustang.” Rainbow Dash repeats to herself.

You see?! Even she doesn’t buy that! Face it, Ford! You blew it! There is no way on this Technicolor world of theirs that anyone would ever buy that name--!

“I like it. It’s unusual, but a cool name to have none of the less.” she approves with glee.

Or… maybe she will.

“Oh… t-thank you.” I stumble humbly.

“So what brings you out here?”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I’m kind of lost actually. You see, a strange, magical light teleported me from where I used to live, and somehow I ended up here.”

“Magical light, huh? Where exactly are you from anyway?”

“I… I can’t remember.” I lie with hesitation.

“Oh no! It wasn’t because I crashed into you, is it?” Rainbow gasps in horror.

I wave my hoof in dismissal to ease her worries. “No no no! Of course not! I just can’t remember much of my past right now after that mysterious light incident.”

Rainbow shows some relief from hearing that, but she couldn’t help but feel some pity for me.

“Still, that kind of sucks that you’ve lost some of your memories like that. I wonder why you can still remember me though?”

“Like I said, you were quite an inspiration to me.”

Rainbow Dash blushes a little bit as she turns her head away from my gaze. She’s so cute when she blushes like that. Suddenly, her blush disappears as her face lights up with joy.

“I’ve got it! I know who we can turn to!” she squeaks with excitement.

“Who?” I asks, despite knowing who Rainbow Dash was going to suggest.

“Twilight Sparkle!” she answers with enthusiasm. I guess great minds do think alike sometimes.

“Twilight Sparkle?” I ask with fake curiosity.

“Yeah!” Rainbow Dash explains. “She’s actually our newest princess, but don’t worry. She’s cool. She’s not that keen with formalities and such. Anyway, if there’s anyone who’s good with magical mysteries, it’s Twilight!”

“Then there’s a chance for me to get back home!” I glee with renewed hope.

“And to get your memories back.” Rainbow Dash adds.

“Right. And to get my memories back. Of course.” I chuckle sheepishly.

“Well, come on! What are we waiting for?! She’s probably in Ponyville right now!” Rainbow Dash says with anticipation as she takes flight towards the cozy town.

I begin to follow suit as I prepare to take flight for the first time. I’m so excited to finally use these babies. After a few flaps, I leap into the air, spread my wings, and… plummet back to the ground.

I don’t get it! I just need to flap my wings a lot and I should be good to go! I try flapping them while I’m on the ground, but it isn’t working. I try flapping even harder, but it wasn’t improving my situation as well. I was just pushing myself to the point of exhaustion. Then I see Rainbow Dash flying back to me with concern. This is going to be so hard to explain to her.

“What’s taking you?” she asks impatiently. “We could have been in Ponyville ten seconds flat by now.”

I… I can’t fly.” I confess quietly with shame and embarrassment as I hang my head low.

“Sorry, could you repeat that?”

“I can’t fly.” I repeat again, this time a little louder.

She just stands there. As if I spoke of something so unheard of. After that awkward silence, she begins to laugh. She laughs so much and so uncontrollably that she rolls on the grass as she couldn’t contain her laughter anymore. I couldn’t lower my head any further after enduring all of that.

“Oh man! That’s a good one, Ford! Boy, I really need that!” she giggles gleefully.

But as her laughter starts to die down, she finally looks up as she sees my shameful expression. Her laughter comes to a sudden stop once she notices how embarrassing it was for me.

“Seriously?” she inquires. I merely nod my head in response as I still avoid eye contact with her.

"WHAT?!" she shouts, which snaps me out of my shame so that I got her full attention. “That’s awful! How can a full-grown Pegasus like you not be able to fly at all?! That’s like taking away a Unicorn’s ability with magic! Or taking away an Earth Pony’s ability with… umm… whatever Earth Ponies are best known for their abilities!”

Her expression begins to soften as she comes closer to me to offer her sympathy while resting a foreleg on my back.

“I’m really sorry for laughing like that. I honestly thought you were just pulling my leg.” she apologizes.

“Believe me, I wish I were.” I smile sheepishly.

“Well don’t you worry! Once we find Twilight, we’ll be able to work all of this out!” she says with reassurance. “So, since you can’t fly right now, how about I just walked you over to Ponyville instead? I could use the moment to stretch my legs anyway.” That’s just another reason why I like Rainbow Dash so much: no matter what, she will never leave anyone (or in this case, “anypony”) hanging.

“Thanks Rainbow.” I say to her as we begin our trot towards Ponyville. “I really appreciate--”

In the blink of an eye, Rainbow goes from a trot to a full-on gallop as she races to Ponyville. I was bewildered by this sudden change.

“Last one at the main entrance is a moldy carrot!” she shouts back to me. I chuckle at this notion.

“Hey! No fair! You gave yourself a head start!” I whine jokingly as I gallop right behind her.


After our race, we are now in Ponyville. Compared to the two of us, Rainbow Dash barely made a sweat, and I was completely out of breath. I definitely need to work on my equine physique more if I’m going to blend in with the rest of these ponies.

“Looks like your wings aren’t the only things that are out of shape.” she chuckles.

“You… don’t… say.” I retort as I continue to gasp for air.

“But don’t worry. Once you follow my standard exercise routine, you’ll be in tip-top shape in no time!”

By the time I’ve managed to catch my breath, I have a better look at my surroundings. It’s just as I have imagined: a lively town filled with very friendly ponies just merrily going about their lives. Sure, this place doesn’t have all of the same technological privileges back where I’m from, but this place makes up for that with its simplicity and tranquility. It’s that kind of peace and cleanliness that I envy so much compared to what’s back on Earth.

As Rainbow Dash leads me to our next destination, I begin to notice a lot of ponies staring at me. Some of them even start to gossip with one and another. This is the kind of unwanted attention I definitely don’t want to deal with right now.

“Say, Rainbow Dash.” I ask her. “Do I really stand out that much from the crowd?”

“Probably it’s because what’s on your flank.” She points to my backside.

“Why? What’s on my flank…?” I turn my head eagerly to find nothing more than a blank flank once again. The realization hits me like a ton of bricks for forgetting about my missing Cutie Mark. “Oh right. Nothing.” I sigh with disappointment.

“Hey, buck up now!” she softly nudges me. “Ponyville is the friendliest place to be on Equestria! You don’t need to worry about being left out as an outcast here.”

“But if anypony even dares to mess with my new pal…” she announces to the gawking crowd. “...they might as well as kiss their sorry flanks goodbye one last time before I kicked them into orbit!” The sudden outburst causes most of the bystanders to turn the other way while trying to not pay any more attention to me.

“Thanks but… don’t you even find this a bit strange that I lack a Cutie Mark?”

“Hey, I’m a Pegasus born with a mane that has every color of the rainbow. I don’t think even I have that right to judge what’s strange and what isn’t. Besides, what makes one thing strange makes us more unique and cool, right? And whether you have a cutie mark or not, doesn’t affect the kind of pony you want to be in life, and I like you just the way you are right now.”

I never heard such kind and comforting words before in such a long time. Her words begin to melt much of the shame and doubt I been having with myself regarding with my missing Cutie Mark. Rainbow Dash, you truly are the best thing a friend could ask for.

“Heh, since when have you become quite the philosopher, Rainbow Dash?” I chuckle.

“Phil-o-what-now?” she baffles with a confused face.

But before I can think of another word to substitute for that, Rainbow Dash turns her attention to another familiar pony as she bounces happily towards our direction.

“Oh hey look! There’s Pinkie Pie!” Rainbow points to her pink, fluffy-headed, springy friend. Pinkie Pie comes to a gentle stop before us from all the skipping she was doing.

“Go on.” Rainbow nudges me. “Say 'hi' to her.”

“Umm… hello?” I greet to her timidly.

After my shy greeting, Pinkie Pie leaps high into the air, lets out a big air-sucking gasp, and zooms away in the opposite direction without even touching the ground. Yep, definitely Pinkie Pie.

“Whoa.” I say with mild amazement. “Déjà vu.”

“Care to translate that, Ford?” Rainbow Dash inquires jokingly.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just a phrase I picked up somewhere.” I needed to change the subject so that I can make no mention of any references from the animated show. “So, where are we heading again?”

“We’re heading to the Golden Oaks Library.” she says as we continue our stroll through town. “That’s usually where we will find Twilight. It was her previous home before her coronation as a princess. But every now and then, she stops there for our usual get-togethers.”

“It’s funny.” she giggles. “You can take the egghead out of the library, but you can’t take the library out of the egghead.” I chuckle along with her little joke. Well, at least it’s nice to know that even as a princess, Twilight isn’t so out of touch from being with her very best friends.


We finally arrive at Ponyville’s Golden Oaks Library, and the sun is beginning to set. It must have been an hour or two since we began our journey to this enormous treehouse.

“So who runs the library now?” I ask.

“Nopony really.” she replies. “It’s a public library, so anypony is free to walk in and out with any book they wish to carry with them. The only catch is that if the books are not returned within a month after they leave the library’s premises, the late books are automatically teleported back to their proper shelves thanks to their special enchantments. Courtesy of Twilight Sparkle of course.”

Rainbow Dash opens the door for me and I enter the library first. Inside the library, it is pitched dark. So dark, I couldn’t see anything, not even my own hoof.

“That’s weird.” Rainbow says right behind me. “I don’t recall the library to be closed this early. I wonder what’s going on here.”

Just then, the lights go on, and a large, unknown crowd says one word in unison, which causes both me and Rainbow Dash to be very startled:


In front of us are dozens of party-enthusiastic ponies crammed in the main floor of the library with confetti flying everywhere and party blowers and big cheers filling the air. No doubt this was all a grand scheme set up by that party pony extraordinaire, Pinkie Pie.

“Hi!” Pinkie Pie appears out of nowhere, which gives me a bit of a fright. “I’m Pinkie Pie! We’ve never met before! Well, we sort of did about an hour ago, but anyway, we finally get to meet for the very first ever! You see, I first noticed you when you were with Rainbow Dash, and I was asking myself, ‘Who is this pony? I’ve never seen him before.’ And once I got a better look at you, I realized that you were new, and if you were new, that meant you haven't met anypony yet, and if you haven't met anypony yet, you must not have any friends, and if you don't have any friends, then you must be really lonely! So I was like *SURPRISE GASP* and I zoomed across town gathering as many friends as possible to setup my patent-approved, super-duper, spectacular welcome party all in the name of you! Speaking of which, what is your name, and does anypony else get a case of déjà vu all of sudden? But enough about me. Tell me something about you.”

‘I… well, I mean… I…” I stammer greatly as I was unsure of how to introduce myself, especially in front of large group of colorful ponies and Pinkie Pie as they wait eagerly on what I have to say. I need to escape from all of this. I frantically look overhead for a means of salvation. And at last, I have found my own private sanctum. That only leaves me to say my first words to the welcoming crowd:


Chapter 3 – The End of a Very Long Day

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Chapter 3 – The End of a Very Long Day

My frantic outburst causes the party go completely silence as everypony turns their attention towards the source. This gives me a chance to spot a clearing, and I dart to the bathroom upstairs. I rush as fast as my newly transformed legs could allow to the vacant bathroom and shut the door behind me.

Once I closed the door, I was barely able to hear Pinkie Pie outside giggling, “Awwwww! He must be so happy, he could hardly contain himself!” From hearing that embarrassing comment, I actually begin to feel Nature calling. And since I’m in the bathroom already, I might as well make good use of it.

After relieving myself (though it did take a while to figure out how I was supposed to position myself on the toilet with this new body of mine), I walk to the sink to wash my fore hooves. After that, I instinctively splash some warm water on my face, though I wasn’t sure how that was supposed to help out in my current situation. From there, I just look into the mirror, staring at myself as I try to make sense on all of this.

“Okay, Ford.” I talk to myself as if it will help me get to calm down. “Get it together now. This is all probably just another dream. Yeah, that’s it. You’ll wake up eventually, and everything will go back to normal just like the way it was before.”

After I calmed down a bit, I take a look down below to see my hind hooves while my fore hooves rest on the sink’s counter. I look back at the mirror, close my eyes tightly, clap my hind hooves three times, and whisper those five magical words over and over again.

“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.”

I open my eyes and saw nothing has changed what’s so ever. I’m still stuck as a Pegasus Pony with worthless wings and an empty flank for my missing Cutie Mark.

“I wonder if Rarity might have a pair of magical ruby slippers I can borrow.” I muse to myself.

As I angst about my unknown fate, a soft knock on the door shakes me from my trance.

“Ford.” Rainbow Dash says sweetly. “Are you okay in there?”

I sigh and begin to speak up, “To be perfectly honest… NO! I am not okay! I have a pair of useless wings, which I don’t even know how to use properly, I’m practically the only grown-up pony who doesn’t have a Cutie Mark to showoff on what my calling in life is, I don’t know how got here in the first place, or why I got here for that matter! And to sum it all up, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO I AM SUPPOSE TO BE ANYMORE!!

I slump on the floor and curl myself into a ball as I try so desperately to fight off the tears that are leaking from my eyes. “I just don’t know anymore.” I whimper softly.

I continue sob for awhile, not realizing that the door is swinging open. Without even looking up, I feel the soft, warm embrace of Rainbow Dash as she wraps her strong, angelic wing around me. I immediately return the gesture and hold her tightly while she rests her head on top of mine. Her smooth coat and gentle feathers feel so nice and soothing as they gave me the sense of comfort I needed to vanquish away the sorrow that has been eating away my aching heart. No words were needed for this tendered, caring moment we were having.

After a while, we slowly begin to break up the hug, and Rainbow asks me with a comforting smile, “Better?”

I wipe what’s left of my tears and smile back at her. “Much better. Thank you.”

“Come on!” She leads me out of the bathroom. “This welcome party can’t get officially started without its guest of honor!”


And so the party commenced. Surprisingly, ponies cheer for my return as Pinkie Pie starts bawling over something about how she thought she did something wrong to make me that upset. I reassure Pinkie that everything was fine, and that I was just really surprised on having such a massive party all dedicated to me. Pinkie stated matter-of-factly that was the point of a surprise welcome party.

After a good laugh we shared, Rainbow and Pinkie introduce me to their other three good friends: Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy. After introductions, I got a nice conversation from each of the three friends. Fluttershy tells me a lot about some of her animal friends, which I would love to meet them so that I can hopefully get to pet them. Rarity and I share an understanding and appreciate of the arts, though we each have different distinctions of course. And Applejack explains to me the prospects of being an apple farmer.

AJ even introduces me some of her home-cooked treats and her world-famous apple cider she brought to the party. I anticipatively sample the foamy, golden cider, and without a doubt, it was the best cider I have ever had! Ever! The cool, refreshing taste filled my taste buds with the perfect blend of sweetness and sourness of the finest apples that was ever picked off of the orchard. It was like drinking the most mouth-watering apple right through a straw. Truly, this beverage was the nectar of the gods! After quenching my thirst, I enjoy some of Applejack’s treats. All of them made with apples, and all of them bursting with deliciously intense flavors.

Once I was recharged from all of that delicious food and drink I was partaking in, the music begins to crank up as ponies begin to dance the night away. I was reluctant to join in the fray since I don’t do well when it comes to dancing, but Rainbow Dash wouldn't have it as she grabs my hooves to pull me onto the dance floor. I'm not sure what to do, so Rainbow shows me some moves to follow along. I start out slow, then I begin to pick up the pace, and finally I let myself go into the rhythmic beat and let the music take control. I’ve become so happy, that all of my cares and worries I’ve held on to for so long begin to drift away.

“Wow! Glad to see you’re finally having such a good time!” An unknown, yet familiar female voice says behind me. “Makes me a bit shameful on how I handled my own welcome party the first time I arrived here!”

I stop dancing and turn my head around to see who it was. There she is! The very pony I been searching for who might holds the answers I seek! In all of her glory with her expanded wings, well-cared mane, and a golden crown sharing the same symbol as her Cutie Mark: Princess Twilight Sparkle!

“Princess Twilight!” I announce frantically as I bow to the floor immediately. “It is such an honor to finally meet you!”

“Arise, my fellow pony!” she wave with such gentle authority as I get myself back. “Te-hee! Oh, how I’ve wanted to say that all day!” she squeals in delight. I chuckle mentally at this change of cute expressions.

“Anyway, Mr. Mustang, I have been informed by Rainbow Dash that you are in need of my assistance.” she states after regaining her composure.

“Oh yes!” I exclaim joyfully. “Very much so! I really do need your help! But if you don’t mind, can we talk about this more privately?” I ask sheepishly.

“Of course. Just stay still for one second.” She closes her eyes gently as horn begins to glow brightly. And in a split second…



A flash of light briefly blinds me before it immediately fades away.

“Who?! Huh?! What?! Where?!” I panicked while turning my head all around to see where I was at this time.

“Sorry for the teleportation spell.” Twilight says warmly. “I figure that this is the best place to discuss our matters in private.”

I finally settled down, and got a better look at where I was taken. It looks like a luxurious bedroom that you can only find at suites or castles. And seeing how some of the décor bear the same symbol as Princess Twilight’s Cutie Mark, this place must be her own chambers. We’re probably in Canterlot’s royal castle right now. And by looking at how dim the room is as well as by looking out of the window, it’s the start of nightfall right now.

“Please, have a seat.” Twilight gestures over to the tea table where plump cushions were lay across from each side. She leads me to the table where we each take our seat on soft, cushiony pillow mats. Using her magic, she levitates a tea pot to pour some tea into our cups. She then floats one cup to my side of the table. I carefully grip the delicate chinaware with my stubby hooves and manage to get a sip out of the tea cup.

“Mmmm. Thank you, Princess. This is quite excellent.” I compliment after enjoying the refreshing herbal tea.

“Please, call me Twilight.” she says with a nice smile. “Now then…” She takes a sip of her tea before continuing. “Please tell me on how I may help you.”

I have to be careful on what I am about to say. But if I’m going to get Twilight’s help, I have to be honest about how I got here and where I come from. I can’t reveal anything about how there’s an animated TV show that’s based off of this world and its inhabitants. I don’t even know if there’s a connection between something that is fiction in my world and something that encompasses their entire reality in their world. The very truth about it might be earth-shattering and could have major consequences. I take a deep breath and begin my story.

“Twilight, have you ever heard about humans before?” I start off hesitantly.

“Only through legends.” the alicorn princess answers with a puzzled look. “But there are no historical records regarding with that race.”

“Well the truth is, I’m really a human. Or, at least I was a human.”

“Interesting.” Twilight says with peaked curiousity. “Please continue.”

“Well, I don’t know how, but in my world, I was mysteriously transported by a golden light of fire and ended up here in your world. And not only that, but that golden light must have transformed me into the Pegasus that you see right in front of you. I know it’s hard to believe in all of this.”

“Oh, I think there’s some evidence to prove that your story isn’t as hard to believe as you might think it is.” she responds.

“What do you mean, Twilight?” I ask humbly.

“The way you grip your tea cup. It’s obvious that you are having trouble with your hooves; therefore it is most likely that you are not use to your new body as a pony. And the lack of a Cutie Mark on your flank. There might have been some late bloomers for colts and fillies to earn their Cutie Marks, but everypony at your estimated age has already established their own Cutie Marks by that point. And one last important thing…”


“You seem too kind and gentle of a pony to make up a story like that.” She says warmly with a gentle smile. I blush a little from hearing her saying that.

“Now, tell me more about your homeworld.” She levitates a scroll of paper and a quill pen. “The more specific details you give me, the easier it should be for me to find you a way back home.”

I give as much detail as I could about my world as Twilight lists them down. I made sure to have keywords be listed down such as Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Solar System, Unites States of America, etc.

As we were finishing up the list, the princess asks, “Is there anything else you would like to tell me before we finish this up?”

I paused for a moment, wondering if I should tell her about the “My Little Pony” show. Then I simply say, “Nope, that’s all I can think of.”

“Very good.” Twilight nods as she rolls up her scroll. “I shall consult with the other princesses and see what I can do to get you back home.” She then magically vanquishes her scroll and pen into an unknown location.

“Thank you!” I lightly bow to her. “Thank you so very much!” I want to kiss her feet right then and there to express my eternal gratitude to her, but I’m sure she wouldn’t be comfortable with that.

“Umm… forgive me if I ask you this.” I inquire sheepishly. “But how long do you suppose it will take before I can get back home?”

“Well…” she says hesitantly as she gives it some deep thought on my question. “If I have to guess, I would have to say at least… six months.”

“SIX MONTHS?!” I shout fearfully.

“I’m very sorry, Ford!” Twilight apologizes sheepishly. “But considering how complex my schedule as a princess is as well as taking the time to locate a new world that even Princess Celestia doesn’t know about, six months is the best that I can offer!”

“Oh no! I’m terribly sorry, Twilight!” I immediately apologize back for being so rude like that. “I’m just… a bit shocked that it will take me so long to finally get back home. Please forgive me. I should be more grateful for all that you have done for me.”

It’s not that I can’t manage myself as a pony for an entire six months. The problem I fear the most is how my family will react to my sudden disappearance. I can only imagine all the heartbreak and devastating emotions they will have to be going through right now, such as searching for my body and to finally accept the hard truth about my untimely death before they can arrange my funeral. I really want to tell my mom and dad that I’m perfectly fine despite my current predicament, but that is way beyond my grasp as of this point.

“In any case…” Twilight rises from her seat as I follow suit as well. “We should get back to your party. I’m sure Pinkie Pie won’t be happy if you haven’t partaken in any of her traditional party games.”

“Wait!” I interrupt before we can make our departure. “Please don’t tell anypony about this! Especially about the part on how I’m actually a human! I really don’t want to over-complicate things with the rest of your friends!”

“Don’t worry.” Twilight smiles warmly as she rests a hoof on my shoulder. “I’ll take care of everything.”


Once Princess Twilight and I teleport back to the library, we continue the party with some party games and more dancing. Eventually, it starts to get late and many ponies begin to take their leave. As ponies exit the library, Twilight and I gather around with the rest of the Mane Six in order to discuss what I should do next. Twilight basically tells her friends on how I will be staying in Ponyville for a very long time.

“And so you see…” Twilight finishes her statement. “We need to find a place for our new friend, Ford Mustang, to stay before I can find a way to not only send him back home, but to also recover some of his lost memories.”

“Oh oh!” Rainbow Dash waves her hoof excitedly. “He can crash at my place! You’re gonna love it, Ford!” She squeals in delight as she pulls me closer to her. “My place is like a castle in the sky! This is gonna be SO AWESOME!”

“Umm… Rainbow Dash?” I respond shamefully. I only need to showcase my poor wings to her, and she immediately knows I am about to say.

“Oh right. You still can’t fly yet, huh? Sorry.” she said sheepishly as she rubs the back of her head with her fore hoof.

“Well, if Ford doesn’t mind…” Applejack intervenes humbly. “My family might have a spare bedroom that he can use.”

“Will you be serving more of that delicious food over there?” I ask childishly.

“Darn tootin’!” Applejack states proudly. “For starters, we always have a hearty breakfast to help us get through our morning chores. Our breakfast usually includes some of our favorites like apple butter, apple cinnamon rolls, applesauce muffins packed with juicy berries, apple caramel pancakes topped with maple syrup, and of course, you can’t start a day without having some of our good-old fashioned, freshly ripe apples!” As she went down the list on all the tasty items, my mouth begins to water for what is to come by tomorrow morning. And that was enough to make my decision on housing.

“Okay, it’s decided! I’m staying at Applejack’s place! Come on! Let’s go!” I say eagerly with most haste, as I playfully shove Applejack to lead the way. She chuckles at the notion and begins to lead me out of the library. As we were leaving, I hear a slight disappointing groan coming from Rainbow Dash. I start to feel really bad from reacting to AJ’s invitation like that after Rainbow Dash was the first one to welcome me into her own home. I need to make it up to her.

“Uh… Applejack? I’ll meet you outside for a bit. There’s something I have to take care of first.” AJ nodded as she and the others leave the library, leaving the empty main floor to just me and Rainbow Dash.

“So… I guess I’ll see you around tomorrow, right?” she starts off awkwardly.

“Yeah, of course.” I respond with an awkward smile. I can still see some of the disappointment in her eyes even though she’s avoiding eye contact with me. I need to set things right for all that she has done for me.

“Rainbow?” I ask her gently.

“Yes?” she turns her attention back towards me. I become a bit hesitant on what I’m about to do next during that brief silence, but I push those doubts aside and just go with it. I rush towards Rainbow Dash and give her the biggest hug that I can offer to her. I can tell just how surprised she was by feeling how tensed her body was, but eventually, her body relaxes as she hugs me back.

“Thank you.” I say to her softly. “For everything. I not only had a great time here in Ponyville because of you, but I am also truly grateful to have a friend like you for being there when I need it the most.”

We break the hug as we look into each other’s eyes, sharing the same warm smile from that moment. “Even if I’m just a flightless Pegasus without a Cutie Mark to begin with.” I chuckle.

“Well don’t sell yourself too short just yet.” Rainbow Dash says with a cocky grin. “Especially when I’ve got plans in store for you.”

“Plans?” I repeat with a startled expression.

“Well you didn’t expect to be grounded forever, do you?” Rainbow Dash continues. “Starting tomorrow, you and I are going to start off some serious training if you ever want to see those winged beauties in action again!” She points at my delicate wings. “So prepare yourself, Mr. Mustang, ‘cause I’m not going to go easy on you!”

“Heh, I’m always up for a good challenge when it presents itself.” I respond with an eager and slightly cocky grin.

“Good!” she says with satisfaction as we walk out of the library. “I’ve got some weather pony duties to take care of tomorrow morning, so I’ve stop by on the farm afterwards and we can begin your training as soon as possible.”

“Great! I’ll look forward to it.”

“Awesome! Get lots of sleep now!” Rainbow begins to take flight. “Tomorrow is going to be a big day!” She waves goodbye as she disappears into the nightly, purple sky. I wave goodbye as well as her rainbow trail slowly vanishes away.

“Yeah…. tomorrow is certainly going to be a big day.” I mutter to myself as I continue to stare out into space.

Chapter 4 – A Day on the Farm

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Ugh… where’s that cursed snooze button? Wait. When does my alarm clock sound like a screeching rooster? I wake up from my slumber and get a good look at myself to verify my situation. Yep. Still on Equestria. Still a flightless Pegasus. Still without a Cutie Mark. Still the same, lonely, boring me. Sigh.

I have to say, despite my initial discomfort as a pony, the bed I was sleeping in is very comfy. Quilted sheets secure my body so snuggly as my head rests on one of the two fluffy pillows. The guestroom I was in is decorated with items and furniture you would find at a country store, except some of them are engraved with apple symbols. As much as I want to stay in my incredibly comfy bed, I know that once I’m wide awake, I can’t go back to sleep so easily. As I get out of bed, my nose begins to pick up something delicious outside of my room. I exit the room in hope to have that breakfast I’ve anticipated since last night.

As I make my descent from the staircase, the delicious smell gets stronger for each step I take. It must be because of my equine transformation that I’ve gain some heightening senses. My muzzle leads me to kitchen as I recognize the master chef behind the upcoming feast: an elderly green-colored mare who just pulled some freshly baked muffins out of the oven. The happy-go-lucky, spunky matriarch has to be Granny Smith.

“Well howdy my little pony!” Granny Smith greets me with broad, warm smile.

“Good morning, Mrs…” I stumble a bit because I’m not supposed to know her name without her introducing it herself. “Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t got a chance to know your name yet.” I finish my sentence sheepishly.

“Shoot, no need to apologize for that! Name’s Granny Smith! And you must be that Ford Mustang fella Applejack was talkin’ about this morning.”

“Yes, ma’am! Speaking of which, where is Applejack anyway?”

“Oh, she and her two siblings are out yonder workin’ on their daily chores right now.” She says as she continues her cooking. “Why do you go outside and meet them while I get breakfast ready?”

“Okay.” I make my way outside of the kitchen using the backdoor. “It’s very nice to meet you, Mrs. Smith.”

“Well ain’t you just as sweet as a honeysuckle! But there’s no need to go the extra mile with all of ‘em formalities and such. Please, call me ‘Granny’ just like everypony else!”

“Umm… okay. Goodbye, Granny!” I say to her as I exit the kitchen.


I didn’t realize how ginormous the property of Sweet Apple Acres is. Their apple orchards must have stretched even beyond the horizon. I should have asked Granny Smith where exactly her grandchildren might be. But before I can begin my trek through the labyrinth of apple trees, my ears begin to perk up as they pick up something. It sounds like somepony is banging rhythmically on hard wooden surfaces. Perhaps it’s the three siblings applebucking some of their trees. I happily gallop over to where I have pinpointed their location. Thank you, equestrian ears!

At last, I find the three hard-working siblings, each of them doing their respective jobs. Applejack is bucking one of the apple trees with her strong hind legs. Apple Bloom assembles the baskets that will catch the falling apples as well as picks up any apples that didn’t make it into the baskets. And their big brother, Big Macintosh, loads up the abundant baskets onto a cart nearby.

“Good morning, Applejack!” I greet to the applebucking older sister.

“Well hey there, sugarcube!” she turns her head towards me with a welcoming smile. “Never thought Ah would see you up this early.”

“What can I say? I’ve always been a morning per-- er… pony.” I really need to be careful with my phrasing. Especially in front of the Element Bearer of Honesty.

“Oh, let me introduce you to my family! That there over by the cart is my big brother, Big Macintosh!” I turn my head over to where Applejack was pointing at. From the looks of it, I am just as tall as Big Mac, except my muscles are not quite as bulky as his. Big Mac nods at me, and I nod him back.

“And this here is our little sister, Apple Bloom!” Applejack introduces as she pats Apple Bloom’s mane. The little filly stares at me with wide eyes while staying pretty close to her older sister. I start to get nervous by this. I begin to think it would be best for me to introduce myself so that she wouldn’t be so frighten of me.

“Hi. I’m Ford Mustang. It’s nice to meet you, Apple Bloom.” I say gingerly.

I wait for a better response from Apple Bloom. Then, I see her eyes looking at something besides me. And her expression instantly lights up with a big smile.

“Applejack?” Apple Bloom asks her sister enthusiastically. “Is Ford really gonna be staying with us?”

“For as long as he likes, AB.” Applejack answers.

Apple Bloom couldn’t contain her excitement any further as she hops around me with glee. “YAY!” she shouts happily. “I can’t wait to tell my friends about our new house guest! This is going to be so great!” I never thought my own appearance could make someone so giddy like that.

“Anyway…” I turn my attention back to Applejack. “...since I’m out here, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Aw shucks, sugarcube.” she says humbly. “You’re our guest. Ya don’t have to do anything for us.”

“No no.” I respond firmly and respectfully. “I won’t have none of that. If I’m going to live here, I might as well do my fair share of work around here. Beside, I could really use the workout so that I don’t lounge around all day.”

“Well, since you’ve insisted…” she says a bit hesitantly. “…Ah suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra hoof around the farm.”

She ponders for a bit on what I can do right now, and fortunately, an idea comes to her mind. “Actually, there might be something ya can do for the time being. Follow me!”


Right next to the orchard they are working at, there is large acre of brown, untilled land. And at the edge of that land, was a plough just laying right there. I think I have a good idea on what Applejack is going to ask me to do.

“So Ford, have ya ever used a plough before?” she asks.

“No. Can’t say that I have.” I answer sheepishly.

“Don’t fret about it. It’s really easy. All ya have to do is take that plough and pull it across that acre of land from one side to the other. Think ya can handle it?”

“Well there’s only way to find out.” I smirk as I walk over to the plough.

With Applejack’s help, I strap the plough’s harness around my torso. I begin to plow the earth, but pulling this plough wasn’t the same compared to how I used to push a lawn mower back on Earth.

“Huh, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.” I admit coyly.

“Hmm… maybe all ya need is a little push.” Applejack smiles mischievously.

“What kind of push are you referring to--?” But as I was about to finish that sentence, I feel a hard, whip-cracking smack on my flank, thanks to Applejack’s flailing tail. After making a loud neighing yelp, I did a short trot, which gave me enough momentum to properly begin my plowing. I quickly glare back at Applejack while she just smiles and chuckles right back at me.

“Ah’ll check on you later once breakfast is nearly done!” Applejack hollers as she walks back to her routine.


Despite that slow start, I begin to pick up speed for each row I just plowed. It’s quite an amazing experience to me on how much I begin to improve on my legs as I was plowing the land.

As I was nearly finished with my plowing, I see Applejack coming back to see me. Must mean that breakfast time is approaching.

“Hey, Ford Mustang! Ah just wanna letcha know that breakfast is almost--” But before she can finish that sentence, she out an awestricken gasp as she looks at what I have accomplished.

“Oh hey, Applejack! I’m just finishing up here.” I wave at her as I come to a complete stop with the plough.

“Woo-doggy!” she expresses in approving delight. “Ah never thought you would finish this up so quickly! Are ya sure you ain’t a distant relative of ours?” she says with a sly smile.

“Believe me, if I was, I would have come here sooner.” I chuckle.

We chuckle a bit more before our share in laughter is interrupted by the loud grumble of my stomach. “He-he. And my stomach would agree too.” I chuckle bashfully.

“Well, ya certainly deserve a break after what you have accomplished today!” I smile with pride and embarrassment at her praise. “Hope you’ve worked up a great appetite, ‘cause we’ve got a big breakfast lined up, and Granny Smith isn’t too keen about guests leaving the table without a full stomach!”


After a very good, hearty breakfast, featuring pancakes, muffins, hash browns, freshly-squeezed juices, eggs (probably the only thing in this world that can satisfy my meat-craving urges), and of course, you can’t have any meal at Sweet Apple Acres without apples, Applejack and I go back to the orchards while Big Mac escorts Apple Bloom to school. I help out Applejack with assembling the baskets around an apple tree. Today, Applejack is going to be teach me how to applebuck my first tree!

“Okay, this looks like a good tree to start with.” Applejack taps the trunk of the tree lightly. “Alrighty Ford, why don’t ya give it a try.”

I gingerly approach the chosen tree. I turn myself around, look back at tree, lift one of my hind legs into position, and I kick that tree. I eagerly turn around to see any apples fall off the tree, but not a single one did. I lower my head in shame for my failure.

“Oh, don’t beat yourself too hard, Ford.” Applejack reassures me. “Here. Let me show ya how to do it, and then you can try it again on the next tree.” We switch places as I make sure to watch Applejack’s methods carefully.

“Okay, the first thing y’all need to do is firmly plant your fore hooves into the ground, like this.” Applejack presses each of her fore hooves into the soft dirt. “That way, it will prepare yourself when bucking a tree with both of your hindlegs. Using both of your hindlegs at the same time will deliver a more powerful blow than with just a single leg. So, all ya need to do is align yerself up, position yer fore hooves properly, and when you’re ready… just BUCK IT!” And she finishes those last words by applebucking that tree with all of her strength. The tree shakes violently as all of its apples fall in their individual baskets. Truly, this is the work of a master!

“And that my friend, is how it’s done down on the farm.” AJ says with great pride as she raises her head up high while crossing her left hooves over her right hooves.

“Wow!” I say after I was briefly speechless from witnessing such an incredible feat.

“Now help me load up these baskets, and we’ll getcha set up for the next tree.”

After loading the apples onto a cart, I get myself ready for another tree to try applebucking again. Just like Applejack taught me, I position myself next to the tree, plant my fore hooves firmly into the ground, and once I became ready… I just BUCK IT! And with that, my hind hooves hit the tree much harder than I did with the previous tree. At first, nothing is happening just like before, but suddenly, one by one, the apples begin to fall into their baskets. I didn’t get all of the apples at once, but it was just enough to be proud of for a novice like me.

“Nicely done, Ford!” Applejack comments cheerfully. “A couple of more bucks like that, and y’all be a certified applebucker in no time!”


Once I got into the swing of things, I continue to help AJ with bucking more apple trees. Eventually, Big Mac joins up with us after he dropped off Apple Bloom at school. For each tree I bucked, I feel like my applebucking skills are slowly getting better over time.

“Hey, Ford!” Applejack calls out to me. “Mind comin’ here for a sec?”

I walk toward where Applejack called me. She’s standing right next to a very sturdy tree. For some reason, AJ’s smile looks a bit devious for her own good.

“What’s up, Applejack?” I ask a bit cautiously.

“Well… would you care to buck this tree for me, please?” she asks sincerely, but still maintaining that slightly devious smile.

I look up at the tree, there weren’t that many apples hanging there compared to the other trees I just bucked. So why does AJ want me to buck this tree I wonder.

“Now just stand right here and buck this one real good.” she says eagerly as he softly nudges me into the spot she was pointing at. I take one last look at the scheming Applejack. What is she up to? I decide to ignore what she was thinking about, position myself to where she told me to stand, and buck that tree as hard as I could. I look up to see the remaining apples fall right into the baskets. But as I continue to look up, I notice a lot of leaves and broken branches rustling out of place right above me. Suddenly, I hear a familiar sound in the form of an outcry.


“Omph!” I howl briefly in shocked and in pain as the large object fell on top of me. Once again, just like yesterday, I was pinned down on the ground by Rainbow Dash. This time, a saddlebag she was carrying landed right next to her.

“Rainbow Dash?” I groan slightly. “What were you doing up there?”

“Well, I was trying to take a nap…” she answers bitterly. “…but somepony decided it would be funny to wake me up abruptly like that.”

“It wasn’t my idea!” I snap in defense. “It was--!” But before I could finish my plea, Rainbow Dash and I begin to share the same thing in mind on who’s the cause behind all of this. Once we realize who is was, both of us glare simultaneously at Applejack, who was busy laughing her flank on the ground.

“This was your idea, wasn’t it, AJ?” Rainbow’s frown begins to turn in a giddy smile.

“Eeyup!” Applejack admits as she continues her giggles. Soon all three of us burst into laughter. I have to admit it, AJ got us good!

“Well since I’m wide awake right now…” Rainbow says as she picks up her saddlebag. “…we can get started on those flying lessons we've talked about.” I look at Applejack to make sure it’s alright for me leave the farm like this.

“Go on, Ford.” Applejack reassures me. “Me and Big Mac can take care of things from here.”

“Awesome!” Rainbow responds happily. “Well come on, Ford! We’re burning daylight already!” In all of this excitement, she hovers in the air, and wraps her hooves around my waist.

“Wait what are you doing-- WAAAAAAAAHHH!!” In an instant, I was launched into the sky as I scream uncontrollably. I think I could hear Applejack shouting something down below as I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

“Have fun you two!” Applejack hollers with a mighty chuckle.

Chapter 5 – First Flying Lessons

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Chapter 5 – First Flying Lessons


“Umm… you might want to rephrase that from where you’re standing.” Rainbow Dash smirks.

I take a moment to look down below. I wasn’t standing on anything. I was dangling in the air, staring down at the town of Ponyville, above hundreds of feet in the air. I let out a big gulp as this sudden realization strikes me with quaking fear.

“GENTLY!” I rephrase to my only salvation at hand-- I mean hoof. “PUT ME DOWN GENTLY!”

Finally, Rainbow Dash swoops down for a clear landing in an open field, which looks like it was part of a park. After she gently places me onto the ground, I try to calm down my racing heart as my legs wouldn’t stop trembling.

“Geez! You’re acting like as if you’ve never flew before.” Rainbow Dash speculates. “You must have hit your head pretty hard to be shaking like that.” I sit myself down before my legs collapse and begin to lower my head for what I am about to say to her.

“Sorry.” I said in a mixture of fear and shame. “I’m not entirely used to flying that much. Mostly, it’s because I’m… sort of… afraid of heights.”

“Hey, it’s okay, Ford.” she reassures me in a gentle voice. “Everypony has something to be afraid of. Well except for me of course ‘cause I’m one of the bravest ponies out there.” I look up to her after hearing her boast of heroism, which made me smile a bit. “My point…” she continues. “…is that no matter what, I won’t force you into something that you’re not comfortable with. But hopefully, when we complete your training, you might be able to appreciate the true joys of flying as much as I do.”

“But… what if I fall from the sky?” I ask nervously.

“That’s easy!” Rainbow Dash answers cheerfully. “I’ll just be there to catch you and we can start over again! Trust me, you couldn’t be in safer hooves than yours truly!”


“Pinkie Promise.” She lends a hoof towards me.

I give in some thoughts on Rainbow Dash’s words. Sure I am afraid to try some that can be as dangerous as flying, but at the same time, I couldn’t be any more excited to do this since this is something I will never experience back on Earth. Plus, Rainbow Dash is taking the time to teach me, so I can’t let her down now. With renewed determination, I grab her hoof as she pulls me up.

“Alright! Let’s do this!” I said with excitement.

“That’s the spirit!” she cheers. “Now, the first we need to do is to take a look at your body!” I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at her while bearing a mischievous grin.

“D-don’t get any funny ideas, smart guy!” she reacts sharply with a rosy blush. “I just want to do a thorough inspection to see what we need to work on before we can begin your training.”

I present myself to Dash as I become just as cooperative as if I was going to see a doctor. Dash examines nearly every part of my body (thank goodness it wasn’t EVERY part of my body). As she conducts her inspection, her hooves press around my muscular areas. Probably to try to find any tensions and weakpoints. Her touch ranges between firm and gentle. This must be what’s like to get one of those massages or something like that. Great, now I’m the one who is blushing! Hope Rainbow Dash doesn’t notice it! Lastly, she looks at my wings. She expands each of them, and then she feels the winged limb and the feathers in-between each other. When she ruffles through my feathers, I feel this unusual tingling sensation back there. I guess it’s true what fanfic writers say about them: Pegasus wings are very sensitive.

“Take it easy back there!” I giggle lightly. “That kind of tickles!”

“Huh… guess I should keep that in mind next time.” she says to herself quietly.

“What?” I response, wanting to make sure I heard that correctly.

“Nothing!” she speaks shockingly. “Now stop fidgeting! I’m almost done here!”

After her examination, she is ready to give her report.

“Well the good news is that your muscles in general are in good condition. The only bad news is that your wings are fairly weak compared to the rest of your body.” I look at my poor wings as I sigh sadly from hearing that fact. That might explain why I couldn’t fly initially.

“But that’s okay.” She continues as she rummages through her saddlebag. “At least we now know what we need to work on first. And with that in mind…” Rainbow then turns around wearing a whistle around her neck as she places her hat on that’s similar to the one in that “Hurricane Fluttershy” episode.

“Let the training commence!” she announces gleefully before blowing her whistle.


For nearly an hour, I had to do various amount of exercises to help build up my wings’ strength. One example I had to do is “Wing Push Ups.” I was never good at push ups in general. On Earth, I can at least 10 to 12 at a time. But here on Equestria, when I tried Wing Push Ups for the first time, I could barely pull off one. The anatomy on these wings was far different to figure out compared to my other limbs. Rainbow Dash assigns me to do at least ten Wing Push Ups before we meet each other again for training. Afterwards, we worked on other forms of exercises, including stretches, aerobics, and practicing my wing flapping. Finally, it was time to see the result of my progress.

“Now remember what I’ve taught you.” Rainbow Dash instructs me. “Spread your wings to full length span, move your wings in that up-and-down motion like I’ve shown you, and keep that flapping in a nice, steady, rhythmic motion. Ready?”

I spread my wings and nod towards Rainbow. And with that, she blows her whistle to give me the “go” signal. I take a deep breath and I close my eyes. I start to move my wings up and down. Eventually, I put more effort after each flap I make. I was in such a trance; it almost feels like I’m just walking on thin air. Wait a minute. Why are my hooves not touching the ground at all? Once I realize this, I open one of my eyes and look down. I still see the ground, but looks like it was a little further away from me. But as I thought, my hooves weren’t touching the ground. I must be about several feet in the air. Then, that means… I’m actually flying!

“I… I can’t believe it!” I gasp in excitement. “I’m flying! I’m actually flying!” I was excited by all of this, that I couldn’t contain myself any further.

“WOO-HOO!!” I shout happily. “I’M FLYING! I REALLY AM FLYING!”

“Way to go, Mustang!” Rainbow cheers with enthusiasm. “You’re a real Pegasus now!”

As I continue to squeal in excitement, I didn’t take notice that my wings were getting tired from the constant flapping. Eventually, my wings come to a stop.

“Uh-oh.” I mutter upon this realization, and I come crashing down on the hard, grassy floor. Sigh. So much for my moment of triumph, I guess.

“I guess we’ll have to work on your landing next time.” Rainbow chuckles sheepishly.

“Agree.” I groan with a small smile.


After our first day of training, Rainbow escorts me back to Sweet Apple Acres. This time, the flight back home is much less scarier than before. I definitely enjoy the scenery as we were passing by. Soon enough, we arrive at the front porch at Applejack’s home.

“Rainbow Dash, I can’t thank you enough for that you have done!” I said to her.

“No problem, Ford! Now don’t forget what we’ve talked about. I better see you do ten Wing Push Ups by the time I see you for training next week. And be sure to do your routine exercises every day.” Rainbow Dash instructs me.

“Yes, ma’am.” I salute to her cheerfully.

“Oh wait! I almost forgot!” She takes off her saddlebag and hands it over to me. “These are for you.”

“For me?” I ask sheepishly.

“Of course! I already have a pair of my own, so I figure that you might need a one yourself. And hey, look inside.”

I open the bag and look inside. They were a bunch of books dealing more with flying lessons and such.

“I figure that in case you want to do some extra credit, you might consider reading these books for yourself.” she smiles sheepishly as she rubs the back of her head.

“Thanks Rainbow Dash.” I smile back warmly at receiving the gift. “I’ll definitely make good use out of them.”

“Well, I better get going.” she waves goodbye. “Until next time, train hard!” And in a flash, she blasts into the sky while I wave goodbye to her.

You know, maybe being stuck in Equestria wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Chapter 6 – A Night Out on the Town

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Chapter 6 – A Night Out on the Town

ARGH! This is becoming so frustrating!

It’s been almost a week since I’ve been teleported into Equestria, and ever since then, I haven’t regained any of my drawing skills I’ve developed all my life back on Earth! If I was a Unicorn, then at least in given time, I can use a simple levitation spell to hold one friggin’ pencil! But no! As a non-Unicorn Pony, it’s frustrating to see how other ponies can grab and hold onto small objects with their hooves, yet I can’t even grasp on this impossible concept! How are they even doing that?!

Everyday, whenever I’m not helping out on the farm or doing my daily exercise routines to improve my flying, I try to take a moment to practice my drawing. Hopefully, if I do a good job at it, then I can finally earn my Cutie Mark.

Right now, I’m in my room, staring at my ultimate rival when it comes to drawing a still-life: the ceramic bowl. I take a breather from my training to take a look at the progress of my work: nothing but crumbled pieces of paper overstuffed into a trash can. It certainly is not as easy as it looks. Since I haven’t figured out how to use my hoof to hold a pencil (if that was even possible), I have to resort into using my mouth instead. Surprisingly, my equine jaws is very strong and can manage a lot when it comes to holding objects, but my jaws aren’t delicate and dexterous enough when it comes to holding my artistic tools.

I stare back at my nemesis and prepare for another round. Ready… set… DRAW!

With my pencil at hand-- hoof-- mouth-- whatever, I carefully draw some contour lines of the bowl. Unfortunately, my lines are still not as neat as I want them to me. As I keep trying hard, I just get even more frustrated than ever. As soon as I reach my boiling point, I sigh in anger as I crumble my latest failure and aim it at the trash can. I look back at the ceramic bowl, which looked like it was just standing there and secretly mocking me for my pitiful attempts at creating art.


Great. And now I’m just shouting at random objects as if they were talking to me.

Sigh… I really need a drink.


I’ve decided to take a break by exploring around Ponyville. Usually I don’t go out when it’s nighttime, but this calm night feels so tranquil, that I’ve decided to not let my usual fears get the best of me. In Ponyville, there are not that many ponies out and about at night, but there are some establishments that are still open. One place that catches my interest is when I see a club up ahead as techno music echoes from the building. Huh, never been in a club before. Mostly, it’s because I believe that clubs are meant to be with friends, and not for single, lonely guys like me. But either way, the music sounds so entrancing, that I’ve decided to give it a look inside before jumping into conclusions like that. Especially if this club has booze to offer.

Once inside the club, wild colors flash before my eyes as I look around for the bar. I then find the bar and approach it thirstily. As I take a seat, a barmaid turns around and greets me with a friendly smile.

“Why hello there! What can I get for you tonight?” the barmaid greets me kindly.

“May I have some whisky on the rocks please?” I ask politely.

“Sure thing!” she replies cheerfully as she prepares my drink. In about a minute, my beverage is ready.

“Here you go! That will be four bits please.” she says.

Then it hits me, I didn’t bring any money with me! I get so embarrassed by this mistake!

“I… don’t have any money with me.” I fluster apologetically. “Sorry for wasting your time like that.” I push the glass of whisky back towards the barmaid.

But surprisingly, she pushes the glass back towards me. “No worries.” she says with a gracious smile. “This one’s on the house.”

“Thank you.” I say to the nice mare humbly.

After thanking her, I approach the glass carefully. I try to grip it with one my hooves, but the glass slips away with every attempted grab. Before my boiling point got the best of me like before, I sigh in defeat and ask for the barmaid’s assistance.

“Excuse me, may I have--”

“Way ahead of you!” she interrupts casually as she places a straw into my drink.

“Thanks.” I say modestly before taking a satisfying sip.

“Hey, you must be that new pony from a week ago.”

“How did you guess?” I inquire gingerly.

“Well seeing how that you’re the only one without a Cutie Mark--” She covers her mouth before finishing that line, but I’ve already lower my head slightly in shame as I let out a sad sigh.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” she apologizes immediately with a bit of a blush. “I didn’t mean it like that!”

“It’s alright.” I say to her with a comforting smile. “It doesn’t bother me that much.” It was a small lie, but one I want to let it slide to ease my comforting bartender.

“Well, let me be the first to welcome you to our club! Enjoy the complementary drink!”


After fulfilling my taste buds with the whisky’s strong, sugary goodness, I take a look around the place. Lots of ponies are dancing crazily on the dance floor. Soon enough, I see who the mastermind behind the hypnotizing techno beat was, which I should have guessed in the first place: Vinyl Scratch, a.k.a. DJ-PON-3. Yep. That’s her alright, with her electric blue, short haircut, her cocky grin, and her trademark purple shades. I’ve got to say, I don’t listen to techno music that much back on Earth, but her music is quite catchy and upbeat when you take a moment to listen to it.

As I turn around to finish my drink, another familiar pony has caught my attention. Through a sideways glance on my right side, I see an elegant, gray Earth Pony with long, flowing black hair and a pink bow tie, who’s also holding a glass of whiskey. I couldn’t believe it! Sitting right next to me is Octavia, another well-known background pony I cherish! I don’t know what astonishes me the most right now: the fact that Octavia can hold her glass with impossible ease using her hoof, or that she’s actually smiling while listening to this music! And… she is… bobbing her head along with the beats of Vinyl’s music? Huh, I wonder if there’s more to this than what meets the eye?

I really want to simple go up to her and simply talk to her. But what can I say? I certainly wouldn’t want to say something like, “Oh hi, Octavia! I’m a big fan of yours from all of the fanfics I’ve read about you and Vinyl! Best shipping ever!” Maybe I can just ask her about her music? Yeah. That sounds like a good starting point.

But before I can take my chance, somepony else has already beaten me to it. And by the looks of it, this stallion must be a complete lunkhead. And I think the unimpressed Octavia would agree with me.

“Well hey there beautiful!” the lunkhead says with an egotistic smile. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sorry.” Octavia responds firmly but politely. “But I already have a drink.”

“Well in that case, how’s about you and me going places?” he continues smugly.

“No thanks. I perfectly content from where I’m at right now.”

“Aah, don’t be like that, babe.” The macho Earth Pony attempts to caress one of Octavia’s hind legs, but she swiftly swats his fore hoof away.

“I think you should leave. Now.” she said infuriatedly.

“Playing hard to get, eh? I like that!” The obnoxious lunkhead is dangerously close to Octavia. I don’t know if she can handle herself on her own or not, but I will simple not stand by while his boorish behavior continues.

“Why don’t you just take a hint already?! She doesn’t want to be with you!” I shout at the lunkhead. The stallion glares at me menacingly as he begins to approach me. I stare right back, never keeping my eyes off of him as I get off of my seat. He wasn’t as tall as me, so at least I got some height advantage on this confrontation.

“And who are you to tell me on what to do?” He asks sternly.

“Somepony who you really don’t want to be messing with right now.” I reply with fury that I can hardly contain.

The lunkhead looks at my blank flank, and his angry frown turns into a confident, chuckling grin.

“Well, you don’t seem so special to me, considering that you haven’t even earn a Cutie Mark in all of your life!” The lunkhead scoffs obnoxiously.

I am this close to punching him so hard in the face in order to shut him up, but I don’t want to lay the first strike. It might look bad on me. I need to turn this around somehow. I look at my opponent’s Cutie Mark: it pictures a dumbbell. I smirk as I prepare my “attack.”

“So, that’s your Cutie Mark, huh?” I inquire casually.

“Yeah! It’s pretty awesome, right?” the idiot boasts with arrogance.

“Well, I have a question.” I continue with a sly smile. “Does that dumbbell suppose to symbolize your compensating masculinity, or is it a metaphor on how much of an imbecile you really are?”

The lunkhead is speechless (about time to), and Octavia behind him begins to smirk at what’s at play. Then, the brute starts to get angry.

“What did you just called me?” He asks furiously. Typical. He didn’t even get what I meant by “compensating” beforehand. Probably doesn’t even know what that word means.

“Why?” I egg him on. “Is ‘imbecile’ too big of a word for you to comprehend? Okay, instead of that, how about ‘simpleton?’ ‘Dimwit?’ ‘Numbskull?’ Or how about ‘lunkhead?’ Yes, I personally find that word most suiting for you. Wouldn’t you agree?” As I went down the list, Octavia is trying so hard to contain her snickering as the mocked stallion begins to reach his boiling point once he finally realizes that he’s being made a fool.

And just as I have predicted, the lunkhead prepares to throw a punch at me. Even though I saw this one coming, I could have dodged that one. But surprisingly, I didn’t. I take that punch head on just so I can measure up his strength, and to see if he is worth being afraid of. Octavia gasps lightly from seeing this. Despite the hard smack across my jaw, I was right. His supposed strength isn’t something I shouldn’t be quivering in fear of. I turn my head back as I give my opponent a cold, hard stare as I stand there unfazed and unimpressed by his so-called manhood (or would you call it his “stallionhood”). I definitely see the fear in his eyes. It was well worth taking that punch from him just to see that look on his face.

“Is that all?” I say to him coldly. “I can definitely see that your Cutie Mark has giving you far too much credit for your masculinity, that’s for sure.”

“Y-you!” the lunkhead stammers with fear and anger.

As I prepare myself to counter whatever lunkhead is going to throw at me, the fight is finally over. Not by me, but by an electric blue aura that surrounds my frightened opponent as he is lifted up in the air. Have to say, it was good timing on Vinyl Scratch’s part.

“What do you think you were doing?” she asks the levitated brute furiously.

“Yes lunkhead.” I say to my levitated enemy slyly. “Please, explain to her on how you were harassing this young mare before you try to beat me to a pulp in a most brutish manner.

“Yes, by all means.” Octavia joins in on the fun. “Please do.”

Vinyl glares back at the terrifying brute. “Oh really?” she says with serious expression.

“Excuse me while I go outside to take out the trash.” the DJ pony says to us as she walks outside with her captive, floating prisoner. As Vinyl leaves us, I finally have a chance to talk to Octavia.

“Sorry about all that.” I apologize to her. “I just can’t stand guys who act so boorish like that.”

“On the contrary…” Octavia replies with sincerity. “…I think you have handled yourself quite well. And trust me, if you haven’t intervened like that, he would have no mercy from my behalf.”

“Believe me, the feeling is mutual.” I chuckle.

All of a sudden, we hear a scream that sounds like that one falling Stormtrooper made in Star Wars: A New Hope as well as the sound of clacking trash cans.

“AND DON’T LET ME CATCH YOU LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!” I hear Vinyl shouting outside.

Eventually, Vinyl comes back inside as she meets up with us at the bar.

“Tavi, are you okay?” Vinyl asks with concern.

“I am now…” Octavia says warmly as she looks at me. “Thanks to my new friend here.” And with that, Octavia rewards me with a kiss on the cheek. I blush intensely as I smile widely from receiving that kiss.

“Aw shucks, it was nothing!” I said humbly with a goofy smile as I rub the back of my head with a hoof.

“Hey, what about me?!” Vinyl whines. “I was the one who threw that jerk out!”

“Well, Vinyl…” Octavia says with a smile as she pats a hoof on Vinyl’s shoulder. “…for your heroic efforts, you will have my undying gratitude.”

“Gee, thanks.” Vinyl says sarcastically. Was there a hint of jealousy behind her tone?

“And you have my thanks, as well.” I say to Vinyl as I extend a hoof in hopes to mend our relationship better.

“Hey, any friend of Tavi’s is a friend of mine!” Vinyl replies before she shakes my extended hoof. “Name’s Vinyl Scratch, but most ponies know me better as DJ-PON-3! And this here good-looking mare right next to me is my very good friend, Octavia!” Vinyl points to blushing cellist.

“I can handle introductions on my own, thank you!” Octavia speaks sharply at the grinning DJ. After covering her mouth to give herself a proper “ahem”, she smiles back pleasantly at me as she extends her hoof to shake mine. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance, mister…”

“Mustang.” I greet as I shake Octavia’s hoof. “Ford Mustang.”

“Well, now that introductions are out of the way…” Vinyl intervenes with a big grin. “…what do say we celebrate tonight with a couple of drinks?”

“I would be honor to join with you two…” But soon enough, I sink upon my early realization. “...but I don’t have any bits on me.” I pout sadly.

“Hey, after what you’ve pulled off tonight…” The friendly barmaid catches my attention. “…the next one’s on the house!” She finishes it with a wink.

I smile graciously to my host. “I swear, the next time I come back here, I will give you the biggest tip of your life!”


So Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and I are enjoying our drinks as we get to know each other better. Vinyl is having a vodka-tonic, Octavia is having another whiskey, and I’m enjoying spiced rum and cola with a twist of lime. From what I have learned, Vinyl and Octavia share a house together, and both of them have mostly nighttime jobs in their respective music careers.

“So, Ford…” Vinyl asks with curiosity. “What’s up with the lack of a Cutie Mark?”

“Vinyl!” Octavia chastises. “That is very rude to say!”

“What?” Vinyl shrugs casually. “You were just as curious about it as I was, Tavi. Either that, or you were just checking out how sexy his flank is.” Both Octavia and I turn bright red for different reasons by Vinyl’s comment.

“I WAS NOT!” Octavia snaps immediately.

“Really? So you think my flank is sexier than his?” Vinyl asks with an eager grin as she playfully wiggles her behind.

“Vinyl…” Octavia grumbles grimacingly. I couldn’t help but giggle at their “playful” banter despite being slightly embarrassed by Vinyl’s earlier comment.

“You guys are so cute together!” I comment with a lighthearted chuckle.

Suddenly, the two musicians are silent as they look at me with wide-eyed expressions while bearing crimson blushes. It made me wonder if I just step over the line like that.

“Sorry! That was a joke! That was only a joke!” I apologizes as I rapidly wave my hooves at them.

“Oh, yes, of course.” Octavia blushes while avoiding eye contact with Vinyl.

“Yeah. No problem.” Vinyl stammers, who also tries to not make eye contact with Octavia.

Besides the music and noises from the crowd, it was nothing but silence between the three of us. Considering how late it must be right now, I decide that it was time to break the ice and call it a night.

“Well, it’s getting late, girls.” I say to them as I get off of my seat. “I should get going and get some sleep.”

“Lame!” Vinyl exclaims humorously. Octavia chuckles a bit at Vinyl’s antic.

“Well it was very nice to meet you, Mr. Mustang.” Octavia says politely. “And thanks again for saving my own dignity with that lunkhead.”

“You’re welcome.” I reply mannerly.

“Actually, I was wondering…” I ask nervously to both of them. “Do you think… we can do something like this again sometime?” They look at each other in dead-pan expressions before each of them bear a cheerful smile.

“Heck yeah you can hang out with us! We can always use another drinking buddy!” Vinyl glees with delight as she wraps a hoof around my shoulders while her other hoof does a hoof-pump. “Just be sure to bring your money with you next time when you come drinking with us.”

“I will definitely be sure to keep that in mind.” I chuckle heartily.

Chapter 7 – Newest Club Member

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Chapter 7 – Newest Club Member

The next day, I continue to help out the Apple Family once again with their daily chores. Overtime, I’ve notice how much my applebucking skills have improved a lot since the first day on the farm. Plus, working on the farm also serves as additional training for my equine physique.

“Applejack!” Apple Bloom excitedly gallops to her big sister. “Ah finish all of my chores today. Can ah go play with my friends now?”

“Ya sure can, Apple Bloom.” Applejack approves.

“Also… can Ford play with us too?” Apple Bloom asks as she stands right next to me.

“Hmm…” Applejack ponders for a bit. “Sure, why not?” I was shocked to hear AJ’s answer.

“Umm… Applejack.” I say as I approach her while Apple Bloom stays where she is. “I don’t think I can do that with all of the work I have to do around here.”

“Nonsense.” Applejack waves me off. “Big Mac and Ah gotcha covered.”

“But Applejack…” I let out a small whine.

“Please, sugarcube.” Applejack pleas very quietly so that Apple Bloom couldn’t hear her. “It’ll be a good idea if somepony keeps an eye on those three little fillies with all of them ‘adventures’ they get themselves into.”

Hearing her telling me that, I can understand Applejack’s concern on this matter from all the Cutie Mark Crusader episodes I’ve watched. I give a light nod to AJ and walk back to her little sister.

“Okay Apple Bloom. Lead the way.” I say cheerfully.

“YAAAAAYYY!” Apple Bloom screeches in excitement. “Come on, Ford Mustang! Ya’ll gonna love what we have in store for ya!” she says happily as she gallops ahead. I follow her behind with a bad feeling in my gut on what’s in store for me.


Despite Apple Bloom getting a head start, I’ve manage to keep up with her. I’ve also taken this opportunity to work on my flying some more. Since Apple Bloom doesn’t gallop as fast as an average pony, flying after her didn’t become quite as tiresome since my flight speed isn’t that fast.

At last, we arrive at Apple Bloom’s clubhouse where I will meet the rest of her friends. It was good thing we’ve made it in time before my wings begin to strain themselves. But before we can enter the clubhouse, Apple Bloom stops me for a minute.

“Uh… before we enter, ya have to close your eyes for a bit.” she says to me.

“Why?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Because it’s a surprise! Now close your eyes!” she replies with a gleeful smile.

After bearing a small smirk, I comply with her demands and shut my eyes tightly. Apple Bloom opens the door and pushes me inside the clubhouse. After hearing the door shut, I hear some whispering from the three fillies, but I couldn’t figure out what they’re saying.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now!” Apple Bloom says with delight. And from hearing that, I finally open my eyes.

“SURPRISE!!” the three fillies shout excitedly in unison.

I look around at what is in display. There are confetti and balloons scattered around the confined space, a small table that has some snacks and beverages, and a banner hanging right above the three girls.

The banner reads: “TO OUR NEWEST CUTIE MARK CRUSADER.” “Newest Cutie Mark Crusader?” Who could that be--?

…Oh no. They can’t possibly mean--!

“W-what’s all of this?” I stammer, even though I know what their answer might be.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Scootaloo asks.

“We’re here to offer you exclusive membership to our club!” Sweetie Belle chimes in.

“Where we gather together to help search for our Cutie Marks!” Apple Bloom joins in. “For we are…”

“THE CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS!! YAY!!” the members shriek in unison once more.

I was so speechless by all of this, that I’m not sure what to say next. After a brief moment of silence, I begin to speak out my mind gently and carefully.

“Look girls…” I say with hesitation. “This is all really sweet… but I can’t accept this. I’m… too old to be a member of your club. Thank you for the offer at least.” I finish it with an awkward smile.

Now it is the girls’ turn to have their own moment of silence. And from what I have feared, their expressions change from happy, bouncy smiles to sad, pouting frowns.

“But… But we just wanna help you.” Apple Bloom whimpers with that same pouty face as in the 1st Episode of the series.

“We’ve been picked on several times for our missing Cutie Marks, but we could only imagine how difficult it must have been for you to not have one for so long.” Sweetie Belle states sadly.

“Yeah… we don’t care whether if you’re a colt or if you’re older than us.” Scootaloo says to me with sympathy.

“Please give us chance!” Apple Bloom begs. “We want to make it our mission to help you earn your Cutie Mark as soon as possible!” And all at once, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle make those extremely cute, pouty faces just like how Sweetie Belle made that one in the episode, “Sleepless in Ponyville.” It’s tough to endure just that one adorable expression, but to resist all three of them at once is an impossible task!

“Sigh… okay.” I sigh in defeat from enduring so much cuteness. “I’ll join your crusade.”

“You really mean it?!” Apple Bloom gasps with renewed hope. I nod in response, and all three fillies cheer vigorously as they bounce around in triumph.

“See, told ya he would join us.” Apple Bloom smirks to her two friends.


Ughh… how did I get myself roped into this? I know Applejack wanted me to watch over them, but to become one of the Cutie Mark Crusaders is just so humiliating to an older guy like me!

After our initial celebration, the four of us stroll around the town of Ponyville in search of our first activities as Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“So, what shall we do first, Crusaders?” Apple Bloom asks her fellow members. “Rock climbling? Scubba diving? Gator wrassling?” Oh sweet Celestia, I hope she was kidding on that last part!

“Hey, I have an idea, girls!” I suggest with an awkward chuckle. “How about we do something that doesn’t require one of us to end up in a hospital?”

“Well well well… look at what we have here.” An irriating, familiar voice screeches into our ears. The girls and I turn our attention to the mocking source, which came from the chief bully of the Crusaders, Diamond Tiara, along with her lackey, Silver Spoon.

“If it isn’t our good friends, ‘the Lame Blank Flanks.’” Diamond Tiara snickers as Silver Spoon follows suit. Seriously, do these bullies have nothing better to do with their lives?

“Come on, girls.” I direct the three fillies. “We don’t need to waste our time with them. Let us be on our way.” Each of the Crusaders agrees with a satisfying nod as we begin our walk away from the two bullies.

“Wait a second!” Silver Spoon points out. “Is that what I think it is?” Just keep walking, Ford.

“Why yes, Silver Spoon.” Diamond Tiara says with a mocking tone. “I believe they have a new club member.” Never mind them, Ford. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Just… keep… walking.

“Well, look at it this way, girls!” Diamond Tiara continues to mercilessly tease. “At least you three can be stuck together as Blank Flanks for a very long time!”

And then there’s that sinister, snotty laughter from the devious duo. Despite my frustration from hearing their awful laughs, I am willing to continue to walk away from this. But I take a moment to stop to look at the three fillies with me. Their expressions cause my heart to ache. From what I was seeing, I see their faces fill with hopelessness and despair on the possibility to never earn their Cutie Marks at all. For those two bullies to shatter the dreams of these three innocent girls like that makes my blood boil!

I want to shut up their infernal laughter. But how can I do that without sinking beneath their level? Then a thought occurs to me when I think back to the bullies’ Cutie Marks. Once I’ve calm myself down enough, I turn around and approach the two giggling girls.

“Excuse me?" I ask with a forced polite smile. “Can I ask you two a question?”

“What?” Diamond Tiara snaps.

“Just curious…” I start off with Diamond Tiara. “What does your Cutie Mark symbolize?”

“Hmph!” she snorts. “If you must know, it’s because that I am a princess!” she boastfully claims.

“Really?” I say sarcastically. “Because as far as I know regarding with princesses like Celestia, Luna, Cadance, & Twilight, they are kind, compassionate rulers who treat their subjects equally with respect and humility, and they certainly do not abuse their titles like some spoiled, little brat who is cruel, greedy, and selfish to those around her! I don’t suppose you’ve done any those things, have you?”

Diamond Tiara just stands there speechless. She tries to find the right words to say to me, but nothing came out except some stuttering. But I’m not finished yet, I’m just getting started.

“And you, the one with the silver spoon.” I turn my attention to the startled gray filly with glasses. “What does your Cutie Mark symbolize?”

“I… uh… I-I don’t even remember how I got it.” Silver Spoon stammers quietly as she looks at her Cutie Mark.

“I see…” I continue with a deadpan expression. “So here’s my final question for both of you. Who has it worse: the ones who don’t have Cutie Marks for their entire lives, or the ones who have Cutie Marks which doesn’t amount to anything on what makes them so special in the first place?” I think that last question must have fried their little brains while they wrap their heads around such a riddle.

“Well, I see that both of you are still baffled by this. Why don’t I give you two some time to think this over with, okay? Nice meeting you both!” I turn around with a satisfying smirk as I walk back to the awestruck Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“Whoa!” Scootaloo says in awe.

“That was so cool!” Sweetie Belle chimes in with glee.

“Yeah… thanks, Ford!” Apple Bloom smiles with gratitude.

“Hey, nopony messes with my friends! Let alone messes with my fellow Crusaders for that matter!” I express with great pride for what I have done for them.

And all at once, the three gratifying fillies rush at me to give me a big group hug, and I return the comforting embrace.

“Now then…” I break up this tender moment with a big smile. “I believe we have some crusading to do today, am I right?”


As the day went by, we’ve done a lot of “crusading” activities together. At least we didn’t do anything as extreme and dangerous as “gator wrestling.” And fortunately enough, we all still remain in one piece.

“Alright girls…” I say with relief upon finishing up that last activity. “I think that’s enough crusading for one day.”

“Ahhhh… just one more!” Apple Bloom whines cutely. “Please?!”

Sigh… fine! But after that, we’re going home.” I say firmly.

“Don’t worry! It's not that far from here! Follow me!” Apple Bloom expresses in joy as she leads the charge to our last activity.

A few minutes later, we arrive at our final destination somewhere in the dense forest. I let my jaw drop as I look at our location: A colossal cave with an entrance that reached dozens of feet high.

“Wow, Apple Bloom!” Scootaloo speaks up first. “Where did you find this?”

“Ah I found this cave along the way home from my last visit with Zecora.” Apple Bloom replies cheerfully.

“I wonder if there’s any treasure inside.” Sweet Belle inquires.

“Are y’all thinkin' what I’m thinkin'?” Apple Bloom asks her friends with a smirk. The rest of the girls bear the same smirk upon getting the same idea.

“Uh, girls…” I try to intervene in a tone similar to Fluttershy’s. “I don’t think this is such a good idea--” But that was interrupted by a predictable outcry.


“Girls! Come back!” I try to call out to them, but it was too late. In a flash, the three fillies rush into the cave without me. I look at the entrance once more before I cautiously make my entrance into the monstrous cavern.

I don’t know why, but this cave is a forewarning of what is yet to come. And frankly, I’m not looking forward to what else dwells within that cave.

Chapter 8 – Enter the Dragon, Hindel

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Chapter 8 – Enter the Dragon, Hindel

“Girls?” I whisper in the dark caverns.

…No response.

“Girls?!” I speak up a little louder.


I can’t believe that I was talked into escorting the three fillies here. What would their older siblings say to me if they find out I let them wonder inside a mysterious cave unattended like that? I have to find those three as soon as possible, then we can all leave this place and go back home. I’m still astounded by how ginormous the cave opening is. This cave could be big enough for any dangerous beasts to live here. I get shivers as I go down a mental list on any possible creatures we could run into: a bear, a giant spider, or maybe even worse, a dra--!


That echoing roar quakes the cave as I halt in fear from hearing such a loud, frightening voice. But I snap out of my stance when I hear something else that pushes me forward despite the potential danger: the terrifying screams of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

“Girls!” I call out to them as I went into a full gallop to the source of all that noise. As I draw closer, I hear the same frightening roar even louder.


Following that, were more of the girls’ piercing screams. Soon, I see another opening filled with a golden light. I rush forward to the source of the commotion. Please be alright, girls!


Through the entrance to even larger cavern, there are mountains of wonderous treasure, filled with countless piles of gold coins and colorful jewels. But that isn’t what caught my attention first. In one corner of the room, I see Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, & Sweet Belle huddling together in paralyzing fear. And what is cornering them is what I have feared most upon entering this gloomy cave of doom: a dragon!

This colossal dragon was a bit different from the dragons like in the episodes “Dragonshy” and “Owl’s Well That Ends Well.” Most notably, this vividly golden dragon has larger fan-like ear frills, a sail-like frill across its spine, elongated whiskers, enormous wings, and white eyes, probably indicating its blindness.

“Now, tell me what you were doing in my cave, or else!” the dragon speaks a little softer, but it’s still quite booming. The three quivering fillies couldn’t say anything as they are scared speechless.

“ANSWER ME!!” the dragon roars impatiently. This only causes the three whimpering friends to shudder even more as they huddle together even closer. I have to take action before my worst fears come to life. I gather all of the courage I had and rush to the girls’ aid immediately.

“LEAVE THEM ALONE!!” I yell at the intimidating dragon. I stand right in front of girls with my wings fanned out as I stare at the dragon with piercing eyes.

“Girls, listen to me very carefully.” I speak with authority to those behind me as gently as I can. “Get out of this cave and run to your homes as fast as you can. I will hold him off until then.”

“B-but Ford…” Apple Bloom is still shaken by of this. “W-We can’t just leave you--!”

“THIS IS NO TIME TO ARGUE WITH ME!” I order loudly. “GO! NOW!” I hate to shout like that, but I want them to make their escape while they can.

They were hesitant at first, but finally Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, & Sweetie Belle make an expeditious dash to the cave’s exit. I smile a little upon seeing that they are safe at last. Now I just have to prepare for my inevitable death with this fearsome creature. It’s been crazy throughout this week, but I hold no regrets. Who knows, maybe once I finally die in this world, I could just wake up back in my world. Gulp… I hope.

“So, you are willing to sacrifice yourself to save those trespassers?” the dragon inquires.

“Yes.” I answer with a bit of hesitation.

“Ha!” the dragon let out a mighty chuckle. “You?! I can just swallow you whole in one gulp!”

“Well, if that’s the case…” I smirk while I start to shake. “…I’ll just have to buck my way out until you are force to throw me up!”

“It does not matter! What can you do against someone like me?!” the dragon continues to look down at me. I hate it when people act so arrogantly like that! “Your life is in my hands now! You might as well just give yourself up quietly if you know what’s good for you!”

“SHUT UP!” I shout furiously. “Just because you are bigger and stronger than me, doesn’t mean it should give you the right to do as you please to others whom you would consider to be inferior! And even if my death is close at hand, that doesn’t mean I shall go down without a fight! So prepare yourself, dragon! Because you’re going to have to work for your meal if you plan on eating me first! COME ON!”

The dragon stands there, looking at me in complete silence with a deadpan expression. I stand ready to make my move, but this period of silence and stares is making me antsy. How long is he going to delay my possible outcome? Suddenly, the blind dragon makes a toothy smile. Then he lets a brief chuckle. That chuckle starts to grow into a small laugh. And that laughter becomes an uncontrollable roar of echoing laughs. As he continues this, I stand there perplexed by all of this. He probably still doesn’t see me as a potential threat. Maybe while he is laughing, I can finally make my escape.

“How long as it been since I’ve heard someone so small display so much courage?” the dragon begins to control his uproarious laughter. “What is your name, pony?” he asks in a more serious tone.

“It’s Ford. Ford Mustang.” I introduce myself with caution.

“Ford Mustang.” the dragon murmurs. “It’s been many years since I had a pony stand up to me like that, let alone a human for that matter.”

“So… you’re not going to eat me?” I slightly whimper.

“Of course not! A dragon’s jaws are meant to crush and eat these precious jewels and metals.” The dragon grabs a handful of jewels and coins and munches on his snack. “Besides…” he says while eating. “…ponies are just too chewy, especially if they get stuck between your teeth.”

“Well, that’s a good to know.” I sigh in relief as I sit my hindquarters down. “What a minute…” I just realize something beforehand. “You know that I was a human?!"

“Hmm… yes, I did say that, didn’t I?” The dragon says casually as he picks a jewel shard from his teeth with his clawed pinky finger.

“But how?!” I say in shocked. “How could you have possible know that?! We’ve never met in the first place!”

“Though I am blind, I have always maintained a sight beyond sight. I can see many things within my mind’s eye from different perspectives: the past, the present, and sometimes even the future.”

“Then… can you tell me if I will ever be able to return home and become human again?” I ask with a glimmer of hope.

The golden dragon closes his eyes as if he is concentrating upon my request. “I am sorry, I cannot.”

I should have known that was impossible thing to ask from him. Then, a new question pops into mind since this wise dragon knows that I am human. “If you know who I am, then are you also aware about the connection between this world and my world?

The dragon is silent. I’m not sure if he is hesitant to answer my next question. “I am.” he finally answers.

It’s just as I fear. I lower my head in depression after hearing that answer.

Sigh… I don’t know what to do for myself. I should rejoice on the fact that I’ve been transported into a world where one of my favorite shows come to life. But… I feel as if my presence would just endanger everyone around me if I continue to stay any longer. I try to blend in with the other ponies, but I still feel like an outcast from the rest of the community. I mean, I still don’t have a Cutie Mark, and I can’t even grasp on how ponies can grip objects when they’re using their hooves. I feel like I’m stuck between two worlds with nowhere else to go.”

I take a pause to let all of these dark thoughts begin to sink in. I’m beginning to think that maybe I might not ever be able to return home at all.

"I understand your plight.” the dragon speaks up. “But do not despair, Ford Mustang. Keep your courage up and move forward on the path that fate has set for you. Eventually, you will reach a crucial point where only you can choose your next destination, but once you find the answer you seek, I am certain that you will make the right decision for yourself.”

I smile a bit upon hearing his hopeful speech, but I can’t help but wonder what he meant by that last statement. I wonder if he knows something about that than what he is letting on.

“I may not be able to return you to your home…” the dragon continues. “...nor can I transform you back into a human, but perhaps this might help make your new life here a bit more accommodating.”

The dragon extends his finger and slowly brings it towards me. I step back a bit as his clawed finger feels around my head.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I stammer uncomfortably.

"Stand still, little one.” he says as the tip of his extended finger finally rests on the top of my head. “This will only take a moment.”

Before I can ask him what he meant by that, I feel something strange coming from his finger. A warm, soothing source of energy enters my body. The same warm sensation I experienced when that golden light engulfed me before transporting me to this world. Eventually, that warm feeling fades away, and yet I feel nothing different about me at all.

“There, it is done.” the dragon says to me. “Now then, there should be a chalice somewhere. Go ahead and pick one up with only your hooves.”

I was dumbfounded to hear him say that. I look around his massive hoard of treasure to look for a cup and spot one several feet away from me. I look back bewilderedly at the dragon who just smiles slyly.

“Okay. If you insist.” I shrug as I walk over to the chalice.

Once I stop in front of the chalice, I become hesitant, knowing that the results would just be the same. I begin to reach the cup with my hoof. I figure that my hoof would just slip like usual. But as my hoof wrap around it, I notice something different. The chalice wasn’t sipping off my hoof. I use my other hoof to grasp the other side of the golden cup, and I lift up it higher and carefully. I stare at the cup in disbelief as I’ve witness the impossible becoming possible. Somehow, gripping this cup becomes so naturally to me, that I wouldn’t even dare question such impossible physics to ruin this extraordinary miracle.

“I… I don’t believe it.” I stammer. “I can pick it up with my hooves.”

I want to make sure this wasn’t a one-time fluke. I pick up scepter nearby. “I can pick this one up too.” I said with a bit more excitement.

Next, I pick up a flawless emerald. “And this!”

Then a golden coin. “And this!”

And finally a “hoof-ful” of coins. “And all of this! HA-HAH!!” I happily squeal in triumph as I shower myself with the coins I was holding.

“But how?!” I turn my attention back towards the dragon with a wide smile. “How did you do that?!”

“Ponies are not the only ones who have the ability to harness magic.” he says with a prideful smirk.

“I… I don’t know what to say.” I was nearly on the brink of happy tears. “Thank you.”

“Oh wait!” I can’t believe I forgot to ask what his name was in the first place! “I’m sorry! I didn’t even get your name, sir!

“I am Hindel.” he says with a smile. “I am known by my kind as the ‘All-Seeing Dragon.’”

“Thank you, Hindel.” I smile warmly. “Heh. You know, you are quite noble for a dragon.” Oh, wait! I probably shouldn’t say that out load. “No offense, Hindel.” I smile sheepishly.

“None taken, little pony.” Hindel shrugs. “Now… if everything is settled, I would like to get back to sleep right now before it was so cruelly disrupted.” He turns around and assumes his position to continue his nap.

“Oh, yes, of course! Goodnight Hindel! Thanks for everything!” I wave goodbye before I gallop out of his home.

As I was leaving, I think I hear Hindel murmuring, “Farewell, Ford Mustang. May our fates cross paths once again.”


I can’t believe it! Not only have I made a friend with a dragon, but now I can hold on to objects with just my hooves! I can finally get back to my drawing! As I was finally out of that cave, I hear a familiar whooshing sound as someone was calling out my name.


Wait? Was that’s Rainbow Dash--?

“Omph!” I shout from the sudden impact from the rocketing, blue blur. Yep, definitely Rainbow Dash.

“Whoa, Rainbow! We’ve got to stop meeting up like this!” I chuckle lightheartedly as I was pinned on the ground by Rainbow Dash.

“Ford! You’re okay!” Rainbow Dash smiles widely as she pulls me up for a tight hug. “Where’s that dragon?!” she looks around alarmingly. “Is he right behind us?! If that brute comes any closer, I’m gonna--!”

“Rainbow! It’s okay!” I calm her down. “The dragon isn’t going to chase us. We’ve actually had a nice conversation together.”

“Seriously?” she asks in disbelief.

"Seriously.” I reply casually.

“Wow… that sounds… boring!” Rainbow states firmly and in disappointment. “I was expecting to be part of some climatic showdown! I would have swooped in and save you from the jaws of that terrible dragon! And after that, I would have shown that oversized lizard a thing or two with a punch, and a kick, and--!”


That loud, trembling roar from Hindel is enough to stop the boastful Rainbow Dash from horsing around.

“Let’s… get out of here before we disturb his sleep once more.” I suggest gently.

“Yes, let’s.” she agrees fearfully.


Once we made a hasty retreat from Hindel’s cave as well as out of the forest, Rainbow and I finally have a chance to catch a breather as we stand on the grassy outskirts of Ponyville. The sun just finished setting as nighttime approaches.

“That reminds me, Rainbow Dash.” I ask her. “How did you find me?”

“When I saw the Cutie Mark Crusaders running back to Ponyville…” Rainbow points towards Ponyville. “...I ask them what was going on. Once they have told me what has happened to you, I told them to run back to their homes while I went off to save you from that dragon. I was really worried about you.”

“You… were worried about me?” I say in surprise by her concern for me.

“Well, duh! Why won’t I be worried?!” she says it as if it was supposed to be that obvious. “You’re my friend, and I never leave my friends hanging! Plus, I kind of wanted to show off my awesome heroism now and then.”

I smile sincerely after hearing her sentiment towards me. I never thought I would matter so much to her.

“Rainbow…” I say with a warm smile as I lay a wing on her shoulder to offer my gratitude. “I may not need the save right now, but you’re still my hero nonetheless.”

She blushes intensely with a smile as she turns her gaze away from me. Maybe as a gift for her attempted heroics, I could just give a quick peck on the cheek--

“I FOUND THEM!!” Pinkie Pie shouts in a sing-song voice from the distance.


Rainbow Dash and I gave each other some space after hearing that cheerful farcry. I turn my head around for the high-pitched source, and I see Pinkie Pie bouncing happily towards us as Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are running right behind the pink pony.

“Pinkie Pie?!” I say in surprise, though I was a bit mad at her interruption. “What are you and other girls doing out here?!”

“Silly, we came to look for you once we set up our own rescue team!” Pinkie Pie states cheerfully.

“Ford!” Applejack calls out to me in joy. But before I can response back, AJ gives me a swift tackle and pins me on the ground.

“Ah’m so glad yer safe!” Applejack says as she almost weeps in joy.

“Oh thank you!” She gives me a quick kiss on my cheek. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!” And with each "thank you", she gratefully kisses me from cheek to cheek. I was completely stunned by the farmpony’s sudden affection.

“Ooo! Ooo!” Pinkie Pie observes with enthusiasm. “Are we learning how CPR is done?!”

“Applejack! Please! Behave yourself!” Rarity pulls Applejack off of me. Once I stand on my four hooves, I begin to smile widely with a heavy blush.

“You’re absolutely smothering him!” Rarity scolds a blushing Applejack. I look behind them to see a speechless Rainbow Dash staring at me with wide eyes. I drop my smile a bit from seeing her reaction.

“Beside, if you want to reward him properly…” Rarity approaches me gracefully. “…this is how you do!” She wraps a foreleg around me, pulls me towards her, and surprisingly gives me a very affectionate, deep kiss! It’s not as passionate as I thought it would be, but I’ll still take it none of the less. My bulgy eyes look past Rarity as I see each of the ponies’ reactions. Applejack glares at Rarity for being no better than her. Fluttershy blushes intensely at seeing what’s before her. Pinkie Pie and three fillies smile gleefully. And Rainbow Dash is just as wide-eyed as I am, except her jaw dropped so low, I was afraid she might dislocate it if she leaves it hanging like that.

“Hmph! Showoff.” Applejack scoffs.

“Oh… my!” Fluttershy observes bashfully.

“Oooooh, so that’s how CPR it’s done!” Pinkie Pie says cheerfully.

Eventually, Rainbow had all she could take and steps in. “Alright, break it up you two!” she intervenes as she separates me and Rarity. From that separation, I make a very large, goofy smile after all the kisses I have been receiving. Huh, I never thought I was considered to be that handsome for a pony. Then Rainbow just glares at me intensely, as I reduce my goofy grin into a sheepish smile.

“Oh! My apologies!” Rarity blushes as she gingerly fluffs the front side of her mane. “I might have gotten myself a bit carried away with that.” she finishes it off with a nervous chuckle.

“Ford!” Apple Bloom leaps in joy as she and her two friends tackle me back on the ground. Okay, this is getting old really fast!

“We’re so glad to see that yer alright!” Apple Bloom speaks.

“What happened to the dragon?!” Sweetie Belle asks with enthusiasm.

“Did you manage to slay it?!” Scootaloo inquires with exciting curiousity.

“No girls! I did not slay the dragon!” I answer firmly as I get myself up once more. “He’s… actually quite nice. Once you get to know him more.”

“Well, if worse comes to worse…” Pinkie Pie says with a smirk. “…we’ve brought along our secret weapon…”

“The Stare Master!” Pinkie and the three fillies announce out loud as they point to Fluttershy, which startles her briefly.

“Alright girls, that’s quite enough!” Rarity intervenes with authority. “As of right now, I think it’s time to hold off this little crusade for at least two weeks after all the trouble you three have caused!”

“What?!” cries out Sweetie Belle.

“Ah agree!” Applejack approves with a nod. “In fact, the three of you can spend yer crusadin’ time together by helpin’ me out with some extra chores on the farm!”

“Awwww…” Apple Bloom whines with a gripe.

I feel bad for the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They didn’t know that there was a dragon lurking in that cave. I decide to step in on this conversation.

“Wait a minute, girls!” I speak up to the older sisters. “I should have stopped them before they enter that cave. This is just as my fault as it is theirs. Please let me bear whatever punishment you have in store for them.”

“Nonsense!” Rarity dismisses me. “You did what was absolutely necessary to save our precious little fillies! If they didn’t run ahead like that, none of this would have happened. And thus, they need to learn the consequences of their actions.” She glares back at the three fillies who look away in shame.

“Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo turns towards her idol with an innocent-looking smile. “You wouldn’t do that your own ‘precious, little sister’, would you?”

Rainbow gives it some thought, but then she finally says firmly, “Sorry, Scoots. But I’m with AJ and Rarity on this one.”

“But--!” Scootaloo whines.

“Listen to me, Scootaloo.” Rainbow sits down as she wraps a wing around Scootaloo. “You need to understand why we have to ground you.” she continues gently. “What you three did was extremely dangerous. I might be known for my recklessness and such, but that doesn’t mean you and your friends should do anything reckless yourselves. We all love you so much, and that if anything were to happen to you, I may never forgive myself. Do you understand, little sis?”

Scootaloo begins to break into tears, and then, she hugs her aspiring hero tightly. “Yes, Rainbow.” the little Pegasus weeps softly. “I understand. I’m so sorry! I’ll never do that again!”

“I’m glad to hear that, kiddo.” Rainbow Dash smiles warmly as she nuzzles with her number one fan. After seeing such as touching moment, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle also follow suit as they hug their older sisters, who also return the warming embraces. Pinkie Pie of course is shooting out gushes of tears from her eyes as Fluttershy wipe a few tears from her eyes. I just smile warmly on this lovely scene.

After the affectionate cuddling, Rarity speaks up with a sly smile. “Why, Rainbow Dash! I had no idea you could act so mature for your age!”

“What can I say?” Rainbow Dash boasts as she ruffles Scootaloo’s mane. “I’m just being an awesome role model for my favorite filly--!” She pauses as if she just missed something from what Rarity was saying.

“Wait…” Rainbow ponders for a bit. And once she realizes what Rarity was referring to regarding with “acting so mature for her age”, she zooms up close to Rarity’s face with glaring eyes.

“What the hay is that suppose to mean?!” Rainbow Dash inquires agitatedly.

“Oh! Nothing, darling! Nothing!” Rarity answers sheepishly.

“Now then… before we wrap this up…” Applejack gathers the three fillies together. “...Ah believe you three owe somepony else an apology.” Applejack looks at me to refer the three girls who she was talking about. Then, the three fillies walk up to me with sad, apologetic faces.

“Ford.” Scootaloo starts off. “We want to apologize for what we did back there.”

Sweetie Belle continues from there, “We should have listened to you before going into that cave.”

“We promise to not do anything like that again.” Apple Bloom finishes it up.

“We’re sorry.” the remorseful three fillies apologize in unison.

“Oh, that’s okay girls.” I smile gently at them. “I’m just glad to see that all of you are safe, and that’s all that matters to me.” The three fillies are grateful to hear that, and give me a big hug. As I return the affection, all of the other girls join in for a very big group hug.


After all of that, we went on our separate ways. While the rest of the girls go their homes respectively, I join with Rainbow Dash to drop off Scootaloo at her parents’ house. Once there, I had to be gratified by Scootaloo’s parents for my heroic deeds. It felt nice actually, to be called a hero. It’s something I’ve dreamed about from all of those comic books I’ve read since I was small. Finally, it’s just me and Rainbow Dash after we said our goodbyes to Scootaloo’s family.

“Boy, Mustang!” Rainbow Dash says with a happy grin. “You sure had quite a long day, haven’t you?”


But then, we hear a different roar. Rainbow Dash looks around alarmingly, but then she and I realize that the grumbling roar came from my stomach.

“I guess all of this excitement has made me forget how hungry I was.” I chuckle sheepishly.

“Why don’t we grab some dinner tonight?” Rainbow suggests. “I know a great place that serves a delicious mushroom burger with sweet potato hay fries! My treat of course!”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” I smile gratefully. As we walk during the calm moonlight night, a devious thought comes to mind as I smirk wildly on how I should say this to Rainbow Dash.

“So…” I smirk mischievously.

“So what…?” she asks bewilderedly.

“So… aren’t you going to give me a kiss for my heroic deeds as well?”


“OW!” I screech from the pain after receiving a hard smack on the back of my head from the flustered Rainbow Dash.

“Okay…” I keep on grinning as I laugh off the brief pain. “How about I take a rain check on that kiss then?”

Funny. I thought I would receive another hit on the head, but I didn’t. I just see her avoiding my gaze as her cheeks glow as red as an apple.

“I… I’ll think about it.” Rainbow murmurs quietly with a blush.

Chapter 9 – Symphony of the Night

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Chapter 9 – Symphony of the Night

The next day after the whole dragon incident, I volunteer to pick up the fillies from school in the afternoon so that they can begin working on their two-week long schedule of chores at Sweet Apple Acres. As the day was coming to a close, I volunteer once more to escort Scootaloo & Sweetie Belle back to their homes. After dropping off Scootaloo first at her house, I take Sweetie Belle to Rarity’s Carousel Boutique. Once I enter the establishment where the bell rings upon our arrival, Rarity approaches us with her usual greeting.

“Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where every garment is chic, unique, and magni--! Oh, Sweetie Belle! How are those chores coming along?”

Ugh! So… tired. Must… rest.” Sweetie Belle says tiresomely.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie!” Rarity caresses her sister gently. “Only thirteen days left until your obligations have been fulfilled.” Sweet Belle groans at this reminder. Rarity and I chuckle softly at her sister’s exaggeration.

“And Ford Mustang!” the seamstress turns her attention towards me gleefully. “What a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?”

“Oh, nothing much.” I reply sincerely. “Just escorting the girls back to their homes.”

“Why, how very kind of you!” Rarity says to me.

“Sweetie!” she says sweetly to her little sister. “Why don’t you go upstairs and take a break? I’ll call you once dinner is ready.”

“Finally!” Sweetie says in relief before trotting up to her room.

“Actually, I’m glad you came over!” Rarity turns her attention back towards me. “You see, I’ve been working on some suits for an upcoming fashion line for the gentlecolts, but it will be most helpful if I can get a stallion to model for me for a bit.” She looks at me with fluttering eyes.

“I don’t know, Rarity.” I say with uncertainty. “I’ve never model for anypony before.”

“Oh please!” Rarity begs me as she kneels down while grasping my foreleg. “I don’t know that many stallions in Ponyville who would be willing to volunteer for me! You are my last hope! Ple-e-e-e-eassssse!” She continues to beg melodramatically as I become uncomfortable by her distress.

“Well…” I finally give in. “I can’t really turn down a friend in need. Sure, why not?”

“You will?” her expression changes instantly into beaming gratitude. Then, she quickly rises up and squeezes me tightly.

GASP! Oh thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she kisses me repeatedly for each “thank you” she has said. Huh, I can only imagine the amount of sass Applejack would say if she sees this.

“I knew I could count on you, Ford! Now come! There’s so much work to do, and so little time!” She grabs me and we zoom across the floor to the modeling room.


As a human, I’ve already been accustomed to dressing formally when I went to private school. So I have no problem on wearing a suit. But to try on nearly a dozen of suits for almost an hour, can have its toll on me. Especially since most of them restrict my wings underneath. Luckily, we were on the last one. This suit is much more comfortable because there are elastic holes on the sides that allow my wings to finally breathe for once.

“Rarity, I don’t mean to sound rude…” I begin to fidget. “…but are we almost done here?”

“Almost!” she says with a steady needle in hoof (well actually, she’s using levitating magic) as she works on the last adjustments for the suit. “Just need to put on the finishing touches annnnnd done! Ta-da!”

I turn around to look at myself in the mirror. There I was, wearing a navy blue suit with a light blue collared shirt and a red tie. I must say, even as a pony, I still look damn good in a suit!

“I must say, Mr. Mustang! I can’t help but notice how simply dashing you look in all of my suits!” Rarity, you must have read my mind.

“So be honest, how does it feel?” she inspects closely at my suit from different angles. “This one is tailored-made for Pegasi only, so it should be breezier for your wings compare to the other suits.”

“It feels great!” I compliment her work. “I can’t you tell how relieve I am to finally stretch my wings out! Having my wings tucked underneath the rest of the suits is quite discomforting.” I fan out my wings to have them feel the joys of freedom.

“My apologies Ford, but your physique is perfect for all of the suits I need to work on!” I blush at her comment as I look at myself on how well-developed I have become.

“Huh… I guess all that hard work at Sweet Apple Acres did pay off.”

“Indeed it has!” Rarity flirts mildly as she caresses my foreleg. Both of us blush instantly by her instinctive actions, and she quickly removes her hoof away from me.

“Sorry! I don’t mean to get so close. Especially after that little demonstration I pulled off yesterday.” Rarity chuckles sheepishly.

“R-right. Of course.” I stammer with a soft blush.

“Sooooo… tell me something, Mr. Mustang.” Rarity inquires with a sly smile. “Do you have somepony special in your life?”

“W-w-what?!” I flabbergast nervously at her question.

“Oh come now, Ford!” Rarity continues to interrogate me slyly. “I could tell from your eyes after last night!”

“I… I don’t know what you are talking about.” At least that part is true.

“Oh, surely a handsome colt such as yourself must have earned the attention of some lucky mare!”

Sigh… I wish that were true.” I say depressively as I reflect how lonely I was back on Earth.

“Oh, Ford. I didn’t mean to intrude your personal matters like that.” she attempts to cheer me up. “You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. I’m certain you’ll find your special somepony one of these days.” I smile softly at her good nature.

“Well, in any case, just answer me this, and I promise I won’t bother you any further. If you can choose anypony you would want to be with right now, who would it be?”

“Well… I…” I begin to ponder to myself as I dive deep into my own inner thoughts. What kind of special somepony would that be for me? As I dive further, various attributes comes into mind. Somepony who is strong and brave…

“Yes?” Rarity says with wide, lovey-dovey eyes and a big smile.

“I-I guess…” Somepony who is loyal and will always be there for me as I would be there for her…


“If… I could choose…” Somepony who is gives me the sense of confidence I need to get through anything…


“I would have to say it would be…” Maybe… could it be her--?


Annnnd I’ve lost my train of thought.

I look around to see who has made me lose my concentration. And of course, it had to be Vinyl Scratch, who is approaching us, bearing that cocky grin of hers, wearing her trademark shades, and carrying a purse-like saddlebag on her waist.

“‘Sup, Mustang?” Vinyl greets me.

“Hello, Vinyl.” I greet back.

“Vinyl! How nice to see you again!” Rarity chimes in. “Though I wish you could tone down your unannounced grand entrance next time.” she murmurs with a tiring sigh.

“No promises!” Vinyl chuckles. “Anyway, is my order ready?”

“Oh yes, of course!” Rarity walks to one of her racks, and using her Unicorn magic, she pulls out a fabulous, blue, silky dress.

“Here you go, Vinyl!” she says as she hands over the dress to the very pleased disc jockey, who also uses magic to retrieve it. “Though I’m still surprise that you out of all ponies want something as luxurious as this!”

“Well… I thought I should wear something more appropriate for tonight.” Vinyl says with a slight blush.

“So… are you ready to go?” Vinyl asks.

“Ready for what?” Rarity replies with a puzzled look.

Vinyl raises an eyebrow at Rarity. “You do remember what’s on tonight, right?”

Rarity stands still like a tree as she tries to recall what she has forgotten. Then, her eyes nearly bulge out of her sockets as a high-pitched scream echoes the Boutique.


“I completely forgot about it!” Rarity panics greatly. “I won’t be able to get ready in time!”

“What’s the big deal?” Vinyl shrugs. “Just grab one of your dresses and we’ll be on our way.”

“‘The big deal?’” Rarity is shocked to hear such a phrase. “The big deal is that I can’t just simply pick out a dress. When I pick out something to wear, it has to match up perfectly… with the environment, the atmosphere, the décor, the social gathering, EVERYTHING!”

“Oh boy.” Vinyl sighs at how overdramatic Rarity is acting. “Here she goes again…”

Rarity frantically continues, “Not to mention all that time I need to apply my make-up and fix my hair! Or the fact that I need to find Sweetie Belle a babysitter! And let’s not forget I need to get my latest line of suits ready by tomorrow morning--!

Vinyl presses a hoof onto Rarity’s lips to shush her up instantly. “So, long story short, you can’t make it tonight?”

Once Vinyl removes her hoof, Rarity sheepishly admits, “Umm… yes, I’m afraid so.”

“Well what am I supposed to do with this?” Vinyl magically pulls out a ticket from her saddlebag.

“Pardon me for asking…” I inquire. “…but what’s going on for tonight?”

Vinyl turns her head to speak to me. “Oh right, I guess you’re still new around here, huh? Tavi is having her own solo performance tonight at Canterlot’s amphitheater. A month ago, she gave me two tickets to her show, so I originally invite Rarity since she is big fan of all that fanciness and such.”

“Wow! That sounds kind of nice actually!” I say with amazement. “You know, I have an appreciation for classical music myself, so I am kind of curious about Octavia’s performance tonight.”

Vinyl smiles greatly and she approaches me swiftly with a hoof wrap around my shoulders. “Well tonight’s your lucky night, Mustang, ‘cause you’re gonna come with me to see Tavi bring the opera house down!”

“Are you sure?” I ask with great surprise. “I don’t even have my own suit to wear.”

“You do now!” Rarity points to the one I’m currently wearing. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about that.

“Oh no!” I waved my hoof with modesty. “I can’t accept this, Rarity! I don’t have any bits on me!”

“It’s alright, Ford.” Rarity offers kindly. “You can borrow it, and bring it back to me the next morning. It’s the least I can do after what you have done for Sweetie Belle and her friends yesterday.” I smile gratefully to her for her trademark generosity.

All of a sudden, Rarity switches from a generous fashion designer to a panicky drama queen as she clasps on to my fore hooves. “Just PLEASE be careful with it!”

I chuckle to myself at Rarity’s overdramatic antics. This is why I consider Rarity as one of the funniest characters in the show. “Don’t worry, Rarity. I will guard this suit with my life!” I give a mocking salute.

“Splendid!” Rarity perks up immediately.

“Finally!” Vinyl sighs in aggravation. “Now I just need to put on this dress, and we’ll be on our way!”

As Vinyl prepares to put on her dress, Rarity gasps in horror, “VINYL! What are you doing?!”

“Umm… getting dressed. Duh.” Vinyl responds matter-of-factly.

“Well, can’t you use one the dressing rooms? You shouldn’t dress in front of others, especially colts for that matter! No offense, Ford.”

“None taken.” I shrug.

“Why does that matter?” Vinyl continues to dress in front of the flustered Rarity. “We don’t normally wear clothes in the first place. Besides, I don’t think Mustang would mind if he wants to stay and enjoy the show.” she teases me in that saucy tone as she purposefully wiggles her flank while squeezing into her dress.

“Okay… I’ll just meet you outside, Vinyl!” I say with a glowing blush as I trot immediately for the exit.


I wait for a few minutes outside of Rarity’s home until Vinyl Scratch was finally ready. Then I hear the door swinging as Vinyl steps outside.

“I swear, Tavi better appreciate this for all the great lengths I’m going for her!” Vinyl grumbles slightly.

I turn around to see Vinyl, and I am stunned by just how beautiful she is. It isn’t the blue dress she is wearing that caught me off guard, it’s the fact that her eyes aren’t covered up by her usual pair of shades. You know, there’s been a lot of debate amongst the MLP community on what Vinyl’s eyes might be. Mostly it was either red or magenta colored eyes. Here, Vinyl’s eyes are actually red. Surprisingly enough, her eyes are so mesmerizing, they almost shine like gorgeous rubies.

“…What?” Vinyl asks firmly at my awestricken stare.

“Sorry.” I apologize sheepishly. “I got kind of distracted by your eyes.”

Sigh... yeah, yeah.” Vinyl grumps all of a sudden. “I get it. I have a very unusual eye color, alright?”

“No no no! I actually like them like that! They go really well with your dress & mane!” I compliment hastily.

“Y-Y-You mean that?” Vinyl stammers.

“Of course! There’s no reason for you to hide them! They’re quite beautiful!”

“Thanks.” Vinyl says with a light blush. “You know, you're like the second pony to compliment my eyes like that.”

“Oh really? Who’s the first?”

“It was Octavia.” she answers with a warm, reminiscing smile. Vinyl takes a brief moment to recall that warm feeling regarding with Octavia. Eventually, she snaps out of her trance to get back on track.

“Well come on, Mustang!” she gallops merrily to lead me to the train station. “We’re gonna miss the train if we dilly-dally all day!”


After the train ride to Canterlot, Vinyl and I arrive at the majestic city’s amphitheater. Once we have presented our tickets, we spend some time looking around the shops setup in the lobby. Strangely enough, Vinyl is looking around for something amidst the mini-shopping district.

“Oh, Mustang! Do you wanna go ahead and save us some seats? I… just want to look around the shops for a bit. Be right back!” She waves to me as she gallops away.

I look at the clock on the wall to see what time is it. There’s thirty minutes left until the show starts. I decide now is a good time to claim our seats.

Nearly half-an-hour later, Vinyl meets up with me where I was seating up front, right next to the stage. With her magic, Vinyl is carrying something quite large and wrapped in some paper. Once she takes her seat, she places her purchase underneath her chair.

“Oh good, I made it just in time! Thanks, Mustang!”

“No problem, Vinyl! So… what did you get?” I inquire.

“Can’t tell ya!” she responds with a grin. “It’s a surprise!”

At last, curtain rises, and the audience claps for the arrival of Octavia. She approaches with such grace as she carries her precious cello. Calm as always, she sets up her cello on its proper stance in front of thousands of quiet spectators. Once she is ready as she lays her bow on the cello’s stings, she takes a look down as she meets Vinyl’s gaze. Right next to me, Vinyl energetically waves to her stoic friend as she tries to so hard to contain her excitement without make a single noise. With a small, satisfying smile on her face, Octavia closes her eyes, and begins her piece.

Since the beginning of her solo performance, I was captivated by how much energy Octavia has put into her cello. I may not know much when it comes to music in general, but I can certainly enjoy how classical music can transport you into another world with its dreamy, rhythmic notes. As Octavia continues to play her piece, I can feel the music’s emotions playing at my heartstrings. Her work is so moving, so energetic, and so passionate, it almost makes me want to cry.

As I take a moment to compose myself, I look at Vinyl to see her reaction. Strangely enough, she is very quiet, but I can tell just by her expression that she is enjoying every single second of it. In fact, she has this dreamy look on her as she continues to watch Octavia play.

After one final stroke of her bow, Octavia has finished her performance in about half-an-hour. It is only silent for a second or two, but eventually, the amphitheater is filled with thunderous, well-deserved applause. Standing ovation and everything. Octavia bows graciously to the applauding audience.

As Octavia continues to bow, I see Vinyl reaching for her “surprise.” After unwrapping it a bit, she levitates it over to Octavia. In the cellist’s hooves is a bouquet of crimson roses. As Octavia looks at her gift, small joyful tears begin to leak from her eyes. While Octavia smiles broadly at Vinyl with gratifying tears in her eyes, the grinning Unicorn winks back at her. Truly, this must have be a wonderful evening for Miss Octavia.


Once a majority of the audience has left the theater, Vinyl and I are able to go backstage in hopes to meet up with Octavia after the show. Soon enough, Octavia steps out of her dressing room while still carrying the bouquet of roses in one of her fore hooves. Her eyes grew wide as she spots Vinyl.

“Hey, Tavi! Congratula--!” But before Vinyl could finish her sentence, Octavia quickly rushes to her friend and gives her a gratifying hug.

“Oh, thank you, Vinyl!” Octavia says to the surprised Vinyl. “Thank you so much for these roses! They’re beautiful!”

“Hey. It’s no big deal, Tavi. Really.” Vinyl says sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head. “It’s like… tradition to award a talented musician with roses or something like that.”

Octavia blushes a bit after hearing Vinyl’s improvising source of trivia. They break from the hug as they gaze into each other warmly. Then, Octavia looks closely at what Vinyl is wearing.

“Is that… a new dress?” Octavia asks in surprise.

“Uh… yeah.” Vinyl blushes a bit. “Since this place does call for formal attirement, I thought I should wear something fancy for a change, so Rarity helped patch one up for me.”

“It looks quite lovely on you. But you know what? It’s missing something…” Octavia contemplates with a smile.

“Really? What?” Vinyl asks with a raised eyebrow.

With a crafty smile, Octavia grabs one rose from her bouquet with her teeth. And just by adjusting her head, Octavia inserts a rose through Vinyl’s mane.

“There! It matches your eyes perfectly!” Octavia says with a satisfying smile.

Vinyl is shocked for a bit, but she smiles greatly by this gesture as her cheeks turn almost as red as her eyes. “T-Thanks, Octavia.” she stammers gingerly.

They stand there with affectionate smiles for each other for about a minute, but Octavia snaps out this moment when she realizes somepony is missing.

“By the way, where is Rarity?” Octavia asks.

“Oh! Well… she couldn’t make it.” Vinyl replies. “You know Rarity! Busy busy busy!”

“Of course!” Octavia chuckles to herself.

“So I invited Ford Mustang to come along.” Vinyl pushes me toward Octavia.

“Octavia, that was amazing!” I praise her ecstatically. “I can’t express in words on how much I have truly enjoyed your musical performance!”

“Why thank you, Mr. Mustang!” Octavia responds kindly. “I’m glad to hear that you like it!”


After awhile, we finally get some fresh air as we exit the amphitheater to stroll around the nightly streets of Canterlot. While I insist on carry Octavia’s cello for her, she is definitely more capable to carrying it herself as she hardly struggles lugging that instrument on her back with such perfect grace. At least I could carry her bouquet of flowers for her, but it did hurt my pride as a gentleman (or in this case, gentlecolt) a bit for carrying something so light compare to her. Maybe an Earth Pony’s special ability is their superpony strength.

“You know what this calls for, right?” Vinyl suggests slyly.

“A… drink?” I guess.

“Nope. Lots of drinks!” she grins enthusiastically.

“Alright.” Octavia smiles. “But I get to choose where we’re going for tonight.”

“Fair enough.” Vinyl approves. “What do you have in mine?”

“Hmm…” Octavia ponders for a bit. “How about that jazzy club we always like to go to?”

“Perfect!” Vinyl glees in delight. “Mustang, you up for some swinging jazz tonight?”

It didn’t take long for me to answer. Because if there one kind of music I truly enjoy besides classical, it would definitely be jazz!

“Sounds like my kind of place!” I beam with enthusiasm.

Chapter 10 – A New Matchmaker: OctaScratch

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Chapter 10 – A New Matchmaker: OctaScratch

It’s been a month since Vinyl invited me to see Octavia’s performance. And ever since then, I often meet up with the two musicians on a weekend at one of the clubs to share some drinks with them. This weekend, I go over to their house for our weekly get-to-together. As I start to knock on their door, Octavia appears with great haste as she opens the door quickly.

“Vinyl?!” Octavia says with wide, tiring eyes. I become startled by her sudden approach.

“Oh! Sorry Ford.” Octavia begins to compose herself. “I… thought you were her.”

“It’s okay, Octavia.” I reassure her. “Where is she anyway? I thought we were gonna hang out tonight.”

“Well apparently, Vinyl Scratch is already one step ahead of us!” She grumps as she turns around to walk to the living room. I follow her slowly and cautiously. I have a feeling that something bad happened between Vinyl and Octavia.

“Miss Octavia…” I inquire softly. “Did something happen between you two?”

“Oh, it’s… it’s nothing.” she stammers as she wipes something from her eye while taking a seat on the sofa. “It’s just that we… that I…” As she becomes hesitant on what she is about to say, tears leak out from her exhaustive eyes.

“Oh Sweet Celestia, what have I done?!” she breaks down as she sobs uncontrollably. Quietly, I sit down next to her as I was unsure on how to ease her plight. Impulsively, Octavia hugs me tightly as she continues to cry.

“Hey, it’s okay.” I coo to her as I pat her mane gently. “These things happen. Everything’s going to be alright.”

“I don’t see how things are going to get better from here!” she responds tearfully.

“Well… if it helps… maybe you should tell me what happened here. If you don’t mind that is.” I suggest timidly. Slowly, Octavia starts to calm as she looks at me with weepy eyes.

“Al-alright. I’ll try.” she says with a tearful expression. I wait for her patiently to begin her story as she wipes off her remaining tears.

“You see, about an hour ago…”


"Vinyl! Please be reasonable!” Octavia said to Vinyl.

“NO WAY!” Vinyl shouted back. “I am not going to some social gathering where I have to stick around with a bunch of overdressed snobs who would just gawk at me and make fun of me for my lifestyle! Besides, why would you want to hang out with those rich jerks anyway?”

“Some of those ‘rich jerks’ happen to be my friends!” Octavia said sternly. “And I’m going there because my ensemble and I have been requested to perform there!”

“So, why do you need me to go?” Vinyl asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, considering all of the times I had to go to some of your club parties beforehand, I was hoping you would return the favor for me this time.”

“Hey, I didn’t force you to come along to those parties!” Vinyl pointed dismissively at Octavia with her hoof.

“Oh please! I’ve lost count on how many times you’ve begged me to go with you with all of your obsessive whining and your puppy dog eyes!” Octavia respond sharply as she imitated Vinyl’s puppy dog eyes.

“And I’ve lost count on how many times you keep falling for that routine! It’s not my fault you can’t resist my impeccable charm!” Vinyl chuckled while stroking her mane playfully.

“Please, you are about as charming as Prince Blueblood!” Octavia smirked.

“You take that back!” Vinyl gasped at Octavia’s comparison.

“I will only take it back if you will accompany me this one night.”

Vinyl thought about it while turning her gaze away from Octavia. But then, she said firmly, “I’m… not… going. And there’s nothing you can do to make me.” And she finished it by sticking her tongue out at Octavia.

Octavia was speechless by Vinyl’s stubborn attitude. Usually, her anger would get the best of her at this point, but this time, she was too tiring to keep batting this back and forth. She had enough of this.

“You know what?” Octavia started off with a heavy sigh. “I don’t even know how or why I put up with you for so long! All you have ever done is constantly tease me, test what little patience I have for you, and ignore me on whatever I have to say! You’re the messiest, loudest, most obnoxious pony I have ever met in my life, and I wish that you would stop acting so immature for just this one time! But no! That would be too much to ask of the great DJ-PON-3!”

Vinyl didn’t say anything. She didn’t know what to say. She simply lower her head in shame for all that she has done to her roommate. Octavia turned away from Vinyl as she sighed in grief.

“You know, sometimes…” Octavia stated sadly. “...I don’t think you actually care about me anymore.”

“Tavi, I do care about you!” Vinyl approached Octavia gingerly. “In fact I--! I…” But she stopped. She didn’t want to finish her sentence. She turned her attention away from Octavia.

“What?” Octavia asked firmly as she turned around.

“N-nothing.” Vinyl stammered.

“What were going to say?”


“Just say it already!”

“IT’S NOTHING. ALRIGHT?!” Vinyl shouted wildly. “Why should you care what I have to say anyway?! To you, I’m just some stupid, immature punk who likes to party hard and doesn’t know anything when it comes to sophisticated music, right?!”

Octavia was dumbfounded. She didn’t think that Vinyl would be so hard on herself because of her.

"Vinyl… I would never think of you like that--” Octavia said with a sad heart.

“Forget it.” Vinyl snapped as she walked towards the door.

“Wh-Where are you going?” Octavia asked.

“Getting drunk, what else?!” Vinyl snapped once again before opening the door.

“F-Fine! Go ahead! Get wasted! See if I care!”

“Fine! I will!”


“FINE!” And with that, Vinyl Scratch slammed the door hard.

All alone in the house, Octavia sorrowfully murmured to herself, “…Fine.”


“And I’ve been waiting for Vinyl ever since then. To try to make amends for being so forceful like that.”

It becomes very quiet after Octavia sadly finished her story. I couldn’t do anything for her but just sit there and listen.

“You know… a long time ago, I didn’t have that many friends when I was a filly.” Octavia reminisces. “I was quite shy back then, and was often bullied a lot.”

“But then, somepony stepped up for me.” Octavia starts to smile a bit. “She had the wildest hairstyle I have ever seen, and that carefree grin that nopony can ever match. That was when I first met Vinyl Scratch. We were quite the opposite pair, but we became inseparable ever since then. No matter how many times we would argue, fight, or gripe with one and another, we would still be there for each other no matter what. She became my first friend, and eventually the best friend I could ever ask for.” It’s nice to see Octavia beginning to cheer up from those happy memories she was telling me about.

“And now…” Octavia starts to grieve as she sheds new tears. “Now she’ll probably never want to speak to me ever again! And it’s all because I was trying to have her come with me to some ridiculous reception!”

She couldn’t contain herself anymore. Octavia plops herself onto a nearby pillow and tries to muffle her never-ending tears. Upon seeing her display of constant sorrow, I knew that there is only one way to end this nightmare for her.

“Octavia. Would you excuse me for a moment? I’ll be back as soon as I can.” I said softly to her. The weeping mare could only just nod her head while she is still trying to silence her sobbing. I quietly leave her to her sorrow as I close the door behind me.


If Vinyl Scratch was going out for a drink, she didn’t have that many places to choose from in Ponyville compared to Canterlot. So searching for her shouldn’t be much of a problem. I looked through each local club, pub, and tavern, but I couldn’t find her yet. There is only one possible location left to check out: the same techno club where I first met Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.

Inside the familiar establishment, I briskly look around for Vinyl. And to my relief, I see the white DJ pony sitting at the bar. Right in front of her is that nice barmaid who first welcomed me to the club. Once the barmaid waves at me upon my arrival, Vinyl turns around to see me, and her initial frown flips into a grinning smile.

“Mustang! My main stallion! What’s happening?!” Vinyl welcomes me cheerfully. As I get closer to meet up with Vinyl, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of emptied bottled beers right next to her.

“Uh… Vinyl?” I inquire. “How many of those beers did you drink tonight?”

“Hmm…” Vinyl examines her last bottle she was just finishing up. “Don’t know. I’ve lost count along the way. But hey! Now that you’re here, the fun has been doubled! Ooo! Ooo! We should do some shots together!”

“Bartender!” Vinyl calls out to her. “A round of shots for my new best friend right here!”

I look at my good barmaid friend, and she looks back at me with uncertainty. I recognize that look. It’s the kind of look that says, “I don’t think I should serve her anymore drinks at this point.” I simply nod to the barmaid lightly as it’s time for me to step in.

“Vinyl. I didn’t come here to drink with you.” I state firmly. “I came here to take you home.” Her smile vanishes as she looks at me with startled eyes. Then she frowns as she glares intensely at me.

“Did Tavi sent you?” Vinyl asks coldly.

“No, she didn’t.” I respond calmly. “I came here on my own.”

Ughh!” Vinyl groans. “When is that mare going to take that stick out of her flank and just learn to back off?! Look, Mustang! I don’t know what she told you on what happened between us, but it doesn’t concern you!”

“In fact, this might be my chance to finally be a free mare!” she muses to herself while rubbing her chin. “Yeah, I can get my own pad, not having to worry about cleaning up the place, and definitely not having to deal with ‘Ms. Stuck-up Bossy Britches!’ all the time!” I can only hope that was just the alcohol making her talk like that.

“I’m not doing this just for her sake; I’m also doing this for yours.” I say with resolve. “You need to come home. NOW.”

“Oh yeah?” Vinyl simply smirks at me. “Who’s gonna make me?”


“Hey! Let go of me, you big oaf!” Vinyl constantly screams in the gaslight streets of Ponyville as she is laid across my back like she was a saddlebag. Although granted, she’s a lot heavier than any of the bags or buckets I have ever carried. Not that I’m thinking that she is fat or anything! It’s probably from all of that alcohol she’s been drinking.

“I’m… taking you… home… even if… I have to… drag you there myself!” I huff and puff as I struggle to carry the disgruntled Vinyl home. Eventually, she starts to simmer down surprisingly.

“Well, at least I still have you, my precious one!” Vinyl smiles to herself as she magically pulls out a bottle of mixed-berry flavored vodka.

“What the--? How did you swipe that?!” I question her.

“A true magician never reveals her secrets.” Vinyl grins mischievously. “And for my next trick, watch me make this bottle disappear!”

“Oh no you don’t!” I quickly grab the bottle from her before she can open it.

“Hey! Give that back!” Vinyl whines as she tries to grab the vodka bottle back with her telekinesis. “You can’t just swipe something that’s already been swiped! What about honor among thieves?!”

“You had your fill of alcohol for tonight, and you’re not getting another sip!” I back away from her as I have managed to break away from Vinyl’s magical grasp.

“Oh, and what are you going to do with that?” Vinyl knowingly smirks. “Pour it over some thirsty flowers? You don’t even seem to be the type of pony to let good things go to waste.”

I can’t argue with that. I’m certainly not a fan when it comes to wasting food or drink. It would be a disgrace against my good nature.

“You’re… you’re right.” I hesitantly admit.

“Good.” Vinyl says triumphantly. “Now just hand it over to me, and I’ll properly take care of it--”

“Which is why I’m going to drink it myself!”

“What? NO!” But before she can take any action for herself, I quickly open the bottle and begin to chug it down.

“NOOOOOOOO!!” Vinyl whines once more as she tries to get the bottle away from me. But this time, I manage to push her away with one hoof, while my other hoof held on to the bottle as I continue to gulp it down. The taste of vodka is very strong, but the flavor of berries made it tolerable for me to continue my drinking if it meant that Vinyl wasn’t going to have any. At last, I have finished the bottle. And all Vinyl could do is just stand there like a statue.

“I… I can’t believe it.” Vinyl says in awestruck. “You drank the whole bottle.” I couldn’t tell if she is impressed or disappointed.

“Eeyup!” I smirk widely with a satisfying sigh on that tasty drink. “How do you like them apples?”

“Are you… going okay, Ford?” she asks with surprising concern.

“What? Of course I’m okay!” I respond with a triumphant smirk. “Just because I don’t drink that often, doesn’t mean I should be treated like I’m some lightweight when it comes to alcoh--!”

But then, a sickening grumble stirs in my belly.

Oooouuuggh…” I groan in pain while holding onto my stomach. Maybe drinking that whole bottle of vodka without pacing myself wasn’t such a good idea. Eventually, that sickening feeling begins to transfer into my throat.

“Vinyl, could you just wait right here for a minute? I’m going to throw up somewhere real quick. ‘Kay thanks bye!” And I immediately rush over to a nearby place to take care of my business.



“How are you holding up there, Champ?” Vinyl calls out to me as I continue to vomit behind some flowers.

“Oh just dandy, Vinyl!” I call back sarcastically. “Just threw up what was left of my dinner today!”

“Oh really? What did you have?”

“Oh, you know… some roasted squash and… wait… is that corn?! I don’t even remember having any of that!”

“Mmm… good stuff.” She says casually.

“Okay, I think I’m finished! Whew!” I said with relief as I wipe myself clean with a hoof.

“I think those poor flowers are finished after what you’ve done.” Vinyl chuckles at my accident.

“Hey… don’t think this is over between us! I’m still gonna take you home, and that’s final!” But determination to my cause starts to deteriorate as I start to feel nausea and lose my balance. Everything starts to look tilted around me.

“I just… need to sit down for a bit, that’s all.” I say exhaustively.

“Sure sure.” Vinyl shrugs. To my surprise, Vinyl lets me lean on her as she leads me around to look for a place to sit.

“Look! There’s a watering hole right over there.” Vinyl points out a shallow fountain right in front of us. She continues to escort me to the watering hole as I wobble over there.

“Drink up.” Vinyl insists. “It’ll make you feel better.” I do as she asks, and I tip my head down to drink some water. Once I had enough, I gulp what was left in my mouth. Strangely enough, the refreshing water starts to help clear my head a bit.

“Thanks.” I say to Vinyl after quenching my thirst. She just smiles at me in response. Right beside the watering hole, there are some benches waiting to be seated. We go over to one of them and finally take a moment to sit down. Once my head begins to feel better, I begin to speak to Vinyl right next to me.

“So… are you ready to go home now?” I ask her.

“I… I can’t.” Vinyl hesitates. “I can’t go back now after what just happened.”

“But why not?” I can’t believe she’s still stubborn about this!

“It’s just… going to make things complicated from now on.” she answers dejectedly.

“It doesn’t have to be, you know.” I try to reassure her.

“You don’t understand! It’s never going to be same after this!” Vinyl starts to panic.

“I don’t get it! You’ve banter with each other so many times before, and you two still end up as good friends! What’s going to change all of that--?”

“BECAUSE I LOVE HER, OKAY?!” Vinyl exclaims sorrowfully.

It becomes nothing but dead silence between the two of us. I stand there flabbergasted as I am unsure how to comprehend all of this. Maybe I must have misinterpreted this.

“…Oh. As… a friend, or as something more than a friend?” I ask her gingerly.

All I get as an answer is a simple, gloomy gaze from Vinyl, and then she just looks away from me. I think I know which answer that might be.

“Oh… wow.” I said to myself as I become even more flabbergasted by this sudden news. Suddenly, some of the pieces start to come together as I recall the night at the amphitheater.

“Wait… was that why you wanted to wear that dress for her solo performance last month?” Vinyl nods softly to my question.

“And why you also gave her that bouquet of roses after the show?” Vinyl nods again to answer my second question.

“I know. It’s crazy for somepony like me to fall for a mare like Octavia, right?” she says with a light chuckle.

“Well… I wouldn’t say that.” Considering that I’m such a fan of the Vinyl Scratch & Octavia romantic fan-fics.

“It’s just that… Tavi’s really special.” Vinyl recalls dreamingly. “She’s so smart, sophisticated, kind, and beautiful. She’s pretty much everything that I’m not. Not only does she put up with me for all of my constant shenanigans, but she still accepts me for who I am. Including my red eyes. Nopony has ever considered my eyes to be beautiful until Octavia came into my life.”

“She… deserves so much from somepony else.” Vinyl mopes to herself. “Sigh… Somepony better than… me.” A single tear pours out of her ruby-colored eyes.

Sigh… What am I going to do from here? Should I really meddle in somepony’s affairs like this? I want to help her. But if I do this, what kind of consequences will be bestowed not just on Equestria, but also back on Earth regarding with its TV-show counterpart? And yet… despite of all the knowledge I possess for both worlds, I clear my head and ask myself the most important question for this situation: what would a true friend do?

“Vinyl… I think…” I start to hesitate, but I need speak my mind out on this one. “I think you should tell Octavia on how you truly feel about her.” Not to my surprise, Vinyl is dumbfounded by my suggestion.

“Are you CRAZY?! Haven’t you been listening to what I’ve been saying?!” Vinyl screeches at me. “I can’t! If I tell her my true feelings, she’ll totally hate me, and it will destroy what’s left of our friendship!”

“And if you keep denying your feelings like that…” I respond firmly. “…you’ll simply keep pushing yourself away from Octavia, and it will destroy your friendship altogether!”

Vinyl couldn’t think of a proper response. I don’t blame her. It must have been like making a tough choice between a rock and a hard place.

“Listen to me, Vinyl Scratch.” I rest a hoof on her shoulder. “I know it’s scary to admit this to Octavia. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of crushes in the past. But you need to do this not just for yourself, but for her as well. You just said that she deserves so much from somepony else, and right now, I believe that Octavia deserves the truth from you.”

“But… what if she rejects me?” She says uncertainly.

“Well then… would you still be happy to just be her friend?” I ask her.

“Of course I will!” she replies sharply.

“Then it’s going to be alright between the two of you.”

“But… she could still hate me if I confess my feelings to her.” Vinyl states nervously.

“But you don’t know that if she would hate you or not once you do. Plus, after all the times she had to put up with, do you seriously think she would instantly hate you just for that?” Vinyl begins to reflect this, and a small grin starts to blossom on her face.

“And besides…” I continue with a smile. “…you have nothing to worry about.”

“Why’s that?” she asks as she turns her head towards me.

“Because right now, there’s a certain grey cellist who’s been crying herself to sleep, hoping to see her best friend come home.”

Soon enough, that carefree smile of hers is in full bloom. She takes a deep breath, and lets it all out gently. Then, she gets up from the bench, and stands tall with her head held up high, ready for what’s to come next.

“I think… I’m ready to go home now.” she says with relief.

“Good! Let’s go!” I too get off the bench and gallop away excitingly towards our final destination this evening.

“Uh, Mustang?” Vinyl calls to me as I turn my head back. “Home is that a way.” she says with a dead-pan expression as she points her hoof out in the opposite direction. I stare silently at her gesture. I usually have a good sense of direction. Maybe the alcohol is affecting me far more than I have originally thought.

“Oh! I knew that.” I lie bashfully. “Let’s go!” I shout once more as I gallop in the right direction this time. But as soon as I make my charge, I begin to fumble and trip onto the ground. Soon, my vision starts to get blurry. Guess that bottle of vodka still had an extra kick in it.

Suddenly, I am surrounded by Vinyl’s electric blue aura as I am lifted from the ground by her Unicorn magic. My eyes begin to clarify as I see that familiar grin of hers looking up at me.

“Are you even able to use your magic in your current state?” I smirk lightly at Vinyl.

“Like you’re one to talk, Mr. Drunk Flyer.” She chuckles with a wide smirk.

“Touché.” I grin right back at her.

“Here, let me give you a lift, handsome.” Vinyl says playfully as she levitates me back to her house. Her bubble of magic has a unique, tingling sensation. Floating in mid-air reminds me on how I used to dream about flying when I was a human.

“Hey, Vinyl. Guess what?” I ask her with a goofy smile.


“I can fly!” I confirm tipsily.

Vinyl chuckles lightly to herself as she shakes her head. “Sigh… yes, Mustang. Yes you can.”


At last, we arrive at Vinyl & Octavia’s home. Silently, Vinyl and I creep into the house. We enter the living room where our sleeping beauty, Octavia, lays on the couch while she is hugging one of the pillows.

“Awwwww… Would you look at that!” I coo quietly at how cute Octavia is when she is asleep. “It’s like a fairy tale come true!”

Psst… Hey Vinyl.” I whisper gleefully to my Unicorn friend. “This is the part where you’re supposed to kiss her in order to break the spell.”

“Cut it out, Mustang!” Vinyl quietly snaps at me while I chuckle at her sudden blush. “I want to make things right between us, not make it worse!”

“Mmm… Vinyl?” Octavia mumbles as she slowly begins to stern from her slumber. “Is that you?”

Seeing Octavia awake all of sudden surprised us, but Vinyl displays a warm smile from seeing her friend’s awakening. “Hey, Tavi.” Octavia’s eyes start to widen as she rises from the couch to get a better look at her returning friend.

“Listen…” Vinyl begins uneasily. “…there’s something I--” But then, Octavia wraps her fore hooves tightly around the surprised disk jockey as the cellist rests her head on Vinyl’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry, Vinyl!” Octavia apologizes sorrowfully. “I shouldn’t have been so harsh on you and try to force you into something you didn’t want to do! I only just wanted you to give me some company while I play at the reception! Please please please forgive me!”

Vinyl is silent for a moment, but she smiles greatly at Octavia’s gesture. “Tavi, you don’t have to apologize for anything.” Vinyl responds soothingly as she caresses Octavia’s silky, black mane. “I’m the one who should be sorry. I shouldn’t have acted so selfish like that. I’d be happy to come with you to that party.”

Octavia smiles with content as they break up their reunion. “We can worry about that later.” Octavia says with relief. “Right now, we should get some sleep.”

As Octavia begins to make her way towards the staircase, I quickly nudge Vinyl to make sure she doesn’t miss this chance. Once Vinyl gets my signal, she immediately rushes to Octavia.

“Tavi, wait!” Vinyl calls out to Octavia. “There’s… something else I need to tell you.”

“Yes, Vinyl?” Octavia asks gently as she walks back to Vinyl.

“Well you see… I… oh boy…” Vinyl flusters to a great extent as she sweats a bit. “This is really hard for me to say.” Octavia waits patiently for her friend as Vinyl catches her breath and starts all over again. This time, with more confidence in herself.

“Octavia…” Vinyl says tenderly. “We’ve been friends ever since we were just fillies. And even though we had our fair share of problems with one and another, I wouldn't want to change any of that on having you as my best friend. But you see… lately… I have been developing these new feelings. And I haven’t told you about them because… well… I was afraid that it might ruin our friendship. But now, thanks to my new friend over there, I’ve decided that it’s only fair that you know the truth right now. So here it goes…”

Vinyl takes one last deep breath before she finishes her statement that could change both of the musicians’ lives forever. “Octavia… I love you.”

Never once did Octavia interrupt Vinyl’s confession, nor did her stoic face express any new emotions. It was just complete silence for nearly a minute between Vinyl, Octavia, and I. Suddenly, Octavia’s expression starts to alter. Her renewed tears start to leak out of her exhausting eyes. Vinyl and I start to panic at this.

“Oh no! No no no no! Please don’t cry, Octavia!" Vinyl pleas frantically. "Look, I’m sorry! I take it back! It’s just a simple crush, that’s all! Please don’t let this ruin our friendship!” As Vinyl pleas to Octavia with all her might, the crying cellist starts to start to smile and let out an uncontrollable giggle. Vinyl and I are perplexed by Octavia’s mixed expression.

“No, silly!” Octavia finishes her chuckling as she wipes her tears. “I’m only crying because I’m happy!”

“You see, I… I love you too, Vinyl!” Octavia confesses joyfully as she embraces Vinyl tenderly. Vinyl is briefly shocked by this revelation, but I can see all of that fear and doubt vanish in an instant as she makes the biggest, happiest grin I have ever did see.

Immediately, Vinyl returns Octavia’s hug with all of her heart. As I bear witness to this affectionate moment, I begin reflect back on my decision with helping out Vinyl’s dilemma. Looking back to my initial worries, I assume that what Vinyl and Octavia are sharing with each other isn’t going to have that much affect on the cartoon’s continuity. After all, Vinyl & Octavia are only background ponies in the show, so what they have behind the scenes wouldn’t have drastic affect for future episodes. Still, I don’t hold any regrets on making these two the happiest ponies right now.

“It’s just that…” Octavia begins to speak softly after finishing her hug. “I always thought that you wouldn’t be interested in me because I am just some boring, over-sophisticated pony.”

“Tavi, you’re far from being boring!” Vinyl chuckles heartily. “You’re a lot more fun than you give credit for! Heck, arguing with you is one of my favorite pastimes!” Then, we all share a good laugh, which helps ease the tension even more so.

“Soooooo… does that mean we can make out?” Vinyl asks teasingly.

I expect Octavia to chastise Vinyl for that, but instead, Octavia makes a simple smirk, wraps a fore hoof around her partner’s neck, and pulls her in for a surprisingly deep kiss! The look on Vinyl is priceless! Her ruby irises shrink drastically as she’s receiving the kiss. Then, she closes her eyes as her lips maintain contact with Octavia’s. While seeing this deep affection right before my eyes, my wings suddenly begin to stiffen. Keep it under control, Ford.

Then, their lips separate slowly. Vinyl opens her eyes as if she just woke up from a very good dream. “Wow… that was really nice.” Vinyl smiles with dreamy look. “But… you still didn’t answer my question.” she affirms with a knowing smirk.

“Well…” Octavia responds with a grin that matches equally with Vinyl’s. “…maybe you should read my lips more carefully.” This time, Vinyl gently pulls Octavia in for another kiss. From the way I see, their second kiss is a lot more passionate than before. As their second make-out session starts to get more intense, my wings become even harder for me to restrain them. At last, Vinyl and Octavia break up their kiss once again.

“Okay! That was definitely a ‘yes’ this time!” Vinyl chuckles triumphantly.

The grinning DJ tries to go in for another smooch, but Octavia presses a hoof to her lover’s eager lips. “Umm… Vinyl?” Octavia inquires with a smile. “Maybe we should continue this somewhere more private.” Vinyl is confused for a bit, but then Octavia points a hoof at me, and Vinyl turns her head to look at me as well. It sure took them awhile to finally notice the elephant in the room.

“Oh, don’t mind me.” I suggest playfully with a drunken, goofy smile. “I’m just enjoying the show. Please… continue.”

“You know, Tavi…” Vinyl ponders grinningly as she rubs her chin. “We do kind of owe him for all of this. Perhaps we should interest him in a three--”

“DON’T. EVEN. FINISH. THAT. SENTENCE.” Octavia threatens Vinyl with stone-cold eyes. From hearing that solid threat, the nervous Vinyl Scratch swallows a hard gulp before she carefully rephrases her sentence.

“Sorry, my wing pony.” Vinyl says to me. “You're just gonna have to sleep on the couch tonight.”

“Curses! Foiled again!” I respond in a mocking tone. And we all share a good laugh together from my melodramatic performance.

“Like I said…” Octavia says with a yawn. “We really should get some sleep right about now.”

“You go on ahead.” Vinyl waves her newfound lover off to bed. “I’m just gonna prepare the couch for special guest tonight.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet of you, Vinyl.” Octavia smiles warmly at Vinyl’s kind act. She then awards Vinyl with a quick peck on the cheek. “Well, don’t take too long. I’ll be waiting.” She finishes her sentence in an appealing tone, leaving the blushing Vinyl in a dazed state as the cellist begins her ascent to her room.


A few minutes later, Vinyl finishes making my bed for the night on their couch. As I get all comfy underneath the sheets, Vinyl leans in to whisper something into my ear.

Psst... Mustang. Sorry that you won’t be seeing any action tonight, but I thought I should let you know that this house has some very, VERY thin walls here.”

And just like that… FOOMPH! My wings fan out impulsively upon hearing that unexpected claim.

“Well anyway, that’s all I want to say!” she leaves me with a smile as I gape in silence while laying in my temporary bed. “Sweet dreams, Mustang!” she says to me as she merrily heads upstairs.

Sigh… Oh boy. So much for that good night’s sleep, I guess.

Chapter 11 – The Hangover

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Chapter 11 – The Hangover

The following morning, I wake up very groggily from the couch I was sleeping on. I certainly didn’t sleep so well last night for two reasons. Number one, I’m still suffering the terrible effects of that bottle of vodka I had to drink last night before Vinyl Scratch could do anymore harm to herself. And number two, I was too excited to sleep just yet after listening on some of that “sweet, SWEET music” the two mares were making upstairs. I swear, all of those “harmonious notes” they were making up there could easily fill up an entire soundtrack.

While I am fortunate enough to know that I wasn’t feeling nauseas anymore, the tradeoff for that is to deal with this massive headache that’s just ready to split my skull open. Even looking through the window where there is some daylight out there makes my headache worse. I squint my eyes to avoid the harsh light as I struggle poorly to get out of bed.

“Good morning, Ford!” Octavia greets me in a cheerful tone. “How did you sleep last night?” My tiresome groan answers her question for me.

“Oh, sorry to hear that.” she sympathizes. “Here.” She brings a glass of orange juice and a couple of pills onto my slightly trembling hooves. “These should help you.” Without hesitation, I put the pills in my mouth, take a sip of that delicious orange juice, and eagerly swallow those miraculous pills of salvation.

“Thanks, Octavia.” I weakly smile to her. As my eyes adjusted better, I get a better look at the welcoming Octavia, where her hair is still in good shape after she woke up first, and she’s wearing an elegant bathrobe.

“I heard what happened last night with Vinyl.” Octavia informs me as she sits right next to me while I scoot aside to make room for her. “I can’t believe you actually drank an entire bottle yourself!” She chuckles lightly to herself. “That’s something that I would have expected Vinyl to do instead.”

“What can I say?” I chuckle along. “I did it all in the name of love.” We both share a brief giggle together.

“Well still… thank you…” Octavia warmly expresses her gratitude by kissing me on the cheek. “…for everything.” Surprisingly, I didn’t blush that time when I receive that kiss respectfully.

“You’re welcome.” I respond humbly.

Just then, we hear a dinging noise. “Oh! Coffee’s ready!” She announces as she trots to the kitchen room. “Would you care for a cup?”

“No thank you.” I politely decline. “I’ll stick with my orange juice for now.” I get up from the couch and carefully follow Octavia to the kitchen while carrying my cup with me.

As I sit down at the kitchen table, Octavia begins to pour herself a cup of coffee. After taking a satisfying sip of hers, she pours another cup of coffee, and she sets that aside on the table. As I almost wonder what the second cup for is, right on cue, Vinyl Scratch enters the kitchen with a groggy expression similar to how I woke up, except she looks less sufferable than I did.

“Morning, Vinyl.” I greet to her casually.

“Mmmm…” she moans tiresomely in response. “Need… coffee.”

“Right here, Vinyl.” Octavia gestures her new marefriend to her cup of coffee.

“Thanks.” Vinyl expresses groggily with gratitude before pecking Octavia on the cheek. Using her magic, the bleary pony takes a big sip of her coffee. After smacking her lips a couple of times, her ruby eyes light up instantly as her infamous grin makes its morning appearance. Now she’s wide awake.

“You know, Tavi…” she grins broadly to Octavia, who’s preparing eggs for breakfast this morning. “…I could use some sugar to go with that coffee.”

“But Vinyl…” Octavia responds with confusion. “You never take sugar with your coffee.”

“Oh, I know.” Vinyl grins while she walks up to Octavia. And out of nowhere, Vinyl Scratch pulls a surprised Octavia towards her and gives her a deeply affectionate kiss. Octavia is startled by this, but she gives in as she accepts this tender embrace with all of her heart. Well, now I’m wide awake too.

“But I figure a little sweetness wouldn’t hurt every now and then.” Vinyl smiles tenderly after finishing that kiss.

“Oh, well… I’ll… make sure to remember that next time.” Octavia says breathlessly with a dreamy smile.


Once the eggs were ready, we all sit down to have a nice, simple breakfast together. Since I am no longer nauseas, I can enjoy my tasty, scrambled eggs in peace without having the need to excuse myself to use the bathroom.

“So, Mustang… how’s that hangover coming along?” Vinyl asks with a grin.

“Ughhh… like a constant kick in the face." I groan as I rub my slightly achy head. "But I’m much better now thanks to your kind hospitality.” I said with sincerity to both of the mares.

“Well, we certainly won’t kick you off the streets after all that you have done for us last night.” says Vinyl Scratch.

I get up from the table after I have finished my plate. “Where can I put my dishes?”

“Just leave them in the sink, Ford." says Octavia as she points at the sink. "We’ll take care of them later.”

“So… I assume you girls had a good night’s worth of sleep then?” I slightly smirk.

“Well…" Octavia begins with a mild blush. She and Vinyl gaze at each other sharing the same blush before they both smile tenderly. "...more or less.”

“I still can’t believe you were able to sleep so easily after last night!" Vinyl chuckles mightily. "I mean with the way you toss and turn! Oh, and how can I forget those high-pitched moans you were mak--!”

“VINYL!" Octavia interrupts scoldingly. "What happens behind closed doors stays behind closed doors! Besides, I’m certain that Ford Mustang doesn’t want to hear all about it.”

“Oh, that’s alright, Octavia." I reply with a smile as I lay my dishes in the sink. "I’ve already heard most of it any--!” I can't believe I let that one slipped! Even when I try to not finish the rest of that sentence with my hoof over my mouth, Octavia stares at me speechlessly with wide eyes. I glance at Vinyl, who's starting to sweat right now, before looking back at the frozen cellist. Maybe I can still cover this up.

“Uhh… I mean… what I meant to say was… umm… I… really like your mane?” Smooth, Ford. VERY smooth.

Octavia slowly snaps out of her frozen stance as she surprisingly maintains her usually calm, collective manner with a small smile.

“Vinyl, sweetie?” she asks the nervous DJ.

Gulp! Yes… dear, sweet, kind, merciful Octavia?” Vinyl gingerly responds with an extra coating of sugar.

“You did remember to put a soundproofing spell in our room last night, RIGHT?” Octavia questions her with a fake, heavy smile.

“Oh… yeah… about that…" Vinyl answers hesitantly with a sheepish smile. "...well you see I… umm… I might have… simply forgot... to do that… by… accident? He-heh...

I couldn't tell what Octavia's expression was from the back of her head, but I know that what Vinyl just said as her excuse is enough to ignite the fuse of the inevitable powder keg that is ready to explode. I figure it might be best to make my escape while I still can.

“WellwouldyoulookatthetimeIreallyneedtogetbacktoSweetAppleAcresrightnowthanksagainforbreakfastandeverythingweshouldreallydothisagainsomeothertimebyebye!” I say at ludicrous speed as I hastily make my way to the nearest exit.

“No, wait! Come back here!" Vinyl desperately begs for my return. "DON’T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH HER!!”


After I quickly shut the door behind me, my curiousity gets the best of me as I lean my ear against the door's wooden surface to confirm if my premonition was correct.

“Now, Tavi. Let’s not act so irrationally." I hear Vinyl chuckling nervously. "We can still act civilized, right? It won’t happen again. I promise.”

“Oh, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen EVER AGAIN!” Then, I hear two sets of galloping hooves running around the house.






And the race continues as I listen in on this insane action. I think some of the furniture has been knocked aside during that chase. Eventually, things start to die down as the galloping noises has come to a halt.

Then, I hear Vinyl saying something while she was out of breath, “HA! Had enough yet? ...That's right! Better walk away and admit your defeat in silence! 'Cause nopony can keep up with all of this intense energy I stock up on! Well.. except maybe Pinkie Pie, but other than her, nopony!"

I hear Vinyl laughing in triumph, but suddenly, that moment of victory comes to a complete stop for some reason. Then, I hear the sound of a light, rhythmic patting against something hard. Was it coming from Octavia?

"…Tavi? W-w-why are you holding that frying pan like that? WAIT, TAVI! I TAKE BACK ON WHAT I'VE SAID EARLIER! TAVI, NO--!”



"Eh... I'm sure those two are going to turn out just fine." I reassure myself as I have finally decided to make my way back to Sweet Apple Acres.

Bonus Chapter – Boo-Boos and Kisses

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Bonus Chapter – Boo-Boos and Kisses

“You know, Tavi…” Vinyl says as she rubs her sore head gently while she sits on the kitchen floor. “…if this is what’s to be expected in our new relationship, I’m gonna suffer permanent brain damage because of you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Vinyl!” Octavia retorts after putting the battered frying pan away. “You’re too thick-skulled to receive any fatal harm from me!”

“Oh, lucky me.” Vinyl mutters with sarcasm.

“Well, thanks to you, I got a major boo-boo right now.” she continues with a whine. “Can you kiss it for me to make it all better?”

Sigh… how childish can you be?” Octavia says to herself. “Wait, what am I even saying?”

“Pleeeeeease?” Vinyl continues to plea, this time using her usual puppy-dog eye tactics. It took awhile for Octavia to resist those precious eyes, but that form of resistance is short-lived.

“Ooooh… alright.” Octavia answers as she finally gives in. She walks right behind Vinyl and sits down right next to her. Then, Octavia tenderly wraps her fore hooves around her blue-haired lover and gives her sore head a gentle kiss.

“Heh! Told you couldn’t resist my impeccable charm!” Vinyl smirks boastfully.

“Vinyl… don’t make me get the frying pan again.” Octavia softly scolds her.

“I’ll be good.” Vinyl whimpers playfully as she nuzzles her musical companion affectionately. Octavia smiles gently at Vinyl’s cute antics and hugs her closer than before. As they lay together on the floor in warm embrace, Octavia is bothered by something. She then wonders how she can address this to her comfy marefriend.

“Vinyl?” Octavia says to her gingerly.

“Mmm…?” Vinyl Scratch responds relaxingly.

“Do you think… I’m a bit abusive towards you?” Octavia hesitates softly.

“You’re seriously asking me that?!” Vinyl chuckles greatly with a raised eyebrow. But as the giggling DJ looks at cellist, her laughter comes to a screeching stop as she notices how very sad Octavia is by her reaction. Vinyl hates to make Octavia sad like that.

“No, Octavia. Of course not.” Vinyl reaffirms with sincerity. “Why would you think that?”

“It’s just that…” Octavia answers with sad hesitation. “I know I scold you a lot for all of your carelessness, but sometimes… I worry that I might be too hard on you. And I certainly don’t want to do anything to you that might actually… hurt you.”

Vinyl smiles softly at Octavia’s gentle concern, and she eases some of her marefriend’s worries by giving her a nice peck on the cheek.

“Tavi…” Vinyl reassures her. “You have nothing to worry about. Do you seriously think that I can’t handle a couple of smacks to the head every day from you? Heck, most of them I kind of deserve anyway!” This helps Octavia smile a bit.

“Besides…” Vinyl continues. “ you think that frying pan is the worst thing I’ve ever dealt with? Remember when we were just fillies? I had so many bruises and scrapes from all of those fights back then, I could have made them into a scrapbook.”

“Right, you were always into trouble, whether you’ve cause it or not.” Octavia recalls with a giggle. “In fact, that’s how we first met, wasn’t it?”


“Hey, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

“It’s… it’s nothing.” Little Octavia cried to herself without seeing who was speaking to her. “Just… leave me alone.”

“Come on… you can tell me.” The mysterious filly insisted as she sat down right next to the weeping grey filly. “So, what’s up? You must be new around here, right?”

“Y-yes…” Octavia replied while wiping her tears. “This is my first day at school. And… well… a couple of colts came up to me and demanded my lunch money. I didn’t want any trouble, so… I gave it to them.”

“Tsk! Those creeps!” the other filly scoffed on hearing that. “Well, why didn’t you tell them on the teacher?”

“They said… if I told anyone, I would be a no-good tattle-teller, and they’ll just keep bullying me if I do.”

“What about your friends? Don’t you have anypony to turn to?”

“I’m new here so… I don’t have any friends.” Octavia admitted shamefully.

“Aww, that’s a shame.” the other filly sympathized. “The first day of school is always rough on everypony.”

“Oh, by the way…” the unknown filly continued. “I came by to see you because I think you’ve dropped this.” Just then, something was dropped right in front of Octavia. Her watery eyes looked up and grew widely at seeing what’s in front of her: a small, purple purse bag.

“My… My lunch money!” Octavia exclaimed. “But… how did you--?!” As Octavia was about to thanked her savior, she gasped as new tears ran down her eyes. The pony who brought back Octavia's money was a lightly cream-colored Unicorn with short, ragged, electric blue mane, a cropped tail, and red-colored eyes. But it wasn’t her strange appearance that shocked Octavia. It was the fact that this grinning pony was covered in bruises and scratches.

“Hey, why are you crying again?” Little Vinyl Scratch asked with concern. “Just a brief second, you started to smile again!”

“B-but… you’re hurt!” Octavia sobbed relentlessly.

“What, this?” Vinyl puzzled as she looked at herself. “Well, that’s what happens when you rough up a couple jerks who try to steal another pony’s lunch money.” she shrugged casually.

“But… you could get into trouble! You didn’t have to do that for me!”

“Hey, first off, I’m always into trouble, so I’ve learned how to deal with it! And second of all, I did that because nopony treats my friends like that!” Suddenly, Octavia was speechless as her eyes immediately stopped pouring fresh tears.

“We’re… we’re friends?” Octavia stammered quietly.

“Of course we are! Oh wait! We can’t be friends just yet!” That statement just made Octavia very confused. “We haven’t even told each other our names! Name’s Vinyl Scratch!” she grinned as she extended a hoof towards the perplexed filly.

“My name is… Octavia.” She introduced herself slowly as she shakes her hoof with Vinyl’s.

“There! Now we’re friends!” Vinyl confirmed with a big grin as Octavia began to smile a bit more. “Well, what do you know? You can smile after all!”


“It was only a shame that you were sent to time-out when the teacher found out about your little scuffle with those two.” Octavia concludes.

“Eh, considering I got myself a new friend from that, it was totally worth it!” Vinyl chuckles happily.

“You know, other than being quite a cutie even as a filly…” Vinyl continues while making Octavia blushed. “It wasn’t until later on that week where I truly saw you as the Octavia I know and love.”


“Uh-oh! Look out!” A lanky colt pointed out. “It’s the demon pony herself!”

“Yeah! Better not stare at her for too long!” a squated colt chuckled along. “She’ll get you with those crazy, red eyes of hers!”

“Buzz off, guys!” Vinyl glared to the two bullies. “I’m in no mood to pick a fight with you two!”

“Ha! ‘No mood’ she says!” the first bully taunted. “Since when did little Ms. Troublemaker become such an angel?”

“Heh! She’s more like a fallen angel if you ask me!” snorted the second bully.

“Get lost or I’ll…” Vinyl threatened them menacingly.

“Or else what?” the taller colt continued to taunt. “You’ll go demonic on us? Better call the teacher on this on!”

“Maybe a priest for that matter too!” the shorter colt snickered.

“Face it, Scratch!” the chuckling lanky pony walked up to the growling Unicorn filly. “Nopony would ever want to be near you! Everypony hates you! How can anypony like you for having such demonic eyes like that? To us, you’re nothing but a living curse! Always have been and always will be!”

Then the two colts laughed their flanks off as little Vinyl stands there while taking this verbal abuse. Vinyl got so mad, that her coat color was starting to change into an intense shade of red. But it wasn’t just her temper she was trying to hold back; she was desperately trying to hold back the tears that are just ready to break her emotional dam of self-pity. But she didn’t want to cry in right of these two jerks. She would rather take out her frustration on those bullies than on herself. She was about to let them really have it until…


Vinyl and two colts were startled by the sudden shout as they stared at the source. It came from little Octavia who approached them with a fierce, stern experience.

“Oh, look! It’s the crybaby again!” the tall colt chuckled.

“What are you gonna do about it, crybaby?” the short colt also snickered.

“Oh, it’s quite simple actually…” Octavia began in a formal manner. “I’m going to teach you two a lesson in manners!”

But before the boys could respond, a grey hoof smacked the taller colt right in the muzzle. The injured colt winced in pain as the other colt was shocked by this. Vinyl just stood there speechlessly.

“OW! My nose!” the first colt whined while holding his poor nose.

“And here’s the first lesson…” Octavia continued her lecturing. "If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

“Y-you can’t do that!” the second colt protested.

“Oh no? TRY AND STOP ME.” Octavia glared at the other colt with cold eyes. That stare of hers was enough to shake the two colts in their hooves as they flee away in terror. After Octavia made sure those two were gone, she turned around and faced her new friend who was still speechless by all that had happened.

“Vinyl, are you okay?” Octavia asked with concern. Slowly but surely, a grin began to spread across Vinyl’s face.

“Okay, two questions: who are you and what have you done with the real Octavia?” Vinyl gave off her infamous smirk. The two fillies smiled each other and shared a brief laugh together.

“Octavia!” But that moment of laughter came to an abrupt end when an older mare came up to them.

“I’ve heard from two colts that you nearly broke one of their noses. Is that true?” the teacher inquired. Octavia was bit shameful to admit that to the teacher, but she wasn’t afraid to tell her the truth.

“Well you see, ma’am, I--” Octavia began to confess.

“It was me, teacher.” Vinyl suddenly interrupted. “I did that, not her.”

“What?! Vinyl, don't be absurd!” Octavia scolded her deceitful friend. "You had nothing to do with this!”

“You’re the one who’s been absurd! Stop trying to cover up for me!”

“I’m not trying to cover up anything! You are!”

“No, you are!”

“No, you!”



“ENOUGH!” the teacher interrupted the two arguing fillies. “Since both of you are willing to share the blame on this matter, then both of you are going to be sharing a time-out as well!”


Now in time-out, the two grumpy fillies sat in a corner with their backs facing each other. Never wanting to look at each other in the eye.

“You know, you shouldn’t have tried to cover up for me like that.” Octavia grouched.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be the troublemaker in this school, not you!” Vinyl retorted.

“Like I was just going to standby while those two picked on you!”

“I could have handle it myself if you hadn’t butted in like that!”

“Well it doesn’t matter now, because we’re both in time-out now!”

The two said nothing for a while as they were still mad with each other. While in midst of this dead silence, Vinyl thought to herself on how harsh she was toward her only friend, who was just trying to look out for her. She wanted to make things right with Octavia.

“By the way…” Vinyl tried to say it casually while rubbing her nose with her hoof. “…that was pretty cool of you for what you did back there.”

“C-c-cool?” Octavia stammered in surprise.

“Yeah, you know… ‘cool.’ As in awesome, radical, bodacious, amazing--”

“I know what ‘cool’ refers to, Vinyl! It’s just… nopony has ever considered me to be… cool before.”

“Well then, allow me be the first to say just how cool you were when you took care of those two for me.” Vinyl said with a grin. Octavia blushed a bit from hearing Vinyl stating that.

“It was… no problem. I was just merely returning the favor, that’s all.” But then, Vinyl’s grin started to die down when she heard Octavia saying that.

“Oh, well… now that we’re even, I guess you don’t need to tag along with me anymore.” Vinyl said with disappointment.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Look, Octavia… you don’t need to do any favors for me. I only wanted to help you out because I know what it’s like to get picked on. Nopony deserves that kind of treatment, especially somepony as nice as you. Beside, you don’t want me as a friend. I’ll just keep getting you into trouble just like today. Let’s face it. Those guys are right. I am nothing but a curse towards others. A cursed pony with the ugliest set of eyes in the whole world.”

Octavia turned around with concern. She could have sworn she saw a bit of a tear coming down across Vinyl’s cheek. Octavia wished there was something she can do to cheer her up.

“Well then… if you truly are a curse…” Octavia smiled to Vinyl before she came over to her and hug her closely. “…then you’re my curse to bear with from now on.” Vinyl was startled by Octavia’s conviction, but never the less, she welcomed this hug dearly.

“And besides…” Octavia continued. “…those two don’t even know what they were talking about. To me, you have very pretty eyes.”

“P-p-p-p-pretty?!” Vinyl stammered with a glowing blush.

“Yes, ‘pretty.’ As in gorgeous, stunning, dazzling, beautiful--” Octavia said with a smirk.

“Okay, I get! Yeesh! Stop gushing me with your fancy words already!” Vinyl flustered greatly.

“Aww, look at that! Your blush is just like your eyes! So cute!” Vinyl’s blush intensified.

“C-cut it out, Tavi!”


“Sorry, I often come up with nicknames for my friends. Just sort of slip on that one.”

“I… never had a nickname before.”

“Do you… like it?” Vinyl asked nervously.

“No… I love it!” Octavia nearly leaped in joy as she gave another hug to Vinyl while they giggle a bit.

“You know something, Tavi?”

“What’s that, Vinyl?”

“We should get into time-outs more often!” Vinyl said grinningly.

“Well… I suppose a little trouble won’t hurt every now and then.” Octavia replied with a gentle smirk.


“Best… time-out… ever!” Vinyl declares with a huge grin.

“Agreed!” Octavia grins as well.

“You know, in all seriousness, Tavi, I was really proud of you for the way you stood up for yourself against those two creeps. You’ve shown me and everypony else after that just how strong and compassionate you really are.”

“Vinyl, you’re slightly mistaken. I didn’t stand up to them for myself… I stood up to them for you.”

From hearing Octavia saying that, Vinyl smiles affectionately towards her embracing lover as she gives her a gentle but passionate kiss. They hold into each others’ hooves for quite some time as their lips press tenderly with one and another.

“I don’t know about you…” Octavia says after breaking their kiss before getting up from the floor. “…but I could really use a shower right now.”

“You go ahead and take one first.” Vinyl also gets up from the floor. “I’m going to take care of these dishes myself.”

“Please tell me you aren’t going to clean them with wubs again.” Octavia groans heavily.

“Hey! Never underestimate the power of wub! These dishes haven’t been this sparkly clean before I came up with this little beauty right here!” Vinyl says with great pride as she pats her bass-powered dish washer.

“Well… it certainly does its job efficiently. Alright. But please turn it down a notch this time! We don’t want to frighten the neighbors again on any possible earthquake disturbances.”

“Aye aye, captain!” Vinyl salutes to Octavia before putting the remaining dishes in the sink and cleaning them. Octavia turns around to head upstairs, but then a thought pops into her mind, and a devious smile begins to stretch across her face.

“Vinyl…” Octavia asks sweetly.

“Mm-hmm?” Vinyl responds while she’s preoccupied with her chore.

“You know, there’s been a lot of talk around town lately about the importance of conserving our water usage.”


“And I was thinking… since we are officially together now, perhaps we should start taking showers TOGETHER as well.” she finishes it up with an alluring voice.

Hearing that emphasized word, “together”, makes Vinyl immediately stop on what she is doing. She freezes in place as she mentally processes on what her next course of action might be. Octavia giggles a bit to herself as she was able to finally get Vinyl’s attention.

“You know, to conserve water, of course.” Octavia says with a smirk. “Well, in case you change your mind, you know where to find me.” And with a wave of her tail, Octavia makes her ascent to the bathroom in a slow and steady manner. Vinyl finally snaps back to reality and finds Octavia no longer in the kitchen. She then looks back at the plates she was cleaning up, only to realize that there is one obvious choice to make.

“Forget the dishes! I got some real wub-a-dub-dubbing to do!” And with a giddy smile, Vinyl merrily trots up the stairs to join up with her marefriend.

You know… to conserve water, of course.

Chapter 12 – Feather Flu

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Chapter 12 – Feather Flu

After making my departure from the house of Vinyl Scratch and Octavia this morning, I feel a drop of water trickling my muzzle. Then, some more drops land on my mane and coat. That’s when I notice that it's starting to rain. It isn't raining heavily thankfully, but it isn’t drizzling either. I look up to see what the sky is like. It is nothing more than a light gray sheet of massed-up clouds covering the town of Ponyville. I didn’t even know it was supposed to rain today.

I high-tail out of there as I take flight towards Sweet Apple Acres. Right now, I can fly comfortably right above the rooftops. It’s not so bad being this high up once you get use to it. As I fly towards my only means of shelter, something starts to tickle my nose, and then…


That sneeze nearly made me lose my concentration for a bit. As I sniffle my suddenly stuffy nose, I see a few feathers dancing in the wind. Hey, those feather kind of look like--

AH-CHOO!!” Another sneeze happens, and more feathers start to fly around me. What’s going on? Why am I starting to lose my attitude?

AH-CHOO!!” This one really knocks the wind right out of me as I tumble towards the ground. I try to gain control of my flying, but my flapping wings aren’t working. As I make my descent, I look up to see where those floating feathers are coming from. They were coming from… my wings.

Upon seeing the cause of my downfall, I crash onto the muddy, grassy floor. As I weakly to try to get up, I start to feel really hot. My head feels like it was on fire. What is going on? How could I be sick all of a sudden? Is it because of the rain, the lack of sleep, the hangover, or all of the above?

Maybe… if I… take a nap… for a bit… it’ll… go… away…



“In the deep, dark, damp caverns off the coast of Triton Islands, Daring Do treads lightly with caution as she ventures forward to her next objective.”

Wait… what is that? I hear someone talking. But who could it be, and where am I?

“Though she may be stranded due to the wreckage of her own ship, the famed archeologist is too determined on seeking out the lost treasure that dwells within these cavern walls.”

I gradually open my eyes as I verify my surroundings. I am in my bedroom right now. Somehow, I was tucked into my own bed. But how? I fainted in Ponyville. How did I end up in here?

“Soon enough, Daring Do arrives at her marked destination: the Lost Lagoon, an underground lake filled with various wreckages of ancient pirate ships. Each undiscovered ship has a different surprise inside: one that could either contain a vast amount of fortune or a deadly trap waiting for its next victim.”

There's that voice again! Where’s it coming from? I look to my right and see somepony sitting next to me. Sitting on a chair next to my bedside is Rainbow Dash reading a book. And she seems to be quite occupied in whatever she is reading right now.

“But Daring Do already knows which ship she wants to explore first. The mother of all pirate ships: the Majestic Unicorn! A once magnificent ship that was commandeered by the most fearsome pirate in history: Captain Blackjack! For decades, this legendary pirate has made countless pillages across the Equestrian seas. And despite all of the efforts of Equestria’s finest guards, nopony has ever caught him. And nopony has ever seen him since his last great plunder.”

I carefully look at the cover of the book Rainbow Dash was reading: “Daring Do and the Lost Lagoon.” Of course! One of Rainbow’s favorite pastimes. I knew she enjoys read them, but I never thought she would like to read them out loud with such passion. It’s… quite cute actually.

“Amongst the graveyard of broken ships, Daring Do flies across the cataclysm towards the Majestic Unicorn. Delicately, she lands on the fragile ship. As she begins her exploration within the deserted cabins, Daring Do quietly sneaks around the ship. Every delicate step she takes, a loud creak is made on the squeaky floorboards.

At long last, she arrives at the chambers of Captain Blackjack. Staring right in front of Daring Do is a grinning pony skeleton wearing a captain pirate’s uniform and displaying a nasty scar on his right eye. And in his grimy, boney hooves is a small treasure chest. Carefully, Daring Do approaches the motionless skeleton. With a steady head, she reaches for the chest that was held tightly in the dead captain’s grip. Using her jaws, she pulled one of chest’s handles with all of her might and manages to break it out of pirate’s grasp. The rusty chest makes a loud thud after it lands on the floor. It startles Daring Do for a bit as she was afraid on how the loud noise might wake up something, but nothing else in the room moved. With a sigh of relief, Daring Do looks back at her prize with anticipating eyes.”

I smile to myself as I quietly listen to Rainbow’s reading-along. I really admire how energetic her storytelling was. Makes me kind of wish I was a kid again.

“Unbeknownst to Daring Do as she eagerly examines the lock on the ancient chest, the hollow eyes of a skeletal pirate start to glow menacingly. Soon the bones start to rattle as the undead captain begins to rise from his chair.”

I eagerly eavesdrops the exciting climax that’s about to come, but then, something starts to build up in my nose.

“Ah…” Oh no. Not here! Not now!

"Blackjack quietly unsheathes a jagged sword nearby. He then creeps up to the distracted archeologist with bloodlust eyes.”

“AH…” No no no no no no! Don’t do this to me, nose! Don’t you dare do this to me!

"Like a Manticore readying its stinger, Blackjack lifts up the nasty blade in the air to lay down the execution on the defenseless Daring Do. And just when he is about to strike--”

AH-CHOO!!” That cursed sneeze of mine breaks Rainbow’s concentration as she is scared right off her chair and plops on the wooden floor.

“Dang it, Ford!” Rainbow groans as she gets back off the floor. “I was just getting to the good part!” I slightly whimper in shame for doing that towards Rainbow Dash as I partially hide behind the covers.

“Oh, sorry!” Rainbow quickly apologizes. “I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that! You’ve already had a pretty rough day as it is.”

“You don’t even know the half of it.” I chuckle weakly.

“Wait.” I’m losing track on some of my unanswered questions here. “How… did I get back here?”

“Simple.” Rainbow answers matter-of-factly with a smile. “I brought you here myself.”

“You did?” I respond astonishingly. “But… how did you find me?”

“Well, I was in charge of weather duty this morning. Had to prepare a downpour that was needed for the crops around Ponyville. So, once I was all finished up, I saw you lying there motionlessly on the ground. I’ve notice how sick you were, so I immediately carried you across town and brought you back to Sweet Apple Acres. After I told them what happened, Applejack and her family helped you up to your room.”

“Well...” I faintly smile towards Rainbow. “I guess this makes up for missing your chance to save my flank last month.”

“Yeah, I guess...” Rainbow smiles to herself. “…but without any dragons to take down though.” She mutters to herself with a small frown.

“Well still, thank you, Rainbow. I don’t know what would have happened if you haven’t spotted me.” My sincere gratitude for her causes Rainbow to blush for a bit.

“Hey it’s all good!” she says sheepishly as she gingerly rubs back of her head. “You would have done that same thing for me as well.”

We stare at each other with warm smiles for each other until…

AH-CHOO!!” The feathers start flying.

“Umm… gesundhoof.” she smiles softly.

Sniff! Thanks.” I congest slightly. Suddenly, my forehead begins to feel hot again.

“Rainbow…” I ask her sickly while sweat starts to moist my coat. “What’s happening to me?”

“It’s Feather Flu.” she states while wringing out a wet cloth from a bowl of iced water. She then gently pats the cooled cloth on top of my forehead. “It’s a type of sickness that only Pegasi can get. It’s just like a common flu except when you sneeze or cough, your feathers will--”


Phew!…do that.” she finishes her sentence after blowing one of my scattered feathers away from her nose.

“Sorry.” I sniffle a bit. Funny, I’ve heard about Feather Flu being mentioned from that episode, “Hurricane Fluttershy”, but it’s never been stated what it does to a Pegasus. Now I finally get my answer the hard way.

“Hey, don’t apologize for something you can’t control, alright?” she says firmly. “Oh, that reminds me! We should do some preening right now!”

“Preening?” I puzzle softly.

“Yeah yeah! Just lie down on your stomach!” she instructs eagerly. I pause for a few seconds upon hearing that strange request. But considering that I was too sick to even question her, I comply with her demands and adjust myself slowly on the bed with my stomach laying flat on the sheets.

“Okay… now what?” I ask her perplexingly.

“Now…” Rainbow smirks greatly. “…I do this!” As soon as she says that, I felt a great tug as something is yanked out of my wing.

"YOWCH!" I turn my head sharply to glare at a grinning Rainbow as she holds one of my feathers in her mouth.

“Rainbow! Is this your idea of a joke?!” I snap alarmingly at her. “I thought you were supposed to make feel better!” She spits out the feather that was in her mouth.

“I am!” she retorts back. “This is what preening is about it!”

“…What?” I response softly in confusion.

“Don’t you know anything on how to groom your feathers properly?” She asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Umm…” I stall with shame as I turn my gaze away from her piercing stare.

Ughh… nevermind!” she shrugs. “Look, you know for a fact that Pegasi always grow new feathers over time, right?”


“Well, in order to make way for the new ones, the old feathers got to go first. That’s what preening is all about, where a Pegasus plucks the old feathers out of their wings so that new feathers can take their place. It’s a common practice that all Pegasi have learned since like the beginning of time. …Wow. I’m starting to sound like Twilight already.”

“Well… thanks for the lesson, Rainbow Dash, but can you please go easy on them?” I plead softly.

“Oh, suck it up, Ford!” she gives a cold response at me. “Your wings are just sensitive, that’s all! You’ll get used to it over time.” I give a pouting frown upon hearing that harsh answer, but I give in and allow her to continue her work.


“So… Rainbow Dash… ouch!” I ask her as she continues to pluck my old feathers out. “If Feather Flu is something… eek! …that only Pegasi can get… ow! …won’t you get sick from me as well?”

“No way! My body is in peak physical condition!” she boasts with a confident smirk as she drums her chest a couple of times. “There’s no way some little flu can stand up to my impervious immune system!” After her playful boastfulness, she continues to pluck more of my feathers. Thankfully, this plucking sensation isn’t like getting your hairs pulled out. It starts to ease me a bit as I begin to notice how more spacious my ruffled feathers have started to become.

“You know… eek! …this preening business… ah! …isn’t so bad… ooh! …once you get used to it!” I comment to her.

“Told ya! Just got a few more feathers just left to pull. Geez! This one is in there deep!” She pauses briefly as she assesses on how to pull that feather out. In a swift motion, Rainbow presses her muzzle firmly in my wing as I begin to feel that tickling feeling again since the first day of training.

“Hey, cut it out, Rainbow!” I giggle a bit. “That really tickles!”

“Ooooh.. you don’t like that, do you?” Rainbow says playfully with a devious grin. “Well, then how about this!” She quickly dives right back in and rubs her muzzle wildly around my wings’ vulnerable spots. I couldn’t contain myself as I laugh out loud uncontrollably.

“Stop! Please! No more! I give up! Uncle! Uncle!” I plead greatly as I continue to laugh breathlessly. In the position that I was in, I am now at Rainbow Dash’s mercy. As she continues her ruthless assault, I hear the door to my room creaking.

“Hey, RD!” Applejack announces as she comes into my room with large woven saddlebag. “I brought y’all some soup for you and Ford to have--!” Rainbow and I immediately freeze up as AJ see us. She stares at us with wide eyes as she witnesses our misunderstood activity. All three of us begin to blush immensely.

“Oh! Well… Ah’m glad to see that y’all up and at 'em, Ford!” Applejack says with a nervous smile. “Sorry for intrudin’ on ya like that! Ah’ll just… leave yer soups right here for now!” From her saddlebag, she carefully places the two empty bowls, some spoons, and a thermos that contains our lunch for the day. “Carry on!” Applejack quickly slams the door as Rainbow Dash and I continue to lie still on the bed.

“I think we’ve done enough preening for today.” Rainbow breaks the silence finally.

“Yeah, we’re done here.” I agree without hesitation.


We were just finishing up our lunch together, which was a delicious, creamy apple-carrot soup. My compliments to the chef as always!

“I can see why you want to stay with the Apple family in the first place!” She chuckles from the soup she just eaten. “I’m kind of envious that you get to eat like this everyday!”

“Mm-hmm!” I agree in silence by licking my chops.

“Well… now that that’s taken care of, why don’t you get some sleep, Ford.”

“Good idea.” I comply as I adjust myself within the comfy, quilted sheets.

As I prepare to take my nap, I become disturbed by this unusual silence. I look around to see if Rainbow Dash is continuing her reading. She is focusing back on her book, except that she isn’t reading it out loud like before. I’m kind of disappointed to see that. I miss the display of intensity she was showing off when she was reading that story. I really want to hear more.

“Hey, Rainbow…” I ask her gently.


“Why did you stop?”

“Huh? Stop what?” she responds bewilderingly.

“Why did you stop reading it out loud?” She flusters heavily as soon as I reveal that to her. An immense blush fills her cheeks as she struggles on how to answer that question.

“Oh! That! Well…” She stammers greatly while maintaining that rosy blush. “It’s just… a little hobby of mine… that’s all! Don’t worry about it! I won’t disturb your sleep like that again!”

“I don’t see your reading as a distraction.” I said with sincere honesty. “I’ve quite enjoyed it. In fact, I think you’re a terrific storyteller.” She flabbergasts once more as her glowing blush now closely resembles the red-colored streak in her mane and tail.

“M-m-me?! Really?!” She shouts shockingly.

“Oh course! Do you think… you can continue where you’ve left off?” I ask her humbly. She thinks to herself silently. I know it was a lot to ask out of her for my own benefit.

“I… I don’t know, Ford.” she replies bashfully. “You should really get some sleep first.”

“I’ll sleep better if you'll read me a story first.” I bargain lightheartedly. She takes another moment to rethink on this.

“You… promise you won’t laugh at me?” she asks timidly.

“I Pinkie Promise.” I vow as I cross my heart and place a hoof over my eye. She finally starts to smile after knowing that she can trust me.

“You know, I could be a bit overdramatic sometimes when I read a good book.” she begins to show that egotistical grin of hers.

“Hey, all the more to make reading more engaging, right?” I smirk right back at her.

“Oh… alright. But this stays between us! Got it?!” she threatens me playfully. “I’ve got a reputation to keep, you know.”

“My lips are sealed!” I happily gesture towards her as I zip my lips with a hoof.

She smiles greatly in content as she returns back to her book, this time, providing the narration of course.

“Like a Manticore readying her stinger, Blackjack lifts up the nasty blade in the air to lay down the execution on the defenseless Daring Do. And just when he is about to strike, the adventurous mare notices a strange reflection on the ancient lid’s large jewel. She slightly gasps to herself as she sees the walking skeleton behind her, but she quickly recovers her moment of fear as Daring Do resourcefully uses the hard chest to block the incoming strike of the dead captain’s sword! After blocking that blow, she immediately gives herself some space as she stares down at the ghastly ghoul.

‘So…’ the grim captain begins to speak. ‘You’ve come to collect my booty, have you? Well let me tell you something, sweetie… dead ponies tell no tales when they come face-to-face with Captain Blackjack!’

‘Dead ponies, huh? I think you should take a look in a mirror, gruesome!’ Daring Do taunts boldly as she prepares to face her latest adversary.”

Oh, now it’s getting good!

Chapter 13 – Opening Day on Cider Season

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Chapter 13 – Opening Day on Cider Season

For nearly a week, I spent my sick days in bed while I was recovering from the Feather Flu. As the Apple Family worked on the farm, Rainbow Dash would come by whenever she gets the chance to keep me company as well as help me on my recovery. It was a usual routine: checking my temperature, preening my feathers, and reading me stories. When I told her that I’ve never read the Daring Do series before, she was incredibly shocked to hear that from me, and she greatly insisted that I start reading the books myself. Whenever I have some time alone, I would read the books myself to try to catch up with Rainbow Dash. Of course, that was a nearly impossible feat at this point. As much as I was starting to like this series myself, it just isn’t the same without Rainbow reading it along with me, so I truly value her company whenever I get the chance.

After I have finally made a full recovery, I was just in time to help out the Apples getting ready for Cider Season. As being the extra hoof around here, I pretty much switched between jobs: bucking apple trees with Applejack, assembling baskets with Apple Bloom, quality control with Granny Smith, and running on the apple presser treadmill with Big Mac. All in all, it was a very productive day at Sweet Apple Acres.

Now, today is the opening day of Cider Season. The Apple Family and I got up as early as possible to get everything ready for the big day, and there were already hundreds of campers in line just waiting in anticipation to taste that delicious cider, including Pinkie Pie, who is of course leading what I consider to be the biggest outdoor slumber party in history.

Once we are all set, Cider Season begins! And Pinkie Pie starts it off with 75 mugs of cider fresh out of the first barrel! How she’s able to carry all of that without making a mess of herself, I may never know.

For the most part, I am helping out with Big Mac when it comes to carrying and assembling the heavy barrels to the cider dispenser. Thanks to my wings and my hard working muscles, I can lift and carry some of the barrels that are stacked high up from nearly anypony’s reach.

As I continue to work, I begin to think about Rainbow Dash, and knowing for a fact on how much she craves this stuff to a great extent! Oh, I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she finally shows up! I sure hope that there’s plenty of cider left before this day is over.


Several hours later, and I still don’t see Rainbow Dash anywhere. Where could she be? Usually, she would get up as early as possible, even if it’s at the crack of dawn. And we just took care of all the late-night campers in line. So where is she? Truth be told, I start to worry. This isn’t like her to miss out on something like this!

Just then, I hear Applejack hollering out in tremendous joy. “That’s it, everypony!” she calls out to me and the rest of her family. “The last customer for today! This calls for a celebration! YEE-HAW!”

The last customer? How can it be the last one? Did we already finish all of the cider for today? I quickly look back at today’s stock, and to my great surprise, there are only three barrels left. I sigh in relief of this, but does that mean that Rainbow didn’t show up today?

“Ford! Get on over here!” Applejack hollers at me with a big smile. “We got an announcement to make!” I walk over to her where AJ, Apple Bloom, Big Mac, and Granny Smith all gather together around the cider dispenser.

“For the first time in Apple Family history…” Applejack begins her speech while dispensing the mugs with cider. “…we actually have enough cider left over from our opening day of Cider Season!” Big cheers fill the air, as I stand there speechless on hearing this startling news.

“And with these few barrels left over in addition to our extra stock for the rest of the week…” Applejack continues gleefully while topping off the last mug. “…we might actually be able to satisfy everypony’s thirst for the rest of this year’s Cider Season!” Once again, the rest of the family gives thunderous cheers on this grand announcement.

“And we owe it all to our newest member of the family, Ford Mustang!” Applejack says with pride as she hands me a fresh cup of that tempting cider.

“M-me?!” I stammer sheepishly in complete shock.

“Darn tootin’!” Granny chimes in.

“You bet!” Apple Bloom joins in.

“Eeyup!” Big Mac finishes it with his catchphrase.

“Ford, Ah know it must be hard for you considering that you’re not from around here and what not…” Applejack says humbly to me after passing the rest of the mugs to her family. “…but honestly, we can’t express ourselves well enough on just how happy we are to have here in our home. And with all of the mighty help you’ve been givin’ around here as well as for being there when we need it the most, we just want to say that no matter what, you’ll always have a special place with us as a member of our family.”

I look around slowly with wide eyes as I see the rest of Applejack’s family nodding simultaneously in agreement. All of those kind words that Applejack has said to me begin to sink into my heart as my eyes start to get all watery.

“Thank you.” I say to them gratefully as I nearly break into tears. “Thank you so much.”

“Now Ford, don’t get them tears into yer nice cider like that!” Applejack jokes at me playfully. “This is a time of celebration, not a time of grievin', ya know!”

“Right, of course!” I chuckle with a broad smile as I quickly dry my eyes.

“To family!” Applejack toasts with her mug raised-up.

“TO FAMILY!” We all say in unison as we clank our mugs together.

Everypony around me chugs their drinks deeply, but as for me, mine was nothing more than a sip. I was pretty much in silence with myself as I keep thinking about what happened to Rainbow today.

“Hey, sugercube!” Applejack snaps me out of self-induced trance. “Why the long face here? Usually y’all would finish yers up first before anypony else. Is there something troublin’ you?”

“It’s just that…” I reply with mild hesitation. “…I’ve been wondering about something. Have you seen Rainbow Dash today?” Applejack ponders on this for a bit.

“Ya know what? Ah can’t say that Ah have.” she answers with a questioning look. “She usually craves this stuff more than anypony! She wouldn’t miss this for anything! Unless of course it had something to do with becoming a Wonderbolt that is.”

“I’m… worried, AJ.” I sadden even further. “I hope that she’s okay.”

“Now don’t you fret for nothing, Ford!” Applejack encourages me with a gentle pat on the back. “That marefriend of yers is as tough as they come!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right-- WAIT WHAT?!” My sudden blush is just as red as the apples on AJ’s Cutie Mark.

“Come on, Ford.” she continues to make fun of me with a devious smirk. “Ya didn’t think Ah wouldn’t take notice on something like that since last week, did ya?”

“Applejack! I’m only concern for her as a good friend! Nothing more!” I retort quickly, but that did nothing to convince AJ otherwise.

“Suuuuuuure.” the grinning cowpony replies sarcastically as she takes a sip of her drink.

“Look!” I try to change this subject immediately. “Can we just focus on what’s important right now, like where’s Rainbow Dash right now?!”

“Umm… I know where Rainbow Dash is.” Fluttershy quietly intervenes.

“YOU DO?!” I yelp joyfully as I fly over to Fluttershy.

“EEP!” the timid Pegasus responds fearfully after my quick outburst greatly startles her, who almost dropped her mug of cider.

“So… just as a good friend, huh?” Applejack grins mockingly behind me. I turn my head sharply to give Applejack a “not now” glare at her. She just chuckles silently to herself as I stare at her intensely.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Mr. Mustang, sir!” Fluttershy apologizes almost sobbingly. “I was finally able to have to chance to relax right after I have helped out with Rainbow Dash’s accommodations! I guess I was so anxious for this yummy cider that I forgot to mention about it to anypony! Please don’t be upset with me, Ford! I’m really sorry!” I could never be mad at Fluttershy. How can anyone be mad at someone so cute like her when she apologizes like that?

“It’s… it’s okay, Fluttershy.” I coo to her softly. “I’m sorry for startling you like that. Could you please tell me where Rainbow is?”

“Why… she’s at the Golden Oaks Library right now.” she replies timidly.

"Golden Oaks Library?” I puzzle slightly. “Why is she there?”

“Well… she’s… got the Feather Flu.”

“…Oh no. It can’t be.” I whisper sadly to myself. This unexpected news wound me deeply.

“But it’s true!” Fluttershy gingerly continues her story. “This morning, I was surprise to notice Rainbow not being in my room so early for Cider Season. So I flew up to her house just to check up with her. Once I got there, I saw Rainbow lying in her bed very sickly as most of her feathers were scattered everywhere! That's when I realized that she has contracted the Feather Flu!

Since she’s is unable to fly in her condition, I carry her to the library so that it will be easier for her to accommodate on ground-level. I originally thought about carrying her to my cottage, but with my animal friends living there, I was afraid that either Rainbow would get worse with her illness, or that some of my feathery friends might get sick too! So throughout the day, I’ve been tending to her needs as best as I could before I felt comfortable enough to get a nice, cold drink for a change.”

After hearing what happened to Rainbow, the news of her illness sinks inside me so heavily, I had to sit down on my hindquarters. I stare down at the brown dirt road for quite some time before I can speak again.

“It's my fault.” I remorse to myself. “She’s sick because of me.”

“Oh, come on, sugarcube!” Applejack shakes me up a bit to break me from my self-doubt. “Don’t be so hard on yerself! It ain’t your fault! It’s only natural for somepony to get sick like that. These things just come and go like always.”

“Thanks, Applejack.” I smile to her for the reassurance. “And thank you, Fluttershy, for telling me about Rainbow. I’m glad to hear that she’s okay now thanks to your tender care.”

“Oh, there’s no need to thank me, Ford.” Fluttershy welcomes me sincerely. “I’m only helping her because she’s one of my dearest friends, that’s all.”

“Well, she certainly is lucky to have a very kind friend like you around, that’s for sure.” I warmly comment to her. Fluttershy blushes a bit and shies away from my appreciative gaze.

“You know, Ford…” Fluttershy turns her attention back towards me with a gentle smile. “I think Dashie would really appreciate it if you would stop by and visit her for a minute. If you don’t mind, that is.” I smile greatly on that friendly suggestion.

“Thanks, Fluttershy! I’ll go there right away! Umm… Applejack. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Go on, Romeo!” Applejack teases me one last time. “We can take care of things from here!” I was about to make my hasty leave for the library, but then a brilliant idea pops into my head.

“Actually, Applejack, can I ask for a favor?”

“Shoot, Ford! Whatcha need?”

I grin widely as I enthusiastically tell her what my idea is. Once she hears what I had to say, her gleeful grin nearly matches with my own.

“Ya know something, sugarcube? Ah think we can make one last call before we have to close up for the night!”

Chapter 14 – What Goes Around, Comes Around

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Chapter 14 – What Goes Around, Comes Around

With my saddlebag and my special package in the form of a micro-barrel strapped to my back, I hastily trot over to the Golden Oaks Library to see my sick friend, Rainbow Dash. I’m certain that what I have in store for her would definitely cheer her up instantly. It was now sunset as soon as I have arrived at the entrance to the library.

I quietly enter the establishment as I scope around the place. From what Fluttershy has told me, the spare bedroom that Rainbow Dash is using is on the second floor. I gingerly ascend the stairscase to hopefully find her.

“Fluttershy… is that you?” Rainbow Dash calls out in a sickly, hoarse voice.

“Wrong Pegasus, Rainbow.” I reply with a chuckling smile as I make my appearance. I set aside my small barrel away so Rainbow can’t see it yet.

“Oh, so you’ve come back to finish what you have started, have you?” she smirks weakly at me.

“Sorry that you got the Feather Flu because of me.” I respond remorsefully.

“Hey, don’t worry about it, alright? I was willing to take that risk when I looked after you last week.”

“What happened to that ‘impervious immune system’ of yours?” I smirk a bit.

“Oh… well… it decided to take a holiday off, that’s all. But it will come back more impervious than ever! You’ll see!” she tries to maintain her usual smugness.

AH-CHOO!!” she sneezes loudly as her loose feathers spread across the library.

“Just hopefully sooner than later.” she sniffles a bit. We chuckle a bit together before it starts to become quiet here. Ironic, considering that we are in a library after all.

“So… how much?” Rainbow asks me with a deadpan face.

“How much what?” I puzzle at her expression.

“How much did Pinkie Pie buy this time?” she asks again with a raised eyebrow.

Sigh… seventy-five mugs of cider.”

“SEVENTY-FIVE MUGS?!” she shouts in great surprise. “That’s got to be a new record! By now, they must have already sold out all of the cider earlier than last year! Arggh! This is so frustrating! I can’t believe I have to miss out on this year’s opening day of Cider Season! And thanks to you, I might never to get a chance to have some of that frosty goodness until next year!” she sulks significantly as she cross her fore legs together. Oh, is Rainbow Dash in for a surprise, but it wouldn’t hurt to tease her for a bit.

“Gee, that’s too bad you feel that way.” I pout exaggeratingly. “And to think I came all this way to cheer you up with this.” And with that, I pull out my special surprise: a micro-barrel of some of our leftover cider from the 1st day of Cider Season. Her wide eyes light up as she begins to figure out what’s in that barrel.

“Is that…?” She asks gingerly with an awestricken face.

“Eeyup! Turns out we had a couple of barrels left over after we have dealt with our last customers. It’s the first time it has happened in Apple Family history. So knowing for a fact on how much you enjoy this, I thought I would share some with you.” Rainbow smiles greatly when she hears me saying that, but she wasn’t going to get any just yet.

“But seeing how you’re sick in bed because of me…” I continue with a fake sad expression. “…I guess you don’t want my company now considering that this is my fault entirely.” Her face begins to droop with deep regret as I place the barrel on my back and slowly walk out of her bedroom. “So, I’ll just take this back with me and see if we can sell it by tomorrow--”

“WAIT! I'M SORRY! I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I'VE JUST SAID! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! GIMME!” Rainbow cries out immediately in a very childish manner as she desperately reaches her fore hooves out for that divine beverage she craves so much. Okay, I think I had my fill of fun with her for one day. She’s already in enough pain as it is.

“Okay, Rainbow!” I chuckle at her juvenile antics. “Let me just get you a straw, and I’ll pour some for you!”

“YAY!” She expresses childishly in great delight as she waits in anticipation for her drink. After scurrying through the kitchen down stairs, I find a glass and a straw. Once I swiftly made it back upstairs, I pour some cider into the cup, place the bendy straw, and hand it over to the eagerly waiting Pegasus in bed. Delicately, she holds her cider closely as she takes big, adorable sips through her straw. After gulping down nearly half of her drink, she exhales in satisfaction after quenching her thirst.

“Oh sweet, delicious nectar of mine! How I’ve missed you so!” Rainbow says sweetly to her precious cider. Once she has finished her glass, I knew she would keep begging for more, so I pour her another.

“You know, Ford, you can have some if you like.” Rainbow Dash offers to me.

“Thanks, Rainbow, but I already had my fair share of cider for today.” I politely turn down her offer. “Besides, you’ll need it more than me. Drinking extra fluids is important for you. And since this is made out of the finest apples in the orchard, their nutritious values can be quite beneficial for your health too.”

“Yes, Dr. Mustang!” She jokes heartily. “Perhaps you can fill out another prescription on this surprisingly tasty medicine for me too!”

“I might consider that option for tomorrow.” I smile as she happily continues to sip her cup.

“Oh, Doc!” She calls out to me as she places her empty glass on the nightstand. “Since you’re here, do you mind preening my feathers for me?”

“…I’m not sure I’m qualified for that kind of task, Rainbow.” I gingerly respond after a brief pause.

“Hey, I scratched your back, now you scratch mine!” she retorts frowningly.

“It’s not that, Rainbow! It’s just that… I’ve never preen anypony’s feathers before.” I admit shamefully.

“Well then, let me adjust myself in a better position, and I’ll explain it to you.” Carefully, she stretches across the bed as she lies on her stomach just like I had when she preened my feathers.

“Okay, now get on top of me!” she instructs casually. The way she said that sounded a bit… raunchy.

“Rainbow, I can probably do fine from this side.” I suggest softly with a mild blush.

“Trust me, you can’t get most of the feathers like that. Now quit being shy and get on top of me!” she instructs again, firmly this time. Without a second thought, I gradually get on top of her just like she asked.

“So… now what?” I ask her after I assumed my position.

“It’s simple.” Rainbow informs me. “All you have to do is feel around my wings and look for any feathers that may seem looser than usual.”

I look carefully at her expanded wings, but I couldn’t tell a difference between a loose feather and a regular feather. Carefully, I glide my hooves gently around those angelic wings of hers. Touching their soft, feathery bristles was not like any feather I have ever come in contact before, even on Earth. As I continue to glide my hoof across, I feel a feather wiggle away from my delicate stroke.

“Okay. I think I found one.” I confirm as I point my hoof at the loose feather.

“Great! Now just yank that sucker out with your teeth! Don’t hold back now, alright?” She instructs me again.

“Alright… if you say so.” I respond after I puzzle for a couple of seconds.

With tender care, I grasp her loose feather with my teeth. On the count of three, I’ll pull it out with one swift move just like she suggested.

One… Two… THREE!

“Ooh!” Rainbow Dash yelps out after I pulled the feather out quickly.

“Ohmygosh!” I panic immediately by her reaction. “I’m so sorry, Rainbow! Was that the wrong one?! It was the wrong feather, wasn’t it?! I knew I should have looked at them more carefully!”

“No! That was good! That was the right feather!” she reassures me.


“Yeah totally! I was just… nevermind!" she replies with a small blush.

“So… you want me to keep going?”

“Well… I didn’t say stop, did I?” she responds with her trademark smirk.


After nearly a half-an-hour later, I’ve manage pluck out as many of Rainbow’s loose feathers as possible. Soon after, she gets back underneath the covers of her bed.

“Thanks again, Ford!” she sighs in relief as she stretch her wings. “My wings feel much more freely than before!”

“No problem, Rainbow! Just helping out a friend, that’s all! Oh, almost forgot!” I went over to my saddlebag to reach for something. I pull out a thermos containing tonight’s dinner.

“Applejack and her family send their condolences by making you some tomato soup!”

“Well we certainly can’t let such good food go to waste, now can we?”

“My thoughts exactly!” I concur as I go back down stairs to fetch a couple of bowls, spoons, and a tray. Once I come back up, I pour Rainbow a bowl, place that on the tray, and set it carefully on her lap. With one spoonful, she enjoys the first taste of that rich and creamy soup.

“Mm-mmm!” Rainbow compliments by licking her lips. “As Applejack would say, ‘That’s good eatin'!’”


We have a quiet moment to ourselves as we continue to eat our soups. Once we have finished, I begin to take Rainbow’s tray away from her.

“You know something, Ford?” she says to me as I gather the rest of the dishes. “I’m really glad to have friends like you and Fluttershy to help me out like this. It's shameful to admit it, but I can’t really do anything for myself when I’m this sick. I can’t even take a moment to read Daring Do without feeling ill just by looking at the pages.” As I place my empty bowl on the tray with the rest of the dirty dishes, an idea comes into mind.

“You know… if you like… I can read it for you.” I suggest hesitatingly.

“Really? You’ll do that for me?” she beams slowly after hearing to my suggestion.

“Sure!” I confirm with a smile. “Like you said, you scratched my back, so I’ll scratch yours!”

“Well, if you’re okay with it, you can find the series downstairs on a shelf in the ‘Adventure’ section.”

“Okay! Umm… which book do you want me to read?” I inquire.

“Just pick one you haven’t read yet. I’m fine with any of them.”

After cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen, I look around the library to find a book to read. Once I find the Daring Do series in the Adventure section, I point my hoof across each book to figure out which one to pick. I’ve pretty much started on them since last week, so I’ve only completed the first two books myself. I pulled out the third story, “Daring Do and the Secret of the Sphinx.” With my book in hoof, I fly back up and pull a chair next to Rainbow Dash’s bedside.

“Just so we’re clear, I never read to anypony before.” I say to her uneasily.

“It’s fine. Just give it a try and do you’re best. That’s all I’m asking.” Rainbow assures me.

“Okay then… Ahem!” I clear my throat before opening the book and begin my narration.

“Daring Do and the Secret of the Sphinx – Chapter 1.

At the famous Hoofington University, Daring Do was just finishing up one of her archeological lectures. Unfortunately, most of her listeners didn’t share much enthusiasm for archeology as she does, so today’s lecture left her in a sour mood. As Daring Do enters her home, she first sees an unusual envelope laying there on her coffee table. She carefully examines the envelope before opening it. Inside of it, there is a small piece of delicate papyrus, and on that is what appears to be a riddle…”


“…As tons of sand fill up the room, Daring Do struggles to get to high ground on the opened sarcophagus. The flightless Pegasus glares up at her cackling rival on a high ledge where their only means of escape is.

‘Claudia! I should have known this alliance of ours was too good to last!’ Daring Do shouts at her supposed Griffon friend.

‘Sorry, Daring Doofus!’ Claudia smugs to her ex-partner down below. ‘But there’s only room for one treasure hunter in this game of ours, and it’s going to be me! But hey, thanks to you, I finally have the last clue that will lead to the whereabouts of the Sphinx, and with that, I will obtain its mystical secret for myself!’ She laughs in triumph as she holds the scroll in her claw.

‘When I get out of here--!’ Daring Do growls.

‘You mean if you can get out of there!’ Claudia mocks arrogantly. ‘That lotion I gave you to prevent those nasty beetles from biting you is also a special numbing ointment I’ve prepared to prevent you from using those feeble wings of yours! It should wear off for another hour, but I doubt you’ll be able to escape by then!’

‘Claudia, you’re nothing more a scheming vulture!’

‘Thank you! Farewell, my worthy rival!’ And with that, Claudia leaves Daring Do to her fate as she closes the stoned entrance behind her.

Realizing that there wasn’t much time left, Daring Do quickly surveys what she has in use. In her knapsack, she has the jar of ointment, flint stones, and a small bag of mysterious metallic powder that bursts into flashy explosions when in contact with fire or flung onto the ground with great velocity. Right next to her is a mummy lying in its opened casket that’s wrapped up in a one long roll of ancient cloth. And of course, Daring Do always carries her trusty hat, which has aided her in many dangerous situations. With all of these items in check, Daring Do comes up with an escape plan and…”

“… that is saved for another day!” I finish it up by closing the book.

“AAAAAHHH!!” Rainbow Dash whines immaturely. “Why did you have to stop so soon?! And on such a cliffhanger no less!”

“What are you complaining about, Rainbow? You already know how it’s going to end anyway.”

“I know! But the way you tell it adds a more exciting, different experience to it!” she responds with a thrilling smile.

“Well anyway, it’s getting late right now.” I notice how dark it is outside from a nearby window as I place the book on the nightstand. “We’ve read like five chapters already, and my throat is parched as it is. I’ll read some more for you tomorrow.”

“Oh, okay.” she playfully pouts.

“And beside, you need your rest. You’ll need all the sleep you can get if you want to knock that flu out of your system!”

“Puh-lease! Sleeping is my specialty!” Rainbow boasts grinningly. “Once I’m off into Dreamland, that cold won’t even know what hit him until it’s too late!”

“That’s the spirit! I’m going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?”

“Just some more cider please.”


“Aaaaah… That hit the spot!” Rainbow Dash says with satisfaction as she finishes her glass. I then take her empty cup and place it on the nightstand.

“Well, if you’re all settled now, I’ll just take my leave and see you tomorrow.”

“Wait, Ford!” She calls out to me before I leave her bedroom.


“Could you… perhaps… stay here… for just one night… with me?” She hesitantly asks. I become startled when she asked me that, and I couldn’t even tell if her face is red because she’s blushing or if it’s the fever that’s making her do that.

“It’s just that…” she continues timidly. “I’m not too used to staying here by myself when I’m this sick. And I’ll sleep much easier if I had some company over for tonight.”

“Well… I… umm…” I stammer as I try to figure out a proper response.

“Please?” she asks very softly. I look into her pleading eyes. I have never seen Rainbow look so timid, so scared, and so… vulnerable. I would do just about anything to see that strong, confident self of hers once more.

“Of course, Rainbow.” I comply gently. “I don’t mind staying here. I’ll just sleep in the other bed if you need anything.”

“Well… there’s enough room on this bed for two ponies.” she offers coyly as she scoots more on the right side of the bed. “I don’t mind sharing it with you, Ford.”

“You sure about that, Rainbow?” I ask with uncertainty.

“Please, Ford?” Rainbow insists with her pleading eyes once more.

I wasn’t sure how to answer that time. Instead, I turn off the lights in the library and gradually get myself underneath the covers on the left side of the bed.

“I’m not taking too much of the bed, am I?” I ask her.

“No, you’re good.” she assures me casually.

“Okay… well… goodnight, Rainbow.”



Nearly an hour in bed, and I still can’t sleep yet. How could I when my back is inches away from Rainbow’s? Then Applejack’s mocking words from this afternoon start to haunt me. Do I really see Rainbow Dash more than just a friend? I mean, I do like her a lot. She does have that wonderful personality, which I do find attractive. Not to mention she has that cute, multicolored hairstyle and a well-toned body. Oh wait, what am I even saying?! I shouldn’t be falling in love like this, let alone with one of the main characters from the show! Besides, she probably doesn’t share the same feelings for me as I do! Face it, Ford! You’re just having another one of your stupid crushes just like before! The sooner you realize that and dismiss it, the better off you will be to get on with your life!

Then, I hear something behind me, and not only that, but I feel the bed shaking slightly too. I peek behind, and I see Rainbow Dash shaking within covers as she has curled herself up.

“Rainbow? Are you okay?” I ask with concern. “You’re shivering.”

“I feel… cold all of a sudden.” Rainbow admits quietly in a shaky voice. Her body temperature must be going off the frizz. It hasn’t found the right balance when counteracting her flu. What she started with a fever, she is now enduring her sudden chills.

“Hang on. I’ll get you another blanket.”

“But it might get too hot for me! Can you just… hold on to me for a little while?” I pause nervously as I start to feel uncomfortable with her suggestion.

I hesitate to ask, “Rainbow… are you certain that’s a good idea?”

“Hey, it’s a known fact that when animals huddle together, it helps keep them warm even under extreme cold temperatures. So get over here and huddle!”

“Yes ma’am.” I reply quietly as I scoot closer to her. I move as closely as possible to Rainbow’s trembling body without applying any physical contact. I’m sure she wouldn’t like it very much, so hopefully my body can radiate enough warmth for her without having the need to touch her.

Suddenly, Rainbow grabs my right hoof and wraps it around her torso like it was just another blanket, forcing me to pull in closer to her as my chest touches her smooth back. I blush intensely at what just happened, but strangely enough, it doesn’t seem to bother Rainbow that much.

“Do you… feel any better?” I inquire with a flustered blush.

“Better, but still a bit cold.” Rainbow responds with a slight shiver. I wish there was more I can offer for her. But then, I think about something that might help. I stretch out my right wing and gently wrap it around the trembling mare.

“Does this help?” I ask.

“Ford… your wing…”

“Sorry! I knew I shouldn’t have overstepping my boundaries like that!” I panic as I was about to fold my wing back. But surprisingly, Rainbow Dash prevents my wing from leaving her grasp.

“No! It’s fine, Ford!’ she eases me. “I was just going to say that… I’ve never noticed how big and strong your wings have become.” I blush again silently, but in a good way this time.

“Oh! Thank you. Well, I did have the best trainer in all of Equestria to help me get where I am today.” I compliment to her grinningly.

“Your wing feels really nice… and warm.” She says to me warmly as she gently caresses some of my feathers.

“It is?” I react surprisingly.

“Yeah… For some reason, I feel so safe when you hold me closely like this.” She says dreamily as she nuzzles closely to my wing. “Kind of makes me wish… I could stay like this… forever.” Eventually, she drifts off to sleep soundly as I sigh in relief by this.

“Me too, Rainbow Dash. Me too.” I whisper to myself as I too begin to fall asleep.

Chapter 15 – Pony Express

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Chapter 15 – Pony Express

Despite how awkward it was when I was sharing a bed with Rainbow Dash, I slept soundly throughout the rest of the night. As I wake up, I begin to notice how my sleeping position from last night is still the same: my right forehoof and right wing are still wrapped around my recovering friend next to me. As for her, she was pretty much the same as before, except she is now facing me while still in a deep sleep. I was startled a bit when I first see her facing me like this. But when I see how peacefully she is when she’s still asleep as she shows me her beautiful, dreamy smile, I start to relax on this sight as I smile broadly. It’s almost like a dream I was still in, and it’s a dream that I never want to wake up from.

“Good morning, Rainbow Dash!” Fluttershy greets with a quiet, pleasant voice as she enters the library.

Sigh… but some dreams don’t last forever.

“I hope you had a good night’s sle--!” Fluttershy pauses abruptly for what’s in front of her: me in bed with Rainbow Dash, who is happily content, as I drap my hoof and wing over her. In this very awkward silence, Fluttershy and I stare at each other with wide eyes, sunken pupils, and heavy blushes.

But then, that silence is about to be broken when it looks like Fluttershy is about to scream. To prevent Rainbow Dash from waking up from this, I quickly fly towards the yellow Pegasus and cover her muzzle with my hoof.

“Fluttershy, can we take this outside, please?” I whisper gently. She gingerly nods in response before I remove my hoof from her mouth. Quietly, we fly across the room and exit the library. And without trying to make any noise, we gently close the door behind us.

“Okay, you may continue.” I gesture civilly.

“Oh, thank you.” Fluttershy responds kindly. Then, she resumes where she left off by taking a big, deep breath as I prepare myself for an earth-shattering scream.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” …I should have seen that coming from her.

“Better?” I ask her with a smile.

“Much better.” she responds after catching her breath gently.

“Oh, Mr. Mustang!” Fluttershy returns back to her timid, apologetic self. “I’m so sorry for walking in like that! I had no idea you would be staying over for the night! Hope I didn’t disturb anything!”

“Whoa, hold on, Fluttershy!” I wave my hooves defensively. “There’s a big misunderstanding!”

“But… you were in bed together…” she continues puzzlingly. “…and you had your wing over her and the way you two were smiling! Oh, goodness! I can’t believe I’m still thinking about it!” Upon over-thinking this misinterpretation, Fluttershy blushes greatly as she tries to hide it behind her long, pink mane.

“I’m serious, Fluttershy!” I try to reaffirm once more. “Nothing happened between us last night!” When she hears that, she gingerly moves her mane away from her face as she stares at me with continued disbelief.

“…Really?” she asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Really.” I answer firmly.

“Then… why did you have your wing over her?” I staggered as I recall what started this whole misunderstanding in the first place.

“She was cold last night due to her flu, so she… asked me to keep her warm.” I admit timidly with a glowing blush. Fluttershy just stares at me funny after I hesitantly tell her the truth. It really is quite uncomforting when dealing with the “Stare Master” herself.

“I offer a blanket to her first, I swear!” I add hastily with my hooves up in the air.

“So… nothing happened?”

“Nothing happened.”

“Well… I’m glad to hear that.” she sighs in relief.


All of a sudden, she gets up really close to my face with her surprisingly intimidating stare as she says to me threateningly, “Because if you even dare to hurt my Dashie in any way possible, so help me, Ford Mustang…!”

I make a loud gulp to confirm that promise she’ll make towards me. I calm myself down as I place my right hoof over my heart as my other hoof is held up high.

“I promise you, Fluttershy, I will never let that happen to her.” I swear with absolute conviction. Instantly, she returns back to her sweet, kind, gentle self after I make that vow.

“Well, now that we’ve cleared that up…” she says cheerfully as she trots back to the library. “…how about we have some breakfast, hmm? La-la-la-la-laaa.” she sings to herself while entering the main room. I chuckle nervously to myself as I start to creep out on how Fluttershy can change personalities so quickly.


“Thanks again for breakfast, Fluttershy!” I comment happily after Fluttershy made me some cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal, toast, and a serving of fruit salad.

“Oh, you’re quite welcome, Ford!” she responds kindheartedly as she takes my dishes away to rinse them in the kitchen.

“You know…” she says to me as she washes the dishes in the sink. “…it’s quite surprising to see you spend the night here. I was certain you would already be up by now to help out with Cider Season again.”

“OH NO!” I realize as I get up from my seat immediately. “I forgot all about that! I should get going! Say Fluttershy, when Rainbow Dash gets up, could you tell her I’ll be back to see her this afternoon?”


“Thanks! See ya!” I gallop to the exit.


“Hmm?” I turn my head to face her as I put on my saddlebag.

“Umm… would you mind… doing something for me? If it’s not too much trouble for you, that is.” she asks in her usually timid voice.

“Of course, Fluttershy."

“Well… since you’ll be seeing Big Macintosh over there… could you… give him this for me, please?” Using her mouth, she hands me a small envelope.

“Sure! I can do that for you!” I nod to her before stuffing her envelope into my saddlebag.

“Oh, thank you, Ford! Now you better hurry.” she gently shoves me outside. “They might need you right away. And don’t worry. I’ll look after Rainbow Dash from here.”

“Thanks, Fluttershy. See you later!” After that, I immediately take flight and head over to the cider booth station.


I hastily make my landing at Sweet Apple Acres as I check out on how many customers we will be dealing with. It’s not as long as it was during the opening day, but it’s still quite a crowd out there.

“Well howdy, Ford!” Granny Smith calls out to me from behind the stand. “We were just wondering when y’all would show up!”

“Good morning, Granny Smith!” I approach her with a slightly remorseful face. “I’m really sorry for being so late this morning! I hope you guys didn’t have much trouble while I was gone!”

“Ahh, fret nothing, lil’ youngin’!” she assures me graciously. “Ya didn’t miss a thing! We were just gettin’ started, that’s all!”

“Okay great! What should I do first?”

“Just help out with Big Mac on some of them barrels like before! We’ll holler if we need anything from ya!” she ends it grinningly with a wink.

“Thanks, Granny!”

I then walk over to our stash of cider for the day. Along the way, I come across Applejack and Apple Bloom.

“Morning, Ford!” Applejack greets me with a suspicious smile.

“Morning.” I smile back with caution. I know exactly what’s she’s going to try to say next considering I was with Rainbow Dash all night long.

“Sooooo…” Applejack begins with a huge smirk. “How was--”

But before she tries to get my goat again, I interrupt her with a grimacing glare, "Not. Another. Word.” She simply nods in response while still maintaining that mischievous smirk of hers as she gestures her silence by gliding her hoof across her lips. Satisfied, I continue my way to where Big Mac is working.

“Hey, Sis.” Apple Bloom asks with innocent curiosity. “Why’s Ford so grumpy like that?”

Applejack chuckles to herself as she shakes her head before saying, “Ah’ll tell ya when you’re a little bit older, Apple Bloom.”

“NOTHING HAPPENED!” I snap frantically at Applejack, who continues to mischievously smile at me. Seeing how my outburst isn’t going to make a difference, I turn back towards my destination so that I can finally get to work.

Once there, I see Big Mac coming back with another cart full of barrels. He parks it right next to the rest of the stock before taking off his harness.

“Morning, Big Mac.” I greet to him.

“Morning.” he respond back.

I go to work as I help Big Mac unload the barrels and stack them neatly on top of the others, making it into a nice pyramid of freshly made cider.

After placing the last barrel on top of the pyramid, Big Mac asks me, “So where were ya--?”

“NOTHING HAPPENED, ALRIGHT?!” I bark hysterically. “GEEZ! WHY IS EVERYPONY ASSUMING THAT?!” Big Mac is a bit startled by my latest outburst, but that hardly did anything to shatter his calm demeanor.

“Now calm yerself, Ford.” he responds sympathetically. “We were only worried about ya since y’all didn’t come home last night.” I feel kind of bad now after taking it out on Big Mac like that. I should have known that he wouldn’t tease me like his sister, Applejack, would.

“Sorry, Big Mac.” I apologize as I slightly hung my head in shame. “I stayed over at the library last night to take care of Rainbow Dash, who still has the Feather Flu.”

“Well, that’s mighty fine of ya, Ford.” Big Mac comments with a gentle smile.

“Why, thank you, Big Mac. At least there are SOMEPONIES out here who don’t presume the worst from me!” I turn my attention back to Applejack with a glare, who in return, sticks her tongue at me before chuckling mightily once more. I give a brief snort to hopefully relieve some of my aggravation. Just then, I remember something that was still in my saddlebag I set aside before helping out with Big Mac.

“Oh, by the way…” I reach for the letter and show it to Big Mac. “Fluttershy asked me to give this to you.”

His silent, calm expression didn’t change much when I mention Fluttershy to him. Casually, he takes the envelope from my hoof, rips it open with his teeth, and reads the letter to himself in silence. As it looks like he was just about done with reading it, he smiles softly to himself.

“Why… that’s very kind of her to do that.” He says to himself.

“May if I ask on what does it say?” I ask with curiosity. Big Mac simply hands the letter over to me as I also read it to myself in silence.

Dear Big Macintosh,

Thank you very much for the yummy cider yesterday! It was really quite delicious! Hope to have some again before Cider Season ends!



“Awwww… she really is a sweetheart, isn’t she?” I ask Big Mac.

In response, he just smiles a bit broader than usual as he says his predictable catchphrase, “Eeyup.”


“WHOO-WEE!” Applejack expresses her delight in her own way. “Business is booming and we still have some of today’s stock left over to sell for tomorrow!”

“Well, in that case…” I begin to ask her. “…do you mind if I take another small barrel of cider with me? I sort of promise Rainbow that I would bring some more next time I see her.”

“Go right ahead, Ford! At this rate, she might be able to get a barrel all to herself by the end of this season! For a price at least.” she mutters that last part herself.

With her help, Applejack helps me pack the mini-barrel of cider on my back right after I put on my saddlebag. As I begin to take my leave, Applejack calls out to me.

“Ya know, Ford! If ya want to spice things up for tonight, Ah got some really good hard cider that’ll put you two right in the mood--!”

“THANK YOU, AJ! GOODBYE!” I grunt loudly with an intense blush as I trot away from her hastily.

“Uhh… Ford?” Big Macintosh asks me.

“Yeah, Big Mac?” I turn towards him.

“Is Fluttershy at the library too?”

“Hmm… Yes, I think so.” I ponder for a bit. “She said she’s going to continue to watch over Rainbow Dash this week. Why?”

“Umm… Mind givin’ this to her for me?” He pushes another mini-barrel of cider towards me. There’s also a card attached to it. Supposedly, it’s addressed to Fluttershy.

“Sure, no problem!” I responds gladly before Big Mac helps put the second barrel on my back.

“Oh, one more thing.”

“Okay, what?”

Big Mac leans closer to me as he whispers, “Let’s keep this between us, okay?” Presumably, he doesn’t want to share my fate regarding with Applejack, of course.

“Got it!” I nod to him as I trot over to the library.


Once I arrive at the Golden Oaks Library, I knock on the door, which is answered by Fluttershy.

“Oh, hello, Mr. Mustang.” Fluttershy greets me warmly. “How’s Cider Season coming along?”

“Pretty good! How’s our favorite patient doing?”

“AH-CHOO!!” A loud sneeze is heard within the library as a few blue feathers escape through the doorway.

“Umm… could be worse.” Fluttershy answers with a meek smile.

“By the way, Big Mac asked me to give you this.” I hand over the second small barrel with the attached note to Fluttershy. She’s quite surprised when she sees the unexpected gift.

“For… For me?” Fluttershy stammers greatly.

“Yep.” I reply. With wide eyes, she carefully removes the attached note from her barrel. In meek silence, she reads the letter to herself.

“Oh… Oh my! He’s… thanking me for the letter I sent him! He even asked me how my day was! Gasp! He’s also giving me some cider and hopes to see me again during Cider Season!” As she reads the letter, she beams greatly as she begins to hover in mid-air.

“That’s just… so sweet of him!” she continues with a gleeful smile. “I could just… cry out in joy!” And with another deep breath just like this morning…

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh…” So adorable!

“Oh, what should I do, Ford?” Fluttershy starts to panic quietly. “I want to say something to him, but I don’t know if I can! I mean, I have to stay here to look after Rainbow Dash until she gets better! Not mention I still have to take care of all of my animal friends and Angel Bunny! And… in case you haven’t notice… I can be quite shy.”

“…Really? I couldn’t tell.” I smile sarcastically.

“Well…” I continue in a more serious tone. “Why don’t you just send him another letter to him like before? It’s a good way to be collective on your thoughts and pour out your true feelings into it.”

“Okay, but… what should I write?” she inquires shyfully.

“Tell him how your day was. That’s a great way to start things off.”

“Oh, my day isn’t that special.” Fluttershy humbles timidly. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to hear that.”

“Of course he would! He just asked how your day was, so I’m sure he wants to hear all about it. Plus, this will give you the opportunity to ask him how his day was. That way, he can reply back to you as well.”

“But… I don’t know if I can deliver it to him on time when I have so much to do.” she continues to shy away.

“Leave that to me. I’ll deliver the letter for you.”

“You would?” she brightens up when she hears my offer. I nod in response. In an instant, she sweeps me into the air as she gives me a grateful hug.

“Oh, thank you, Ford! I better get to my cottage so that I can start on my letter right away! I’ll be back before it gets dark!” She gently puts me on the ground as she prepares to leave for her home.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Fluttershy turns around to address something towards me. “Rainbow Dash is supposed to take her medicine right now, but she doesn’t like it that much unfortunately. Do you think you can persuade her for me?” she meekly asks of me.

“I think I got just the thing to do that.” I confirm with a confidant grin as I pat my other barrel of cider next to me.


“Hey, Rainbow! How are you feeling?” I happily approach her with my gift in tow.

“Ugh… Still lousy.” She groans after sniffling from her last sneeze while she's still stuck in her bed. “But I’ll feel much better if you pass me some of that cider you brought over for me!” she grins as she points at her expected gift.

“Hold on, Rainbow!” I push the barrel away from her eyesight. “First, you need to take your medicine before that.” In my saddlebag, I reach for the bottle of purple-colored medicine that Fluttershy gave to me before she left.

“No way, Ford!” Rainbow frowns in disgust as she waves in defiance. “That stuff is nasty! I’m not taking that medicine anymore!”

“Come on now! It’s good for you! This medicine will help cure your Feather Flu in no time!”

“Hey, if it’s good for you, then it should taste good too! And it doesn’t!” She sticks her tongue out to emphasize her point.

“Can’t I have some cider first, then I’ll take that medicine?” she pouts with puppy dog eyes. Nice try, Rainbow Dash, but you’re not going to get me that easily.

“Sorry, Rainbow.” I reply calmly and firmly. “You can only have some after you take your medicine. Now take it!”

“Not going to happen, Ford. I don’t even care if you’re gonna try to persuade me with cider on this one. I’m not drinking anymore of that medicine and that’s final!” She turns her head away from me with her forelegs crossed over each other.

Wow. I knew Rainbow could be quite stubborn, but I never thought she could be this stubborn to refuse anymore cider. I might as well just give up now and… wait, give up? Yeah… that doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

“Alright, suit yourself.” I admit in defeat as I shrug casually. “Phew! All this talk of cider is making me thirsty. Better pour a glass for myself.” I steadily pour a glass of cider from the mini-barrel’s spout. Rainbow looks at me with curiousity as I slowly take a satisfying sip of my refreshing drink.

“Aaaaah…” I smile with satisfaction after finishing my sip. “Nothing like a nice, cold drink after a hard day’s of work, won’t you agree?”

“What… What are you doing?” Rainbow asked puzzlingly with a raised eyebrow.

“What? Can’t I enjoy the fruits of my labor?” I grin back.

“I’m not saying you can’t, but can’t you do that somewhere else?”

“Aww… But I could really use your company right now. You don’t want me to leave you by your lonesome, do you?” I try my best to show off a cute, pouty face.

“N-n-no… It’s… just that… I…” she stammers as she turns her gaze away from me. I finish my cup while she sits there speechlessly.

“Wow! Sometimes I forget how incredibly good this stuff is. I think I’ll pour myself another one.” And so, I pour myself another glass of cider right in front of the helpless Rainbow Dash as it looks like she’s starting to pant.

“C-cut it out.” Rainbow says with an almost dry voice.

“Cut what out?” I inquire with mocking ignorance.

“That! Stop doing that!” she demands with an accusing hoof pointing at me.

“But it’s been a really hot day today. I’m just replenishing myself, that’s all.” I affirm falsely while I continue to casually drink my cider.

“I know what you’re doing, and it’s not going to work!”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” I deny with an uncontrollable grin.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about!” she retorts. “You’re going to keep tempting me with cider until I finally give in and take that nasty medicine! Well it’s not going to work on me, so you might as well cut that out!”

“Whatever you say, Rainbow.” I shrug as I finish my second glass.

“Boy, I must be a lot thirstier than I have originally thought! At this rate, I might be able to finish this entire barrel by myself!” I’m certain I just heard Rainbow gasp to herself dreadfully as my hoof reaches for the spout’s handle.

“You know, Rainbow Dash…” I said to her as I pour more cider into my glass. “…business for Cider Season has been picking up today. If it keeps going this way, I might not be able to save you some anymore. That’s why I’m going take this moment, one glass at a time, and savor this delicious, sweet cider, down to the very… last… drop.

As if time is slowing down, the barrel’s spout finishes up in a very slow dribble. For each drip, I can see Rainbow wincing more and more at this agonizing sight I’m putting her in. Hopefully, she’ll start to give in any second now…

“ARGGH! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! ALRIGHT! FINE! YOU WIN! JUST PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP!” Rainbow agonizes dramatically in defeat.

“You ready to take your medicine yet?” I ask her as I put my glass down on a table.

“Yes! I’ll take that stupid medicine! Just give it here already!” She demands impatiently.

I pour a cap full of that medicine and hand it over to her. In a flash, she edgily grabs the cap and swiftly gulps down the medicine.

BLEAH!” Rainbow expresses her distaste greatly as she lashes out her tongue from swallowing that stuff. And I’m not going to lie, that stuff is kind of strong and nasty when I first had some while I was sick.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” I pat her mane humorously as Rainbow glares at me with annoyance.

“No… I guess not.” she admits frowningly with a small blush.

“Anyway, here’s your reward!” I prepare her glass of cider as Rainbow’s frown instantly turns upside down.

“Finally!” she beams with eagerness as she takes her glass and gulps her cider down feverously.

After finishing her glass, she sighs in content and says, “Aaaaaah… Just what the doctor ordered!”


Some time later, Rainbow Dash and I were doing the usual: preening feathers, reading stories, having our meals, and so on. After finishing up the latest chapter in the book we were just reading, I begin to notice through a nearby window that nightfall is approaching.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash? Are you going to okay by yourself tonight?” I ask her.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine!” she responds casually. “Fluttershy’s going to stay over throughtout the rest of the week.”

“Oh… okay.” I guess I am a bit disappointed when she said that, but Rainbow caught on that pretty quickly.

“Of course, you’re welcome to stay over as well!” she sheepishly offers.

“No, that’s okay.” I graciously decline. “I should stay at Sweet Apple Acres anyway so I can help them out as early as possible.” Just then, I hear the main door opening. It must be Fluttershy. So I pack up my saddlebag and get ready to take my leave.

“Will I still see you again tomorrow?” Rainbow Dash inquires softly with a beseeching look. I turn around as I smile broadly when she asked me that.

“Don’t worry. I’ll still come by tomorrow afternoon.” I reply warmly.

“And bring back some more cider, right?!” Rainbow Dash pants exaggeratedly.

“We’ll see.” I say with a hearty chuckle. “Goodnight, Rainbow Dash.”

“Goodnight.” she says to me as she gets ready to sleep.

I walk downstairs and meet up with the arriving Fluttershy at the library’s main entrance.

“Oh, Mr. Mustang! I’m glad to see you again!” she greets me cheerfully.

“Hello, Fluttershy. Have you finished your letter?”

“Right here!” With her mouth, she reaches for her envelope from her saddlebag and shows it to me. I gently use my mouth to take the envelope and place it in my saddlebag. “Umm… Thanks again for delivering this for me.” she meekly express her gratitude for me.

“Anytime. Well, goodnight, Fluttershy.” I said as I leave the library.

“Goodnight, Ford.” Fluttershy waves goodbye.

After flying towards the farmhouse, I quietly hover through the hallways to make my way to my bedroom. As I was approaching my room, I pass by Big Mac’s room. I stop as I stare at his closed door for a while. Once I process on what I want to do, I reach for Fluttershy’s letter and slide underneath Big Mac’s door. Then I finally lay down on my bed and earn myself a goodnight’s rest.


The next morning, I wake up refreshingly as I trot across the second floor towards the staircase so that I can have an early breakfast with the Apple family. Along the way, I pass by Big Mac’s room once more, only this time, it’s opened, and Big Mac is standing underneath the doorway.

“Umm… Ford. Mind comin’ in here for a minute?” he asks quietly. I follow him into his room before he shuts the door quietly.

“What’s up, Big Mac?”

“Well…” Big Mac starts off nervously. “Ah received another letter from Fluttershy last night.”

“Yeah, and…?” I inquire strangely.

“And ah was wondering if you can help me out with something.”

“Sure, whatcha need?”

“Could ya… maybe… help me… write another letter?” he asks uneasily of me. I take a moment to think on this. I mean, I start to hesitate on that fact that I’m getting myself involved in another romantic trifle with two of the show’s main characters. However, this is probably what Big Mac and Fluttershy want, so I guess it couldn’t hurt to lend a helping hoof on this one.

“I guess I have some time to help out.” I finally agree with a smile. “What do you want to say?”

“Ah’m… not sure.” he admits bashfully. “That’s why Ah need yer help on this.”

“Well… how about we brainstorm some ideas while we work today? Sounds good?” I suggest.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac nods to my idea.


Overtime, as we worked on looking after the cider barrels, Big Mac and I began to think on some ideas on what he should write down. Once the day comes to a close, we finally come up with a letter to send to Fluttershy.

“Okay! So, is your letter ready?” I ask Big Mac.

He licks the envelope and seals it before he replies gleefully, “Eeyup.”

“Great! Why don’t take go ahead and take it to Flutteshy? She’s in the Golden Oaks Library right now as we speak.”

“Uhhhh… Nnnope.” he surprisingly hesitates.


“Uhh… I mean…” Big Mac timidly rephrases his response. “…since you’re going to visit Rainbow anyway, why don’t you go ahead and deliver it for me?” he meekly suggests with a nervous smile.

“Oookay…” Without questioning him, I pack his letter into my saddlebag and head to the Golden Oaks Library by myself.


Soon enough, I arrive at the library late in the afternoon just like yesterday. And just like before, I knock on the library’s door, and Fluttershy is there to answer it.

“Why hello, Mr. Mustang.” she greets me friendlily.

“Hi, Fluttershy. I got another letter from Big Mac.” And I show her Big Mac’s latest letter.

“You do?!” She gasps in breathtaking joy. But before I could respond, she snatches the letter excitingly from my hoof. With gleeful eyes, she skims through her letter as she smiles uncontrollably. As she finishes reading her letter, I can tell Fluttershy’s is about to scream her heart out. But it’s nothing to worry about since her screams are just a harmless as a butterfly--

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!” Well… as harmless as a screeching monster butterfly like Mothra that is.

“I can’t believe it!” Fluttershy continues to shriek in joy. “He sent me another one! Do you think…? I mean… does he…? Oh my! I’m so nervous! I’ve never felt this way before! It’s like butterflies are all tickling in my tummy! What should I do next?”

“Maybe… actually talk to him?” I suggest sheepishly.

“NO!” She cries out right in front of my face.

“Then perhaps… send another letter?” I suggest again.

“YES! That’s it! I’ll send another letter…!”

“Well, go right ahead then--!”

“…with your help, of course!”


“I mean… if you don’t mind helping me, that is.” she shyly adds.

“Well, it’s not that I don’t mind… it’s just that…”

“Oh, please, Ford Mustang!” she pleads with sorrowing eyes. “I’m really sorry for asking you this, but you’re my only connection to Big Macintosh! And I know I’ll just screw this up by myself! Please help me, Ford! I don’t want to mess this up!”

When it comes to anything cute, Fluttershy takes the gold medal on that catagory! Everything she does regarding with cuteness is just so natural to her, even when she’s looks at me with that sad, begging expression of hers! Just trying to say “no” to that is simply suicide!

Sigh… When do you want to get started?” I give in to her plea. She perks up immediately after hearing my answer.

“How about once Rainbow Dash is asleep? I really want to keep this a secret, if you okay with that, at least.”

“Sure, that sounds good.”

“Goody! Oh, how careless of me! Rainbow Dash is probably waiting for you right now! Why don’t you come on in? We can talk more about it later.” Then, she opens the door to the library and leads me in.

“Yeah… later.” I mutter softly to myself as I follow her inside.

Sigh… Crawl out of one hole, and into another.

Chapter 16 – The Matchmaker Strikes Back: FlutterMac

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Chapter 16 – The Matchmaker Strikes Back: FlutterMac

For the rest of Cider Season, I’ve been delivering letters back and forth between Fluttershy and Big Mac. And I hate to admit this to myself, but… it’s getting kind of annoying. I mean, I’m glad I could help out, but this is starting to become time-consuming. Every time I’m trying to do my job for Cider Season or to see Rainbow Dash at the library or anywhere in between, Big Mac or Fluttershy would ask me to help out with another letter, and then I have to send it to their special somepony afterwards. I only wish that they could deliver the letters themselves, or better yet, would just skip the letters and actually speak to one and another for a change. Well, the weekend is coming up soon. Maybe I can finally convince them to go out together.

I start with Fluttershy first at the Golden Oaks Library while Rainbow Dash is taking her nap. I’m certain she’s eager enough to see Big Mac right about now.

“Oh no!” Fluttershy screeches hysterically. “No no no no no no no no no no!” Sigh… Or maybe not.

“Come now, Fluttershy.” I speak to her gently. “Surely you don’t want to hide behind your letters forever, do you?”

“Yes! …Maybe! …I don’t know!” she replies uncertainly.

“But… you obviously like him, right?”

“Of course I do! It’s just that… umm… I’m not sure if I’m ready to see him yet.” she replies timidly as usual.

“Well, the weekend is coming up. Maybe this might be a good opportunity for you to ask Big Mac out for lunch or something.”

“Ask… him… out?” she stammers slowly with wide eyes. As she hesitates, her legs start to shake rapidly as her teal-colored eyes begin to become watery. Then, she collapses onto the floor as she hugs my fore hooves closely.

“I’m sorry, Ford!” Fluttershy apologizes tearfully. “I just can’t do it! I’m not ready to face him yet! Please don’t be upset with me!” I really thought this would be a good idea for her, but I didn’t think it would petrify her so greatly. I start to feel really bad on pressuring her like that.

“Oh, it’s okay, Fluttershy.” I coo to her as I pat her mane gently. “I just want to help you out, that’s all. Okay, how about this. If Big Mac asks you out instead, will you be okay to see him then?”

She looks up at me with her slightly tearful eyes before giving some thought towards my next suggestion. I was afraid that she would reject my idea again, but then she wipes her remaining tears and says to me softly, “Y-Y-Yes… I think so.”

“Good!” I smile in content.

“Oh, Ford?” Fluttershy asks meekly.


“You still don’t mind on helping me with my letters, do you?” She makes an adorable, sheepish smile as I could have sworn I heard that “Squee” sound somewhere in the room.

I giggle to myself at that notion as I answer with a smile, “Of course not, Fluttershy.”

Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to play mail pony for just a little bit longer. Once I see Big Mac tomorrow morning, I’m certain he’ll say “Eeyup” into asking Fluttershy out on a date.


“Nnnope.” Big Mac answers to my surprise.

“What?! Why?!” I ask shockingly as we continue to store the remaining cider barrels down in the cellar.

“Ah just… don’t think it’s right for me to put my hoof forward like that.” he responds sheepishly. “It would make it look like Ah was rushin’ her into a relationship or something. And Ah don’t wanna frighten her like that.”

“But she really likes you!” I retort. “I’m certain that if you just simply see her and ask her out yourself, you two can finally get to really know each other better!”

Big Mac gives it some thought, but to my dismay, he answers again, “…Nnnope.”

“Well then…” I keep going as calmly as possible. “…how about sending an invitation through one of your letters? That should make it easy for both of you.”

He thinks about this, but then Big Mac says, “Sorry, Ford. But Ah think it might be best if Fluttershy asks me out first, so that way, she will be comfortable about it.”

I can’t believe this. Neither Big Mac nor Fluttershy will make a move towards each other. It’s like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. I sigh in defeat upon reaching the end of our conversation.

“By the way…” Big Mac asks hestitantly with a hopeful smile. “…do ya mind delivering this for me when ya get the chance?” Not to my surprise, he shows me another letter, ready to be sent to Fluttershy.

I pause in shock as to what’s happening. I’m going to have to keep doing this from now on, wouldn’t I? I don’t even know how much I can take this! I was reaching the end of my rope! But I didn’t want to break Big Mac and Fluttershy’s hearts over my dissatisfaction with this job I’ve put myself into! I was so conflicted with myself, it’s starting to make my eye twitchy! I need to vent this out somewhere, and fast!

“Sure, Big Mac.” I calmly respond with a fake smile. “Just… need to… get some air real quick. Be right back!”

I quickly zoom up in the air as I frantically look for a cloud nearby. Once I spot a nicely-sized one, I slam my face into the plushy cloud to muffle the aggravating screams that are about to rupture.



Instead of flying, I decide to take my time on my next letter delivery as I slowly stroll around the town of Ponyville. I wish there’s another way I can figure this out on how to bring Fluttershy and Big Mac closer without the need of these silly letters. But how?

“Hello!” Pinkie Pie says cheerfully as she jumps out of nowhere right in front of my face. I become greatly startled by her sudden appearance as I land backwards on my flank.

“Oh! Hello, Pinkie Pie.” I greet to her while I get myself back up.

“Say… why the long face, Musty-Wusty?” she ask with a funny, pouty expression. Musty-Wusty? Please tell me she isn’t going to call me that from now on!

“Oh, it’s… it’s nothing, Pinkie Pie.” I lie hesitantly. “Just… tired, that’s all.”

She stares at me with a puzzling look. “Hmmmm… Nope, there’s definitely something going on with you.” Pinkie confirms. “Otherwise, my Pinkie Senses wouldn’t have picked it up early.”

“Hey, I know what will cheer you up!” She brightens up with an idea. “One of my happy-go-lucky cupcakes!”

“I’m not so sure if sweets will cheer me up at this point.” I try to decline her offer softly.

“Well you can’t be so sure yet until you try one of them, now can you? Come on!” Pinkie Pie leads me as she bounces merrily towards her house. “Sugarcube Corner is just around the corner! Hey, that’s kind of catchy! I wonder if I can make that into a slogan somehow? Ooh! I know! ‘Sugarcube Corner: Where delicious treats are just around the corner!’ Nuh… that’s not good enough. How about, ‘Sugarcube Corner: Where there’s something sweet just around the corner!’ Oh wait! ‘Sugarcube Corner: Where every taste of happiness is just around the corner!’ That sounds perfect! I should ask Mr. & Mrs. Cake about that! What do you think, Ford?”


At Sugarcube Corner, I wait patiently for Pinkie Pie’s snack while I look around the place. It certainly is a nice store she’s working in. It’s got that charm of a bakery found in small town areas, but with much more pleasant colors to look at.

“Here you go, Ford!” Pinkie Pie announces with a tray she was carrying. “Dig in!” With a gleeful smile, she lays the tray right on the table we were sitting. In front of me is a tray of six, lightly sprinkled cupcakes, and each of them is sharing a different color of the rainbow. Huh… kind of reminds me of Rainbow Dash all of a sudden.

“Go ahead, Ford! Try one!” Pinkie Pie insists greatly.

“What are they?” I ask with hungry curiosity.

“I can’t tell you yet! But what I can tell you it that each one of them is a special surprise!”

I look at the delicious platter as I decide on which one to take first. Of course, I go for the blue-colored cupcake first, since it is my favorite color. As I take my first bite, I immediately decipher what the first flavor is: blue raspberry!

The rich buttercream icing is nothing like I have ever laid my tastes buds on before. The cake itself is very moist and super delicious. And the crown jewel of this treat is the blue raspberry flavoring. I savor the sweet-and-sour taste of the raspberries from its flavored icing to the tiny glazed orbs filled within the cake itself. Truly, this cupcake is a work of art itself with its colorful appeal and enriched tastiness! I couldn’t help but smile broadly at what I’m eating right now!

“See… told you it will cheer you up!” Pinkie Pie states grinningly.

“You’re right, I feel a bit better now! Thanks, Pinkie! These are delicious!” I compliment with a satisfying smile. She nods at me with a welcoming smile as she grabs a cupcake for herself. She happily chews on hers as I finish my first one.

You know, now that I’m here with Pinkie Pie, maybe she can help me out with my current predicament. After all, she’s always goods when it comes to keeping secrets.

“Hey, Pinkie Pie… can I tell you a secret?” I ask hesitantly.

“Ooooh, what kind of secret?” She replies with keen interest. “Is it about your crush with Rainbow Dash?”

“WHAT?!” I yelp in surprise with a heavy blush. “Where did you get an idea like that?!”

“Well her name is tagged into this story, isn’t it?”

“Wha--?” What does that supposed to mean, I wonder?

“Nothing~!” she interrupts me in a sing-song voice.

“Anyway… it’s about Fluttershy and Big Mac.” I begin my story. “They really like each other, and they’ve been sending each other letters throughout the week.”

“Aaaawww!” Pinkie Pie coos while resting her fore hooves on her chin. “Sounds like they’re off to a great start! Though I feel kind of sorry for all of those CheriMac fans out there…” she mutters to herself.


“Nothing~!” she says it again in her sing-song voice.

“Right… As I was saying…” I continue my story. “…they’ve been sending letters to one and another, and I’m the one who has to deliver them. At first, I didn’t mind it at all, but overtime, it’s becoming tiresome, and it looks like they’re not going anywhere with this. I’ve tried suggesting to them to ask the other one out on a weekend, but they turned me down and insisted that I continue to help them with their letters! It’s like I’m stuck in the middle between those two, and now I can’t find a way out from what I’ve put myself into--!”

Out of nowhere, Pinkie Pie shoves a green-colored cupcake right into my mouth. Probably to calm my nerves down. Mmmmm… tastes just like key lime pie!

“Sorry, Ford!” Pinkie sympathizes cheerfully. “You really look like you could use another cupcake right about now!” I lick some of the lime-flavored icing on my muzzle as I smile broadly on its citrusy goodness.

“Thanks, Pinkie. I guess I needed that one.” I chuckle as I happily take another bite on my second cupcake.

“No problem-o!” she welcomes. “Boy, from the sound of it, those two really need to get a room together, huh?”

“Get… a… room?” I pause from eating my cupcake as the cogs in my head begin to turn. “THAT’S IT!” I declare in triumphant as I rise from my chair.

“Woah, woah! Hang on there!” Pinkie Pie slightly panic at my reaction. “You know I was joking on that one, right?”

“No, not like that!” I correct her with a mild blush. “I mean forcing those two into a confrontation! That way, they can stop hiding behind their letters and actually have some social interaction with each other!”

“Oh, I get it!” she glees extremely. “It will be like throwing a surprise party!”

“Yeah, exactly! Now how am I going to accomplish this?” I ponder while rubbing my chin.

“Well, don’t you worry your pretty little head, Ford!” Pinkie Pie playfully pats my mane. “Just leave everything to your Auntie Pinkie Pie on this one!”


The next day, Big Mac and I are walking over to the tool shed where Pinkie Pie was able to convince Fluttershy to set up a surprise party over there. Hopefully if Big Mac doesn’t get too suspicious about this before we arrive, things will go according to plan.

“So… remind me why ya need my help again?” Big Mac asks me confusingly.

“It’s like I said…” I reply to him. “I was trying to look for a specific tool in the tool shed, but I can’t find it on my own.”

“Ah can just tell ya where it is without having the need to walk over there with ya.”

“Well…” I think carefully on my next response. “...I think it might be better if you show me where it is. It’ll help me remember it next time when I look for it myself.”

“Okay… so what kind of tool are ya lookin’ for?”

“I’ll… tell you once we get there.”

Big Mac just shrugs, and thankfully, we continue towards the tool shed. Once there, I open the door for him and Big Mac walks right in just as I have hoped. And right on cue…

“SURPRISE!!” Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy shout together. As Fluttershy finishes her shouting, she and Big Mac gasp simultaneously as they stare widely at each other. In the midst of their awkward silence, I signal Pinkie Pie with my head to come outside. Once she gets my signal, we begin the next phrase of our plan.

“Oh, wait a second! This isn’t the day for Ford Mustang’s surprise party!” Pinkie Pie breaks the silence as she slowly walks towards the door. “Huh, must have got it mixed up somehow! Silly me! Sorry about that Fluttershy! And look, he even brought Big Mac over here! Oh well! A party is still a party no matter--LOCK THE DOOR!!

And in a flash, Pinkie zooms outside as we slam the door shut before barricading it with a wooden bar. The door shakes violently as it tries to hold it together from Big Mac’s constant slamming. Pinkie Pie and I lean against the door in order to hold off against Big Mac’s repressed strength.

“Come on! Please let us out!” Fluttershy cries out from the inside. “This isn’t funny anymore!”

“Nnnope!” Big Mac agrees simply.

“Sorry, guys!” I call out to them. “We’re doing this for your own good!”

“Yeah, and I put extra love and care on making this happened for you two love birds!” Pinkie Pie comments sharply.

“Please just give it try!” I beg them. “We’ll let you guys out in half-an-hour! Promise!”

I hear nothing but silence as Pinkie Pie and I wait in anticipation for an answer. Surprisingly, it was Fluttershy who speaks up first.

“Well… I really hate to see Pinkie Pie’s delicious food going to waste.” she meekly gives it a try thankfully. “Umm… Macintosh? Would you… care to help me with this? I don’t think I can finish it all by myself.”

“Uhh… eeyup.” Big Mac stammers. I sigh in relief as it looks like both of them are willing to give it a shot.

“Come on!” Pinkie Pie whispers excitingly as she wraps a fore leg around me. “The show’s about to start!” Before I could respond, she drags me over to one of the tool shed’s windows.

From here, we can scope out at what’s going on in the shed. Through the glass, we see Fluttershy and Big Mac facing each other as they enjoy a quiet meal together. Each of them has fruit salad and some type of deli-style flower sandwich. On the table is an iced pitcher of lemonade with cups set aside and a small pink cake with white icing, decorative trimmings, and several strawberries on the top. They are slowly eating their meal as they are constantly avoiding eye contact with each other. Sooner or later, they’ll have to talk eventually.

“Soooo…” Fluttershy begins awkwardly. “…lovely weather we’re having today.”

Big Mac takes a moment to pause before he predictable replies, “Eeyup.” After that, they resume their meals in peace. Come on! They can do better than that!

“Umm…” Fluttershy speak up again timidly. “…How’s everything going with you?”

“Fine. And you?” Big Mac replies simply.

“Good! Good!” Fluttershy swiftly responds with nervousness. And once again, in that disturbing silence, they go back to their meals without making eye contact with one and another.

Ughhh!” I facehoof myself as I couldn’t bear to look at this any further. “This isn’t working, Pinkie Pie! What can we do--?”

I pause as I stare what’s beside me: Pinkie Pie watching with glee as she’s eating a bag of popcorn. Unable to contain myself, I had to ask the obvious question, “…Where did you get that popcorn?”

“I dunno.” She shrugs casually with her mouth full of popcorn. “You want some?”

“No… no thanks.” I decline with a puzzling look before assuming my thinking position. “If there was some way I can give them suggestions on topics to discuss. Maybe if I had a pen and some paper--”

“Here you go!” Pinkie Pie surprises me with a small whiteboard and a black marker.

“How did you--? …Nevermind. Thanks.” As much as I want to question her uncanny ability for perfectly timed solutions, I decide to not look a gift in a horse-- err… pony’s mouth as I graciously accept Pinkie Pie’s help. With a whiteboard in hoof, I start to think of some topics in mind. If there was some common ground between them, that would help get the ball rolling. At last, an idea comes to mind as I scribble it down with my left hoof grasping the marker. With my message ready, I wait until Fluttershy isn’t looking at my direction. Once that happened, I take my chance and wave my hoof silently for Big Mac. Eventually, I get his attention and quickly show him my message reading: “ASK HER ABOUT HER ANIMALS.”

Big Mac smiles and gives a soft nod to me. I smile back as I put the whiteboard away. He then looks at Fluttershy and asks her, “Uhh… Fluttershy?”

“Hmm? Yes?” she startles a bit.

“How’s everything going with your animals?” He asks sheepishly.

“Oh, they’re doing just fine.” Fluttershy beams with surprising enthusiasm. “Why yesterday, I helped a little birdie reunite with her lovely family.”

“The same bird that sprained her wing last week?” Big Mac inquires with interest.

“Why, yes! How did you--?”

“Your last letter told me all about it.”

“Oh, yes of course. Wait, you remember!” she gasps in delight.

“Well, sure Ah do. Ah've always enjoyed reading your letters, Fluttershy.”

“T-t-thank you, Big Macintosh.” She stammers sheepishly as she tries to hide her blush with her long, pink mane.

“You’re welcome to call me Big Mac, if you like that is.”

“Oh okay… Big Mac.” she giggles a bit to herself as she brushes her mane aside.

“By the way.” Fluttershy adds. “I’ve heard that your family has done a tremendous job with Cider Season this week.”

“Eeyup.” Big Mac states that proudly. “We’ve made quite a lot of bits for ourselves this year.”

“That’s wonderful! I only wish I could help contribute more considering how busy I’ve been this week.” She says regretfully.

“It’s alright, Fluttershy.” he smiles reassuringly. “Ya know, we still have some cider to spare from this season. If ya like, Ah would be happy to deliver some for you. Free of charge, of course.”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that for me, Big Mac.” she responds meekly. “Your family needs that money more than anything with all the hard work you put yourself through.”

“No need to worry about that, Fluttershy.” he waves a reassuring hoof. “Like Ah said, we’ve made quite a lot this season.”

“Well… I still want to make it up to you.” she insists tenderly. “Maybe… if you bring some cider over for tomorrow evening… I can perhaps… interest you in some dinner? If you like that is.” she suggests gingerly with a sheepish smile.

Big Mac thinks to himself for a little while, but then he smiles broadly as he happily replies, “Sure. Ah’d like that.”

“Then it’s a date!” she glees softly. That causes Big Mac to make a noticeable blush after hearing that. After seeing him blush, Fluttershy realizes what she just said, and she blushes intensely as well.

“Oops! I guess that just sort of slipped, huh?” she smiles embarrassingly. Then the two share a gentle laugh together before continuing with their conversation. I sigh in content upon seeing this tender moment unfold in front of me. It looks like I can finally relieve my duties as their mail pony from now on.

“Well, Pinkie Pie…” I turn my attention towards her. “I guess our work is done here. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Right-a-rooney!” Pinkie nods with an approving smile. And with that, I remove the wooden bar off the door and creak it open just a little. That way, we can let Fluttershy and Big Mac know that it’s okay to come out now, but I doubt they would leave anytime soon.

“You think they’ll be fine on their own?” Pinkie Pie asks me.

But before I could answer, I hear something that sounds like it’s coming from Fluttershy.

“Ah… Ahh… AHHH… choo!" After hearing that adorable sneeze of hers, a brightly yellow feather glides through the slit of the doorway and delicately lands on my nose. I chuckle to myself as I know what’s going to happen next between those two.

“Oh, I think they’re going to see each other a lot sooner than we could’ve anticipated.” I answer grinningly.

Chapter 17 – A Friendly Game of Tag

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Chapter 17 – A Friendly Game of Tag

“WOO-HOO!!” Rainbow Dash hollers out in constant joy as she continues to soar through the air at aerodynamic speed.

Can’t say I blame her for her uncontrollable love for the sky. After all, Rainbow Dash was cramped in that treehouse of a library for over a week since she contracted that Feather Flu from me in the previous week. It must have been quite aggravating for her to be stuck in bed for so long each and every day. So I was just as happy for her as she was when she finally made a full recovery this morning.

On this orange-colored afternoon, she invited me out in the open fields to resume some of my flying lessons. As I arrived in the place she told me to go, I looked up to see Rainbow doing various acrobatic feats right before my eyes. The rainbow wake she leaves behind still leaves afterimages of all the loops, twists, and zigzags she just performed. In a way, her daring stunts are simply breathtaking!

It wasn’t just her performance that captivated me; it’s how she expresses herself that was also mesmerizing. I can’t see much of her facial expressions when she’s this high from the ground, but I can tell much about her just by observing her gestures. In her dazzling routine, she’s passionate, daring, untamed, and unstoppable! In essence, she’s the embodiment of a free spirit! This is her true calling in life, and I admire everything that makes her who she is right now!

As Rainbow’s latest act comes to a close, I cheer and stomp as loudly as I can for her stunning performance. She is a bit startled by my sudden appearance, but never the less, she welcomes my cheers as she bows graciously to her only fan out here.

“I take it you like what you saw up there?” She grins with self-fulfilling pride as she lands right next to me.

“Like it? Rainbow Dash, you never cease to amaze me! You know that, right?” I gush excitingly.

“Aw shucks, Ford!” She responds sheepishly with a mild blush as she rubs the back of her head with a fore hoof. “Those were just warm-ups! I haven’t even shown you my signature moves yet!”

“Warm-ups? What you did up there is something that other Pegasi can only dream of! Makes me wish I can do some of those tricks myself.”

“Well, what’s stopping you?” she inquires.

“What do you mean?” I puzzle a bit.

“I mean what’s stopping you from trying those stunts yourself?” she asks me again with curiosity.

“Rainbow… I’m not as athletic or daring as you are, though I really wish I was.” I mope softly. “I’m just… sigh… me.” I sit on my flank as I start to feel bad for myself while I stare at the ground. But then, I feel a hoof resting on my shoulder before looking up to see Rainbow Dash grinning widely at me.

“Come on, Ford Mustang. I think I know what you next flying lesson is going to be for today.” she says enthusiastically.


“No way, Rainbow! I can’t do it!” I panic frantically as I look down from a cloud I was standing on hundreds of feet in the air. For several minutes, Rainbow Dash has been explaining to me on how to perform just one loop-de-loop. I would start off by gaining the proper momentum. Then, I would follow it off with adjusting my gliding wings to the right angle so that I can perform my backwards somersault. It may seem like a simple trick, but considering that I’ve never done anything as daring before even back on my homeworld, I start to think that this is a bad idea.

“Come on, Ford!” She tries to reassure me. “Just remember what I taught you.”

“B-b-but I can’t!” I shiver like a frightened child. “It was fine that I’ve been able to overcome my fear of heights and that I’m starting to enjoy flying, but this! This is just something I simply cannot do!” I cover my head with my fore hooves as I hide my shame while shaking like an autumn leaf in front of the awe-inspiring Rainbow Dash.

“Hey, remember what I told you what will happen if you fall during our first training session?” Rainbow asks me as she rests a comforting hoof on my back.

“That… you’ll be there to catch me?” I recall timidly.

“Exactly!” she smiles excitingly. “So you have nothing to worry about! Now put those fears to rest and just go for it!”

I take a moment to think about this as I look back down again on what I am about to do. Considering all that I have accomplished with my flying so far, maybe… I can pull this off after all. And if Rainbow Dash believes I can do it, then I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try it out for myself.

“Okay… here I go.” I take deep breath as I prepare to take flight. Steadily, I slowly lean off the cloud’s edge like a nervous kid getting ready to jump off a diving board.

Eventually, I plummet off the cloud as I make my nose dive. As I make my descent, I strangely start to lose most of my initial fears as I began to instantly recall all of the things Rainbow has taught me in the past. I start to smile confidently as I now know what to do from here.

With my wings fanned out, I angle them properly as the currents lift me up so I can begin my somersault. It was strange to see everything upside down at the peak of my back flip, but everything is right side up once again after I finished my first aerobatic somersault. As I continue my flight steadily, I pause for a moment at what just happened before I smile happily as to what I just did for myself.

YAHOO! Did you see that, Rainbow?!” I call out to her triumphantly in the distance. “I did it! Here watch me again!”

And just like that, I did another somersault like it was just a natural reflex. “WHEEEEEE!” I glee in a childish manner after performing another loop-de-loop.

“Not bad, Mustang!” Rainbow praises me with a smirk while flying next to me. “You learn pretty fast for somepony who claims he doesn’t fly too much!”

“Yeah, I can only wish I’ve try this sooner!” I respond with such uncontrollable excitement. “I never thought it could be so exhilarating!” And in that thrill moment, I spin my body like propeller to express my everlasting joy of flight.

“Hey!” Rainbow says to me with surprise and delight. “You did an aileron roll all by yourself!” I stare blankly at her as I was too distracted on what I just did.

“I did?” I ask her startlingly. She nods at me to answer my question, and I smile even wider than before. “…I did, didn’t I?!” I say excitingly. “I’m gonna try it again!”

And so, I perform another aileron roll for myself. This time, doing a multitude of spins instead of just one like before. But suddenly, I let my latest trick get ahead of me as I begin to spin uncontrollable. I lose my focus from all of this dizziness, and eventually, I dive right into a dense cloud nearby. Rainbow Dash rushes to my aid as the front half of my body is stuck within the plushy, cloudy mass.

“Ford! Are you okay?” she asks in concern after she pulls me out of the impact.

As I turn around to face Rainbow, I begin to laugh spontaneously at what just happened to me. My sudden outburst of giggles becomes so infectious, that Rainbow Dash joins in as well. We lounge around the cloud for a while as we continue our merry laughter. Sooner or later, our case of the giggles starts to die down as we keep bearing smiles on account of my blooper accident.

“Hey, Ford? You up for a little game?” Rainbow asks me with sly smile as she leans closer towards me.

“Okay, what kind of game?” I puzzle with a blush as I pull my head back away from her.

“Simple, it’s called…” She was now so close to my face now, that my muzzle almost touches hers. Gulp! Could this be it?

BOOP! To my surprise (and slight disappointment), Rainbow Dash bops me on the nose with a light tap of her fore hoof.

“TAG! YOU’RE IT!” she finishes her sentence playfully before disappearing in a flash right before my eyes. My mind goes blank for a little bit before realize that I was drawn into a game of hers.

“…HEY!” I cry out in mocking frustration as I swiftly follow the vanishing rainbow trail of hers.


After getting a better view once I reach right above the majority of the clouds’ level, I vigorously search for my rainbow-haired target. Fortunately, I saw that familiar spectrum trail, and I continue my pursuit for her. As soon as it looks I was within reach of her, she looks back and smirks boldly at me before giving herself an extra boost of speed to gain further distance away from me.

I stare with a gaping mouth at realizing how out of league I am compared to her. How am I supposed to catch up to her now? I need to think this outside of the box in this game of tag. If I only I can make her come closer to me instead. That’s when a brilliant idea comes to mind when I recall how Rainbow rushed towards me when I was in that aileron roll accident before.

“OW! CRAMPED WING! CRAMPED WING!” I cry out in mocking pain as my wings freeze in place while I crash into one of the clouds nearby. As I thought, my wailing stops Rainbow in her tracks as she turns the other way around to aid me in my plight.

“Ford! What happened?! Are you hurt?!” she asks me alarmingly.

“No… I’m alright.” I groan as I stretch out my wings. “Sorry about that. Must have pulled off something while I was flying.” Rainbow comes a lot closer than I have expected as she palpates my wings for any tension spots. I blush a little by this surprising gesture of hers.

“Well, you’re muscles aren’t too tensed.” she states in relief after inspecting my wings. “It must have gone away really quickly.”

“That’s good to hear. Oh, and Rainbow?”



“TAG! YOU’RE IT!” And once I touched her nose, I make my quick getaway as I leave Rainbow Dash in a bewildered trance. Given time, she snaps out of it before realizing that she’s been tricked.

“HEY! NO FAIR!” she shouts furiously.

“All’s fair in love and war!” I respond mockingly with a hearty laugh. That must have ruffled her feathers quite a bit now. Well, at least I gave myself a good head start away from her.

But it didn’t last for long as Rainbow Dash already catches up to me in ten seconds flat since I left her in the dust. With her top-notched speed, she can turn this game to her favor in an instant. But maybe, I can use her incredible speed to my advantage.

I keep turning my head back and forth to see how close Rainbow is to me. If I want to pull this off just right, I need her to get as close to me as possible. Once she is close enough, I quickly did a back flip just like she taught me and rocket away from her in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash was going so fast that she couldn’t stop herself fast enough to turn around the other way. I smile to myself with pride for pulling off a clever move like that.

I look back to see if Rainbow is still tailing me, but to my astonishment, I didn’t see her behind mine. Maybe I did lose her after all. I couldn’t help but chuckle at this piece of victory I’ve claimed for myself.

But as I become distracted by my own pride, in front of me and out of nowhere, steps in Rainbow Dash, with a confident smirk to boast. I put on the air brakes immediately, but that only just slowed me down until I was inches away from the smirking Rainbow Dash.


“Tag. You’re it.” Rainbow says casually after bopping me on the nose. And with a flick of her spectrum tail, she nearly tickles my nose before rocketing up towards a large mass of clouds above us. I immediately give chase once more.

As I approach the dense layer of clouds, I think of another idea. As soon as I enter the clouds, I stay right within them. While my visibility is… well… “cloudy”, I can still see what was above me; mostly notably, I can see Rainbow Dash stopping in mid-air.

“Okay, what are you going to pull this time?” she chuckles as she looks around for me. “If it’s another cramped wing farce, I’m not falling for the same trick twice!”

Just my luck, she lands on the clouds as she searches for any sign of my presence. But unbeknownst to her, I stealthily encircle around her like a shark getting to ready to strike on its unsuspected prey. In fact, the “Jaws” theme song starts to play in my head.

“Uh, Ford? Seriously… this is starting to creep me out.” she says nervously about all of this.

As the theme song in my head begins to reach its climax, I decide to make my move as I dart over to the edgy Pegasus like a torpedo. Once I was close enough, I jump out of the sea of clouds like a hungry Great White Shark.

“RRAAAAAHH!!” I roar exaggeratingly.

“AAHHH!!” she yelps in fright as she turns around to the source of that startling noise I was making.


“Tag. You’re it.” I say with a smirk after a quick tap on her nose. And with that, I quickly dive right back into my convenient hiding place.

“Oh-ho-hoo! You’re gonna get it now!” I hear her threatening me playfully. She jumps into the same hole I just dived into, but to her surprise, she couldn’t find me on the other side of the clouds.

“Huh, where did he go?” she ponders before emerging back from the improvised hole. You know what they say, Rainbow Dash, ask and ye shall receive.

“Hey, Rainbow!” I call to her from another hole in the clouds. She turns around as I wave to her. “Looking for me?!”

Once I got her attention, she rushes around to me before I duck back within the clouds. And like a game of Whack-of-Mole, I pop out in a different spot as I continue to taunt her.

“Over here!”

And I did again.

“Now I’m over here!”

And again.


And again.

“Hey! I’m right here now!”

Poor Rainbow Dash. She must be so infuriated by how difficult it is to catch me now. This little game of hide-and-seek is starting to become too easy for me. But as I gloat to myself, I’ve notice how Rainbow stopped what she was doing and starts to fly away. Could Rainbow have finally given up? That’s so not like here to give up like that, no matter what the challenge may be.

As I ponder more on her disappearance, I feel a heavy gust blowing around me. That’s strange. Rainbow said that there isn’t supposed to be a storm this afternoon. Just then, the strong winds start to disperse the clouds that were covering me. As the clouds scatter away from me, I finally see who the cause of this unexpected whirlwind was. Rainbow Dash was able to create a makeshift tornado to get rid of all the clouds that were hiding me. Despite feeling exposed from my missing hiding place, I couldn’t help myself but be amaze on how resourceful Rainbow is for finding me out.

As she comes to a steady stop, she glares at me with a most devious smile as I am left out in the opening with no place to hide.

“Well, what do you know? You found me. Eh-he-he-he-heh...” I chuckle nervously as she continues to stare me down like a raging bull ready to charge at frightened matador. I smile awkwardly at her before taking my chance to fly away as fast as I could.

As I soar as high as possible, I quickly glance back to see Rainbow Dash gaining up on me. I must go faster that that. So I push myself harder, but I look back once more to see her still gaining up on me. I wasn’t fast enough, so I push myself even harder than ever before. I look behind me one more time, and to my relief, I’m finally ahead of Rainbow this time.

“Hey, Ford! Ease up there, will ya?!” she calls out to me from behind.

“Ha! Don’t tell me you’re ready to call it quits yet!” I goad at her while still gaining the lead. “What happened to that never-give-up attitude of yours?!”

“Seriously Ford! Slow down!”

“No way, Rainbow Dash! I’m not falling for whatever trickery you have in mind!”


I puzzle at her outcry. It sounded more serious than it should be if she were to try to trick me. I almost consider on listening to her, but suddenly, something else is slowing me down. I start to feel an unusual amount of friction pushing against me as I continue my supersonic flight. The vapor cone I’m pushing against has a greater amount of resistance than anything I have ever dealt with. As I start to over-exhaust myself from pushing to the limit, the vapor cone I’ve unintentionally created holds me in briefly like a butterfly trapped inside a net. And soon enough, the unbroken vapor cone catapults me at ludicrous speed!

I am flung through the air like a boomerang with no one to catch me. From the way I am constantly spinning, it must be like being thrown in a tumble dryer or how the cadets practice on the Dizz-a-tron at the Wonderbolts Academy.

As the dizziness doesn’t cease to end, I fear the worst on what’s going to happen to me. Suddenly, by some miracle, I land on something extremely soft and cushiony. My vision is still blurry from the constant dizziness, but I begin to get an idea on what just happened as a familiar blue angel hovers right next to me. Rainbow Dash must have saved me by using one of the clouds to break my collision.

“Ford! Are you okay?!” Rainbow panics as she tries to shake me out of my dizzy state. “Come on, say something!” Unfortunately for her, her shaking didn’t help get rid of my double vision just yet.

“Heeeey, I didn’t know you had a twin sister, Rainbow!” I say with a goofy smile while I am still seeing double. “He-heh! Double Rainbow, all the way!” I crack myself up a bit at that reference I made.

Confused at first, Rainbow Dash just chuckles at my shenanigans as she shakes her head. “Good enough!” she says to herself.

Ughhh… What happened?” I ask as I rub my dizzy head while I regain my proper vision. “I was trying to go really fast, and all of a sudden, some kind of invisible barrier ricochets me right across the sky!”

“Ford… I think you almost created a Sonic Rainboom back there!” she states with hesitating excitement for me. I look back at the sky from where that vapor cone launched me. I am still shocked by all that has happened to me.

“Me?!” I startle with amazement.

“Heck yeah!” she exclaims with pride. “And you were so close too! I’ve attempted perfecting the Sonic Rainboom hundreds of times before, so I know when I see it!”

I couldn’t believe that. I nearly pulled off a Sonic Rainboom! Me! Despite not being able to do a Sonic Rainboom on my first try, I become so thrilled on how close I was from nearly pulling it off!

“So… do you think it’s possible for me to create a Sonic Rainboom one day?” I ask Rainbow with hopeful eagerness.

She ponders on this before answering me with gleeful smile. “I don’t see why not?”

“Does that mean you can teach it to me someday?” I ask with pleading eyes.

“Hey, let’s not get carried away with ourselves!” she playfully nudges at me. “You still need to complete your basic lessons first before you can step up to the next level!”

“I’ll be the best trainee you will ever have!” I said with renewed determination.

Rainbow smile greatly at my enthusiasm and says, “Then I will look forward to your progress.”

“Anyway, can we go home now?” I inquire exhaustingly. “I think I had enough death-defying stunts for one day.”

She chuckles at my fatigue before responding, “You know something, Mustang? Me too.”


As the sun is nearly finished with its setting with some of the stars starting to shine, Rainbow Dash and I arrive at the front side of her floating home. She was right when she first told me about her house: it is kind of like a floating castle.

“Thanks again for the flying lessons, Rainbow.” I say to her as we make our landing. “I’m really glad to see you up and about after that dreadful flu you’ve endure all week long.”

“It wasn’t too bad, when you have good friends to keep you company at least.” she admits softly.

“Indeedly so.” I agree with her.

It was briefly quiet between us before we walk over to her front door. As Rainbow is about to open her door, she pauses for a bit before turning around to face me.

“You know Ford, I haven’t really thanked you for all that you have done for me this week.” she says to me very warmly. I blush a little on her comment before turning my eyes away from her mesmerizing gaze.

“It’s nothing much really.” I humble sheepishly while rubbing the back of head. “I was just merely returning the favor after all you’ve done for me when I was sick beforehand. That’s all.”

“Well… it was much more than that for me. So… thank you.”

I look back at her to meet her magenta eyes still gazing at me while she was still bearing that tender smile of hers. Strangely enough, I begin relax upon seeing her caring expression before simply saying, “You’re welcome.”

Without another word, she turns around to open the door, but after doing so, she looks at me once more as if she forgot to say something else.

“By the way, my birthday isn’t until next month. You’ll be there, wouldn't you?” Rainbow asks me earnestly. I was deeply surprise that she would invite me over for her birthday party. Never the less, I certainly am not going turn this invitation down for her.

“I would be delighted!” I answer ecstatically.

“Awesome! ‘Cause it’s going to be the best birthday bash ever!” she exclaims exaggeratingly.

I chuckle at her usual excitement and respond, “Then I can’t wait to see it for myself!”

“Cool! See ya until next time!” she waves goodbye as she enters her house.

“Goodnight, Rainbow!” I return the notion as she closes the door. I was about to take flight so I can return to my home, but then, I hear her door opening up from behind.

“Oh, one last thing!” Rainbow Dash calls out to me from the crack of her door.

“Yes?” I ask as I turn around.

“Come closer! There’s something else I need to say!” she says with a sly smile.

Something else she needs to tell me? What could it be? Maybe… Nah! That’s ridiculous! Don’t try to get yourself all worked up for nothing, Ford! I try my best to calm myself as I steadily walk over to Rainbow Dash at the doorway.

Once there, I begin to ask, “Okay Rainbow, what is it--?”


“TAG! YOU’RE IT! I WIN!” she shouts hastily in triumphant.

I stand there perplexingly as she quickly slams the door right in front of me. Once I snap out of my paralyzing state, I shake my head and chuckle at how childish Rainbow can be sometimes when it comes to winning. I finally take flight to head on home as I smile in anticipation upon receiving an invitation to Rainbow Dash’s birthday.

Wait… if her birthday is coming up… then that means… I should get her a present.

“Horseapples.” I quietly curse to myself upon this fearful realization.

Chapter 18 – A Gift from the Heart

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Chapter 18 – A Gift from the Heart

A couple of days later, Applejack and I continue to our daily routine of applebucking in one of the orchards. Big Mac couldn’t help out with us because he is busy with attending the needs of poor, sweet Fluttershy, who as I have expected is still sick from the Feather Flu. Despite how surprised AJ was when she first found out that Big Mac is dating Fluttershy, Applejack is never the less happy for her big brother and believes that he is the perfect stallion for her timid friend.

Despite Big Mac’s absence, we received some surprising assistance from one of our friends, Rarity! Yesterday, when she stopped by to pick up Sweetie Belle from Apple Bloom’s clubhouse, Rarity learned about how Big Mac wasn’t with us this week since he’s been taking care of Fluttershy in the meantime. Once she heard this, Rarity insisted to lean us a hoof for the next couple of days. Applejack, of course, tries to humbly turn down Rarity’s offer, but the seamstress won’t have any of that as it would go against her Element of Generosity after all.

As of now, Rarity has been an excellent helper to us. While she can’t applebuck like me or Applejack, she makes it up with her masterful levitating magic. Why, her magic is so good, she can pluck out every apple from a tree at once with such grace and ease. Even Applejack admires how Rarity is just as efficient and hardworking in apple picking as she is in fashion designing. Plus, she may not admit it, but I think Applejack is truly grateful for Rarity’s company today.

As the day goes on, I was still thinking about what kind of gift I should get for Rainbow Dash on her birthday next month. I want it be something unique. Something she would very much appreciate it in case I have to leave at some point. But I just can’t think of a single good idea as of now.


Once we have gathered up enough apples for the day, all three of us begin to stock up our baskets onto the carts nearby the entrance of orchard.

“Thank ya kindly for all of yer help, Rarity!” Applejack says cheerfully to her Unicorn friend. “We couldn’t have wrapped this up so quickly without ya!”

“It’s no trouble at all, Applejack!” Rarity humbles sweetly. “Considering that Big Mac is taking good care of our dear, sweet Fluttershy at her cottage, it was the least I can do after all of the hard work you put through with Cider Season last week.”

“You know, Rarity…” I join in their conversation. “…I’m still quite surprise you were willing to help us out so eagerly. Considering how you like to… umm… maintain your physical appearance that is.”

Rarity harrumphs at my comment before she holds her head up with pride as she says with a smile, “Just because I like to maintain my cleanliness unlike someponies, doesn’t mean that I am afraid to get a little dirty no matter what the task may be!”

“Uh-huh.” Applejack deadpans sarcastically. “By the way, ya got a lil’ something on yer face right there.” Uh-oh. Now Applejack has done it.

GASP! I DO?!” Rarity panics dramatically as she fidgets uncontrollably. “QUICK, SOMEPONY FETCH ME A WET CLOTH! A TOWEL! A RAG! ANYTHING!” I couldn’t help but chuckle along with Applejack as we witness Rarity’s melodramatics.

“I’m just kiddin’, sugarcube!” Applejack teases. “That beautiful coat of yers shines just as nicely as a polished apple!”

“Oh, you--!” Rarity flusters with barely containable anger. But then, her anger swiftly vanishes as her eyes went wide and a small blushing smile begins to emerge. “Wait, did you say my coat is beautiful?”

My chuckling comes to a complete halt as I stare at Applejack for her response to Rarity’s question. The unresponsive farm pony is blushing just as red as her Cutie Mark.

“Umm… no!” she obviously lies by making that sour face of hers while her eyes avoid our gazes.

“Well, even if you did, it’s very nice of you to say that.” Rarity smiles tenderly. It surprises Applejack to hear that, but she eases up a bit as she smiles back at Rarity while her intense blush starts to die.

“You know, darling…” Rarity continues meekly. “…if I remember correctly, you once told me that Zap Apple Season may come up in a couple of weeks or so. If you still need some addition help, I’ll be happy to lend a hoof once again.”

“Ah wouldn’t mind it at all, sugarcube.” Applejack replies with a nice smile. “In fact, Ah could offer you some free Zap Apple Jam in return for yer kind generosity that is.”

"I do believe that sounds like a fair trade.” Rarity says agreeably. As I listen in on their conversation, all this talk of Zap Apple Jam finally gives me an idea.

“AJ!” I yelp out to get her attention immediately. “Do you think I can also get some Zap Apple Jam for myself?”

“Of course ya can, sugarcube! Ya can have as much jam as you’d like!”

“Actually, I wanted to give it to Rainbow Dash… as a gift for her birthday.”

“Uh… sorry, Ford! Ah can’t let ya do that!”

I’m surprise to hear her say that. “What?! Why not?!” I cry out in protest.

“Because that’s gonna be my gift for RD this year!”

“…Dang it!” I mutter to myself quietly in disappointment.

“So… Zap Apple Jam is going to be your present?” Rarity asks with curiosity.

“Actually…” Applejack restates. “…Ah’m plannin' on creating a whole gift basket revolving around Zap Apples, which includes jam, some various pastries, and a bushel of apples, of course.”

“My my!” Rarity glees with hungry eyes. “That’s sounds like quite a feast for her!”

“So, Rarity.” I turn to her, hoping that it may spark some ideas. “Might I ask what you’re getting for Rainbow Dash this year?”

“Sorry, my dear Mustang…” Rarity replies chivalrously. ‘…but a true lady never reveals her secrets.”

“It’s a dress, ain’t it?” Applejack guesses as if she already knows the answer. Granted, that was going to be my guess as well.

“HOW DID YOU KNOW?!” Rarity exclaims surprisingly at Applejack.

“Well, ya just told me for one thing.” Applejack replies grinningly.

“…Shoot.” Rarity mumbles to herself with a slight embarrassing blush.

“No offense, Rarity, but isn’t Rainbow not that too keen when it comes to dresses?” Applejack inquires.

“Oh, you just wait and see for what I have in store for her.” Rarity answers back with all-knowingly devious grin.

“How about you, sugarcube?” Applejack turns her attention towards me. “Have ya come up with anything for RD’s birthday?” I am about to say something, but nothing comes out of my mouth.

After thinking more on this, I can only admit this sadly to them, “I… can’t think of a good idea just yet.”

“Well… how about gettin’ a gift dealin’ with them Wonderbolts?” Applejack suggests to me. “You know she’ll always like that.”

“I thought about that…” I reply. “…but that’s too predictable for a gift. Besides, she probably has every Wonderbolts merchandise known to ponykind. Plus, I really want this gift to be something special for her.” Applejack and Rarity look at each other with concern as if they're trying to think of something they can suggest to me. But then, Rarity brightens up as she beams towards me.

“Say, Ford.” she says to me. “You once told me that you are an artist yourself, correct?”

“Yes?” I answer with a puzzling look.

“Then that’s perfect!” Rarity shouts suddenly in delight. “You should create a work of art for Rainbow Dash!”

“What?!” I startle in surprise at her suggestion.

“Ya know, that’s not a bad idea, Rarity!” Applejack agrees.

“Umm... girls? I’m not sure if Rainbow will be very appreciative when it comes to artwork.” I say timidly to them.

“Nonsense!" Rarity dismisses my notion. “I’m very well certain that Rainbow Dash will love whatever you create for her!”

“B-but! I don’t know if this is such a good idea!” I hesitantly keep denying this. “I mean, I’m probably not that great of an artist myself!” I won’t say that I’m a terrible artist, but I don’t think that the level of my talent would be enough to qualify as the perfect gift for Rainbow Dash.

Applejack walks up to me and rests a reassuring hoof on my shoulder before speaking her mind, “Listen to me, sugarcube. Try to look at it this way. It doesn’t matter how detailed or fancy the picture is. What matters is what you want that picture to represent for Rainbow Dash. Something that can be personal. Something that can be expressive. Something that can come from the heart itself.” she says as she softly presses a fore hoof on my chest where my heart should be.

“The heart itself…” I murmur to myself quietly as I lay a hoof on my own heart. I let AJ’s words sink in deeply, until at least, I finally have an idea on what to create for her! Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all. Maybe this is my chance to do something extraordinary. Maybe… I can show my true feelings for Rainbow through my artwork. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

“You’re right, girls.” I say to them determinately. “I think I know what I must do now.”

Applejack smiles before playfully shoving me and saying, “Well then, get to it, Mustang!”

“Yes, I should get started right away!” And with that, I gallop ahead while Rarity and Applejack cheer for me from behind. But then, I stop in my tracks as I had no idea where I am about to go. I turn around and walk back to the girls with my head hanging low.

“Oh, come on!” Applejack frowns in disappointment. “Don’t tell me yer gettin’ cold feet again!”

“Actually… umm… do either of you have any idea where I can find an art store around here?” I ask them in a sheepish manner.

“Perhaps I can save you the trip, Mr. Mustang.” Rarity approaches me. “Back in my shop, I have whole cabinet of unused art supplies just waiting to create the next masterpiece! Who knows, they might be able to help you in wooing the heart of your fair maiden!”

Rarity giggles at her little joke while Applejack, of course, follows suit. I fluster a bit at their teasing, but eventually I get use to it as I too lightly chuckle along.

“Thank you, girls.” I say to them gratefully. “I’ll take whatever help I can get!”


And so, the most important project of my life has begun!

After we have taken care of all of the apples we have gathered, Rarity leads me back to her Carousel Boutique. Once there, she shows me all of her available art supplies in her cabinet. I must say, she has quite a collection for someone who just focuses on fashion design. In fact, her vast collection is far superior to any major arts-and-craft store that I know of (seriously, they suck!).

As I marvel at what’s before me, I begin to think on which medium to choose. I have to admit to myself, I am at a disadvantage right now since I mainly used my computer and its programs to create my artwork and comics, so I have to choose my materials carefully. I thought about using acrylics since I’ve used them a lot in art school, but they take too long to blend each specific color I need. Plus, when brushing them, they don’t blend so easily since they dry too quickly. Watercolors are nice, but I have very little experience with them to bring out their full potential. Then I see it, the best material for my top-secret project: a nicely large set of soft colored pastels. They can be blended really nicely, and they showcase such vivid colors. These will be perfect!

After gathering my materials and paper, I thank Rarity for lending them to me and make my way to next destination: the Golden Oaks Library. Once there, I look around the “Art” section of the library to gather as many how-to-do art books as possible. Each of them covering nearly every subject in the art world: pony anatomy, landscapes, light sources, pastel techniques, color theory, and so on.

Lastly, I stop by at Vinyl & Octavia’s house. After a friendly chat with them, I ask them if I can purchase some copies of their music records. Whenever I create works of art, I often listen to music to inspire and motivate me. And ever since I got to know these two musicians, I’ve been an aspiring fan of their music. To my surprise, they offer me their best soundtrack records, free of charge. When I ask why they were so generous, they reply it was their way of saying thanks for bringing them together. Afterwards, I thank them for their gifts and dart back to Sweet Apple Acres.

For the first week, I did nothing but reading. Reading through each and every book I took from the library. I know that I am out of practice, especially in tradition art media. So I thought it would be best to do my research first before I begin my work. Once I have done enough require reading, I layout my plan through sketches and thumbnails, until I have come up with my rough draft.

On the first day of the second week, I borrow Applejack’s camera to take many photographical references of Winsome Falls, the ideal landscape for my drawing where I can show off the magnificent colors of the rainbow waterfalls streaming from the clouds above. I got up as early as possible to take an assortment of pictures of the mysterious clouds from sunrise to sunset. In between, I did some sketches of my surroundings at Winsome Falls just so I can get good feel of them.

Throughout the rest of the second week, I start on my finished pencil drawing. Since I drew Rainbow Dash and the rest of her friends a lot of times when I was human, I didn’t need that much reference when it comes to drawing her. In this portrait, I have to make sure I get the right posture and expression of her if I’m going to present this as her birthday gift in less than two weeks from now. Once I was satisfy enough, I fill in the rest of the drawing with the scenic background of Winsome Falls.

On the third week, I start on the most difficult phase of my project: the coloring. After going through all of my photographs of Winsome Falls, I make my choice on how to color the scenery. With a steady hoof, I make good use of Rarity’s pastels as I begin the coloring process. With nothing distracting me (especially with video games and the internet, since they don’t exist in Equestria as of now), I am totally in sync with my portrait. And thanks to Vinyl & Octavia’s music which I play on a record player, it helps me to keep moving forward with my coloring. Strangely enough, I have never felt this relax and confident before after devoting a major of my time to this project. This isn’t just something that’s only personal, but also something that I am obligated to do. I am doing this for Rainbow Dash after all, and I’ll see to it that I won’t let her down, no matter what!


Finally, after three, long, excruciating weeks, which is just a few days before Rainbow Dash’s birthday, I take one last look at what I have just created before taking it to a frame shop. I check for any small blemish or anything missing that needs to be corrected. After a closely thorough inspection of my portrait, I breathe out a heavy sigh of relief and finally say this to myself:


Chapter 19 – Rainbow Dash’s Birthday Party

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Chapter 19 – Rainbow Dash’s Birthday Party

Today’s the day. The day in which I attend Rainbow Dash’s birthday party this afternoon. After all the hard work I put into this present, it’s all or nothing from here. Right now, in Ponyville, I’m walking with Applejack and Big Mac to Sugarcube Corner, where the party’s being held at. Each of us bearing our wrapped-up gifts saddled to our backs. Applejack has her Zap Apple gift basket, Big Mac has what looks like a medium-sized box, and I have my portrait of our esteemed guest. Along with our presents, we are also carrying jugs of the Apple Family’s specially brewed hard cider, which are strapped to our sides.

As we get closer to the bakery, I begin to feel extremely nervous about all of this. This morning, I was very excited for this day to come, but now, I’m starting to have doubts about my present. I mean, what if Rainbow doesn’t like it? What if this doesn’t meet her expectations? What if… she doesn’t like me anymore because of my gift?

“You know, I think there’s a shop nearby selling some Wonderbolts merchandise over there.” I say anxiously to the two siblings. “Maybe we should stop by real quick and see what they have to offer!”

Applejack and Big Mac stop and turn their heads around to face me, each with a puzzling look on their faces. “What in tarnation for?” AJ asks.

“Oh… you know…” I answer timidly as I twirl my fore hoof on the ground. “In case I need a back-up gift or something.”

“Now come on, sugarcube!” she says as shoves me from behind while I remain motionless like a rock. “There’s no need to be so nervous!”

“Nervous?!” I deny hysterically. “Who’s nervous?! I’m not nervous at all! Are you nervous?! ‘Cause if you’re nervous, that’s perfectly--!”


Before finishing my hysteria, I get a quick smack to the face by Big Mac’s firm hoof. I am paralyzed by this startling gesture I have received.

“Big Mac!” his sister gasps in surprise at his unexpected course of action.

“What?” he responds with a slightly confused yet regretful look on his face. “It usually works in the movies.” Strangely enough, it does work as most of my nerves start to diminish once I regain my senses.

“Thanks, Big Mac.” I say to him while I rub my sore cheek. “I guess I kind of needed that.” Big Mac smiles softly at my recovery and just nods to me.

“Sorry about that…” I apologize to them. “I’m just… so uncertain on how this is going to turn out when I show my gift to Rainbow Dash.”

“Ah completely understand, sugarcube.” Applejack approaches me before resting a gentle fore hoof on my back. “But listen to me on this. Ah may not know what you’ve just created for Rainbow Dash right there, but what Ah do know is that yer a very kind, dedicated, and hardworking pony. So Ah know for a fact that you’ve put a lot of heart into this for her, and she’s gonna appreciate that from ya! You’ll see!” She gives me her always reassuring smile as Big Mac agrees in silence with a tilt of his head.

“I… I guess you’re right.” I start to cheer up a bit.

“Yer darn tootin’ I am!” Applejack confirms with pride before we continue our walk towards Sugarcube Corner. “Now let’s get going already! These jugs aren’t gonna drink by themselves ya know!”


After what seems to be a long trek from Sweet Apple Acres, we finally arrive at Sugarcube Corner. Applejack knocks on the door, and Rainbow Dash in a brief second opens it for us.

“AJ! Big Mac! Ford! You’ve made it!” the birthday girl greets us excitingly. “And it’s about time too! We were all waiting for you!”

“Hmph!” Applejack grunts lightly at Rainbow’s impatience. “Ah like to see you do better when ya haul these heavy jugs strapped to yer sides!”

“Heh! No prob!” Rainbow begins her boasting. “With those, I can get from your place to here in ten seconds--!”

“Without flying I might add!” Applejack says with a confident smirk. Surprisingly, AJ manages to cut off Rainbow Dash’s charming boasting short for a change.

“Well… when you put it that way…” Rainbow flusters gradually as she tries to think of a good answer. But it’s nothing but silence between the flustered cyan Pegasus and the grinning, Stetson-wearing farmpony.

“Ugh, nevermind about that!” Rainbow Dash groans in pride-shattering defeat. “Come inside already!”

After we have set aside our hard cider on the table with the rest of the food and drinks, I look around the decorative bake shop to see who else is attending. Obviously, Rainbow would invite the rest of the Mane Six: Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle. Yes, even Twilight is able to be here with her friends to celebrate this special occasion, the only difference about her is that that she isn’t wearing any of her princess attirement this time. Must be kind of a relief to her, being able cast aside her royal duties every once in a while.

“Oy! Mustang! Over here!” A familiar pony calls out to me. I turn my head to the source, and to my delightful surprise, Vinyl Scratch and Octavia are here today for the festivity. Vinyl energetically waves at me while Octavia just smiles at me as she holds a cup of fruit punch in her hoof.

“Vinyl! Octavia!” I say with a gleeful smile as I walk over to them. “This is a nice surprise! I didn’t know that you two were well-acquainted with Rainbow Dash!”

“Actually…” Octavia confesses softly while staring at her drink. “Vinyl knows Rainbow Dash better than I do, since she’s a big fan of DJ-PON-3 and all. I’m just… merely tagging along for this occasion.”

“And leave my sexy marefriend all by herself?” the grinning DJ pony states while wrapping a hoof around the blushing cellist. “Not a chance, Tavi!” She then give a nice, quick peck to Octavia’s rosy cheek as the grey Earth Pony giggles softly to herself.

“By way, Ford.” Octavia speaks to me after regaining her composure. “Did our music help you in any way possible?”

“Oh, absolutely!” I confirm with an enthusiastic smile. “Thanks again for the records! They have been put to great use, I assure you!”

“Well come on! Tell us!” Vinyl demands whiningly. “What is it?!”

“Vinyl!” Octavia chastises her pouting marefriend. “You shouldn’t be so demanding like that!” Then she turns her attention towards me after clearing her throat briefly. “So tell us, Ford Mustang. Would you be so kind as to inform us of your mysterious gift?” Octavia asks politely with a persuasive smile and fluttering eyes.

“Hmph! How’s that different from the way I asked?” Vinyl Scatch grumbles to herself as she witnesses her marefriend’s art of persuasion.

As I try to decide on whether I should let them know about my gift or not, we hear Rainbow Dash announcing, “So, is everypony here?!” I take that opportunity to avoid revealing the identity of my gift just yet.

“Well, I guess you’ll find out soon enough.” I answer slyly to Octavia, who’s slightly disappointed that her tactic didn’t work this time. The party guests and I gather together in a semi-circle with Rainbow Dash as the center of attention of course.

“Awesome! Now to get down on what we have all been waiting for… PRESENTS!” she declares with uncontainable excitement. At once, cheers, stomps, and confetti fill the room after hearing Rainbow’s declaration.

“Umm… Rainbow Dash.” Twilight intervenes as she magically pulls out a book from nowhere. “I don’t think that’s the way it works for a typical birthday party.” Quick as a whip, the magical princess flips to the desired contents of her book. I guess it has something to do with the guidelines for birthday parties or something. “Usually, we start off with some games to involve social interaction with each other. These games can include board games, Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Pony, musical chairs--”

“Uhh… Twilight.” Rainbow Dash says with deadpan expression as she lowers the levitated book away from Twilight’s fixed gaze. “My party. My rules. And as my first rule, I say we open presents NOW.” Pinkie Pie and Vinyl Scratch excitingly back up Rainbow Dash with their walloping shouts of approval.

“Fine. Presents it is.” Twilight sighs grudgingly as she closes her book with a slam and carelessly throws it behind her before it magically disappears.

“Since we have royalty in our presence…” Rainbow addresses to us in a mocking noble tone. “…we shall allow our princess the right to present the first gift on this momentous occasion!”

“Why, thank you, Rainbow. How very gracious of you.” Twilight responds sarcastically with a smile. Using her magic once more, she levitates her wrapped gift to Rainbow. Despite its wrapping, it’s obvious to us on what kind of gift it is.

“Oh gee! Whatever could it be?” Rainbow lazily inspects her gift with unemotional sarcasm. “I wonder if it’s a book this time.” A few snickers is heard among the crowd.

“Oh come on!” Twilight retorts at Rainbow Dash’s mockery. “You haven’t even opened it yet! Not everypony can assume right away that it’s a book!”

“Oh really?” Rainbow says to Twilight with a raised eyebrow and a devious smile. Then, she turns her head around and asks us, “Everypony? What do you say to that?” One at a time, our answers are all the same.

“A book.” Vinyl answers without hestitation.

“A book.” Octavia answers the same way.

“Yep! Definitely a book!” Pinkie Pie answers in her usually cheerful manner.

“Most assuredly, it’s a book.” Rarity answers without a doubt.

“Got to be a book, wouldn’t y’all agree, Big Mac?” Applejack asks his big brother.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac replies with his traditional catchphrase.

“Umm… A book. Sorry, Twilight.” Fluttershy responds meekly.

Then, it’s my turn. I didn’t want to add more salt to the wound, but eventually, I say to her, “Yeah… sorry, Twilight, but I’m gonna have to side with the majority on this one.”

“Let’s face it, Twilight.” Rainbow turns her attention back towards the speechless Twilight. “We can all practically read you…” Then, out of nowhere, she puts her cool shades on before continuing with a grin, “…like an open book.”


Through a window outside, nearly all of us jump startlingly at the sudden outburst of an overly muscular, white stallion Pegasus with tiny wings, red eyes, and a blonde buzzcut mane.

“Thanks for the cameo appearance-slash-meme reference, Snowflake!” Pinkie Pie approaches the unexpected pony with a tray of cupcakes as payment towards him.

“No prob!” Snowflake says nonchalantly as he accepts the delicious treats before taking his leave. We all stand there in silence by Snowflake’s sudden appearance, but then we turn out attention back to the dumbstruck Alicorn princess.

“Okay, fine! It’s a book, alright?!” Twilight snaps aloud. “But do you know what kind of book it is?” Rainbow Dash tries to come up with an answer, but all that comes out of her mouth is brief stutters.

Satisfied with Rainbow’s silence, Twilight smugly responds, “That’s what I thought! Now open it!” With a shrug, Rainbow proceeds to open her first present. After one big rip of the wrapping paper, her eyes grow wide as she lets out an awestricken gasp. Immediately, she rips the rest of the paper to gaze at her unveiled book.

“NO WAY!” Rainbow marvels ecstatically. “It’s the latest book in the Daring Do series! But how did you get it?!” she asks Twilight with great surprise. “It doesn’t come out until like next month!”

“Well, when you’re a princess like me…” Twilight boasts slightly to herself. “…you tend to have certain advantages for special requests. But that’s not all! Look inside the cover!” Rainbow perplexingly looks back at her book, which Twilight is pointing at. Then, she opens the cover before reading something on the inside to herself.

‘To my biggest fan ever! Signed--’ GASP! Ohmygosh! The author signed her copy just for me!” She then shows the inside cover to all of us as we gaze and awe at the author’s personal inscription. To my disappointment, I couldn’t tell much on what the signature says. Sigh… even in Equestria, the signatures of celebrities are no different than careless scribbles.

“Twilight, have I ever told you that you’re my favorite princess of them all?” Rainbow asks playfully as she gratefully hugs Twilight.

Twilight giggles to herself and replies with an amusing smile, “No, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it every now and then.”

Rainbow finishes her hug and says, “But seriously though, thanks Twilight! I definitely can’t wait to read this! Okay! Who’s next?”

“Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!” Pinkie Pie shouts out wildly as she waves her fore hoof vigorously like an anxious student trying to answer the next question.

“Hmm… let’s see…” Rainbow teases a bit while placing a hoof on her chin. “…how about the energetic pink ball of fur over there?”

“Where? I don’t see a--! Oh wait! That’s me! Te-hee!” Pinkie Pie says with a giggling smile before bouncing over to Rainbow Dash to present her gift. With her next present in hoof, she opens it up eagerly as she awes at another book.

“Oh, cool!” she says with a bright smile. “It’s a book on pulling off some of the best pranks and scares ever!”

“Yep-per-rooni!” Pinkie chimes in cheerfully. “I figure it might help you bring in your ‘A’ game when Nightmare Night comes around!”

“Yeah, totally! Thanks, Pinkie Pie! Hey, look at this!” The pink party enthusiast leans in closely to see which page Rainbow Dash is reading. “This one says it’s a classic! ‘For this trick, you simply need a paper bag, a lighter, and…’ EWWWW! Gross!” Then, the two pranksters couldn’t help but laugh at what they just read. From what it sounds like, I think I know which disgusting prank those two are talking about.

“I wonder where we can find a dog to help pull this one off?” Pinkie asks her cyan, feathered friend. In a moment of silence, the two ponies, who are still holding the book, look at Applejack & Big Mac. Then everypony else looks at the two farmponies, considering that they are the only ones we know who have a dog.

Once AJ put two and two together, she firmly growls at the two pranksters, “Don’t even think about it!” From seeing Applejack’s reaction, Rainbow and Pinkie Pie laugh for a bit before the pink pony rejoins the circle of friends.

Next up is Fluttershy, who delicately approaches Rainbow Dash with her gift. Judging by the way it was wrapped up, it looks like it’s going to be another book.

“Another book, huh?” Rainbow confirms after inspecting her third gift. “What am I, Twilight all of sudden?” she jokes with a raised eyebrow. Nearly everypony laughs along with Rainbow. Well, except for Twilight of course, judging by way she’s frowning from being teased at again.

“Oh, if you don’t like it, I can just take it back and--” Fluttershy meekly states.

“No no! It’s fine, Fluttershy! I was kidding around!” Rainbow Dash greatly reassures her timid friend before opening her present. Once she opens her gift, she smiles at what she has received.

“Hey, it’s a recipe book!” Rainbow says happily. “Oh wait! These are your recipes, aren’t they?”

“Mm-hmm.” Fluttershy confirms quietly. “I remember how you always like my cooking, especially when you were sick last month, so I was happy to prepare my very own recipe book for you.”

“Thank you, Fluttershy!” Rainbow says before hugging Fluttershy gently. “Although to be honest, I’m not that great of a cook myself.” she admits with a small blush.

“Oh, that’s okay, Dashie.” Fluttershy comforts her friend kindly. “I’ll be more than happy to help you along with anything you want to try.”

“Thanks again, Fluttershy. Next!” Vinyl Scratch and Octavia step up to present their gift next.

“Actually, this is a gift that me and Tavi have created together.” Vinyl says as she magically levitates a large, flat, square-shaped present to Rainbow. It must be an enveloped vinyl record. Huh, wonder what kind of music they got for her? Rainbow carefully reveals the disc before she smiles widely at it.

“Ah, sweet!” she glees ecstatically. “Is this a new album?”

“Correct.” Octavia confirms with a soft smile. “This is our very first collaborated album where we have successfully fused her electronic music and my cello symphonies into perfect musical harmony.”

“Yep!” Vinyl affirms grinningly while she embraces her marefriend with a fore hoof. “It’s just something special that we’ve come up with together. You could say that it’s our very own baby. In fact, it all started out when we were in bed while making some very ‘sweet, beautiful music’ together. So in a manner of speaking, we actually copulated--!”


“OW! WHAT?!” Vinyl groans in pain while rubbing her sore shoulder after receiving a proper smack from a greatly aggravated Octavia.

“I thought we’ve discussed this already about talking of our private matters outside the bedroom!” the blushful cellist scolds with uncontrollable fury. “Or do I have to get the frying pan again to remind you?!”

“Tavi!” Vinyl responds sobbingly with crocodile tears. “How could you threaten me like that?! You’ve sworn that you wouldn’t hit me in front of the children!” As Vinyl whines playfully to a great extent, Octavia’s anger comes to a rolling boil.

“THERE AREN'T ANY CHILDREN HERE!” Octavia yells at her extremely childish marefriend.

“And what about the one we’ve just created together?” Vinyl whimpers melodramatically as she embraces Octavia closely. “Isn’t our own precious baby supposed to be your child too? How could you even think of just abandoning us like that?! I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!!” Meanwhile, the rest of us stare in awkward silence as we witness the latest soap opera unfold before us, featuring the grieving Vinyl Scratch and the disgruntled Octavia.

“Okaaaaay… moving on. Thank you, girls.” Rainbow breaks the ice uncomfortably. “Rarity, whatcha got?”

“Well, I got something that you wouldn’t believe--!” Rarity says as she levitates her present to Rainbow.

“It’s a dress, isn’t it?” Rainbow smirks all-knowingly after glancing at the long boxed gift.

“I… umm… well…” Rarity stammers a bit before regaining her composure as she simply answers, “Sigh… Let’s just skip this charade and go straight to the unveiling, shall we?”

After a brief chuckle, Rainbow proceeds to open her next gift. Once she lifts the lid of the elongated box, she lets out awestricken gasp from what she is seeing. I couldn’t tell much on what it is, but all I can see from here is a shimmering purple aura radiating from the opened box itself.

“Is this…?!” Rainbow asks with wondrous eyes as she looks back at Rarity.

“Mm-hmm! Just like you have asked of me!” Rarity confirms with a pleasant smile.

“Thanks, Rarity!” Rainbow hugs Rarity with surprising glee. “This is perfect!” Huh, I would never think that Rainbow Dash would be this ecstatic for a dress.

After the embrace, Rarity walks by Applejack as I hear the seamstress boasts softly, “See? Am I good, or am I good?” With a chuckling smile, Applejack just rolls her eyes before shaking her head.

“Ooo! Let’s see it!” Pinkie Pie asks with an exciting smile. Rainbow Dash’s beaming smile drops immediately after hearing Pinkie’s request. Instead, her face is replaced with a heavy blush. And why does she keep looking at me for some reason?

“Uhh… not yet!” Rainbow responds blushingly as she hastily places the lid on Rarity’s gift. “There… are… colts present! And uhh… I might ruin it if I swish it around here!” This is quite perplexing. Rainbow Dash usually never cares much when it comes to fashion at least.

“Oh, yes!” Rarity agrees hastily. “We can’t have that, now can we?” Eventually, without question, the rest of the girls nod and agree with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Big Mac and I look at each as we try to figure this out, but all I got as an answer from him is a silent shrug. I decide for myself to not question this any further as Big Mac walks up to Rainbow and presents his gift.

After opening her next gift, Rainbow makes a puzzling smile at what she has just received. “‘Apples to Apples?’” she reads on the box. Wait, did she say, “Apples to Apples?” I remember hearing that name. It’s a well-known party game back on Earth. I wonder if this is the same game as I recall.

“Looks interesting! Is this a new game?” Rainbow asks Big Mac gleefully.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac answers.

“You’ve picked that one out because it said ‘apples’ on there, didn’t ya?” Applejack playfully nudges her big brother.

“Eeyup.” Big Mac repeats his answer. I closely examine Rainbow’s new game. It not only says “Apples to Apples” on it, but it also features a couple of cartoony apple characters on the cover: one is red, and the other one is green. There’s only one way to confirm if my hunch is correct.

“Hey, Big Mac.” I ask him gingerly. “Is this where you try matching a noun card to go with the best choice of an adjective card?”

“Eeyup. How did ya know?” he asks me back with surprise.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing this game!” I reply with my uncontained excitement for this familiar game. “It’s truly one of my favorites!”

Rainbow Dash smiles to herself as she bears witness to my enthusiasm for her new game. “We should definitely give this a try for today!” Rainbow chimes in gleefully. “Thanks Big Mac!” The gentle, red giant nods in return and joins back with the small herd.

Now, it’s just down to two ponies, Applejack and I. The orange mare eyes at me as if she’s insisting that I should go next. Realizing this, some of my nerves begin to shoot back up. For now, I figure it would be best to allow Applejack to go next so I can try to regain my composure in the meantime.

“Umm… ladies first, AJ.” I say to her gingerly while bearing an awkward smile. Applejack shrugs at my chivalry and proceeds to go ahead of me.

“Thanks, Ford. You are a true gentlecolt.” she grins sarcastically as she walks past me. “Here you go, RD!” Applejack says to Rainbow Dash as she hands over her large wrapped-up basket. After ripping off the wrapping paper, Rainbow smiles at her basket of goodies.

“Ohmygosh! Zap Apples!” Rainbow says with big hungry eyes.

“Eeyup!” Applejack confirms with pride. “And not just apples or jam this time! This here basket also has mini apple pies, applesauce, apple turnovers, apple fritters, and apple crisp! All made from Zap Apples!”

“Wow, they all sound delicious!” Rainbow says delightfully while licking her lips. “Thanks, AJ! Though I wish you brought another basket though, ‘cause I’m gonna finish this in one day!”

“Just try to pace yourself for a change.” Applejack says jokingly.

“No promises!” Rainbow chuckles along with AJ. After that, Applejack walks right back to us where she stands next to me.

“You’re up, sugarcube!” Applejack cheers for me with a wink as she playfully nudges me. That push almost makes me stumble, but I maintain my posture as best as I can before I steadily walk over to Rainbow Dash with my present secured on my back.

“H-here you go, Rainbow Dash. Happy birthday.” I say shyly to her before using my mouth to firmly grasp my present and handing it over to her.

“Thanks, Ford.” She accepts my gift with a tender smile. Instead of ripping the paper right away like she usually does, she examines this one carefully. “Huh, this is pretty unusual for a present. Heh, maybe it’s an autographed portrait of Spitfire or something!”

“Uh, yeah… maybe.” I nervously chuckle to myself. Please tell me she was just kidding about that!

Soon enough, Rainbow opens the wrapping with care to finally reveal what her last gift is. I wait in anticipation on her reaction as she is almost finished with the unwrapping. With the last bits of wrapping paper being discarded, Rainbow finally gets to look at the portrait of herself.

Initially, she is quite surprise as she gazes at it with wide eyes, but after that… nothing. No smile. No awestricken gasp. Nothing. Just a blank, wide-eyed stare that is completely frozen on her face. I start to get really nervous as I continue to study Rainbow Dash’s blank expression. Then I start to imagine on various frightening situations on how Rainbow is going to break the news to me if she didn’t like my artwork. At best, she could just lie to me so that she doesn’t hurt my feelings. At this point, I’ll take a sweet, little lie than facing up to the cold, hard truth.

The dead silence continues as Rainbow continues to stare speechlessly at my pastel drawing. The guests around me look at each other with concern and worry. Suddenly, Rainbow Dash takes a break from staring at my present as she looks at me while bearing the same stunned expression.

“Did you… make this yourself?” she asks me gently.

“Umm… yes?” I respond meekly. After hearing my hesitant answer, Rainbow resumes to stare at my picture again. This disturbing silence is almost killing me. I don’t know how much I could take anymore. I have to hear her opinion once and for all, no matter how much the truth may hurt.

“Do you… like it--?” I begin to ask her with caution.

It’s beautiful.” she says quietly. Did she just say what I think she just say? Maybe I have misheard her somehow.

“…What?” I say with startling surprise.

“It’s beautiful.” She repeats herself as she gazes at me with a soft smile.

I couldn’t believe it! I honestly didn’t see that coming. I mean, I expected Rainbow to say something like “awesome”, or “cool”, or “totally radical.” But no, she says my artwork is beautiful! Hardly anypony, or anybody for that matter, has ever considered my work to be beautiful. I smile warmly at Rainbow Dash’s unexpected compliment.

“T-thanks, Rainbow.” I say to her with relief. “I’m glad to hear that--!”

In one swift move, Rainbow sets aside her portrait and rushes over to me. In one felt swoop, she hugs me very tightly in a deeply warm embrace. This unforeseen gesture of hers made me stiff as a statue. But eventually, I melt into her forelegs as I gratefully return her affection for me. From this tender moment we are sharing together, I don’t need any more words to tell me how she feels about my present. This… is surely enough for me.

“Sooooo… can we see it this time, or not?” Pinkie Pie interrupts us in a cheerful tone. Rainbow Dash and I break out of entrancing cuddling as we bear heavy blushes for each other. Afterwards, I hear some snickering from most of the other girls, especially Applejack and Rarity.

“Huh? …Oh! Yeah, sure! Why not?” Rainbow gives her approval after composing herself.

At last, everypony in the room gets a look at my portrait of Rainbow Dash. In this pastel piece, it shows Rainbow in a magnificent pose while flying freely in a stunning sunset background. The mostly orange-colored environment depicts the clouds of Winsome Falls where some of them pour out miniature rainbow waterfalls while the sunset shines like a glistening, polished gemstone. As for the depiction of Rainbow, it shows her arching her back gracefully as she looks beyond the horizon with her wings in full-span and warm, satisfying smile on her face. Thanks to these pastels, I was able to bring out the brilliant colors I wanted for this portrait.

As they gaze at my work, everypony starts to crowd around me as each of them offers their praise for me.

“Wowie-Zowie!” Pinkie Pie yelps out in joy. “That looks amazing!”

“Wow is right, Pinkie!” Twilght Sparkle agrees with a stunned expression. “How did you do all of this?”

“Heh, not bad, Mustang!” Vinyl Scratch grins with approval.

‘Not bad?’" Octavia baffles at Vinyl’s choice of words. “Vinyl, this should go straight to an art gallery!”

“This is simply gorgeous, darling!” Rarity expresses with delight. “I knew those pastels I lend to you would serve their purpose well!”

“Oh my!” Fluttershy gasps happily. “These colors are simply breathtaking! Wouldn’t you agree, Big Mac?”

“Eeyup!” Big Mac agrees with his smiling marefriend.

“Gee, sugarcube!” Applejack stares at my work with disbelief as she smiles. “Ah can’t scribble well enough to save my own hide! Good job, Ford!”

As much as I enjoy the compliments from my friends, it’s beginning to become quite overwhelming. I was never the one to be the center of such attention. Luckily, Rainbow Dash is there to save me as she starts break up the small admiring crowd.

“Alright alright! Let the artist breathe! Let’s not forget that this party’s about me here!” she says with a smirk. “Now that all of the presents have been taken care of… LET’S PARTY!”


And thus, the party begins!

Our first activity is musical chairs. In this game, we use Vinyl & Octavia’s newest album to play the music. As the game goes underway, I have been doing pretty well for myself. However, during the middle portion of the game, I become too mesmerized by how enticing the collaborated music is. It is with this distraction that made me lose in this game. All that remains after me is Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Pinkie Pie. In the next round, Vinyl Scratch missed her seat, but claims that there's one seat remaining as she enthusiastically sits on Octavia’s lap. Of course, this leads to more laughs before a greatly embarrassed Octavia tries to push Vinyl off of her. Once that is settled, the game resumes, and overtime, it is down to two ponies: Rainbow Dash and Applejack. After the catchy music stalls long enough, the two competitive ponies make a mad dash for last chair. But by the end of this game, Rainbow Dash is the winner. Applejack, being a much better sport than Rainbow, only jokingly claims that Rainbow used her wings to win. In response, Rainbow jokes back by stating that nopony said that she couldn’t use her wings in the first place.

For the next game, we try out Big Mac’s present, “Apples to Apples.” In this game, each of us possesses seven noun cards in hand (Can I still call it that or do I still need to call it “hoof” for this one?). And for each round, one of us must play as the “judge.” The judge must draw an adjective card from a separate deck. And the remaining players must anonymously choose a noun card that may go well with the judge’s adjective card. Once the judge collects all the players’s noun cards, he or she must decide which noun fits well enough with the current adjective. Once the judge announces the chosen noun, the player must announce his or her win and claim the adjective card as his or her prize, and then a different judge is chosen for the next turn. The one with the most adjective cards by the end of the game wins.

In this game, I start off with a bit of advantage since I’m already familiar with this game. Even though the nouns all relate with something in Equestria, their short descriptions do help me out a bit. Still, it’s not the same without have a “Hitler” card at hand; those are usually an instant win for me. As victory is close at hoof, Rainbow Dash learns really fast as she catches up pretty quickly. Soon, it’s neck and neck between us. However, out of nowhere, Twilight Sparkle wins a chain of rounds for herself and, to everypony’s surprise, emerges victorious in the end. Huh, I guess reading the game’s handbook along with its suggested tips a dozen times must have given Twilight the edge she needed.

Next up is definitely one of my favorite games, Pictionary! Of course, once they found out about my artistic ability, everypony wants me to be in their team. But since Rainbow is the guest of honor, she calls dibs on him and that settles it. In my team, we have Rainbow Dash, as the self-declared captain of the group, Applejack, Fluttershy, Big Mac, and I. For each time it is my turn to draw, I dominate the drawing board. The Unicorns on the opposing team are quite a challenge since they’re very dexterous thanks to their magic, but my toughest opponent would have to be Rarity because of her artistic talent. She certainly draws beautifully, but my advantage over hers is that I can draw a bit faster so I can get the basic shapes and features down more quickly. After all, speed is the name of this game. In the end, my team wins by 20 wins to 13 loses.

After some games, it’s time to eat. Pinkie Pie helped cater to this event with freshly baked pizza. Considering that we are in a bake shop, it would make sense for Pinkie Pie to take the opportunity to create some incredibly tasty crusts for the pizza she made for us.

When we finished having some delicious pizza, Pinkie Pie brings out the pièce de résistance: the birthday cake! Pinkie Pie really outdid herself as she presents a large, sky blue-colored sheet cake featuring cloudy white trimmings around the cake’s edges. On top of the cake, it features simple edible illustrations of white clouds, an arching rainbow, and a striking pose of Rainbow Dash. And of course, you can’t have a birthday cake without some icing letters reading “Happy Birthday, Rainbow Dash!” Lastly, Pinkie Pie touches it up with sparkling candles.

Once we sang the traditional birthday song, Rainbow attempts to blow out the candles with a mighty gust, but the sparklers lit themselves back up. Rainbow tries it again, but the results are still the same. Eventually, she realizes that they are trick candles, and she and everypony else have a good laugh before we all join in to blow out the candles. Once the candles have been extinguished, each of us grabs a slice of cake. It is a unique marble cake, which features multiple colors swirled together. Just like Pinkie Pie’s cupcakes, this cake is as delicious to eat as it is artistic to look at!

After indulging some delicious food, some of us spend the rest of the night drinking some of the Apple Family’s hard cider. For the most part, it’s just me, Rainbow Dash, Vinyl Scratch, and Applejack partaking in some of the drinking games. For the first game, Rainbow and I face off the unlikely duo in a game just like beer pong, except with cider of course. It’s certainly a tough match, but Rainbow Dash and I manage to pull through and win this game while AJ and Vinyl have to drink the rest of our remaining few cups. Not that they didn’t mind anyway.

For our second drinking game, we play something similar to the memory game of “Simon Says”. For each pony, they must come up with a silly gesture. Then the next pony must copy the gestures in order before coming up with a new gesture. The one who messes up has to take a drink, and we start all over again. Pinkie Pie joins in on this one as she comes up with some crazy gestures that are nearly impossible to copy off. The only one I can’t copy off is the “derpy eyes” look. Seriously, how could everypony pull that off so easily? This game really isn’t a matter on who is winning, but out of all the participants, Applejack had to take the most drinks in the game.


Finally, the party is coming to close. After we help Pinkie Pie clean up the bake shop, each of us go our separate ways. Twilight teleports back to Canterlot. Vinyl Scratch and Octavia walks back to their house. Big Macintosh escorts Fluttershy back to her cottage. Rarity decides it is best to escort the tipsy Applejack back to her farm. And meanwhile, I insist to help Rainbow Dash with transporting her presents, which she gladly accepts my generous offer.

With a cart Pinkie Pie lends to us, Rainbow Dash and I fly to her floating house under the calm, nightly, blue sky. While I pull the cart loaded with her presents, Rainbow Dash insists on doing her share by holding on her pastel portrait. After we arrive at her home, I unload the rest of her presents in her living room before meeting with Rainbow outside, who is still holding my present very dearly.

“Okay, I just gotta say this: BEST… BIRTHDAY… EVER!” Rainbow cheers with an uncontrollable smile.

“Ditto!” I agree with a gleeful chuckle.

“Uh... Rainbow Dash?” I say to her a bit hesitantly. “Thanks again for inviting me over to your party. I really had a great time today.”

She smiles softly and says to me, “No sweat, Ford. I’m really glad to hear that. Remind me to return the favor when your birthday comes up.”

“S-s-sure. I’ll… be sure to keep that in mind.” I nervously chuckle to myself. I’m not sure if I’m ready to reveal anything personal just yet at this point.

I get myself ready to take my departure, but then I hear Rainbow saying something quietly to me, “Hey, Ford?”

“Yeah?” I respond delicately as I face her. As I turn around, I see Rainbow acting very uncomfortably all of a sudden. I am filled with concern as I approach her carefully while waiting for a surprisingly nervous Rainbow Dash to continue what she wants to say to me.

“What do you think of me when you drew me in that portrait?” she asks bashfully. I am caught off-guard as I fluster greatly by Rainbow’s unexpected question. I’m not sure how to answer that one for her.

“Doesn’t the picture speak for itself?” I reply slyly.

“Well… I kind of wanna hear it from the artist himself.” she attempts to persuade me with a blushing, tender smile. I take a moment to gather my thoughts carefully before taking a deep breath. After composing myself for a bit longer, I finally begin my statement to her.

“Well… Rainbow…” I start off steadily. “When I think about you, I see you as somepony who is a big dreamer, and somepony with a big ego to go with that too.” Rainbow chuckles a little at my brief teasing before I continue. “But more importantly, I see somepony with an even bigger heart. No matter how difficult the challenge may be, or how tempting it is to pursue your ultimate dream, you are always there for friends and family no matter what. There is no other pony out there more suited as the Element of Loyalty than you, Rainbow Dash. And yet… despite all of your responsibilities, nothing ever holds you back from doing what you love the most. With all of your grandstanding heroics and your spectacular accomplishments, you are an inspiration to us all. But more importantly, you are an even greater inspiration to me as well.”

After finishing up on what I just said to her, I look back at a speechless Rainbow to meet up with her eyes. Gazing at them, I see something different than before. Her eyes… they look like they are sparkling right before my very own eyes. I couldn’t tell if her magenta eyes are doing that by themselves, or if they are reflecting the twinkling stars right above us. But either way, they are just so… dazzling to look at.

“Wow…” she finally speaks up to me while still maintaining those sparkling eyes of hers. “Nopony has ever praise me like that before. Thanks, Ford.” She smiles warmly at me. “I kind of feel bad though for you not earning your Cutie Mark after doing something like this for me.”

“Trust me, Rainbow Dash.” I say to her with a very reassuring smile. “Seeing you smile over my gift for me is worth more than any Cutie Mark I will ever earn for myself.” Then, we just stand there, gazing and smile for each other for a little while longer.

“Still, I wish I can think of something to give you in return.” She pouts softly to herself. But then, she brightens up as a smile starts to creep up on her muzzle.

As I am about to question her, something truly unexpected has happened. Rainbow Dash, without any warning, gives me a kiss… on my cheek! It isn’t a quick peck, and it isn’t a hard smooch. Just a simple, tender kiss, that’s all. Sure, I received several kisses from the other mares, but this one... this is different. This is something that really matters. This is something that’s… really special. But as I’m lost in my self-induced trance…


My cursed wings fan out in uncontrollable excitement over this new feeling. After she finishes her kiss while I’m still frozen in place with a heavy blush, she giggles softly to herself as she looks at my awkward stance.

“What? You once asked for me to take a rain check on that kiss, didn’t you?” she says to me with a sly smile. Since I am too flustered at the moment, I figure it would be best to call it a night and take my leave right away.

“G-g-goodnight, Rainbow Dash.” I stammer while trying to control my excited wings before taking off.

“Goodnight, Ford Mustang.” She says to me sweetly before entering her house.

Once I have enough control for my wings, I immediately take off like a rocket, ready to explode, as I make my way back home.


As I flutter all the way back to Sweet Apple Acres, my wandering mind just keeps repeating all of the things that have happened on this day: the presents, the party, the games, the kiss. Yes… that kiss. I still couldn’t believe it… Rainbow Dash actually kissed me! I’m so giddy right now, I couldn’t stop smiling to myself! I mean… what if this is the start of something? What if… Rainbow Dash actually loves me? Could she really love me? I mean… I really do like her a lot, and I always want to start a relationship with somebody (or in this case, somepony) special, but… will it all work out between us? Ugh, I’m getting ahead of myself! I should be happy for what has happened today, and that should be good enough for me! Besides, I’ve got plenty of time to figure this out before the supposed date of my return back on Earth. No pressure, right?

I finally arrive at the farmhouse at Sweet Apple Acres. After making a soft, graceful landing, I quietly open the front door and stealthily hover inside without trying to wake up anypony. But as I am about to head upstairs, I hear something that sounds like somepony is crying. Curiously, I follow the grieving sounds into the living room, where I see something that my once giddy smile vanishes gradually: Applejack is lying on the couch as she muffles her sobbing with one of the pillows.

“Applejack?” I ask her quietly with surprise and immense concern. She didn’t budge from her grief upon my return. Her unforeseen crying must have prevented her from hearing me. So, I walk up to her slowly, lean right next to her, and try asking her again.

“Applejack, what’s wrong?” I say to her in a soft tone.

“Ah… Ah bucked up, Ford!” she grieves continuously while still covering her face with her pillow. “Ah bucked it up real good! And now… it’s all over between us!”

“Well, what happened, AJ?” I coo to her. “Surely it can’t be that bad, can it?” After trying my best to comfort her, she finally takes a moment to lift her head up as I look into her tearful eyes. My heart sinks heavily as I bear witness to Applejack’s surprisingly sorrowful state.

“Ya don’t understand, Ford!” she wails to me with never-ending tears. “Ya see Ah… Ah… DANGIT! AH KISSED RARITY!”

Oh boy, here we go again.

Chapter 20 – Return of the Matchmaker: RariJack

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Chapter 20 – Return of the Matchmaker: RariJack

Moments ago when Rarity was escorting Applejack back to her home after Rainbow Dash's birthday party…

“Applejack, darling, you really should have taken your own advice to Rainbow Dash and learn to pace yourself!” Rarity firmly lectured her tipsy friend.

“Oh lighten up, sugarcube!” AJ responded with a goofy expression. "Ah can handle myself just fine!” Then, she clumsily stumbled on the dirt path and almost fell over if Rarity wasn’t there to catch her. “Whoa nelly!” Applejack exclaimed surprisingly. “Ah don’t remember the ground being this hilly before!”

“Yes, I can see you’re doing just fine.” Rarity groaned sarcastically as she helped up Applejack maintained her balance before they continued their walk to Sweet Apple Acres.

After a very long trek under the starry night sky, they finally arrived at the front porch of Applejack’s home. “Well, here we are!” Rarity announced happily with a sigh of relief.

“Ee--HIC! Yup!” Applejack hiccupped.

"Ugh! Please be sure to brush your teeth first before you go straight to bed.” Rarity pleaded while covering her nose with a fore hoof.

“Hey, my breath doesn’t stink that bad!” Applejack retorted. Then, she let out a quick breath to her fore hoof before smelling it up close.

“Sniff sniff! Ooh! Well… maybe a little.” she admitted sheepishly.

“Anyway… goodnight!” Rarity said to AJ before making her departure. Applejack started to sober up a bit as she felt bad for Rarity after doing all of this for her.

“W-wait, Rarity!” Applejack immediately called out to her.

“Yes?” Rarity replied as she turned around.

“Umm… Ah wanna thank ya kindly for walkin’ me over here and all.” Applejack said humbly with a blushing smile. “Ah oughta reward you with something special for tonight.”

“Oh, there’s no need for that, my dear.” Rarity dismissed it modestly with a tender smile. “After all, generosity is my middle--!” But Rarity didn’t finish her sentence as her lips were unexpectedly silenced by Applejack’s. Rarity tensed up from this unforeseen act of affection, but slowly, the tension starts to die down inside her.

Suddenly, Rarity hastily pulled away from Applejack as she tried to catch her breath. Both of them were blushing as red as an apple as they stare at each other in awkward surprise.

“Umm… wow! Well… that was indeed something… special!” Rarity stammered uncertainly. “So… thank you, Applejack, for… uhh… that! I’d love to stay and chat, but it’s getting late as it is! Sooooo… bye!”

And with that, Rarity made a hasty retreat back to her home while Applejack stood there speechlessly as she was too late to say anything to her departing friend. Shame and regret started to build inside as Applejack sat on her hindquarters while staring at the ground.

Soon enough, tears began to pour out of her sorrowful green eyes as she sobbed to herself, “Oh sweet Celestia, what have Ah done?”


“And that’s what happened, Ford.” Applejack finishes her story with trying to hold back more of her tears. “Ah kissed Rarity right on the lips, and she scurried off like a frightened lil’ critter!”

Before she began her story, I volunteered to make us some hot cider. I figured that something nice and hot would make her feel better as well as help her to sleep more soundly when she is ready for bed. The warm, soothing taste of apples and spices helped Applejack calm down a bit while she was telling me what happened between her and Rarity. Once she had explained it to me, we must have nearly finished the kettle by now as we continue to drink what is left in our cups while we sit on the couch in the living room.

After taking a sip of my hot beverage, I ask her with curiosity, “So… did you kiss her because you were drunk or…?”

Sigh… Ah wish that were true …” Applejack hangs her head low as she answers my question sadly. “…but honestly… Ah… Ah’ve always liked Rarity that way, but Ah know for certain that she doesn’t share the same affection for me.”

“Why do you say that, Applejack?” I ask softly with concern.

“‘Cause Rarity always fancies herself with a classy noblepony or some dreamy prince, that’s why!” she snaps at me with tiresome, watery eyes.

I am a bit startled by her sudden outburst, but then, she softens up after feeling bad for losing her temper like that. During this unsettling, quiet moment, Applejack steadily drinks her hot cider before she gazes at her steaming cup.

“You know, sugarcube…” she speaks to me with a heavy sigh. “…Ah didn’t always have these here feelings for her before. Even when Rarity and Ah first met, we were mostly bitter to one and another. But then, we had that sleepover at Twilight’s place, and ever since then, me and Rarity became the best of friends. Sure, we still had our differences, and we get at each other’s mane sometimes, but it’s all in good fun, and Ah’ve always enjoyed her company every now and then.”

She gingerly takes another sip of her drink before she continues her reminiscing. “But then… everything changed that night when we were leavin’ from the Gala…”


“You did WHAT to him?!” Applejack questioned Rarity as she could hardly contain her laughter.

“You heard me, Applejack!” Rarity confirmed proudly with a giggling grin. “I slathered that oaf of a prince with leftover cake all over him, and he just shrieked like a little filly! Oh, you should have seen him!”

“Boy-howdy!” Applejack exclaimed with a mighty chuckle. “I would have loved to see that! That guy sounds prissier than you, Rarity!”

“Oh, very funny!” Rarity quipped sarcastically with a smile. “But true, none of the less.” They both shared a hearty laugh together as they walked back to Ponyville where Applejack is escorting Rarity to her Carousal Boutique. Despite how disastrous the night was for them, they still found some enjoyment in all of it.

“Thank you so much for walking me over back to my Carousal.” Rarity said gratefully to Applejack once they made it back to her home. “I truly appreciate it.”

“It’s no trouble at all, milady!” Applejack replies kindly as she bows courteously to her friend. “Well, goodnight.”

“Applejack?” Rarity called out quietly to the leaving farm pony.

“Hmm?” Applejack responded simply as she turned around to face the suddenly nervous Unicorn mare.

“Can I ask you for your honest opinion?” Rarity asked with an uneasy smile.

“Of course, sugarcube.” Applejack replied cheerfully.

Rarity fidgeted her tarnished dress a bit before she began to ask her question hesitantly with a nervous blush, “Do you… think I’m beautiful?”

Applejack was completely stunned by what she just heard. She wasn’t sure yet on what to say next except this, “…What?”

“Do you think I’m beautiful?” Rarity repeated her question with a continuous blush.

“Ah… Well, ya see, sugarcube… umm…” Applejack stammered nervously with a blush equivalent to Rarity’s.

“Please, Applejack!” Rarity pleaded to a great extent. “I really need your honesty on this one!”

“Well, of course Ah think you’re beautiful, Rarity!” Applejack responded snappily. “Why ya gotta make me say something like that for ya?”

“I’m so sorry for putting you on the spot like that, Applejack.” Rarity said remorsefully. “It’s just that… I’ve have been dreaming for this night for so long! Where I could finally meet my one true love and live happily ever after in my own little fairy tale! Sigh… But then that dream is completely shattered when I saw just how horrible that so-called prince really is! In all of my years, I have never met anypony so uncivilized, so ignorant, so… so… UNCOUTH! I can only pray that I never I have to cross paths with that cad ever again!”

Rarity nearly blew a flasket after letting her temper get the best of her, but she managed to simmer down before she continued expressing herself dishearteningly. “And then… I begin thinking to myself… what if… what if I’m not as attractive as I make myself to be? I mean… goodness knows I can’t compare myself with the princesses, but… I know that I don’t possess that kind of natural beauty like Fluttershy has or… even you, Applejack.”

“M-m-me?! But Rarity, Ah’m not what ya might considered as… beautiful!” Applejack hesitated in surprise.

“Well of course you are!” Rarity retorts. “Just look at yourself! No matter how hard you work out in the orchards each day or how dirty you get afterwards, you’ve always managed to outshine through it all with your fetching, emerald green eyes, that smooth, well-furbished, orange coat, and let’s not forget that long, silky, golden mane of yours!” Applejack blushed uncomfortably for each compliment Rarity gave. “And as for me, I have to spend minutes, maybe even hours, to beautify myself each day, which I can see now that it all amounts to nothing!” Noticing how watery her eyes were, Rarity hastily turned away from Applejack’s concerning gaze.

“Sigh… if there’s one thing that accursed Blueblood and I do share in common…” Rarity said with such sadness in her heart. “…is that we’re just facades of our own pitiful self-imaging.”

Applejack didn’t know what do. Rarity was in such misery with herself, and all Applejack could do is just stand there and listen. Applejack had to do something about this. She’s considered to be the most dependable pony in all of Ponyville, and she sure as sugar wasn’t going to let Rarity down like that! Not tonight she won’t! Rarity wanted an honest opinion, and that’s what she’s going to get!

“Now y’all listen to me, lil’ missy…” Applejack firmly grabbed Rarity’s attention as she forced the lamenting seamstress to face her. “…‘cause Ah ain’t gonna listen to any of that comin’ from you! Ah may not be as smart as Twilight, but if there’s one thing Ah do know is that there’s more to beauty than what meets the eye! And by golly, you’re not only beautiful on the outside, but you’re also very beautiful on the inside! Why, Ah’ve never met any other pony who is as generous towards others as you! Ah mean, was it not you who offered to create these original, stunnin’ dresses for all five of us just for this one special night without even asking a single bit from us?! And not only that, but you’re just as passionate to yer work as Ah am when it comes to apples, and Ah truly admire that! Ah really do! You’re beautiful in every sense of the word, Rarity, and don’t ya tell yerself anything different than that! And if other ponies, like that phony prince, can’t see that for what you’re really are, well then… they can just go buck themselves for all Ah care!” The determined Applejack may have blushed mildly from all of the praising she was giving, but it didn’t make her shy away from telling Rarity the truth.

Rarity was perplexed by all of this. Then, her tears began to pour out of her deep blue eyes. But these tears weren’t expressing their pitiful sorrow; they were expressing their joys of gratitude from hearing such kind words from such an honest friend.

“I… I don’t know what to say.” Rarity hestitated with a growing smile.

“Well saying ‘thank you’ might be a good start.” Applejack smirked as she finally saw a smile on Rarity’s face. In one swift move, Rarity rushed over and wrapped her hooves around Applejack in a gratifying hug.

“Thank you, darling.” Rarity whispered kindheartedly while embracing her friend. “I really needed to hear that.” Applejack was briefly stunned by this sudden affection, but never the less, she returned the embrace as she gently stroke the backside of Rarity’s glossy, purple mane.

“N-n-no problem, sugarcube.” Applejack smiled while trying to control her nervous blushing. “That’s what friends are for, right?”

“Right, of course.” Rarity giggled in response. After they broke from their hug, Rarity wiped the remaining tears on her face while still bearing a tender smile for Applejack.

“You know…” Rarity said dreamily with a lovely smile. “…if I ever do meet my special pony someday, I hope it’s somepony who is just as honest and kind as you, Applejack.” And with that, Rarity gave a nice kiss on Applejack’s already rosy cheek, leaving the farm pony paralyzed in her wide-eyed, slightly mouth-gaping stance.

“Goodnight.” Rarity said tenderly to the stunned, orange mare as she entered her home and closed the door softly.

Still in her self-induced trance, Applejack began to piece together on what’s happening to her. Now, she wasn’t always looking for romance like Rarity has, but after hearing on how Rarity hoped to meet someone just like AJ, as well as receiving that simple kiss from her, new feelings began to emerge inside as it felt like her heart was getting bigger by the second. At last, Applejack came up with just one logical conclusion as she said this to herself in a mix of uncertain fear and overwhelming joy.

“Holy cow pies… Ah think Ah’m in love.”


“After that…” Applejack concluded while finishing her last cup of cider. “…Ah’ve started to see Rarity in a whole different perspective. Ah couldn’t stop thinkin’ about wantin’ her more than just a friend. Ah felt so ashamed with myself, that at some point Ah decided to push aside my true feelings for her so that it wouldn’t get in the way of our friendship. But now… after this… she’s never gonna want me to be her friend ever again!” She starts to tear up again as she muffles her incoming cries on one of the couch’s pillows.

Poor AJ. It must have been really hard for her to hold on to those feelings for so long. For that matter, she represents the Element of Honesty. For her to hide her true feelings like this must be excruciatingly painful to her aching heart. Seeing where this is going, I decide to lend a hoof on this matter for myself.

“Well then… why don’t we go see her tomorrow and sort this out?” I suggest gingerly as I rest a gentle hoof on her head.

“No! I can’t face her yet!” Applejack yelps out in fright. “Do ya think… maybe… you can speak to her in my place? Please?” she asks of me meekly as she hugs her pillow adorably like a frightened child that woke up from a terrible nightmare.

“Sure, AJ.” I reply with a soft smile. “I’ll take care of it first thing in the morning.”


At a decent hour the next morning, I make my way to Rarity’s Carousel Boutique. As I trot over there, I think to myself if what I’m doing is right. I mean, when I helped out with Vinyl & Octavia, I reasoned with myself that they’re background ponies, so it shouldn’t have that much effect with continuity of the show. As for Fluttershy and Big Mac, even if their relationship was shown in future episodes, it shouldn’t bother the fans and spectators that much. But with Applejack and Rarity, what if this is going to be the big game changer? Oh sure, most Bronies will be thrilled about this, but when it comes to the overreacting parents who let their kids watch it, well… the show will be pretty much dead on the spot if any of this “fillyfooling” is revealed. No, that’s stupid, Ford! The show’s intended for kids! There is no way on Earth that the show’s creators and producers will ever pull off something so risqué to a worldwide audience!

As I get closer to Rarity’s home, I brush those conflicting thoughts aside and focus on what’s important right now: mending Applejack and Rarity’s relationship somehow. When I push the door, I notice in surprise that it didn’t budge. Huh, that’s strange. I know I got here early, but not before the Boutique’s supposed to be opened.

I decide to knock on the door, but in response, I hear Rarity shouting from the inside, “Sorry! We’re closed for today! I’ve… come down with a terrible fever this morning! Come back tomorrow!”

I puzzle for a bit by her hasty cover-up before I knock on the door once again as I call out to her, “Rarity? It’s me, Ford Mustang.” After that, Rarity peeks through the crack of her door. Once she sees me, she smiles in relief as she opens the door in full swing.

“Oh! Good morning, Ford!” Rarity greets to me beamingly. “How nice to see you!” Just like in the episode, “Suited for Success”, where she suffered a breakdown after how disastrous her first fashion show was, Rarity stands before me with a slightly messy hairdo in a pink robe with fuzzy, trimmings around the neckline and sleeves and wearing pink slippers on her fore hooves.

“Good morning, Rarity.” I greet back at her. “Mind if we talk for a bit?”

“Oh yes, of course! Come on in!” Rarity frantically hurries me inside. “And quickly please! I’m just not ready to deal with any customers at this moment!”

“Thank you.” I say to her as I enter her house. She then leads me to her living room where she has her tea table prepped and ready to be served.

“By the way, I just fixed myself some tea. Would you care for some?” she offers politely.

“Oh, yes please.” I reply in a similar manner before Rarity prepares a cup for me. After putting some sweetener into my tea, I take a moment to enjoy the freshly brewed drink, which is perfectly set to the right temperature without boiling my tongue thankfully. Plus, the aroma is most heavenly.

After we each had our initial sips, Rarity begins to speak first. “So, Ford… what would you like to talk about?”

“About last night, if you don’t mind that is.” I suggest gingerly.

“Oh yes! Wasn’t Rainbow’s party a smashing success?!” Rarity gossips in surprising enthusiasm. “I mean with the presents, the food, the games, and of course, the décor! I had a hoof in that by the way. Oh, and let’s not forgot--!”

“Rarity…” I interrupt her gently. “I mean on what happened last night after the party. You know… with Applejack?”

“Oh… right… that.” she acknowledges with a nervous chuckle. She drinks some more of her tea before she’s ready to answer my question.

“So… did she already tell you what happened?” she timidly asks of me.

“Yes.” I answer quietly.

“And… how is Applejack doing right now?” she asks with concern.

I take a quick sip of my tea before answering her next question. “Sigh… Not so well I’m afraid. She’s… a bit worried on how last night might have ruined her friendship with you.”

“Oh no no no no!” Rarity panics slightly once she hears that. “I would never break our friendship over something as trifling as… well… that! She has nothing to worry about!”

“Oh… well, that’s good to hear.” I say in relief. Well, at least Applejack will be glad to hear that their friendship is still intact.

“Can I tell you a secret, Mustang?” She asks with mild hesitation.

“Of course, Rarity.” I insist as I take a generous sip of my tea.

“Well… the truth is…” she stammers quietly with a heavy blush. “I actually… kind of… like… that… kiss.

I nearly did a spit take when I hear Rarity stating that. Fortunately enough, I save myself the dignity by gulping down what’s left in my mouth. As I’ve confirmed with Vinyl Scratch a couple months ago, I hate wasting good food and drinks.

“You did?!” I cry out with a surprised blush after I quickly wipe my muzzle clean. “But… Applejack said that you push her away after she kissed you!”

“I know! I did do that!” Rarity remorses sharply. “I mean… when she kissed me, I was initially surprised at first, but then, I slowly start to given! I’ve never felt such raw passion in all my life, and I almost never wanted to let go! Then, I start to feel really bad for taking advantage of Applejack like that! So I… pushed her off of me and tried to leave as quickly as possible!”

“After that, I could barely sleep since last night!” Rarity panics increasingly. “All I could ever think about is her and that kiss we had, and I still feel just as confused as before! Oh, what should I do, Ford?!”

I think carefully on what to suggest to Rarity. Then, the pieces start to come together as I realize that both Applejack and Rarity really like one and another without admitting it to each other.

“So… you’re saying that you don’t have a problem if your special somepony is a stallion or a mare, correct?” I inquire cautiously.

“Umm… no. I… guess not.” Rarity admits blushingly.

“Well then… why not… ask AJ out?” I suggest to her timidly.

“As… a… date?” Rarity stammers with wide eyes.

“Uhh…Yes?” I nod with a nervous smile.

“B-b-but… but I haven’t decided on what my true feelings are just yet!” she hesitates to a great extent. “I simply cannot ask Applejack on a date right away!”

“Rarity…” I shake my head with a gentle smile. “…where I come from, dates don’t have to start off with falling in love right on the spot. They’re meant to see if anything… you know… 'clicks.' It doesn’t have to be entirely romantic for the first date. Just do something you two can have fun together and go from there. And if it doesn’t work out, then hey, it doesn’t work out.”

“But… how will I know that by the end of it?”

“Trust me, Rarity, you’ll know.” I say with a reassuring smile.

She ponders a bit, but then, she shows a determined smile. “Very well! I shall give it a try! Umm… do you think Applejack will go along with it?”

I just smirk at Rarity before saying, “Well, there’s only one way to find out.”


After Rarity is finally done with her usual hygienic routine, we walk together to Sweet Apple Acres where Applejack is preoccupying herself with her daily chores. Remember which orchard she’s working at today, I lead Rarity to the chosen orchard of the day where Applejack is busy applebucking one of the ripe apple trees.

“Hey, Applejack!” I call out to her. “Mind coming over here for just a minute?”

“Sure thing, sugarcube!” she calls back to me. “Just give me a sec to buck these last apples right here!” With one swift kick, AJ causes all the remaining apples to tumble right into their proper baskets. “There!” Applejack says with prideful accomplishment before turning around.

“So, how did it gooooooWOOOAH!!” she startlingly exclaims as she notices Rarity right next to me.

“Uhh… Good morning, Applejack.” Rarity greets nervously with a blushing smile.

“Oh! Mornin’, Rarity.” Applejack responds more nervously than Rarity did. In this awkward silence they have put themselves through, the farm pony and seamstress nervously avoid eye contact with each other.

“Applejack, listen…” Rarity decides to speak up first. “…there’s something I--”

“Ah’m so sorry, Rarity!” Applejack apologizes hastily while on the brink of tears. “Ah shouldn’t have kissed you like that! You were right! Ah should have paced myself when drinkin' that hard cider last night! If Ah had, none of this would have happened! Please, can ya ever forgive me?!”

“It’s alright, darling! Really!” Rarity gently reassures her friend. “But I need you to be completely honest with me on what I’m about to ask.”

“Okay.” Applejack responds cautiously.

“When you… kissed me last night…” Rarity hesitantly asks her difficult question. “…did you do it because you were drunk or because you really like me?”

After a moment of thinking to herself, Applejack takes a deep breath before removing her hat and placing it over her chest while she admits her feelings to Rarity. “Ah would like to say that it was just the alcohol that made me do, but… Ah'd be lying to myself if Ah didn’t harbor some feelings towards you. Ah really do like you a whole, awful lot, Rarity. Still, Ah shouldn’t have done that to you without asking if you shared the same feelings for me as well, and Ah’m truly sorry for that.” Applejack blushes a bit during her confession, but never the less, it didn’t faze her from expressing her true feelings to the speechless Rarity.

“Oh, Applejack!” Rarity beams greatly as she rushes over to give AJ a big, heartwarming hug. “I knew I can always count on you!”

“Soooo… does that mean y'all forgive me?” Applejack inquires timidly.

“Well of course I forgive you!” Rarity giggles happily before finishing her hug. “Say, are you doing anything tonight?”

“Hmm… Not that Ah can think of anything.” Applejack ponders a bit as she places her Stetson back on her head. “Oh wait! Ah was gonna check out the fair tonight that Ponyville’s hosting this year--”

“The fair? GASP! THAT'S PERFECT!” Rarity exclaims greatly with glee.

“Wh-what is?” Applejack asks puzzlingly.

“We should go to the fair together this evening!” Rarity suggests excitingly.

“As… friends?” Applejack inquires timidly.

“No, silly!" Rarity giggles. “As a date!”

“D-D-D-D-DATE?!” Applejack yelps with a heavy blush.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Rarity softly pouts with fluttering eyes.

“Well… of course not! I wouldn’t mind it at all! It’s just that… you really wanna go out… with me?” Applejack states it nervously.

“And why not?” Rarity says reassuringly. “There’s nothing wrong with going out with one of your friends, is there?”

AJ smiles to herself before she slightly stammers with a soft blush, “N-n-no. I guess not.”

“Great! Let’s meet outside the fairground’s main entrance at around 5 o’clock this afternoon. Does that sound good to you?”

“Umm… sure! I’ll be there!”

“Splendid! Oh my! I should get back to the Carousel right away! There’s so much to do! See you soon, Applejack! And thanks for stopping by, Mustang!” Applejack and I wave goodbye to Rarity as she gallops happily back home.

Once Rarity is out of our sights, Applejack looks at me with great confusion as she still maintains an uncontrollable blush before saying to me, “Okay, what the hay just happened?!”

“Well, from what I can tell…” I say with a chuckling smile as I playfully nudge her. “…you just got yourself date with Rarity tonight.”

I am about to leave AJ alone in her speechless state, but then there’s something else I want to add as I lean over to whisper something in her ear.

“Oh, by the way, AJ…” I whisper with a devious smirk. “…you’re welcome.”

Chapter 21 – Double Date

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Chapter 21 – Double Date

Around 5 o’clock, Applejack and I are walking over to the main entrance of the fairground, which spreads throughout the town of Ponyville. Each of us are carrying a little money bag secured around our necks so we can purchase our tickets, food, drinks, etc. Ever since I’ve stayed at the Apple Family’s home, Granny Smith was kind enough to give me a little allowance each week as a way to thank me for helping out on the farm. I don’t usually spend much of my money, so I am glad I’ve saved enough for the fair this evening. It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a fair before, so I am kind of excited for what’s to see over there. AJ’s pretty excited about it too, and by “excited”, I mean that she’s completely petrified about her first date with Rarity.

“Gosh, Ford! Ah’m so nervous about all of this!” Applejack admits anxiously.

“Don’t be!” I reassure her. “You and Rarity are going to have a good time tonight! I’m sure of it! Besides, she’s the one who invited you on this date, remember?”

“Th-that’s true. But… how can Ah impress her when Ah’m just an ordinary farmpony?”

“Oh yes!” I roll my eyes with a sarcastic smile. “A farmpony who saves the world on a daily basis and produces some of finest, well-known apple products on this side of Equestria! Yes, that’s something only ordinary ponies can do!”

She chuckles a bit from my sarcasm before saying to me, “Alright, smart aleck! Ah get whatcha sayin’! But ya know exactly what Ah’m referring to!”

“So what, you want be an obnoxious, ignorant prick like Prince Blueblood?” I ask with mocking puzzlement.

“Of course not! Besides, Ah tried actin’ like a noblepony once when Ah was little. It… just didn’t suit me that well.” She’s probably referring to that flashback when she went to Manehatten as a little filly from the “Cutie Mark Chronicles” episode.

“Applejack…” I say to her with a comforting smile. “Just do what you do best: be your true, honest self. Rarity will love you for that. And remember to have fun tonight. It will work out in the end. You’ll see.”

She smiles gratefully at my reassurance before saying, “Thanks, sugarcube. What will Ah ever do without ya?”

“Well, you’ll have one less helper around the farm. That’s for sure.” I reply with a smirk.

“Yoo-hoo! Applejack! Mustang! Over here!” Rarity cheerfully calls out to us as she waves her foreleg in the air. Applejack and I see Rarity and Rainbow Dash standing near the ticket booths and the main entrance to the fair. Unlike the three of us, Rarity is carrying a purse-like saddle bag instead of a money bag strapped around our necks.

Wait… Rainbow’s here too?! I wasn’t expect that! Great, now I’m starting to become just as nervous as AJ! Well, wait a minute! Maybe… this could work out for me. Yeah, while Applejack and Rarity go on their date, perhaps I can hang out with Rainbow throughout the rest of the evening! This will be perfect!

“So, Ford. You’re here for the fair too, huh?” Rainbow says to me in that cool, casual manner.

“Yeah, I guess.” I respond as I gingerly approach her. “It’s been a while since I’ve attended one, so I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh, you’re gonna love it!” she squeals in excitement. “This fair has some really awesome food here and some of the craziest rides to go on!”

“Well, since I’ve never been to this fair before, maybe you can give me a tour around here.”

“Only if you won’t chicken out on some of the rides I wanna go on!” She smirks as she playfully nudges at me.

“I-DE-A!!” Rarity surprises us in her familiar sing-song voice. “We should all go on a double date together!”

Rainbow and I stare speechlessly at the gleeful Rarity for a few seconds before we both shout out simultaneously, “WHAAAAAT?!”

“Why, Ah reckon that sounds like a mighty fine idea, Rarity!” Applejack chimes in with an approving grin. “What do ya say, you two? Y’all wanna join up with us?”

Me? Go on a date… with Rainbow Dash? This will be a dream come true! Though… I wonder if she wants to go along with this notion.

“Well… I mean… if Rainbow is up to it at least--” I say very meekly to the group.

“Of course I am! I’m up for anything!” Rainbow Dash states that with a bit of her usual boastfulness.

I blink speechlessly before saying to Rainbow in surprise, “…Wait, really?!”

“Sure! It’ll be fun! Unless of course, you don’t think I’m good enough to be your date that is!” she teases me with a playful smirk.

In a flustered state of panic, I quickly respond, “No no, of course not! I think you’re perfect!”

It starts to become very quiet all of a sudden. Once I realize on what I've just said, my face blushes into an intense shade of red. I’m so embarrassed right now, that I thought I would screw up my chance to go out with Rainbow Dash. But to my surprise, I see Rainbow blushing up too as her cheeks start to show a hot pink glow on them. Almost at once, we swiftly turn our heads away from each other as we try to control our blushing faces. Was she that embarrassed by my hasty choice of words, or… did she really like hearing that from me, I wonder?

Then, Rarity tenderly interrupts this awkward moment of silence for us. “Ahem! Well… now that that’s settled, let’s get going, shall we?”


After paying for our tickets, we begin our double date by strolling around the fair for a bit. It certainly is bustling with life here tonight with the shrill screams and infectious laughter of the ponies, the colorful displays from the rides and vendors, and the delicious smells of all kinds of cooked goodies. AJ and Rarity are leading ahead while me and Rainbow Dash are right behind them. Even though she’s closely right alongside me, we’re still avoiding each other’s gaze as we try to diminish what’s left of our blushes.

Once our rosy cheeks have finally tone down to a near minimum, Rainbow is the first to start off our conversation. “So… Rarity and Applejack, huh? Have to admit, didn’t see that one coming. I don’t suppose you had a hoof in this, did you?” she slyly asks with a playful nudge to my side.

“What makes you say that?” I reply with a nervous smile while I’m still looking the other way.

“Well… considering that it was you who helped out Fluttershy and Vinyl Scratch settling in with their dates, I figure that this latest matchmaking scheme had to be your doing.”

“How did you find that out?!” I yelp in alarm as I snappily look at the smirking, cyan Pegasus.

“Well, for Fluttershy’s case, she’s my closest friend. So we talk about everything. As for Vinyl, we usually hang out together at some of the clubs she performs.”

“And… you’re not bothered by all this?” I ask cautiously.

“Why would I?” she responds with a bewildered look.

“I don’t know. I guess I’m kind of worried if I’m interfering with their lives too much, especially since they’re your friends too for that matter.”

“Hey, you’ve made my friends happier than ever, so I think what you’re doing for them is pretty awesome!” she reassures me with an approving smile.

I begin to show a soft smile after hearing Rainbow’s approval over what has happened in these few months since I’ve arrived here. Then, I turn my head to look at Rarity and Applejack. I can’t hear much out of them considering how noisy it gets at the fair this evening. But from looking at their expressions, I can tell that they are having a really good time with themselves. I see them talking and laughing with such enthusiasm that I would have never expected that from their first date so soon. My smile starts to grow wider as I am certain that I have made the right choice to help them discover their own feelings for one and another.

“So tell me something, Ford Mustang.” Rainbow curiously asks of me. “If you’re so good at this matchmaking business, how come you haven’t found a special somepony yourself?”

I take a moment to think about this before I reply sadly with a heavy sigh. “I wish I can answer that myself. Maybe… I just I don’t stand out that much to the other mares.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Rainbow reacts with surprising disbelief. “You’ve stood up against a dragon without a breaking a sweat! You can create some amazing artwork when you really want to! Heck, you’ve nearly pulled off a Sonic Rainboom! Any mare would be crazy to not go out with somepony like you!”

I smile broadly with a small blush at her compliments of me before responding, “Well, my accomplishments are nothing compared to yours! You not only helped save the world a dozen times, but you’re also the most accomplished flyer I have ever heard of! Guys must line up to be asking you out for dates!”

“Heh, too bad for them!” she smirks at me. “I’m only interested in dating the best!”

“So… does that mean I’m a special case here?” I teasingly smirk back at her. I surprisingly catch Rainbow Dash off-guard as she greatly stutters while avoiding my gaze once again as a heavy blush consumes her. But before I can get a proper answer out of her, I hear Rarity shrieking out in delight.

“Aww! Look at them! They look so adorable!”

Thinking that Rarity is talking about us, the rapid blush on my face matches that with Rainbow Dash’s. Briefly, we stare at each other with wide eyes before turning our attention back at Rarity. Shockingly however, Rarity wasn’t talking about us; she was talking about the prizes that are displayed at a carnival game stand. The prizes consists of various dolls depicting the princesses of Equestria: Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and their latest princess, Twilight Sparkle. And not only that, but they also come in two sizes: big and small. The big ones are hanging along the roof of the tent while the smaller ones are hanging on the two front posts that are supporting the tent.

“Ooo! There’s one of Twilight Sparkle as well!” Rarity squeals in a cutesy manner as she points them out. “Oh, Sweetie Belle would love to have one of them!”

“Care to try you luck, miss?” a smiling Unicorn with a gruff voice calls out to us as he stands right besides his carnival game. This rough-looking, grey stallion with a squared jaw and a small bowler hat on top of head must be one of the carnies around here based off the orange-and-yellow pinstripe vest he’s wearing over his white, short-sleeved shirt.

“Why not?” Rarity approaches the game stand with an eager smile. The rest of us follow Rarity along as we get a better look at what’s underneath the tent. About a few yards away from a white line drawn at the entrance to his tent, there stands a wooden table where six empty milk bottles are stacked on top of another in a neat pyramid arrangement. It looks like a simple game to follow through.

Once we get close enough, the gaming vendor begins to explain the rules to us. “Alright, that’ll be one bit for three balls, please! You knock all six of them, and you win one of the smaller prizes!”

“May I use my magic to throw them?” Rarity asks politely.

“Of course!” he smiles at Rarity. “Just as long as your aura doesn’t cross that line!”

After Rarity gets one bit from her bag, she exchanges it for three balls with the carny pony. With all of her balls wrapped in her light blue, magical aura, Rarity takes careful aim with her first ball. Once she is ready, she unleashes the first volley towards the stack of six bottles. With the first ball, Rarity hits the first bottle on top of the pyramid.

“Hey, I got one! I GOT ONE!” Rarity yelps in joy as her two friends and I cheer for her vigorously.

“Nicely done!” the vendor with a hoarse voice comments. “Only five more to go with just two balls left!”

With renewed confidence, Rarity perhaps her second aim with greater precision before releasing it. This time, the second ball hits the rim of the middle bottle on the lower level before knocking down the last two bottles on the upper level.

“Hey, look at that, Rarity!” Rainbow cheerfully hugs her gleeful Unicorn friend. "You only need to take those three down, and you’ll win that prize for sure!”

As the two mares continue to excite over how close Rarity’s victory is, Applejack and I stare silently at the three remaining bottles. I remember how the previous ball bounces off one of them before knocking the last two down. Why did it do that? Shouldn’t the other bottle be knocked down as well?

Psst! AJ!” I whisper to her. “Did you notice anything strange about those last three bottles standing?”

“Yeah… Ah’ve been wonderin’ about that myself.” Applejack responds back quietly as she continues to eye suspiciously at the last remaining bottles standing.

“Last chance, miss! Make it count!” the carny pony announces with a wide smile.

“Oh, believe me, I will!” Rarity confirms confidently.

She glares with a sure smile at the last few bottles standing on the table before giving some spin to her last throw. After a couple of more spins, Rarity tosses the last ball with all of her might as it flies through the air towards the remaining targets.

Upon impact, the bottles vibrate intensely, and then… nothing. Not a single bottle fell off of that table.

“Wh-wh-what?!” Rarity stammers in disbelief as all four of us gape at the three mocking bottles over there.

“Ooooh, so sorry!” the gruff-sounding pony offers his sympathies exaggeratingly. “But hey, you’re welcome to give it another shot! For another bit, of course.”

“B-b-but…” Rarity tries to compose herself over her lose. “...I know I’ve put a lot more power into that throw than the previous ones! It should at least knock one of them down!”

“Well, what can I say?” the gaming vendor shrugs nonchalantly. “Not every Unicorn is that gifted when it comes to magic you know.”

“Hmph!” Rarity scoffs at this smug offense. “I’ll have you know that my magic is just as versatile as any other Unicorn’s!”

“Really?” the carny pony continues to grin smugly. “Care to put your money where your mouth is?”

“Oh, you…!” Rarity begins to boil in anger at his continued smugness.

“Alright, that’s it!” Rainbow Dash growls as she decides to step in on this matter. “Let me handle this, Rarity! I’ll knock them all down in ten seconds flat!”

“Hey, the more, the merrier!” the grey stallion provokes the boastful Pegasus. Okay, this guy is obviously trying to entice us into his little rigged entrapment, and I’m quite positive that Rainbow is going to make it worse for herself. But before I can try to stop her, Applejack blocks Rainbow Dash with an extended hoof.

“Hold on there, sugarcube. Ah got this.” AJ says calmly to the agitated Pegasus. Rainbow stares at Applejack for a moment as I am certain they would argue over on who should go next, but to my surprise, she nods with an approving smile and allows Applejack to proceed.

“Applejack, you don’t need to do this--” Rarity protests gingerly.

“Trust me, Rarity. Ah got this.” Applejack shows her honest, assuring smile. Don’t know why, but there’s something about AJ’s sudden self-confidence that got all three of us more at ease about this tense situation. It’s as if everything will go according to plan and that Applejack is the one pony right now we can count on to get us through in the end.

“Say, mister. How do ya get one of them bigger prizes right over there?” Ask asks the vendor pony casually as she points up top at the big dolls hanging above us.

“Simple.” he grins at the Earth Pony. “You just have to win the game three times in a row. Of course, you have to give up your prizes if you want to take a chance to get the big one.”

“Okay, how about this. Ah bet Ah can knock down all of them bottles with just one ball. If Ah win, you give me that big prize instead of the smaller one.”

“Oh, really? And what happens if you lose?”

“If Ah lose, Ah’ll give ya five bits just for tryin'. Deal?” She finishes it off by spitting into her fore hoof and extending it out to the bewildered swindler. Then, he does the same and spits into his fore hoof to make it official.

“Deal!” he agrees grinningly as he shakes AJ’s moisten hoof firmly.

“Eww!” Rarity quietly flinches in disgust over this unsanitary display in front of her.

After reassembling his pyramid of six milk bottles on the table stand, the grey stallion gives Applejack her only ball for this game. “He-heh! Good luck!” the carny pony chuckles sarcastically over his assured victory.

AJ didn’t look like she’s paying any attention to that smug shark behind her as she walks a few feet away from the drawn line. Once she stops her pace, she turns around and takes careful aim at the stack of bottles from afar.

And before we even know it, Applejack flings the ball high in the air before she swiftly spins herself around with her strong, raised hind legs locked-and-loaded. And as soon as the descending ball aligns up with her ready hind hooves…


…her powerful double kick bucks that ball so hard, I swear I can see smoke trailing from that minature cannon ball launched by none other than Applejack! As for those six bottles, they weren’t knocked down… they were literally DESTROYED! All that remains of them are shattered glass sprayed across the ground and three broken bottom rims of the bottles that used to mock us before, but no more. We awe speechlessly, including the gaming vendor, by Applejack’s display of awesomeness before she breaks that stunning silence for us.

“YE-HAAAW!” AJ exclaims with pride. “And that my friends is how ya git her done!”

“Applejack, you did it!” Rarity praises her date’s valiant efforts.

“Way to go, cowgirl!” Rainbow Dash hollers with excitement.

“Nice shootin’ there, AJ!” I root for her as well.

“W-w-wait a minute!” The surprised carny pony gripes greatly over his unexpected loss. “You were supposed to throw the ball, not buck it!”

“Hey, we said nothing about that.” Applejack confronts the stubborn stallion sternly. “Now be a good sport and hand me one of them bigger dolls like you’ve promised.”

“Like heck I will!” He objects furiously. “You’ve shattered my bottles! That’s gonna cost you more than five bits for that!”

“Well ya should have used something less fragile than glass bottles for yer game next time!” AJ retorts back. “Now quit fussin' around and give it here!”

As those two are busy butting heads with each other, I am too distracted by what’s left on that table. How can those three broken rims still remain on that table after dealing with such great amount force from the ball launched by Applejack’s two powerful leg cannons at her disposal? Then it hits me!

“Wait a second…” I say to myself with suspicion before flying over to the table and investigating this myself.

“Hey! You can’t cross over there!” the gruff pony protests at my course of action, but that didn’t stop me from continuing my examination over this mystery.

I try to pick up one of the broken rims with one hoof, but it didn’t budge from my grasp. So I try again with two hooves, and this time after making a plopping sound, the rim comes off the table. Looking underneath it, I see a small disc attached to the rim’s bottom. With one hoof touching it, I feel a strong, sticky substance from the attached disc. At last, I can confirm my accusation once and for all!

“This game’s been rigged!” I announce loudly to the group. This ceases the argument between Applejack and the con artist as all of them stare at me.

“WHAT?!” Rarity and Rainbow cry out in a mix of rage and surprise. Applejack just smiles knowingly as it looks like she knew it all this time before making that bet. As for the swindling pony, he is beginning to sweat bullets from my accusation.

To confirm my point, I flip the table upside down before shaking it, so I can show everypony how the remaining rims are still stuck to the furniture. “Look! These are glued right on the table!” I then show everypony the rim I’ve just removed. “These last three bottles had adhesive pads right underneath them!”

After presenting my evidence to prove my point, the three mares and I glare intensely at the cheating pony, who had nowhere else to run or hide from this matter.

“Oh, w-w-wow! How did those get there?” he poorly tries to cover up his tracks in a trembling, hoarse voice.

Rainbow rushes over to the frightened cheater and grabs him by his vest very harshly. “I ought to knock your teeth for this, you lousy swindler!” she growls menacingly as she threatens the petrified hooligan.

“Now settle down, Rainbow, there’s no need for violence… yet.” Applejack intervenes in a surprisingly calm manner as she separates the grateful carny pony from feeling the wrath of Rainbow Dash. Then she turns her attention back at the grey Unicorn with a stern expression. “And as for you, you’re left with two options to choose from: either you give me my prize like ya promised before, or we can report this to one of the Royal Guards right over there.”

AJ points out to a Pegasus guard in golden armor several yards away from here as he does his usual patrolling around the area while also taking steady licks of his giant lollipop. Huh… Never thought I would see something both intimidating and funny as I watch the stoic guard continuing to lick his lollipop so seriously.

“Can we add ‘beating this guy to a pulp’ as a third option?” Rainbow asks with suppressed fury as she pounds her fore hooves together.

“Mmm… Ah’ll consider it.” Applejack replies with a devious smile. That earns a loud gulp from the intimidated grey stallion.

“Well…?” Applejack asks with a cocked eyebrow as she waits for the cornered cheater’s final decision.


At last, the disgruntled swindler finally gives in to AJ’s demands. Allowing Rarity to choose which ever prize she wants, she uses her magic to retrieve the large doll of Princess Luna. She says that it might help Sweetie Belle sleep easier if she has the Princess of the Night watching over her. After that, we left the moping cheater to his pitiful defeat as we commend Applejack’s triumph.

“Oh, Applejack! Thank you!” Rarity acclaims as she continues to adorably hug the Princess Luna doll. “You were magnificent! And you handled yourself so well!”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Rarity!” Applejack responds humbly, but with a little sense of pride to her noble deed. “Nopony is going to take advantage of my date like that! Especially some no-good, dishonest cheater for that matter!”

“My hero!” Rarity coos to her date before going right up to AJ and affectionately kissing her on the cheek. This causes Applejack to briefly bear a blank expression as her face blushes as red as an apple.

“Goooooosh!” Applejack smiles bashfully as she tries to hide her growing blush with her hat. Rarity giggles a little after witnessing Applejack’s bashful display.

Rainbow Dash simply rolls her eyes as she says with a smile, “I still can’t believe you had to show off like that for just some silly doll--!”

All of a sudden, her mouth hangs opened with wide eyes as she looks ahead at something. Curiously, the rest of us turn our attention to what Rainbow Dash is looking at. Once we see it for ourselves, it’s quite clear on what Rainbow’s awing over: another carnival game stand featuring dolls of Rainbow’s favorite fictional character, Daring Do. There are even dolls of Ahuizoti, the main villain from the first book of the series.

GASP! A DARING DO DOLL!” Rainbow gushes extremely like the fan that she is. “MUST… HAVE IT!” And in a flash, she zooms over to the gaming stand in order to claim her prize.

The other two mares and I trot over there to get a better look at what the next game is going to be. For this gaming stand, there are four machines, which are alongside each other. Each machine has a stand, which shows a score keeper and timer, and a thick platform, which reminds me of those rhythmic dancing games I used to see at the arcades back on my world. Except these platforms have many holes bored through them. We stop along to wait in line for the next round with an impatient Rainbow Dash as we watch the latest round taking place. From what I’ve observe, the participants are trying to stomp out those chuckling rodents that pop out from the platform before diving back inside.

“Hey, this game looks interesting! What it is?” I ask with eager curiosity.

“It’s called “Stomp-A-Varmint.” Applejack answers as she points it out to me. “See those pesky, animatronic gophers that pop out of their holes like that? The object of this game is to stomp out as many of them critters as possible before time runs out. It’s my personal favorite by the way!” So basically, it’s like “Whack-A-Mole”, except you have to use your hooves to whack those obnoxious, mechanical rodents instead of using a soft hammer.

“I can’t say the same for dear Fluttershy.” Rarity adds with a weak smile.

At last, it’s Rainbow Dash’s turn, and to my surprise, she grabs me by the foreleg as she pulls us to the two gaming contraptions. “Hey, Ford! Play this one with me!” she begs eagerly. “The only way I can win that Daring Do doll is if I beat the rest of the competition!”

“Okay, Rainbow!” I respond with a chuckling smile. “But don’t expect me to go easy on you just because you’re my date!”

“Hey, if you go easy on me, it won’t make my victory all that sweeter once I kick your flank!” she responds back with a boastful grin.

Once the two of us are all set in our respective platforms, we hear the bell ring and the match begins! It takes a while for me to figure this out considering I have to use my hooves for this game and also I have to constantly turn my head to find which gopher pops out of their holes. I glance at Rainbow Dash to see how she’s doing, and just as I thought, she’s a natural at this when it comes to anything that could entice her competitive nature. I figure I would be done for, but overtime, my dexterity from all those video games I used to play starts to kick into high gear as I make use of my heightened hearing to pinpoint the locations of the obnoxious laughter of those critters. And for every few seconds clocking down, the difficult steadily rises as the mechanical gophers pop in and out at a rapid rate. With another glance, I see Rainbow struggling a little bit as the game is coming to a close. I’m certain that I still have a fighting chance at this! Well… at the very least, I can give Rainbow Dash a run for her money.


Finally, it’s over! The two of us stop what we were doing as we pant mildly. I look at Rainbow’s side, figuring that she must have been the one to take the gold. On her stand, her score says 150 points on there. One point for each stomped gopher. I smile and nod at Rainbow for her accomplishment and she returns the gesture back. Then, I look back at my score keeper, which says 151 points. Hmm… not too shabby really. Wait… 151 points?! Then… does that mean…?

“I won?!” I gasp in surprise.

“I lost?!” Rainbow gasps in even greater surprise than me.

“WOO-WHEE!” Applejack cheers us. “That was quite a show you two pulled off there!”

“And by only one point no less!” Rarity chimes in.

“Congratulations, sir!” a female vendor Unicorn gives me a Daring Do doll. “Here’s your prize!”

I hesitantly accept the prize as I am unsure on how to feel on my unexpected victory. I mean, I had won, but in doing so, I took away what Rainbow wanted most from this game. To get of rid of this guilt-ridden feeling, I of course do what’s necessary to set things right.

“Here you go, Rainbow.” I offer my prize to my staggered competitor. She smiles humbly as she surprisingly pushes the doll back towards me.

“Oh, you don’t need to do that, Ford.” she says to me with a meek smile. “You’ve won that prize, not me.”

“But you wanted this prize.” I respond kindly as I gently shove the doll back. “Beside, I don’t really need it for myself.”

“Yeah, but... I don’t deserve it.” she modestly refuses again.

“Sure you do, Rainbow.” I reassure her. “Take it.”

“Ford, that’s not necessary.”

“I insist. Please take it.”

“It just won’t feel right if I--”

“OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, RAINBOW!!” Rarity interrupts us with her hysterical outburst. “JUST TAKE IT ALREADY!!”

Rainbow Dash and I stop whatever we were doing as we stare blankly at Rarity, who is panting breathlessly over her outcry while Applejack pats the seamstress’s back softly. I look back at Rainbow as I playfully shake the Daring Do doll in front of her. She crosses her forelegs as she frowningly turns her head away from the doll. But soon enough, a smile starts to creep on her face as she keeps glancing at the plushy doll within her reach. Finally, she gives in as she swiftly accepts my gift heartily. Seeing her nuzzling with her prized possession in such a cutesy manner is far more rewarding than the victory I’ve obtained for myself.

“So… just some silly doll, huh?” Applejack teasingly smirks with Rarity softly giggling at Rainbow’s uncharacteristic manner for her stuffed doll. In return, Rainbow sticks her tongue out at her giggling friends before going to back to her adorable cuddling.

“You know, Ford.” Rainbow Dash grins at me after she finished snuggling with her new buddy. “For defeating somepony as awesome as me, you still deserve a prize yourself.”

“Oh, what kind of prize will that be--?”

But before I can finish my sentence, Rainbow quickly gives me a tender kiss right on my cheek. And while I freeze in place with wide eyes and a blank expression, my entire face does the opposite as it boils a reddening blush that has a shade similar to AJ’s blush before when she recieved a kiss from Rarity.

“Umm… Applejack? Can I borrow your hat real quick?” I ask her as I try to find a way to cover up my uncontrollable blush.

“Nnnope.” she responds with a chuckling grin.


After our games, we decide to go out and get something to eat. And while this fair (and perhaps every other place in Equestria for that matter) doesn’t have anything relating to meat, I still enjoy myself on what is to partake in this feast we have collaborated for all four of us: minature pizzas, corn-on-the-cob, softly fried sweet potato chips, roasted acorn squashes, kettle corn, candy apples, and apple cobbler with ice cream.

Once we are nearly done with our satisfying meals, we continue to lounge at our picnic table as we drink our frosty beverages. Applejack and Rainbow are gulping down their large cups of fizzy cola while Rarity and I are sipping our frozen lemonade drinks.

“BURP!” Applejack belches after finishing her big gulp.

“Heh! Nice, AJ!” Rainbow comments grinningly.

“Applejack! Really?!” Rarity says to AJ disappointingly.

“What?” Applejack shrugs with a chuckling grin. “It’s just my way to compliment the food here!”

Rarity rolls her eyes before she continues to drink her icy beverage. After sighing in satisfaction, she makes a sound that neither one of us would have expected from her.


She tries to quickly cover it up with her hoof over her muzzle, but it was too late. The three of us were initially shocked by this before we try to control our irresistible giggling at Rarity’s embarrassing moment. Well, except for Rainbow Dash because she couldn’t help herself as she laughs out loud while tumbling out of her seat.

“Why, Rarity!” Applejack gasps in a mocking tone of nobility. “Ah am shocked to see such table manners from you!”

“Oh! Forgive me, I… couldn’t help myself!” Rarity responds with a pink blush as she gingerly wipes her muzzle with a napkin.

“Ah’m just kidding with ya, sugarcube!” Applejack says with a chuckling smile. “Besides, Ah think it’s awfully cute when you burp like that!”

“D-d-don’t say it like that!” Rarity stammers with a maddening blush.

Rainbow Dash gets up from the ground and retakes her wooden seat. “Pfft! That’s nothing! Watch this!” she boasts before take a huge swig of her soda. After finishing off her cup, she prepares her own unique display of awesomeness.


“Ha-ha! Good one, Rainbow!” Applejack laughs as she hoof bumps with the triumphant Rainbow Dash.

“Honestly…” Rarity scolds at the two mares. “…you two set a bad example when it comes to having proper etiquette! You should be more sophisticated like me or Ford Mustang over here!” she points to me as I innocently slurp my crystallizing drink.

“Why, thank you, Rarity.” I say to her chivalrously. However, I couldn't resist the challenge as I finish what’s left in my sweet, citrusy beverage. Once it was all gone, I begin to feel it building up inside of me as I prepare to unleash it in full force.


I begin expecting to hear some laughs from some of the girls, but no, all I got are blank stares from all three of them. I start to get embarrassed as I delicately wipe my muzzle with a napkin.

“Uhh… excuse me?” I say to myself awkwardly. After that brief, disturbing moment of silence, the girls break into uproarious laughter. Even Rarity ignores the distasteful habit we were all getting ourselves into and laughs about. And to my relief, and I join in as well.


After we’ve finished our meals, we go on several rides together, including the Tilt-A-Whirl, Bumper Cars, Fun Slide, my personal favorite, the Scrambler. Later that evening, we decide to go on one more ride before we turn in for the night. As we look around on which ride to go on, Rainbow Dash already has an idea as she awes at what’s ahead.

“Ooo! We should definitely go on this one! The Screamer!” she declares eagarly.

“Th-th-the Screamer?” I repeat to myself with a slight trembling voice. I definitely don’t like the sound of that.

As if on cue, I hear the ear-piercing screams and the thunderous locomotion nearby as these dreadful sounds can only mean one thing: the Screamer is apparently a roller coaster ride.

“Oh, Ah remember that one!” Applejack comments gleefully. “Hey, RD! Remember when we bet which one of us would scream first?”

“Yeah, and if I recall correctly, I won that bet!” Rainbow recalls with a boastful chuckle.

“Nuh-uh!” Applejack retorts grinningly. “You’re the one who screamed first when we made that initial descent, remember?”

“Hey, that wasn’t a scream!” Rainbow flusters hastily. “I was just… hollering in joy, that’s all! There’s a difference, you know!”

“Whatever.” Applejack shrugs with a smile. “Let’s just get in line before it gets any longer.”

We begin to make our way towards the main gate of our final attraction. However, Applejack, Rainbow, and I realize that we’re missing one other pony. We turn around to see a hesitant Rarity frozen stiff in the spot we were standing before.

“Umm… you three go on ahead.” Rarity insists gingerly. “I’ll just… wait for you right here.”

“Oh, come on, Rarity!” Rainbow gripes impatiently. “You’re not too scared to go on this ride with us, are you? It’s not like you’re going to fall off or anything!”

Suddenly, Rarity starts to tremble terribly before she immediately drops to the ground as she whimpers to herself softly. My guess is that Rarity has a great fear of heights ever since that terrifying incident during the climax in the “Sonic Rainboom” episode.

“Rainbow.” Applejack softly chastises her.

Realizing on what she just said, Rainbow begins to feel bad after unintentionally reminding Rarity of that traumatizing event. “Oh… right… sorry, Rarity. I... didn’t mean to bring that up.” Rainbow apologizes. Using my feathery wing, I pat Rainbow’s back gently to let her know that she means well. She smiles a little at my sympathetic gesture towards her.

“It’s okay, Rarity.” Applejack coos to her while brushing her mane. “You don’t have to go with us if y'all don’t really want to. Ah’ll stay with you, if ya like that is.”

“Applejack, you don’t need to do that.” Rarity says with a weak smile. “I don’t want you to miss out on this ride just because of me.”

“Nonsense, sugarcube!” Applejack dismisses Rarity’s worries with total conviction. “Ah’m gonna stick to ya like caramel on a candy apple, and that’s that!”

“Well since Applejack is staying behind, I better not expect you to skip out on me too, Ford!” Rainbow Dash says to me.

“M-m-me?!” I respond startlingly. “What makes you think I wouldn’t go on this ride with you?”

“Your knees would say otherwise.” She points at my legs with a deadpan expression. I look at them and I see what Rainbow is referring to. My knees haven’t stopped shaking since I first saw that roller coaster.

“Well… I’ve… never ridden on that many roller coasters in my life. That’s all.” I admit sheepishly.

“I don’t see why you have to be so nervous, Ford. I’ve seen you do aerial flips as big as that one without breaking a sweat!” I look at the one of the roller coaster’s giant loops as I witness another screaming cart doing a loop-de-loop. I make a heavy gulp after seeing what’s ahead of my inevitable fate.

“Yeah well… that’s only because I was in control of my own actions, not when I am strapped to some crazy contraption with a name like the Screamer!” I make a hasty excuse to my puzzled date.

I take a deep breath and exhale gradually to calm myself down before saying determinedly, “Never the less, I will accompany you and try to enjoy it myself.” After hearing me saying that, Rainbow Dash happily nuzzles a bit with me before we resume our way to the end of the line.

“Wait!” Rarity surprisingly calls out to us. “I shall give it a try as well.”

“Are ya sure, Rarity?” AJ asks with concern. “You don’t have to force yerself into this if ya don’t want to.”

“No, Applejack.” Rarity responds with renewed determination. “I need to do this. As Ford Mustang has nobly demonstrated, I need to face my fears and conquer them myself! I just… hope the three of you won’t mind me for all the screaming I’ll be doing at least.” Applejack comfort the slightly nervous Unicorn with a reassuring hug as Rarity starts to beam lightly.

“Well it is a roller coaster, Rarity! This ride’s going to be filled with nothing but screams from everypony!” Rainbow cheers up Rarity in her own way. “Now, can we go already? That line is getting longer by the second if we keep wasting time like this!”


Sigh… If there’s one thing I really dislike about these thrill-seeking attractions, is that waiting in line for them is what kills me in agonizing anticipation! You just want to get on them and be done with them! But oh no, you have to have a good 30 minutes to over an hour to wait before riding these terrifying attractions! Sure, you start off all determined in the beginning, but for every minute passing by, your newfound resolve starts to dwindle overtime as fear and doubt begin to take over! Like I said, it’s the anticipation that kills me the most on these kinds of rides!

Finally, the wait is over. We are on board of the roller coaster as it slowly makes its way to the peak of railed mountain. In front of me, Rarity clings to Applejack as the farmpony welcomes this notion. Meanwhile, I am desperately clutching to the handle bar of the cart to my dear life. Suddenly, I see a cyan hoof resting on one of my trembling hooves. I turn my attention to Rainbow Dash who gives a small, reassuring smile towards me. Steadily, I begin to smile calmly as I let go of the bar to firmly grasp hooves with the encouraging Pegasus next to me.

Distracted by the gentle gaze of my date, I didn’t realize we are already at the top as we stare down at the deep slope before us. And in an instant, we make our initial, hurtling descent as we all scream (or holler in Rainbow Dash’s case) to the top of our lungs. After that, our screams begin to mix up with uproarious laughter for every turn and slope we come across.

Soon enough, my laughter comes to a brief halt as we approach our first loop. In the midst of that loop, I tense up as I instantly cling on to Rainbow Dash closely. Surprisingly, Rainbow Dash doesn’t mind it as she’s too busy laughing all of the way. Once we return right-side up, practically all of my fears diminish as I laugh hysterically from experiencing that exciting rush. In fact, for the next giant loop, Rainbow and I squeal excitingly with our hooves up in the air as we experience another loop-de-loop. Even Rarity is hollering with such exhilaration as she is clearly enjoying the ride like the rest of us.

And then, it is all over as our ride slows down before reaching the exit platform. Strangely enough, I’m disappointed how short the ride was.


Once the roller coaster ride has unfortunately come to its end, we exit our final attraction as Rarity hops around with uncontrollable excitement after that thrilling experience.

“Oh, what fun that was!” Rarity exclaims delightfully. “Let’s do it again!”

“And wait in line for another 30 minutes? No thank you!” I say with a giggle.

“Hmm… that’s true, I suppose. Still, I can’t believe on how very thrilling it was!” Rarity glees continuously.

“Yeah, you could even say that it was hair-raising!” Rainbow Dash emphasizes with a repressed chuckle. I look back at Rarity and see what Rainbow is talking about. After the last ride, Rarity’s hair is extremely pulled back into a hairdo fashion similar to the Bride of Frankenstein. Once I realize this, I too try to suppress my chuckling.

“Yes! Hair-raising--! Wait, are you implying something?” Rarity inquires bewilderedly.

“Oh nothing! Nothing at all!” Rainbow lies grinningly as she tries to prevent any more laughter to escape from her smiling lips.

“It’s my hair, isn’t it?!” Rarity gasps as she’s aware on what Rainbow’s implying. “Applejack, it doesn’t look that bad, does it?”

‘Uhh… well… it’s… unique?” Applejack hesitantly admits to the best of her abilities.

“Mirror! I need a mirror!” Rarity panics to a great extent.

“Sure, Rarity. There’s some right through that tent over there.” Rainbow points out with an extremely suppressed chuckle. Without a second glance, Rarity gallops frantically to the large tent nearby. Applejack and I read the sign above the entrance before we gasp simultaneously at what it says: “House of Mirrors.”

“Rarity, wait! Don’t go in there!” Applejack tries to warn her frantic date. But it’s too late, Rarity is already inside the House of Mirrors.

Sigh… 3… 2… 1…


As I wonder if Rarity’s ear-piercing scream was enough to break every single mirror in that funhouse, Rarity makes a mad dash outside as she wails out of our sights.

“Oh, now look at what you’ve done, RD! Come back, Rarity!” Applejack calls out while galloping after her. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash finally gives in as she laughs wildly while rolling on the ground.

“That was terrible, Rainbow.” I shake my head with a giggling smile.

“Hey, you were laughing with me as well, so you’re just as terrible as I am!” she retorts while controlling her laughter.

“Well, come on! We better find them and go apologize.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” She concurs as she gets up off the ground. “Let’s go!” We take to the skies to search for our missing friends.


We search high and low for Applejack and Rarity in the midst of the fairground. Rainbow suggests we split up to make our search easier. From high above, it’s kind of hard to find them within the thick crowd done below. After a short amount of time searching for them, Rainbow rushes towards me with an exciting grin.

“Ford! I found them! They’re over there!” We take flight as Rainbow leads me to our missing companions.

Once we arrive, we float above as we see Applejack and Rarity out in the open right next to a town circle’s water fountain. Rainbow’s about to make her landing, but I gently stop her.

“Wait, Rainbow! Let’s give them some space for now and see how it plays from here.” I suggest quietly. She nods at me as we take cover at one of the clouds nearby.

“Rarity.” I hear AJ down below as she takes a seat on the edge of the fountain. “Are you okay?”

Ugh! I knew I shouldn’t have applied so much hair gel this afternoon!” Rarity groans in frustration as she looks at the pool’s reflection while trying to fix her hair using magic. Unfortunately, her mane is too stiff to readjust into its proper style.

With a disgruntled sigh, Rarity dunks her head into the shallow water and whips it back like how a sexy supermodel or an actress would do in such a cliché when she exits out of the water. With her hair flung back, Rarity’s wet hairdo looks just like how Rarity did when she was having fun with her little sister outside in the muddy rain near the end of the episode, “Sisterhooves Social.” It’s… quite a good look on her, and I think Applejack would agree as she stares speechlessly at Rarity’s naturally new look.

“Rarity… your hair…” AJ awes with wide eyes.

“You don’t need to say anything, Applejack!” Rarity dismisses with a pouty face. “I must look so awful right now!”

“No! Ah wasn’t thinking of it like that!” Applejack hastily reassures Rarity. “Ah’m just… surprised how you still look beautiful with yer hair down like that.” Surprised by AJ’s compliment, Rarity blushes mildly with a tender smile as she takes her seat right next to the flustered farmpony.

“Rarity…” Applejack speaks again. “…Ah just wanna let ya know that Ah had a really good time tonight, so Ah wanna thank you for being my date this evening. And even though this may be the last time we get together like this, Ah won’t ever forget yer kind generosity for doing this for me.”

“‘Last time?’ What do you mean by that, darling?” Rarity asks in a shocking manner.

Sigh.... Rarity, Ah know this isn’t what you really want as yer special somepony.” Applejack continues while struggling to hold back her own grief. “You used to talk about how ya always wanna meet yer very own Prince Charming someday. And… well… look at me, Rarity! Ah’m no prince, and Ah’m certainly no stallion! Ah’m just… a rugged farmpony, that’s all.”

As Applejack sadly lowers her head, Rarity is perplexed from hearing this. But then, she softens up as she smiles softly to her distressful companion while lifting Applejack’s chin gently so that they can look at each other in the eye.

“You’re right, Applejack.” Rarity says to AJ affectionately. “You’re not a prince. And you’re not a stallion. But you know what? You don’t have to be any of those things to win me over. Remember when we attended our first Grand Galloping Gala together? You were not only kind enough to offer us an apple fritter free of charge even though business was terrible for you, but you were also very caring enough to show me just how much I matter at being true to myself. Even at tonight’s fair, you’ve demonstrated to me just how noble and gallant you are without having the need to hide who you really are. And while you may be rough around the edges, within that rough is a diamond that’s shinier than any gem I have ever gazed at. So yes, I didn’t get the prince I have always wanted, but I did get something that’s even better: a kind and honest pony with a heart as golden as your lovely mane.”

After Rarity finishes her kindhearted speech, she caresses AJ’s golden, silky mane. Hearing Rarity’s confession causes Applejack to bear a warm smile as she returns the gesture by stroking Rarity’s wet mane. Up here, I couldn’t tell which one makes the first move, but almost simultaneously, Applejack and Rarity lean forward as their lips press gently against each other’s.

As I bear witness to Applejack and Rarity sharing their second kiss together (this time, without the need of alcohol to help them out), I feel something close leaning right next to me. At my side, I see Rainbow nuzzling against me with a soft smile. I lean my head against hers as we continue to observe new couple’s display of affection.

Once they slowly break up their kiss, Applejack confesses with a dreamy smile, “Ah love ya, darling.”

Rarity giggles a little before saying, “I love you too, sugarcube.” After admitting their love for each other, they simple lean their heads against each other’s as they sigh affectionately in content.

“So… mission accomplishment, won’t you say?” Rainbow smirks at me with a playfully nudge.

“Yep.” I respond with a grin. “Come on. Let’s gets out of here and go home.” She nods at my suggestion as we take flight from our hiding spot to head on out of here.


I escort Rainbow Dash back to her cloudy home just like the previous night. It’s just a nice, quiet flight between the two of us. Kind of fitting for all of the excitement we went through this evening. After making our landings, we slowly walk towards her door.

“Rainbow?” I ask her gingerly.

“Hmm?” she responds.

“I just want to say thank you… for being my date that is.” I say to her with nervous smile. “I really had a great time with you this evening.”

“Thanks, Ford.” she smiles back at me tenderly. “I had a lot of fun tonight as well.”

“I’m glad to hear, Rainbow.”

As she’s about to enter through her doorway, I hesitantly call out to her. “Actually… I was wondering… if you want to go another date some other night. You know... just the two of us.”

“A-a-another date?” Rainbow stammers in surprise. I nod quietly as my answer.

After a dreadful moment of silence, she quickly flies into her house and slams the door behind her. I was startled by her unexpected reaction, but then, the terrible revelation starts to sink in. I sigh in disappointment as I turn around to make my long way back home.

“FORD, WAIT!” Suddenly, I hear calling Rainbow Dash out to me from inside her house. I quickly turn around with a hopeful smile to see Rainbow exiting the house exhaustively.

“Sorry about that!” she apologizes while catching her breath. “It took me awhile to find something!”

“To find what exactly?” I ask with an inquiring smile.

“This!” she exclaims before using her muzzle to pull something out of her cupped right wing. Between her smiling teeth, is a shiny piece of golden paper. I extend my hoof out before she places it for me. In my hoof, I see big, bold letters on the golden parchment reading, “The Grand Galloping Gala.” I stare in awestruck after reading the golden ticket to myself.

“Rainbow… is this…?” I ask her in disbelief.

“Yep! It’s a ticket to this year’s Grand Galloping Gala!” She announces joyfully.

“H-h-how do you get this?!” I inquire as I am still shocked by all of this.

“Well, since I’m one of Twilight’s friends…” she explains grinningly. “…she not only gave each of us a ticket for ourselves, but she also gave us an extra ticket in case we want to bring a guest along.” I glance back at the ticket speechlessly before looking back at Rainbow Dash.

“And I figure since you’re still kind of new around Ponyville…” she continues bashfully while trace her fore hoof on the cloudy surface. “…I was wondering if you like to accompany me to the Gala next week.”

This is it! This is what I’ve been waiting for! The perfect moment for me to confess my true feelings for her! There’s no way I’m going to let this once-in-a-lifetime chance slip by me!

“Rainbow Dash, it would be my pleasure.” I answer delightfully.

“Great!” Rainbow grins broadly at my enthusiasm. “So… how about you pick me here around 7 o’clock next Saturday?”

“I’ll be there!” I reply eagerly.

“Cool! See ya until next Saturday then!” she waves goodbye to me. I return the notion until a mischievous thought comes to me.

“Hey, Rainbow?” I get her attention.

“Yeah?” she replies as she turns around.

Briskly, I zoom up to her to give a quick peck on her cheek. “Thanks for everything.” I say to her gratefully. She stares blankly into space after the surprising kiss I gave her, and suddenly…


Her wings fan out instinctively as her face lights up as red as neon sign.

“He-heh! Gotcha!” I whisper to her with a winking smile.

“Oh… well then… umm… goodnight, Ford!” she stammers blushingly as she hastily enters back inside her house.

After a brief giggle, I say to her with a satisfying grin, “Goodnight, Rainbow.” And with my ticket securely clenched between my teeth, I shoot off like a rocket and head back to my home. As I fly happily towards my sleeping quarters, a familiar tune starts to play in my head whilst I hum merrily right along with it.

I've got a golden ticket!
I've got a golden twinkle in my eye!

Chapter 22 – Be Prepared

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Chapter 22 – Be Prepared

The next morning, Applejack and I are doing our usual chores out in the orchards as we finish bucking our last remaining apple trees for the day. To my surprise, Applejack is more motivated than ever she clears out one tree after another. And even though she’s always in a happy mood when it comes to working on the farm, this time however, she’s in even higher spirits than ever. I can only imagine as to why that is considering what I’ve witnessed last night.

“So… I take it your date went well last night?” I ask her grinningly.

“Golly, Ford! What can Ah say?” she responds ecstatically. “It went off better than what Ah’ve expected!

“See, what did I tell you?” I boast mildly. “If you just be yourself and have fun, it will all work out in the end!”

Suddenly, I am pulled in by Applejack for a nicely firm hug. “Ya know, Ah can’t thank ya enough for all that you have done for me last night!” she says to me with a gleeful smile. “Ah owe ya big time for everything!”

Nyah, don’t worry about, AJ!” I respond humbly as I pat her back. “I’m just glad to do whatever I can to help you two out!”

After her tight embrace, we finish applebucking our last trees before loading the fruitful baskets onto a wagon nearby. As we load our baskets, I take a moment to consider on telling AJ the truth about my romantic interests with Rainbow Dash. Sure, she’ll more likely tease me about it like before, but seeing how Applejack has always been there to give me sound advice and support, I figure that she might be best to help me sort out my thoughts on this matter.

“Actually Applejack… there’s something I want to talk about.”

“What is it, sugarcube?”

“I think… I think I’m in love with Rainbow Dash.” I confess hesitantly with a bashful blush. She stares at me with a blank face for such a few second, but eventually, she breaks into that devious smile I used to despise so much.

“So, it took ya that long to figure it out, huh?” AJ says to me teasingly. Usually that would bug me severely, but instead, I simple just roll my eyes before I began to chuckle.

“Okay okay, I get!” I reply with a chuckling smile. “I’ve been a bit too stubborn to see it for myself, alright?

“Don’t Ah know the feeling!” she chuckles to herself. “Listen, Ford. Ah know that Ah’ve teased ya a lot about this, but Ah’m really happy for you, and Ah’m glad to hear that you’ve finally admit it to yerself! Ah hope you know that Ah only want what’s best for you, that’s all!”

I’m touched by her kind and honest words as I go up to her to give her a gratifying hug before saying to her sincerely, “Thanks, AJ.” In response, she just pats me on the back gently as she welcomes my embrace.

“So, have ya told Rainbow yet?” AJ asks after we finished our second hug.

“Well... no, not yet.” I answer timidly. “But last night, Rainbow Dash gave me an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, so I figure that this coming weekend might be the best opportunity for me to tell her my feelings.

“Hey, that sounds like a good idea!”

Soon enough, we finish loading all the baskets on the large, wooden wagon. After strapping our harnesses, we steadily pull the wagon and its precious cargo back to Sweet Apple Acres.

On the way back home, something else pops into my head. I may like Rainbow Dash a lot, but does she share the same feelings for me though? I mean, I know that she enjoys my company since she agreed to go on that date with me last night. But I begin to worry if that’s as far as it will go between us. I glance at Applejack thinking that maybe she knows something Rainbow that I don’t. It might help me ease some of my worries at least.

“AJ, can I ask you something?”

“Shoot, Mustang!”

“Do you think…” I inquire nervously. “…Rainbow Dash likes me the same way?”

Applejack is very quiet as she thinks greatly about this. As she’s in her own deep mediation, I wait anticipatively for any kind of hopeful answer from her. Finally, she answers, “Hmm… Sorry, sugarcube. Ah can’t say.”

“Oh.” I say to myself in disappointment as I lower my head upon hearing that.

“But in my honest opinion…” Applejack continues reassuringly. “…Ah think you and Rainbow Dash have something special going on there. So Ah think it’s worth a try for you to show yer feelings for her when the Gala approaches. And besides, you got me and the gals to help ya out. And you know that we’ll all be there rootin’ for ya.” she ends it with a winking grin.

After hearing her encouragement, my confidence begins to soar as a determined smile emerges on my face. “Thank again, Applejack! And you’re right! I’m not going to let this opportunity pass by me! But first things first!”

“And what’s that, Ford?” Applejack inquires with a grin.

I simply say to her with a smirk on my face, “I’m gonna need a suit!”


Since I’ll be attending to Gala, I’ll definitely need to something nice to wear for such a formal occasion. So of course, the best place to get my tuxedo is at Rarity’s Carousel Boutique, which is also the only clothing store that I know of in Ponyville. Plus, Rarity’s my friend, so she’ll know what’s best for me on what to wear for the Gala this upcoming weekend.

After entering her establishment with the hanging bell chiming in on my arrival, Rarity does her usual, cheerful greeting, “Welcome to Carousel Boutique, where everything’s chic, unique, and magnifique!”

“Good morning, Rarity!”

“Why hello, Ford Mustang! What can I do for you?”

“Oh, nothing much. Just here to purchase a tux for myself, that’s all.”

“Well, luckily for you, we have a fine line of tuxedos and their assortments to mix and match with--!” Just as she is about to show me her wears, she stops dead in her tracks before slowly turning around and asking me with shrunken pupils and a puzzling smile, “Wait a second, would this by any chance be for the Gala this coming weekend?”

“Uhh… yeah… how did you guess?” I ask back puzzlingly.

But she didn’t answer. She just keeps staring blankly at me as a soft smile begins to creep on her face. Suddenly, she gasps exaggeratingly in delight as I swear I could see something twinkling beneath those big, blue eyes of hers. In an instant, Rarity rushes to the front door as she quickly flips the welcoming sign from “OPEN” to “CLOSED.”

“Quickly, Ford! To the inspiration room!” she frantically declares to me as she gallops ahead of me.

“Wh-what about your customers?” I ask shockingly.

“They can wait! This is a crisis that must be dealt with!” She responds in her usual melodramatic fashion. “Now come! We must hurry!” Using her magic, she pulls me along for the ride as she speedily leads me to her studio.


“There! All done! Now then, Ford Mustang… look and behold!” Rarity announces with pride and joy after adjusting my bowtie.

In less than a half-an-hour since she started the design for my tuxedo, I finally get to look at myself from one of the mirrors. I am completely stunned from what I see before me: I see myself wearing a very sleek, black tuxedo with a shiny, cobalt blue vest over a white, collared shirt and a traditional, black bowtie. This suit also has elastic holes on the sides to allow my wings to move more freely. But it isn’t just the wings that are comfortable with this change of clothes, every else just fits perfectly! It isn’t too tight, and it isn’t too loose; this one is just right!

“Wow, Rarity!” I awe ecstatically as I pose in front of the mirror. “I’ve worn a lot of your jackets before, but this is the nicest one ever! It’s like it was specifically made for me!”

“Well of course it is, darling!” she responds gleefully. “I’ve custom-made it just for you!”

“How did you accomplish this so quickly?” I ask her in amazement as I continue to look at my new tux. “You haven’t even taken any measurements for me yet!”

“Oh my dear Mustang! You give me far too little credit!” she states that proudly. “I was able to create this in a jiffy because I knew what your measurements were when you tried on my suits the first time you came here!”

“So… does that mean you were checking me out before?” I ask her with a cheeky grin.

Rarity giggles a bit at my teasing before replying with grin, “Flattery will get you nowhere, my dear! Besides, I’m already seeing somepony!”

“Heh, so I’ve heard.” I chuckle softly back.

“Anyway, I take it you’re going with somepony as well?” she asks me with an all-knowing grin.

“Umm… yeah… Rainbow Dash.” I reply with mild hesitation and a low-toned blush. “She gave me an extra ticket to the Gala and asked me to accompany her.”

“Oh, how wonderful! And so romantic, I must say!” she exclaims with glee. “Why, I bet you will sweep her off her feet when you take her to the Gala’s ballroom for some nice, slow dancing!

“Wait, slow dancing?” I repeated with startling, wide eyes.

“Why yes! It is a simply must-have for all couples to partake it in! Ooh, I can’t wait to have my fair share with Applejack this weekend when we go to the Gala together!” she envisions to herself with a dreamy smile.

“Uhh… That’s great to hear, Rarity, but I can’t do slow dancing that well.” I admit fearfully.

“Oh, Mustang! There’s no need to be so nervous about it.” she reassures me tenderly. “You did pretty well with your dancing during your welcoming party as well as Rainbow Dash’s birthday party.”

“Yeah… well, that kind of dancing is meant to be loose and carefree! This kind of dancing is… well… different!” I respond edgily.

“Hmm… I see. Hang on for just a moment, Ford! I’ll be right back!” Rarity says to me before leaving the room in a merry trot. As I stand in place, I puzzle for a bit on what Rarity has in mind for me.

“Ah! Here it is!” She says jubilantly outside the inspiration room before coming back in. Using her levitating magic, she carries with her a record player and an enveloped record.

“What’s all this for?” I ask with curiosity.

“Well, we can’t start our dancing lessons without some appropriate music, now can we?” Rarity answers with an enthusiastic grin as she sets the record player near the wall of opened room. And with the record in her magical grasp, she places it delicately on the player before setting the needle on its starting position.

Once the soothing, classical music starts to play, she turns around and says to me with an eager smile, “Now, let’s begin, shall we?”


And so from there, my private lessons on ballroom dancing begins, led by the prodigious fashion designer herself, Rarity! During our session, we start off slow as I carefully follow Rarity’s instructions whilst I mimic her steps. For the most part, it’s usually just stepping back and forth as we sway along with the music’s melody. At first, I start off very clumsy since I’ve never done slow dancing on four legs before, so I may have stumble a few times during our routine. But under Rarity’s guidance, I’ve learn to compose myself better without having to rush myself for each step I take. After a half-an-hour, I’m making exceptional progress with my dancing routine.

“So, how am I doing so far?” I ask Rarity without breaking my concentration during our latest dancing sequence.

“Oh, you’re doing splendid, darling!” she praises me. “If it’s alright with you, I can schedule a few more practice sessions with you this week before the Gala comes up.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks, Rarity.”

As we continue our waltz, I almost forget to ask Rarity an important question regarding with my purchase. “By the way, how much do I owe you for this suit you made for me?”

“You don’t owe me anything, Ford.” She dismisses it with a modest smile. “It fact, this is my own way of saying thanks for what I owe to you.”

“If this is still about saving Sweetie Belle and her friends, that’s already been taken care of months ago.”

“It’s more than that, darling. You’ve helped me achieve something on what I’ve longed for so many years.”

“And what would that be, Rarity?”

“Finding my very own special somepony.” she answers with a blushing smile. I just smile back warmly at her gratitude for me.

“Oh! Let’s finish it off with a spin and you catch me as I fall!” she instructs gleefully.

I willingly oblige as I spin her around with one fore hoof, and with that same hoof, I hold her carefully whiles she leans back in a dramatic posture. We stare at each other for bit as we sweat and breathe heavily from our lessons.

“You know…” I state with a grin as I try to catch my breath. “…for something considered as “slow” dancing, this sure does tire you out greatly.” Rarity giggles lightly in the midst of her panting.


Rarity and I swiftly turn our heads to the source of the noise as we stand still in our finishing poses. There at the doorway stands Applejack, who’s leaning against it with her hooves crossed over and a picnic basket next to her.

“Am Ah interruptin’ something?” she inquires teasingly with a smirk on her face.

“Applejack!” Rarity gasps surprisingly with a heavy blush as she hastily gets herself back up on all four hooves. “This… this isn’t what it looks it!”

“Yes it is.” I add to her claim with a mischievous smile.

“Quiet you!” Rarity snaps at me, but that did little to prevent me and Applejack from giggling at this awkward situation we were just in.

“Darling, please believe me!” Rarity explains her actions pleadingly. “I was just giving Ford Mustang some private lessons--! Oh wait, that sounded a bit raunchy, doesn’t it? I mean lessons in dancing! I was only doing this as a good friend, nothing more! Granted, he is quite handsome for a stallion, but I would never think about cheating on you--!”

Rarity’s rambling lips have finally been silenced by a bold kiss from her marefriend. All that tension that Rarity has been needlessly building up starts to melt away she embraces AJ with open forelegs. I smile tenderly at this lovely scene before me, but then I start to get wide-eyed and my wings start to stiffen up as their passionate kissing intensifies greatly. As the great George Takei would say in this kind of situation: Oh my.

At last, before things start to get too awkward for me, they break up their kiss before Applejack says grinningly to her dazed marefriend, “Calm yerself, sugarcube. Ah know that you mean well. Ah didn’t mean to get you so upset like that.”

“So umm… what brings you over here today?” Rarity asks after composing herself.

“What, am Ah not allowed to see my marefriend every now and then?” Applejack inquires with another teasing grin.

“Well, I mean, of course you can! I didn’t mean it like that--!” Once Rarity finally gets the joke, she just rolls her eyes as she continues with a sarcastic smile. “Oh, very funny.”

“Anyway, Ah came over to see if you wanna have a picnic with me at the park today.” AJ explains as she points to her stuffed picnic basket nearby.

“Oh, that sounds lovely! Is it lunchtime already? In any case, I would be happy to go out with you!” Rarity says happily as she briefly nuzzles with her marefriend.

“But first, Ah was wondering if ya don’t me cuttin’ in before we head out for lunch together.”

“Oh, Applejack! I thought you would never ask--!” Surprisingly, Applejack walks pasts Rarity as she approaches me all of sudden.

“So, how about it, Ford? Mind if Ah have this next dance with ya?” AJ asks with a mischievous grin.

I follow along as I bow lightly to Applejack while I answer grinningly, “Not at all, AJ!”

With the music still playing in the background, I present my fore hoof to the farm pony, and she accepts it as we dance slowly with one and another. As Applejack and I dance away while chuckling to ourselves, we can see Rarity dumbstruck as she is force to sit out on this one.

“APPLEJAAAAAACK!” Rarity whines overdramatically from being left out from her dance partner.

With a chuckling grin, Applejack looks back at Rarity and says reassuringly, “Don’t ya worry yer pretty, little mane, Rarity! I’m just saving the best for last when we go to the Gala this weekend!”


Less than one week later, it’s the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, and I’m in the farmhouse right now putting the last touches to my formal attirement. With a slightly frantic glance, I look at a clock nearby. I sigh in relief as I have half-an-hour left before it strikes at seven this evening. That gives me enough time to go over a mental checklist with myself.

Tuxedo: Check!

Blue Boutonniere Pin: Check!

Combed Hair: Check!

A White, Thornless Rose as a Present to Rainbow Dash: Check!

And last but certainly not least, my Golden Ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala: Check!

Okay, I’m all set, and with plenty of time to spare! Other than me, Applejack and Big Macintosh are just about to leave to pick up their respectable dates tonight as well. We say our sincere goodbyes to Granny Smith and Apple Bloom, who is having a sleepover at her home with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, before the three of us head out on our separate ways. The two farm ponies make their trek on the ground, whilst I take it to sky as I head straight to Rainbow Dash’s house.


Right on time, I land softly in front of Rainbow Dash’s doorway. With one fore hoof, I remove my prized rose that was delicately clutched between my teeth and place it in the inside pocket of my tux. After taking a deep, calming breath, I approach the door with my head held up high before ringing its doorbell.

“Come in!” Rainbow Dash calls out to me from inside. I beam greatly over hearing her voice as I open the door gently.

Once I close the door behind me, I get a better look around her dim house. It is indeed very spacious inside with nothing but cloudy interior design and cushy furnishing. Her house is like a mansion with its reminiscently Greco-Roman architecture and its surprisingly luxurious furniture. Makes me wonder how she was able to achieve all of this for herself.

As I continue to wait around for Rainbow Dash, I search around to look at anything interesting in order to help pass the time. In the midst of my search, I spot a framed photograph standing on a small table near one of the couches. Without touching it, I take a better look at the picture: it shows Rainbow Dash as a cute, little filly, who is excitingly hugging her grinning dad as they smile to the camera. Little Dashie is wearing a Wonderbolts T-shirt, and a Wonderbolts visor that depicts the iconic goggles with her frizzy rainbow hair sticking out of her hatwear. In the cloudy background is what looks like a race track that must have been used by the Wonderbolts during that day.

As I smile at this adorable picture, a thought pops into my head. Where is Rainbow Dash’s mom? From all of the episodes I have seen, I have never heard any mention of her mother. She could have been the one to take the picture of Rainbow and her dad, so that might be a possibility. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if something happened to her mother or not.

“Good evening, Ford Mustang.” a sweet voice breaks me out of my distracted train of thought.

I turn around and look up at the source that is coming from the top of the staircase. My jaws unhinges as my awestricken eyes are fixated on what I see before me. There she is, Rainbow Dash, in a most stunning, beautiful, shimmering, light purple gown with silky, silver sandals on her fore hooves similar to the golden ones she wore during her first night at the Gala. I also marvel at what she has done with her mane. It isn’t that much different from her usual hairstyle, but the why she combed her top portion and the lower portion around her shoulder neatly makes it look much softer and more feminine. That kind of touch up just makes her all the more beautiful!

As she glides down the staircase elegantly, I am completely mesmerized as I see how her flowing, glistening gown shifts into waves of alternating shades of purple. I swear it almost feels like time is slowing down for me as I continue to look at her marvelous dress, which is like a lavender, auroral sky filled with nothing but twinkling stars. After she makes her graceful landing right in front of me, I slowly break out of my trance as I smile warmly at her presence.

“Good evening, Rainbow Dash.” I finally respond as I courteously bow before her.

“Sorry it took me so long, Ford. It’s been a while since I’ve worn something as nice as this.” She says cheerfully as she admires her dress a bit while doing an aerial twirl.

“Well, I say it was well worth the wait. You look amazing!” I compliment her astonishingly.

“Th-thank you.” She says with a tender, blushing smile. “You're not so bad-looking yourself!” I blush a little as I check myself out for a bit.

“Oh, I got you something!” I say to her before reaching inside my jacket to retrieve my floral gift. As I bow lightly, I hand over my white rose to her. She gasps at the uniquely colored flower before accepting it with a gentle smile.

“Aww, you shouldn’t have!” she says cooingly.

“Too bad. The floral shop doesn’t accept refunds once a purchase has been made.” I kid a little. She giggles from my joke before gazing at the purely white rose and softly inhales its sweet fragrance.

“Thanks, Ford. It’s very beautiful.” Rainbow says to me with an affectionate smile. “Though… I wish I can take it with me. I don’t have a vase around here to put it in.” I think a little to see what we can do about it. Then, I recall what Octavia did when she gave one of her roses to Vinyl Scratch at the Canterlot’s amphitheater months ago.

“I might have an idea.” I suggest to Rainbow with a bright smile. “May I?” She nods in responds and hands me back the rose. Thankfully since this flower doesn’t have any thorns, I can clip a bit of the stem off with my teeth and discard what is left into a trash can nearby. Then, I carefully insert the shortened rose right between Rainbow Dash’s right ear and her nicely brushed mane.

“There! Does this help?” I ask her.

Rainbow blushes lightly as she caresses the delicate, white petals of her rose. After that, she gazes at me with a wide, kindhearted smile and answers, “It’s perfect!” Then, she nuzzles me lightly as I break into a relaxing smile before leading her out of the door.

Once we are in a good clearing outside of her home, I turn around and ask her chivalrously with an extended foreleg, “Well then, shall we get going, milady?”

Rainbow giggles lightheartedly at my courteous gesture before she wraps a hoof around mine and responds enthusiastically, “Gladly!” With warm smiles and our hooves intertwined with each other’s, we take off into the nightly sky as we fly casually to our next destination: the Grand Galloping Gala.

And by the end of it all, I’m going to see to it that I will make it the best night ever!

Chapter 23 – At the Gala

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Chapter 23 – At the Gala

At last, Rainbow Dash and I arrive at the grand opening of the Grand Galloping Gala, here in Canterlot! Hundreds, if not thousands of ponies line up as they make their way inside the majestic castle. As my beautiful companion and I follow the gathering crowd, we hear a jet-roaring sound as we look up to the sky. Right above us, the fame Wonderbolts are soaring through the air performing some illuminative skywriting that says, “Welcome to the Grand Galloping Gala!” After illustrating their greeting to the awestricken guests down below, several of the Wonderbolts rocket up into the air as each of them leave a flashy, glittering trail. Afterwards, they unleash some spectacular fireworks that light up the sky. Rainbow gasps breathlessly with a wide smile as we continue to marvel at her heroes’ vivid performance. Once the famed Pegasi leaves the scene, we continue our stroll to the Gala. Surely, this is going to be a magical night for both of us! I can only hope that I don’t have to participate in some spontaneous musical number. I like some of the songs from the show, but I can’t do well enough to sing for my own life.

Once we are inside the castle, the first thing that catches my eye is the two regal princesses on top of the colossal staircase, Celestia and Luna. I get really excited on meeting the princesses for myself. In my current pony form, the two sisters are much taller than me, making their presence a bit intimidating, but still, I am very anxious to meet them. It’s not every day you get a chance to meet with not one, but two goddesses face-to-face. Once Rainbow Dash and I make it at the top of the stairs, the two princesses smile warmly at our arrival at us as we bow courteously before them.

“Hello, Rainbow Dash. So nice to see you again.” Princess Celestia greets us in her usual, welcoming voice. “And who is this handsome gentlecolt you have brought with you?” I blush a little at receiving such flattery from a godly princess.

“This is Ford Mustang, Princess Celestia.” Rainbow gestures at me with a slight blush. “He’s a very good friend of mine.”

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintances, your majesties.” I say to them with a pleasant smile as I bow before them once more with a fore hoof crossed over my chest. In return, they bow lightly for my chivalry.

“Oh, so this is the mysterious stallion we heard so much about.” Celestia says to me grinningly. I cringe lightly as I fear that Celestia and her sister might somehow know of my human origins.

“Y-y-you know of me, princess?” I stammer nervously.

“Why, of course!” Princess Luna answers with an exciting smile. “Princess Twilight has told us all about you! We are most fascinated by what we have learned so far!”

Not wanting to discuss this any further, I try to divert our conversation into a different subject. “Speaking of which, where is Princess Twilight anyway?”

“She said she had to finish something up real quick.” Luna replies sincerely. “But don’t worry, she’ll be down here momentarily.”

“Anyway, it’s very nice to me you, Ford Mustang.” Celestia welcomes us with a warm smile. “And hopefully you and Rainbow Dash enjoy yourselves at the Gala this evening.” Rainbow and I bow one last time towards the princesses before we enter the main lobby of castle.


At the reception inside the main hallway, we look around to see hundreds of ponies gather together to socialize, eat, and drink. Mostly, it’s just appetizers and desserts they have to offer, but their abundant delicacies look quite fulfilling to serve as our main meals tonight.

“So, what should we do first?” I ask Rainbow.

“How about we get something to eat?” she suggests. I nod to her answer as we approach one of the tables to sample their delicious treats.

“Would you care for chocolate truffle, sir?” a waiter offers to me out of nowhere. I am startled by the sudden appearance of this tan-colored pony with the grey mane and goatee. But then, I look at his platter as it displays scrumptious-looking candies right in front of me.

“Ah, thank you, kind sir!” I say to the waiter politely as I accept one of his offerings.

Then, I pop the truffle into my mouth as I chew with delight to savor the milky, chocolaty goodness. There is even a filling in this truffle. It tastes like it has a sweet cinnamon flavor to it. Suddenly, the cinnamon starts to tingle my tongue intensely. I swallow what’s left, but that did little to cease the intense spiciness of the candy I was eating. Oh geez, now it’s burning my taste buds!

“Ford, what’s wrong?” Rainbow Dash asks concernly as she notices how puckered-up my sweating, hot face is. Eventually, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“HOT! HOT! HOOOOOOT!!” I exclaim in distress as I rapidly inhale as much cool air as possible.

“Care for a glass, sir?” the same, mysterious waiter inquires as he offers a tall glass of ice-cold water this time.

“Oh, thank you! Thank you!” I pant greatly as I gratefully reach for the only means to my salvation.

At once, I close my eyes as I tilt the glass to allow the refreshing water to sooth my irritating mouth. I wait for a few seconds, but nothing has quenched my desperate thirst yet. I open my eyes to see what’s the matter, and to my surprise, I not only see the slanted body of water not moving at all, but I also see glass itself disappearing right before my very eyes!

“What the…?” I puzzle in shock. And after the glass vanishes out of sight…


The water that was floating right above my face douses me immensely. I am completely soaked to the bone. Rainbow tries to stifle her laughing, while I on the other hoof just simply smirk at myself.

Then, we hear a sinister snickering from the waiter next to us. Suddenly, the cackling server places a hoof on his face as we see a zipper being pulled down. Rainbow and I gasp in shock as we see the true identity of our trickster: Discord!

“Ahh, that never gets old!” the oriental dragon-like prankster wipes a tear after finishing his uproarious laugh.

“Discord!” Rainbow softly scolds Discord with a smirk.

“Well, it was just a glass I was offering after all.” Discord responds innocently.

Rainbow Dash shakes her head while still bearing a smile. But then, she notices how I am in desperate need to cool my poor tongue off. So, she fetches me some refreshing punch nearby and hands it to me swiftly. I gratefully take the cup and finally cool my mouth.

I sigh in relief before saying to Rainbow with gratitude, “Thanks.”

“Here…” Discord gets my attention as he plucks the plushy ball of fur from the tip of his tail. “Allow me!" he insists before wipe my face briskly with his tailpiece. Surprisingly, my face is completely dry right now.

“Thank you.” I smile graciously to the tall, hybrid creature.

“I thought you promised to use your chaotic magic for good instead of evil.” Rainbow says to Discord with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.

“Why, of course I am!" Discord claims with a smirk matching with Rainbow Dash’s. “I’m just doing these poor, dull saps a favor by livening up this party, that’s all! Besides, what I’m doing here tonight is practically harmless compared to what you and your friends pulled off the last time you were at the Gala!”

Rainbow laughs nervously before mumble to herself embarrassingly, “Don’t remind me.”

“So, Rainbow Dash, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend here?” Discord asks of her.

“Oh, sure!” she begins to introduce me to Discord. “Ford Mustang, this is Discord! He’s… a bit loopy, but he can be a pretty fun guy sometimes!”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Discord.” I extend a hoof, and he, in surprise chivalry, shakes my hoof.

“Ford Mustang, huh?” Discord comments. “So, this is the unmarked pony I’ve heard so much about from the Princesses.”

“Yeah, I know.” I brush it off with a smile. “It’s a bit strange for a pony for like me to not have a Cutie Mark, isn't it?”

“Strange, huh?” Discord says with confounding look on his face. “Ford, in case you haven’t notice, I am a reformed villain that consists of nearly every basic animal in the kingdom with powers that can bend fabric of reality itself! To me, anything that is considered strange is just plain normal to me!”

“Well, I don’t think you’re that strange, Discord.” I respond casually with a smile. “You’re pretty an interesting guy once ponies get to know you better. Plus, you have a wicked sense of humor!"

Truth be told, Discord is my favorite villain (scratch that, ex-villain) in the series I’ve watched. I’ve enjoy how charismatic and witty he is as a character. Discord stares at me speechlessly before breaking into a wide grin.

“You know, I like you, Ford Mustang.” he smiles at me. “And for being such a good sport, I’m gonna try something that might help you get your Cutie Mark!” I stare blankly at Discord before snapping back into reality.

“R-r-really?” I flabbergast before showing an optimistic smile. “You can do that for me?!”

“Why of course I can!” he boasts grinningly. “To me, it should be as simple as a snap!”

And with a snap of his clawed fingers, a flash of white light illuminates on my flank. I glee anxiously as I couldn’t wait to see what it is. At last, the magical light dies down as I finally get to look at my new Cutie Mark. And it’s… a corporate logo of the Ford Motor Company?

“What the--?!” I exclaim puzzlingly as I see the cursive trademark signature of my own name.

“Why would you have your own name as your Cutie Mark?” Rainbow Dash asks me in confusion as well. I shrug in response as both of us look back at Discord.

“Oopsie!” Discord says with an uneasy smile as he gingerly presses his index fingers together. “Let’s… pick something else that doesn't involve copyright infringement, shall we?”

And with another snap of his fingers, another flash of light erases the first Cutie Mark, and in it’s place…

“OH SWEET, MERCIFUL LUNA, NO!!” I shout out loud hysterically as an embarrassing blush radiates on my face.

“Did somepony call out for me?!” I hear Luna calling out in the distance.

“Sister, it’s only a figure of speech, remember?” Celestia reminds her dear sister.

“Right, of course!” Luna responses bashfully. “It’s… still quite confusing to say the least.”

Eventually, after that surprising outburst from Princess Luna, I turn back with wide-eyes to look at my second Cutie Mark again: it’s a curvy bow armed with an arrow, featuring… sigh… a tip that’s shaped like a heart. Ugh… somebody shoot me, please!

“Oh come on, Ford!” Rainbow tries to reassure me while controlling her chuckling at my latest Cutie Mark. “It’s not that bad! It’s… kind of cute and fitting to say the least!” I frown upon hearing her saying that as she continues to stifle her laughter.

“Rainbow Dash, how many colts do you know that have hearts as part of their Cutie Marks?!” I retort with a glare. She ponders for a bit before she just shrugs with a smile as she thankfully couldn’t think of an answer. Sorry, Rainbow, but just because I tend to help out with our friends with their romantic relationships, doesn’t mean that I want my special talent to be about matchmaking!

“Please, Discord!” I turn my attention back to him as I beg him. “Change it to something else!”

“Are you sure?” Discord smirks at me. “A lot of fans are going to be disappointed to hear you saying that.”


“Discord, I’m begging you!” I plead continuously. “Change it for me, please!”

“Ooh… picky picky. Sigh... very well. Let’s see if third time’s a charm.”

And with one final snap, the embarrassing Cutie Mark is gone in a flash. In its place, I gasp with an awestricken smile as I see my third Cutie Mark: a simple paintbrush with its brushy tip coated in a vivid, tri-colored paint of red, yellow, and blue as it leaves a painted, S-shaped trail.

“There! How’s this?” Discord smiles at his work.

“Hey, this is perfect!” I answer ecstatically. “Thank you, Discord!”

“Yeah, that looks pretty awesome, Mustang!” Rainbow approves gleefully. “Hey, the colors on that paintbrush kind of match with the lightning bolt on my Cutie Mark!” I couldn’t compare my Cutie Mark with hers because of the dress she’s wearing, so I carefully look back at my new Cutie Mark. Closely inspecting the paintbrush, I seem to recall how it does resemble the colors of Rainbow’s lightning bolt. I wonder if there is a special connection behind that.

“Yeah… I guess it kind of does, doesn’t it?” I remark with a blushing smile.

As I continue to admire my Cutie Mark, I gasp in horror as I see my prized tattoo slowly disappearing before my eyes. Once it is gone, I gape at this horrification as I could feel something twitching in one of my eyes.

“Wait… what happened?! Why did it disappear all of a sudden?!” I ask stunningly.

“Hmm… it’s just as I was afraid of.” Discord contemplates as he gently pulls his goatee.

“What do you mean?” I ask him in confusion.

“Cutie Marks have their own special kind of magic.” Discord continues his explanation. “A magic that is far beyond my own powers. Cutie Marks are meant to be earned, and they have their own paths of self-discovery. There are no shortcuts into obtaining them. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of any more use to you, Ford.” he pouts sorrowfully.

“Nonsense.” I reassure him with a soft smile. “You are a good friend, Discord, and I truly appreciate your efforts. Besides, I would probably be more content on earning my Cutie Mark through hard work and perseverance anyway.” He is a bit surprised by how I was thanking him, but eventually, he smiles warmly at my sincere gesture.

“Hey! I told you I wanted a wine spritzer with only just a few ice cubes! This has too many! Get it right this time!” The three of us turn our attention to the interruption of a familiar, snooty prince as he shoves his disapproving drink to a timid, younger waiter.

“Y-y-yes, Prince Bluebood. I'm so sorry for the trouble.” the caterer responds frightfully as he bows to the disrespectful prince before taking his leave.

“Hmph! It’s so hard to find good help these days.” He says smugly to his esteemed colleagues as they nod along without question. Rainbow, Discord, and I are all probably thinking the same thing regarding with the discourteous nature of this so-called prince.

Then, I get an idea. An awful idea. I get the most wonderful, awful idea!

“You know, Discord…” I turn to him with a very devious smirk. “…that stallion over there looks pretty tensed. Maybe you can help him loosen up a bit.”

Once Discord gets the hint, his smirk matches that with my own. “You know, that’s not a bad idea! I always wanted to put my magic to good use! Any suggestions?”

I gesture a waving fore hoof to Discord so he could come closer. I whisper my plan into his enlarged ear. After explaining it to him, his smirk stretches even wider than my own.

“Buddy, I like the way you think!” Discord praises me. “If you two would excuse me, I have some chaos to wreck!”

After Discord leaves us in a jiffy, Rainbow Dash turns to me with a curious grin on her face and asks, “So, what did you suggest to Discord?”

“You’ll see.” I smirk back at her. Suddenly, I’m distracted by a floating platter of my favorite appetizer: cheesy bread with a bowl of warm marinara sauce on the side! Yum!

“Ooo! Is that cheesy bread over there?!” I say gleefully with hungry eyes. “Rainbow, would care for some?” She nods delightfully before I rush over to receive our first meals this evening.

After retrieving our precious cheesy bread from a kind waiter, I observe a mini version of Discord at one of the punch fountains nearby as his plan goes into action. Using his chaotic magic, he levitates a tiny glob of the pink punch as he takes aim at our targeted prince. With the flick of his fingers, Discord sends the tiny pink orb towards Blueblood and makes a direct hit on his foreleg. Immediately, Blueblood feels the trickling speck on his coat as he inspects the tiny spot on his foreleg with curiosity and disgust.

“Hmph! How did that get there?” Blueblood scoffs at the offensive spot on his flawless, white coat.

Taking one of the napkins from a table nearby, the pampered prince damps that tiny spot to hopefully get rid of it. Once he removes his napkin however, he puzzles at the pink spot still being there. And from the looks of it, the irritating spot isn’t as small as before. So he tries rubbing it off, but the immovable spot just gets slightly bigger. Then he desperately tries to scrub on it as hard as he can, but it’s just making it worse as the pink blob begins to spread across his foreleg.

“Wh-wh-what’s happening?!” Blueblood stammers in fear as more and more rapidly growing spots start to appear all over his body.

I arrive with our plates of cheesy bread and marinara sauce to stand next to Rainbow Dash as she gleefully continues to watch the frantic prancing of our “most beloved” prince. After bring her share, Rainbow happily accepts it as we munch on our appetizers whilst enjoying Blueblood making a fool out of himself. Ponies around him gawk at the terrified prince as his sudden infection finishes its course. Before us all stood the once-proud prince, who is now completely embarrassed over his newly pinked coat.

“Oh no!” Blueblood panics significantly. “I’ve must have contracted some kind of new commoner’s disease! I CAN’T DIE THIS WAY! I’M TOO PRIVILEGED TO DO SO! QUICK, SOMEPONY FETCH ME A DOCTOR!”

In a mad, directionless dash, the pretty, pink prince runs away screaming pathetically just as Applejack has described to me. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and I continue to casually enjoy our cheesy bread as we see our source of entertainment fleeing the scene.

“Well, what do you know? Dinner and a show!” she comments with grin before we have a good laugh to ourselves.


After finishing our meals as well as thanking Discord for his well-deserved prank and saying our goodbyes to him, Rainbow Dash suggests on searching for her icons, the Wonderbolts! She said that she met them at the VIP section last time, so hopefully we’ll find them again this year.

“Look! There’s Spitfire and Soarin over there!” Rainbow estastically points them out as they are inside a section, which are enclosed by a set of connected poles. “Come on, Ford! Let’s go see them!”

We anxiously fly over to the VIP’s only entrance where it is blocked by a Unicorn attendant with a small moustache, who is leviatating a clipboard.

“Excuse me, sir!” Rainbow ask the attendant. “Can we pass through here? We just wanna say ‘hi’ to Spitfire and Soarin!”

“Name.” he replies simpliy.

“What?” she says in bafflement.

“Name, please.” the mustached attendant repeats more sternly.

“Oh, right! Name’s Rainbow Dash! Maybe you have heard of me!” she boasts grinningly while wiggling her eyebrows.

The emotionless attendant glances at the pages on his clipboard before saying, “Hmm… Sorry, but you’re not on the list this evening.”

“List?” Rainbow says to herself in surprise.

“Yes, this list…” he says matter-of-factly while taping his clipboard with a levitated pen. “…where only those with special privileges are allowed to enter the VIP section.”

“Ha! List schmist!” Rainbow brushes it off with an amusing smile. “Okay pal, jokes over! Can we get through please?”

“Ma’am, I don’t make jokes.” the attendant says with firm sternness.

“Well, I figure as much considering how terrible you are at telling them!” Rainbow retorts. “Seriously, why can’t we get in there? I was able to get into the VIP section last year, so why not this time?”

“Whether you got in last year or not doesn’t really matter.” The attendant responds tiresomely. “The list will always change from time to time. If you’re not on the list this year, then you’re not getting in. It’s as simple as that.”

“Okay, look, just tell Spitfire who am I…” Rainbow suggests sharply. “…and I’m sure we can sort this whole mess--!”

“Miss Spitfire is busy at moment…” the attendant rudely interrupts her. “…and she doesn’t have time to deal with the likes of you. Now please, move along, ma’am.”


“I said, move along, ma’am.” he repeats very strictly.

Rainbow looks like she is about to explode, but to my surprise, she grumps out loud, “Fine!” Then, she turns around sharply as she trots angrily away. “Sigh… come on, Ford.” she says miserably as she walks pass me. “Maybe we can catch up with them later.”

Poor Rainbow Dash. I haven’t seen her so dejected before. It… it isn’t fair! I can only assume why so many background ponies in the cartoon show can be so oblivious due to the writers and animators not caring much about them. But why is nearly every snobbish pony in this world so friggin’ ignorant to the many accomplishments of Rainbow Dash and her friends?! Somepony should start waking these rich fools up from their blissful ignorance! And it looks like that somepony is gonna have to be me! I gather my courage and restricted anger and march over to that stuck-up attendant to settle this myself!

“Ford?” Rainbow Dash calls out to me concernly, but I am too focused on my task as I stand right in front of the attendant while he is too preoccupied with his little clipboard.

“Excuse me, sir?” I get his attention as politely as possible. “Are you quite certain that Rainbow Dash isn’t on that list of yours?”

Sigh… how many times do I have to say this?” he sighs in aggravation. “Yes, Miss Rainbow Dash isn’t on the list.”

“THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS!” I shout in a sudden outburst that not only gets the attendant’s attention, but also almost every other pony around me. “How could you not have her on your precious little list?! Don’t you know who she is?!”

“I don’t believe so--!” he answers startlingly.

“This is THE Rainbow Dash!” I point out to my stunned date across from me. “You know?! One of six heroes, who bear the Elements of Harmony, who are tasked by Princess Celestia herself to save the world on a daily basis?! Why if it wasn’t for her, you would have been hiding in constant fear in the everlasting night of Nightmare Moon! Without Rainbow, you would be nothing more than a mere toy for Discord to play within his reign of anarchy!”

“HEY--!” Discord calls out from the distance. “Oh, wait! I suppose that’s true! Carry on, Ford!” As Discord leaves the scene with a self-contented smile, I glance at one of some of murals in the background until I recognize one of them: it’s a mural depicting on how the Mane Six defeated Discord.

“LOOK!” I redirect the attendant’s wide eyes onto the mural I was looking at. “SHE HAS A PICTURE OF HERSELF ON A BUCKIN’ MURAL OVER THERE!! And you don’t think she’s qualified enough for your little private party?!”

“I-I didn’t make the list, sir, I just enforce it--!” he answers tremblingly.

“Tell me something then…” I ask with raised eyebrow. “Are the princesses on that list too?”

“Well… no… they don’t need to be.”

“And Princess Twilight Sparkle is not only a dear friend of Rainbow Dash, but she’s also one of the Elemental Bearers of Harmony! So why doesn’t Rainbow Dash get the same treatment as well, huh?!”

I’m pretty satisfied on shaking this guy up, but that’s not my main purpose for my ranting. There is just one other pony I really wanted to get her attention if I’m going to make this plan work for Rainbow Dash.

“And one last thing, while Rainbow Dash may not have the same privileges as the Wonderbolts, she is just as good, no scratch that, EVEN BETTER as any Wonderbolt out there! Why, even Spitfire would have to agree with me on that considering that she witnessed most of Rainbow Dash’s accomplishments herself!”

Within the center of the VIP section, I begin to see Spitfire’s ears perk up and twitch a little as it looks like my plan is working. Just need to push it a little longer. “Yeah, that's right! Not only was Spitfire one of the judges for the Best Young Flier Competition, but Spitfire was also one of the ponies Rainbow Dash saved while performing the legendary Sonic Rainboom! Why, she practically owes Rainbow Dash her life for that!”

As I keep emphasizing her name, Spitfire finally turns around and starts to take notice of my actions. “Spitfire was also the one who trained Rainbow Dash in the Wonderbolts Academy, and she acknowledged her not only for her flying abilities, but also for recognizing her as an exceptional team leader! Rainbow Dash deserves to be a Wonderbolt with all that she has proven in the past, and Spitfire, Soarin, and every one of them should consider themselves lucky to have her on the team!”

I take a brief pause as I let all of my words begin to sink in within the petrified attendant. I think I can see Spitfire making her approach to the VIP’s entrance. So far so good.

“But you know what?” I finish it off. “Fine! She doesn’t need to prove herself by joining your little get-together! If fact, one day, she’ll get so famous, that maybe we’ll set our own exclusive club, and we’ll see how you feel when your name isn’t on our list! Good day, sir!” I make a sharp turn as I leave the stunned Unicorn behind while walking away with my head held up high and a smug grin on my face.

I walk back to Rainbow Dash as I am certain she would be so happy on what I have done for her. But instead of seeing her smiling, I saw her head so low to the ground, that I couldn’t ever tell what her expression is on her face.

“Ford… how could you…?” she hesitates quietly. My smile drops gradually when I hear her saying that as I puzzle over this.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!” Rainbow snaps furiously as she shows her red-hot, fuming face to me. I immediately get terrified by her sudden anger towards me.

“Wh-what?” I flabbergast softly.

“I don’t mind if you had to defend me, but how could you embarrass me like that in front of Wonderbolts, let alone involve Spitfire in this?!”

Oh my gosh… she’s right. How could I have been so selfish like that? I only wanted to help get in, but my uncontrollable outrage not only humiliated her for overstating her accomplishments, but may have also ruin her chance to see Spitfire and Soarin tonight. Maybe even worse that that.

“Rainbow Dash… I’m sorry.” I whimper remorsefully. “I-I was just trying to--”

“Well good going, loudmouth!” she chastises me without mercy. “Thanks to you, the Wonderbolts will probably never want to speak to me ever again! Heck, they might even forbid me from ever joining in their team! My dream on becoming Wonderbolt is about to be completely shattered, and it’s because that this is all your fault--!”

“Rainbow Dash?! Is that you?!” Spitfire calls out to her from the VIP’s entry gateway. Rainbow and I pause from this, and we swiftly turn our attention to see the cool and collective Wonderbolt Captain right next to the nervous attendant.

“Oh… Hey, Spitfire!” Rainbow greets Spitfire nervously. “I-I mean… good evening, ma’am--! Uhh, I mean captain!”

“At ease, soldier!” Spitfire lightly chuckles. “This is a party, not a training exercise! What are you doing over there?”

“Well… I… just wanna… come by to say ‘hi.’ But I wasn’t on their list… and… well… I see that you’re really busy right now so...”

“Pfft! List schmist! You’re always welcome to hang out with me anytime! Hey, let her in already!”

“B-b-but, Miss Spitfire…” the edgy attendant responds. “…she’s not on the list--!”

“That wasn’t a request. That was an order. Let her in NOW.” The fiery-haired captain growled with authority.

“R-r-right! Of course, Miss Spitfire!” he pathetically submits to Spitfire’s command as he steps aside to let Rainbow Dash in.

Rainbow is amazed by what just happened. But before she takes another step further, she looks at me with a remorseful expression.

“Go ahead, Rainbow.” I wave her off with a soft, reassuring smile. “You deserve this. I’ll just… meet up with you later, okay?” Still frozen in her spot, Rainbow conflictingly shifts her gaze between me and Spitfire.

“Come on, Rainbow!” Spitfire waves to her smilingly. “What are you waiting for?”

I decide that it would be best for me to take my leave so that Rainbow Dash can go talk to her favorite celebrities. As much as I want to meet them myself, I am only happy enough that Rainbow gets a chance to meet them before me. As I turn away, I’m suddenly caught by surprise as Rainbow Dash pulls me closer to her with her wing wrapped around me.

“Sorry, Spitfire.” Rainbow says with resolve. “But if he’s not coming in, then I’m not coming in!” I couldn’t believe this! Rainbow Dash is willing to give up chance to see the Wonderbolts over me! A warm smile begins to emerge on my face as I recollect on this realization.

Meanwhile, Spitfire is surprised by Rainbow’s sudden determination over me, but eventually she says to us grinningly, “Well of course he can come in! Any friend of Rainbow Dash’s is a friend of mine!”

Both Rainbow Dash and I smile ecstatically like a bunch of crazed fans as we happily follow Spitfire into the VIP section. I am almost tempted to stick my tongue at the defeated attendant, but I didn’t want to taint my victory anyway.


Inside the exclusive club, Spitfire leads me and Rainbow Dash through the immense crowd of celebrities, social elite, and businessponies. Eventually, we reach up to Soarin as he greets us with a enthusiastic smile.

“Well, look who it is! Rainbow Dash! Save any delicious pies from falling to their doom lately?” Soarin asks grinningly.

“Hey, as long as I’m around, Soarin, no pie will ever face its crumbling demise under my watch!” she remarks with a smirk.

“So who’s this you brought with you, Rainbow?”

“Go on, introduce yourself!” Rainbow nudges me towards Spitfire and Soarin.

I nervously approach them and say, “Umm… hi, my name is Ford Mustang, and I first just want to say…” With a second thought, I quickly got down on all fours as I continue saying, “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!” I apologize hysterical to Spitfire and Soarin. “I didn’t mean to offend you all like that! I was trying to get your attention so that Rainbow Dash can get in! I really truly think you’re some of the coolest and most awesome ponies I know, besides Rainbow Dash at least! Please don’t take it out on her for what I’ve just said earlier!”

Spitfire chuckles at my apologetic pleading as she says to me with a reassuring grin, “Calm down, buddy! I knew what you were trying do for her, and I think that’s pretty cool of you to do that!”

“R-really?” I stammer in complete surprise.

“Yeah, totally!” Soarin agrees. “Beside, we should be thanking you! We needed a break from having to deal with all these aristocrats and sponsers all night long! Publicity is nice and everything, but it sure takes its toll on us when all we ever want to do is have fun and socialize!”

“So, tell us, Ford, how did you come into contact with somepony as cool as Rainbow Dash here?” Spitfire asks with a curious smile.

“Well… a few months ago…” I explain with mild shyness. “…I somehow arrive in Ponyville without most of my memories, and Rainbow Dash and her friends have been really nice to me while they help me get back on my hooves. I couldn’t even figure out on how to fly on my own back then.”

“Ah dude! That must have sucked!” Soarin comments.

“Actually it wasn’t that bad.” I reply casually. “Rainbow Dash was kind enough to teach me on how to fly again. I would have never progress this fast on my training if it weren't for her, so I owe her everything for that!”

“Hey, it’s no big deal, Mustang!” Rainbow blushes lightly to my compliment. “You’re sort of like my secret protégé! Hey, Spitfire! If things go well with Ford’s training, maybe you should let me whip those cadets of yours into shape next time!” she teases the Wonderbolt captain.

“Nice try, Rainbow…” Spitfire responds with a chuckling grin. “…but you've got a long way to go before you ever get a chance to be my replacement!” Then, all four of us share a good laugh together.

Psst! Spitfire!” Soarin whispers to her. “Should we go ahead and tell her?”

“Hmm… I don’t see why not.” Spitfire shrugs with a smile. “She’ll find out sooner or later.”

“Find out about what?” Rainbow asks to the two grinning Wonderbolts.

“Well, Rainbow…” Soarin answers gradually. “…we’re planning to send out invitations in a few days after the Gala, but we just want to let you know that within a month from now, we’re going to do tryouts at the Cloudsdale Cloudeseum.”

“Tryouts?” Rainbow puzzles a bit before she realizes in awestruck on what Spitfire and Soarin are implying. “GASP! Does that mean…?!”

“That’s right!” Spitfire replies gleefully. “You, Rainbow Dash, will finally get your chance to become an official Wonderbolt!”

I’m so happy for her! Her moment to shine has come! I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face! I anxiously turn my head to face Rainbow, but to my disappointment, she only shows a blank, wide-eyed expression.

“Uhh… Rainbow?” I wave a hoof in front of frozen face. “Rainbow, are you okay? WHOA!” I yelp out in great surprise as Rainbow launches into the air suddenly like a dazzling rocket as she shouts out load in overwhelming joy.

“YEEEEEESSSSSS!!” Yep… there we go.

After Rainbow Dash starts to calm while making a smooth landing, Spitfire speaks to her in a more serious manner, “But just remember this, Rainbow. We’re your friends, but we’re not going to give you any special treatment when the time comes for us to judge you on your performance. Everypony gets a fair chance at this when tryouts begins. So don’t slack out this opportunity we’re giving you. Is that clear?”

Rainbow takes a moment to think about all of this before she replies with a confidant smile. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, ma’am! Besides what’s the point on being the best if you can prove it in the first place?”

Spitfire grins broadly after hearing Rainbow’s answer as she says to her. “That’s what we like to hear!”

“Hey, Spitfire! Soarin!” somepony calls out for the two lead Wonderbolts. “We need you for another promotional photo-shoot! Pronto!”

Sigh… Duty calls. Take it easy, pie-saver!” Soarin waves goodbye to us before leaving.

“Good to see you again, Rainbow!” Spitfire says Rainbow before hugging her. “And it’s nice to meet you too, Ford!” she shakes her hoof with my own. “Take good care of her for us, wouldn’t you?” she winks to me with an all-knowing grin before taking her leave. I blush a little from her teasing before waving her goodbye as Rainbow Dash and I happily leave the VIP section.


“OhmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshOHMYGOSH!!” Rainbow continues to gush over the exciting news from the Wonderbolts as we walk around the Gala for a bit. I just keep smiling and chuckling to myself over how cute she is when acts all gleeful like that.

“I can’t believe it!” she continuously excites over this. “I’m finally gonna make my dream come true! This is going to be SO AWESOME! Oh wait, that’s means I should start training right away! What should I focus on first?!”

“Rainbow.” I softly try to get her attention.

“I mean, I’m the only pony out there who can pull off a Sonic Rainboom, but they’ll just think of me as a one-trick pony!” Rainbow starts to worry gradually.

“Rainbow.” I try getting her attention again sweetly.

“Maybe I can try to come up with something new!” she panics increasingly. “Or maybe I could do a different variation of a Sonic Rainboom! Perhaps I should--!”

“RAINBOW!” I snap her out of her paranoia.

“WHAT?!” she snaps back.

“Calm down. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out your routine until next month. And whatever you come up for your routine, I know it’s going to really knock their socks off! Well… if they ever wear socks at least.” Rainbow giggles with relief at my awkward sense of humor.

“For now…” I continue to reassure her. “…let’s just enjoy ourselves at the Gala and have fun tonight, alright?”

After taking a deep breath, she smiles tenderly towards me. “Yeah. Fun sounds good.”

“Good.” I smile in content as we carry on with our stroll around the hallways. Suddenly, we hear a rhythmic, booming sound from somewhere close by.

“Wait? Do you hear that?” I ask Rainbow.

“ sounds like it’s coming from the Ballroom.” she makes an educated guess a she points to the grand entrance to the ballroom. From the large doorway, we see flashing neon-colored lights from the very dim room. Curiously, we step into the room to see what’s inside. Once we enter the ball room, our jaws nearly drop to the floor as we stare at what’s before us.

“NO. WAY.” I gasp shockingly.

Inside the grand ballroom, we hear that familiar sound of the bass as Rainbow Dash and I get a good glimpse at who’s responsible for this unexpected musical madness, Vinyl Scratch, of course! She grins passionately as she stands before so many party-enthusiastic ponies over her might turntable.

“Good evening, Canterlot!” Vinyl announces grinningly. “I’m your ever lovable host, the devious disk jockey herself, DJ-PON-3!” In response, the crowd hollers in excitement over their DJ this evening.

“You know…” the DJ continues. “…I remember hearing about on how absolutely boring the Gala was last year, well unless you count that crazy mishap that nearly trashed the place, ‘cause that was hilarious!” That helps earn Vinyl some good laughs from the crown. Everypony else is laughing except Rainbow Dash who tries to cover up her embarrassing face.

"So, I’ve decided to crash this party myself (with special permission from Princesses of course) and to show you ponies out there on how to have a good time! So tell me something… are you ponies ready to rock?!” That earn several cheers from the enlarged group, but I know that’s not enough to satisfy Vinyl’s inflated ego.

Ahem! Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. I SAID ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!” This time, the entire room shakes with hundreds of exhilarating screams from the restless party-goers.

“He-heh Yeah! That’s what I like to hear! Well then…”

And with her spinning records set on her turntable, the ultimate party is about to begin.



For a countless amount of time, we dance none-stop thanks to the Vinyl Scratch leading the electrifying party. In the midst of this awesome party, Rainbow and I meet up with the rest of our friends, except Princess Twilight. Maybe she’s still working on that project of hers. In any case, we continue our joyful dancing. Even Discord decides to literally cut loose as each his separated body parts does a merry jig for us. We all got a good kick out of that!

Eventually, the music shifts to a different beat into something softer and more romantic. Yes! This is what I have been waiting!

“Okay everypony!” Vinyl takes a moment to speak up. “We gonna start taking things nice and slow from here, because this next segment goes out to all of you lovey-dovey couples out there! So grab your partners and let the music do all the work for you! And for all those who don’t have any partners to dance with, GET OFF THE DANCE FLOOR! Thank you and enjoy! Pinks! Take over for me, will ya? I owe a certain cellist a special dance on this one!”

“Okie dokie lokie!” Pinkie Pie cheerfully replies as she switches places with Vinyl.

As the soft, soothing music get a bit louder, I see Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Big Mac taking their cue as they join on the dance floor. I eagerly look at Rainbow Dash, but my smile begins to sink when she timidly backs away.

“Oh, well… we should… uhh… probably take a break, don’t you think?” she says to me nervously with an awkward smile.

She almost takes flight frantically. But thanks to my knowledge of the show, I quickly grasp her colorful tail with my teeth as I spin her around right into my fore hooves. Sorry, Rainbow Dash, but you’re not going to get away this time!

“Ford, what are you--?” she asks in trembling surprise.

“Just one more dance, Rainbow. Please?” I plead to her softly as I steadily lead her to the dance floor.

“Ford, I… I never done anything like this before.” she confesses bashfully once we are in the middle of room.

“It’s okay.” I comfort her gently with a confident smile as I place her right fore hoof onto my left shoulder as I follow suit by place my hoof on hers. “This time, I lead, you follow. Alright?” With a softly blushing smile, she nods to my request as we begin our dance steadily.

With me taking the lead, I show Rainbow Dash on some of the basic steps I’ve learned from Rarity’s dancing lessons. She surprisingly starts off very shyly, which is very cute by the way, but eventually, I notice how she’s starting to get the hang of it as she eases up a bit whilst we continue our waltzing smoothly.

“See?” I praise to her. “You’re fast learner! You’ve got this!”

“You’re one to talk!” she comments with a blushing grin. “How did you learn all this so quickly?”

“Let’s just say… I owe it all to a very generous friend of yours.” I answer with a smirk as I point out to somepony behind Rainbow with a tilt of my head. She looks back and sees Rarity grinning and winking at us while she is dancing with her amused partner, Applejack. Rainbow just smiles and shakes her head before we continue with our slow dancing.

This equine dancing is nice and all, but I really hope to do something that’s more human-relative. As soon as the music shifts to a different song, I figure that would be my cue to ask Rainbow for something different in mind.

“Rainbow, might I ask we try something else?”

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”

“Can you stand on your hind legs for me?”

“I’ll… try.” she replies bashfully. Seeing how she’s struggling with standing on her two hooves, I can understand how difficult it is to take this unusual stance. But fortunately enough, we able to counterbalance with each other as her forelegs wrap around my neck and shoulders, and I wrap mine around her lower back.

“That’s it.” I encourage her tenderly. “Just wrap your forelegs around me and don’t let go, okay?”

“Why would I wanna let go--WOAH!” She yelps in fright as I slowly lift her up in the air while a slightly startled Rainbow Dash is holding me tightly.

“It’s okay, Rainbow. I got you.” I reassure her as we hover nearly a dozen feet in the air.

Eventually, she begins to calm down while flapping her wings to match with my own pace as her grip relaxes around my shoulders. As we sway gracefully in midair, Rainbow looks down below as I can tell by her expression how tense she is by my sudden chance in dancing. No doubt the ponies down there are staring at our unorthodox dancing style.

“Ford… they’re looking at us.” Rainbow states the obvious uneasily.

“I thought you always wanted to be the center of attention.” I teasingly smirk at her.

“Yeah, well… not like this!” she retorts with a nervous blush.

“Well… forgot about them.” I shrug with a smile. “Just focus on me and nopony else.” She looks into my eyes as I see that tender, dreamy smile I have always admired. She lets out a comforting sigh as she lays her head onto my chest while we continue with our aerial dancing. I blush a little by how close she is to me, but nevertheless, I welcome it dearly.

“Ford?” Rainbow asks gently.


“Thank you for coming to Gala with me. I really appreciate it.”

“I should be the one to thank you, Rainbow.” I smile tenderly at her. “You have no idea how much it means to me to be here with you.”

“Well… there’s something else I wanna say.” She takes a moment to collect her thoughts before quietly saying to me, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? For what?” I inquire confusingly.

“For being so angry at you before when all you were doing was trying to get me in to see the Wonderbolts.”

“You don’t have to apologize for me, Rainbow. I probably shouldn’t have gotten overboard like that. It’s not your fault--”

“YES, IT IS MY FAULT!” she snaps in mix of anger and sorrow as she suddenly breaks into tears. “I shouldn’t have done that to you! You went all this way to do something just for me, and all I did in return was act all hotheaded towards you, like I always do! How can you be so nice and understanding and forgiving after the way I treated you like that?!”

After saying how regretful she is, Rainbow shoves her crying head into my tuxedo as I can feel her remorseful tears drenching my suit and coat. But I didn’t care about that. I only care about how I can comfort her like this when she is filled with so much self-pity for herself. I take a fore hoof and gently stroke her sleek, multicolored mane while hugging her closely into my fore hooves.

After her lamenting starts to die down, I begin to speak to her tenderly, “Listen to me, Rainbow. It’s true I did felt a bit hurt from what you said to me. But I mostly felt that way because of how I hurt you. How I didn’t take into consideration when I got so carried away without realizing that it might make it look bad for you. I should have told you about my plan first or at least I should have handle that in a much more civilized way next time. So in a way, I was just as hotheaded as you were.”

She begins to lift her head up with tearful eyes as I continue with my reassuring speech. “And besides, you got to see Spitfire and Soarin, right?” She pauses before nodding her head gently.

“And you just found out about your invitation to their tryouts next month, didn’t you?” She answers again with a nod.

“So in a way, it all worked out in the end, didn’t it?” Her tears may still be watery, but Rainbow begins to show a very small smile for me.

“And tell me this, Rainbow Dash. Why were you willing to stay behind with me even if that means you weren’t going to see your idols tonight?”

“Because… it wouldn’t be fair for you not to see them yourself, and I… couldn’t just abandon you after what you’ve done for me.” she answers sincerely.

“See?! Exactly! You’re not as selfish as you’ve claimed to be! You are the perfect representative on what it truly means to be loyal! You didn’t turn your back on me, and I know you wouldn’t turn your back on anypony else! That’s why I admire you so much, and that’s why I will go all this trouble just for you! Seeing you happy is what makes me happy! Do you understand what I’m saying?” It took a brief while for Rainbow Dash to compose herself as she ceases her tears, but eventually, I finally see that beautiful smile of hers as she gazes at me with her magnificent, magenta eyes.

“Now, no more crying.” I say to her tenderly as I help wipe away her remaining tears with a gentle hoof. “Smile.”

Once her tears have dried away, she once again nuzzles her head against my chest affectionately as she embraces me tighter than ever. After sighing in content, we carry on with our graceful dancing.

“You know what I like about you, Ford?” she asks me as she nuzzles me continuously.

“What’s that, Rainbow?” I respond smilingly.

“You make me feel… special.” she answers with a blushing smile.

“You’re special enough already.” I chuckle lightly. “You don’t need me for that.”

“Well yeah. I’ve got the best friends I could’ve ask for, some of the sweetest moves and tricks to show off, and I got the most awesome dream, which I am so close to achieving that I can hardly wait! But… despite all that, you’ve always manage to make feel even more special than before. Do you understand what I mean by that, Ford?”

I take a moment to process on what she just said to me. I never would have dreamed that she would think so highly of me like that! With a tender smile, I lay my head onto her soft, rainbow hair as I reply to her warmly, “Yeah, I think I do.”


We finally stop our mid-air dancing as we land gracefully onto the dance floor. Afterwards, I escort Rainbow Dash out of the ballroom with my wing wrapped around her back as she cuddly leans her head against my own. I know for certain that the moment I’ve been waiting for has arrived, and it’s time for me to seize it!

“Rainbow?” I ask her softly.

“Yes?” She responds kindly.

“Can we… go out to the balcony? There’s something I really need to tell you.”

She stares at me briefly with wide eyes, but then she smiles broadly before replying, “Of course!” I instantly beam at her answer with high hope as I gleefully lead her to a balcony nearby. But as we are so close to our destination, I hear somepony calling out my name.

“FORD!” I turn around and I see Princess Twilight rushing towards us with an enthusiastic grin. “There you are! I’ve been looking all over you! I’ve got something really important to tell you!”

I turn to Rainbow and say to her with a soft smile. “Good ahead, Rainbow. I’ll meet you outside.” She nods lightly and waits for me outside.

Once it is just me and Twilight, I speak to her, “Okay, Twilight, what’s got you so excited about?”

“I did it, Ford! I finally did it!” Twilight glees uncontrollably. “I didn’t think I would achieve this so quickly, but I’ve manage to pull it off in such a shorter amount of time that what I have originally estimated!”

“Pulled what off?” I inquire puzzlingly. “What are you talking about?”

“FORD, I FOUND YOU A WAY BACK HOME!” she shouts excitingly.

“…What?” I mutter quietly to myself.

“You know, back to your own homeworld!” Twilight explains matter-of-factly with an excited smile. “The one called “Earth”, remember? And not only that, but this inter-dimensional spell I have just perfected can also change you back to your original human form! Isn’t it that great?!”

“Yeah… that’s… that’s great, Twilight.” I reply awkwardly with a fake smile. “I’m… so happy to hear that.”

“Well, I don’t want to take too much of your time!” she continues cheerfully. “We can go over this later tomorrow morning at my place! Sounds goods?”

“Sure… why not?” I sluggishly shrug in response.

“Great! See tomorrow then!” she says goodbye to as she rejoices the party while I stand frozen from this suddenly unexpected news I’m facing.





I was so happy on how things were turning out for me this evening, and then I’ve nearly forgot about on how I was supposed to return to Earth at some point! And to make it worse, Twilight has already figure out a way back for me in half of the time she said she would complete it in! I haven’t even confesses my feelings to Rainbow Dash yet!

Wait… even if Twilight does complete the spell within six months like she said before, and if I do confess my feelings and Rainbow Dash returns them, what would be the point of it all? Sure, we’ll have three months together to ourselves, but then, once the time comes, I’ll have to leave her to go back to Earth, and we probably end up heartbroken in the end. I can’t do that to Rainbow.

Oh, wait a minute! Twilight wouldn’t force me to go back, would she? She would understand if I wanted to stay in Equestria forever, right? But then… what if… I have to tell Rainbow the truth about my identity? I want to forget about my old life, but it’s what made me who I am. It’s what made me aspired to become an artist as well as made me appreciate animated films and shows, include “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” And I know for certain, that I can’t hide the truth forever, let alone about my knowledge on how I know so about Equestria. So… what would happen if Rainbow Dash finds out about me? Would she reject me just because I was a different species, would she distrusts me for not telling her the truth before, or… would she hate me on fact that I am pretty much just a big fan on a fictional show based off of her life and the lives of her friends?

I feel so hopeless at confessing my love for her no matter how I look at it in this complex situation I’m in. Sigh… What am I going to do?

I depressively enter the balcony as I see my lovely date stargazing at the celestial night in front of us. I slowly approach her as I join next to her while looking at the twinkling stars as well.

“They're beautiful, aren’t they?” Rainbow Dash comments about the shimming stars above us.

“Yeah… beautiful.” I reply quietly. Of course, in my eyes, the stars aren’t the only things that are beautiful this lovely evening. Unfortunately, it won’t matter much to me anymore.

“So, Ford…” Rainbow gets my distracted attention softly as she stares at me with her mesmerizing eyes. “…was there something you wanted to tell me?”

“Oh, right… o-of course! Well… you see I… I...” I stammer uncertainly.

Come on, Ford! It’s now or never!


Make up your mind now!



“I… can’t.”

Chapter 24 – The Hard Goodbye

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Chapter 24 – The Hard Goodbye

“What?” Rainbow says to me confusingly.

“I can’t stay here.” I rephrase my sentence gloomily. “I… have to leave tomorrow morning.”

I look down in grim silence over the ledge of the nightly balcony we are standing on. I couldn’t bear myself to look at Rainbow right now. I can’t imagine what her next reaction might be.

“Hey, that’s great!” she says in surprising cheerfulness. “That means you get to go home, right?”

“Yeah… right.” I answer quietly.

“This is awesome!” Rainbow continues ecstatically as she hugs my unresponsive body. “I’m really happy for you! I guess that means you’re also one step closer in getting your memories back, huh?” I remain silent as I didn’t even want to answer that for her.

“So Ford, when will you be coming back?” she asks me.

“That’s the thing, Rainbow… I… wouldn’t be coming back… at all.”

“Like… in a while?”

“Like… forever.”

After a brief pause, she exclaims shockingly, “FOREVER?! B-b-but why?!”

“It’s… it’s complicated.” I answer hesitantly.

“Did something happen back home?” she asks of me in concern.

“No, of course not, Rainbow, it’s nothing like that!” I reassure her before sinking back into my misery. “It’s just… something I have to do… that’s all.”

“Well… that’s okay!” Rainbow says with an optimistic grin. “I can always visit you some other time! Just tell me where you live and I’ll be there ten seconds flat!”

“Rainbow… I don’t think that’s going to be possible.”

“Of course it’s possible! You just pinpoint the location, and I’ll be way ahead of you!”

“Rainbow, where I’m going, nopony can follow me.”

“Nopony except me, of course!” she boasts as always. “Or did you forget that I’m the fastest Pegasus in all of Equestria--!

“It doesn’t matter how fast you are!” I snap at her. “It’s absolutely impossible for you or for anypony to follow me at all!”

“Why are you acting this way?” she asks me defensively. I see the startled expression on her face when I snapped at her. I instantly turn my head away from her as uncomfortable silence fills the air.

“Wait… there’s more to this… isn’t there?” she says to me. No. Don’t do this to me, Rainbow.

With my head turned away from facing her intimidating gaze, I can hear her footsteps coming closer as I know for certain that she intends to get the answers herself.

“What is it that you’re not telling me, Ford?” she interrogates me.

“I… I can’t say.” I uneasily respond.

“Why?” she asks sternly.

“It’s… something I have to bear alone, that’s all.” I answer faintheartedly.

I feel a gentle hoof resting on my shoulder as she says to me sympathetically. “You don’t have to bear it by yourself.”

“Yes. I do.” I say firmly as I slowly remove her hoof off of me. Then, I steadily walk away from her before standing in my lonesome at the center of the balcony.

“Don’t you trust me?” she asks me out of concern as she follows me.

“It’s more than just a matter of trust!” I respond abruptly. “It’s… it’s nothing, alright?! Let’s just leave it at that!”

“Ford, talk to me.”

“I can’t.”

“Please, Ford?”

“I can’t.”

“I just want to help you--”


What have I done? I can’t believe I did that! After my sudden outburst, I see Rainbow taking a few steps back away from me with a fearful expression on her face. Seeing how terrifying she is of me, I frighten myself on what I have become.

“Rainbow… I’m sorry… it’s just that…” I apologize in a trembling voice.

I wanted to tell her. I really want to tell her the truth. But I’m so afraid on what will happen if I do. How it will change everything to her and to her world if I ever tell her anything about myself. I start feel something watery in my eyes. I swiftly turn away from Rainbow Dash again as I walk back to the ledge of the balcony with my head hanging low.

“Listen Rainbow, I appreciate all the times that we have shared together. To me, they are some of the best moments that have ever happened to me in my life. But soon… I’ll need to go home, and I won’t be coming back unfortunately. But hey, you shouldn’t be so worry about me. You still got your friends and family. And you’re this close to finally achieving your ultimate dream, and I couldn’t be happier and prouder for you than I am right now. You should just… forget about me, and go on with your life. I’ll probably just hold you back from becoming the greatest Wonderbolt in history. You don’t need me to get in your way any more--”


My heart couldn’t take it anymore as tears begin to gradually pour out of my eyes. It’s bad that enough that I had to leave her, but now Rainbow Dash doesn’t want me to leave at all. I really hate myself for doing this to her.

“Ford… please… don’t go.” she pleads to me softly.

“I’m sorry, Rainbow Dash.” I respond quietly before my turning my head to see her one last time with a gentle smile. “I’ll never forget for all that you have done for me. Thank you… and… goodbye.”

Without a moment of hesitation, I kick off into the dark sky as I fly off into the distance. I couldn’t turn back now, and I don’t have anywhere else to go before I see Twilight tomorrow morning. As I fly aimlessly, my aching heart feels heavy, my eyes get really watery, and I couldn’t be able to fly straight anymore. I’m getting so emotional right now, that I decide to find a cloud to pour out all of my sorrow into it. Once I find a suitable cloud, I stuff my pitiful face into it as I let the cloud soak in all of my uncontrollable tears. I’m so pathetic right now!

I sought to make it the best night ever, now it has become the worst night ever!


“Excuse me, Ford?”

“Umm… Ford Mustang?”

“Mmm… wha…? What is it?” I mumble as I slowly wake up from my dreary sleep.

“Oh, so sorry to wake you up like this…” the gentle, feminine voice continues to speak to me. “…but… umm… could I put this rope around your waist for just a minute?”

“Sure… why not? Go right ahead.” I answer without a care in my pitiful, drowsy state.

“Oh, thank you! And… I’m so sorry about this.” she apologizes to me as she secures the rope around me. After that, I go back to my nap of self-pity.

Wait… was that Fluttershy--?


I scream hysterically as the rope wrapped around my waist pulls me down from my cloud and slams me into the hard ground below. I black out for a bit before I widely wake up and see myself hogtied down with my hooves and wings securely fastened. After my head clears up, I look up and see seven angry faces staring down at me: Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Big Mac, and even Fluttershy.

“You’ve got a lot of explainin’ to do, mister!” Applejack starts it off with an intense glare at me. I gulp heavily to myself upon facing the wrath of the ponies around me.

I notice that Twilight isn’t with them, considering that she must be doing her duties as a princess for tonight’s Gala. But I’ve also notice somepony else is missing. Somepony who should be just as angry towards me as they are.

“Where’s Rainbow Dash?” I ask them. “How come she isn’t with you?”

“Rainbow told us that she was gonna fly straight home after what you’ve done to her!” Applejack answers with an angry frown. “In all my years that Ah’ve known her, Ah have never seen her so… defeated before!”

“What happened, Mustang?!” Rarity exclaims. “Everything was going swimmingly, and then you had the audacity to crush her like that!”

“Yeah, Mustang! What gives?!” Vinyl snaps at me.

I agree!” Octavia says in disappointment. “I would have never believed that you would be such as heartbreaker towards somepony like Rainbow Dash!”

“Yeah!” Pinkie chimes in. “And I’ve been planning an awesome party to commemorate your new relationship with Rainbow Dash the day after! I’m still deciding on whether to shortened it as something like “FordDash” or “RainbowMustang!”

After the awkward moment of silence thanks to Pinkie Pie’s usual randomness, Fluttershy says to me firmly, “I’m sorry to say this, but they’re right! How could you hurt Dashie like that?! I warned you what would happen if you ever do that to her, didn’t I?!”

As for Big Macintosh, all he did is shakes his head in disappointment towards me. His actions always did speak louder than his own words.

“You’re right.” I admit shamefully to them. “I wish I didn’t have to do that to her, but it doesn’t matter now, because I’m going home tomorrow and there’s nothing I can do about it!”

“Yeah, that reminds me.” Applejack ponders on that notion. “RD said something like that to us before she left the Gala. What’s all this about going home and never comin’ back again, Ford?”

“Yes!” Rarity insists greatly. “Aren’t you happy with living here in Ponyville with us?! With Rainbow Dash?!”

“Of course I was!” I say to them. “You guys are the best things that have happened to me!”

“Then why do you need to go home all of a sudden?” Applejack growls at me.

“Because I have to, alright?!” I answer snappily. “I don’t have a choice.” After stating my claim, a heavy stomp presses on the ground firmly next to my head. Looking at the mighty, orange hoof, I follow it up to meet up with Applejack’s emerald eyes as she furiously looks down at me.

“Don’t even think about lying to me like that!” Applejack warns me strongly. “There’s more to this than what you’re telling us! NOW START. TALKING.” And she ends her immense threat with another earth-shattering stomp next to me.

I take awhile to consider my options when confronting with the menacing Applejack, but despite how afraid I am of her, I stubbornly refuse to tell the truth. “I can’t tell you. I can’t tell anypony for that matter. Not ever Rainbow Dash.”

“Why?” she asks firmly.

“Because… it’s something I have to bear alone.” I answer dejectedly.

Noticing how my answer wasn’t good enough, Applejack gets really close to my face as she threatens me once again. “Ford, if you expect to walk on outta here in one piece, you will tell us what’s going on here right now!”

“Yes, talk to us!” Rarity insists.

“Come on, Mustang!” says Vinyl Scratch impatiently.

“Please! Tell us!” says Octavia.

“Pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top?!” says Pinkie Pie sweetly.

“Please, Ford! We only want to help you!” Fluttershy says gently.

“Don’t do this to yourself, Ford.” says Big Mac.

I couldn’t take it anymore! They just wouldn’t leave me alone! How can they understand what I’m going through or what I had to sacrifice to keep all of this a secret from them?! I feel like I’m going to suffocate! I feel like I’m just about to explode any second now!

“Dangit, Ford!” Applejack continues to question me furiously. "What is it that could be so important to hide the truth from your own friends?!”

"BECAUSE I’M NOT WHO YOU THINK I AM!!” I finally let out my answer explosively. My outcry shakes the surroundings as everypony around me becomes silent. Sigh… Looks like I have no choice but to reveal some of my origins discreetly.

“Look, I’m not from Equestria! I’m not even from this world! I’m… nothing more than just an outsider! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! From my world, I have a way of knowing so much about Equestria and its inhabitants! As much as I am fascinated by this magical place, I have always been fearful on how my actions may affect everypony around me! Despite meeting all of you and having the greatest time of my life, I know that deep in my heart that I can’t stay here forever! I just… don’t belong here.”

I close my eyes tightly as I couldn’t bear to see the ponies’ reaction, nor do I want them to see the depressing tears that I’m trying to hold back so hard. I am certain that they’ll hate me now seeing how I’m not a true pony. But as I imagine all the worst things they could say to me, I feel a soft hoof stroking my mane as I peek with one eye to see that it is Octavia, who’s caressing me with a caring smile.

“Ford…” Octavia says to me sweetly. “I may not know what’s going on with you, but I don’t think you have done anything wrong since you’ve came in our lives. In fact, I say you have made our lives better since then.”

“Yeah, totally!” Vinyl chimes in as she lovingly embraces Octavia with a hoof. “If it wasn’t for you, I may never have found the nerve to tell Octavia on how much I love her!”

“Why, that’s right!” Fluttershy agrees cheerfully. “Without you, Big Mac and I won’t have been able to overcome our shyness for each other!”

“Eeyup!” Big Mac responds with his catchphrase as he gently nuzzles with his pinked-haired marefriend.

“And if it weren’t for you, I won’t have discovered my own feelings for my beloved Applejack here!” Rarity says to me gratefully as she affectionately nestles with her farm pony before receiving a nice kiss from AJ.

“You see, sugarcube!” Applejack speaks to me nicely. “If you never have shown up in the first place, we may have never found our special someponies! So, isn’t it about time for you to find your own?”

A lot of things flash before my mind. Some of the things I recall are from all those matchmaking incidents. How in a way, I did make their lives better despite my initial worries regarding with the show’s continuity. Not just that, but most of the things I think back to are from all the times I’ve shared with Rainbow Dash: how we first met, my first flying lessons, our sick days, our date at the fair, and most recently, our first dance together. All of these warm memories are what led me on falling in love with Rainbow to this day.

“I… I want to make it work with Rainbow Dash…” I admit to Applejack softly before moping to myself. “…but I know that’s not going to happen anymore. She probably hates me now more than ever. Besides, I don’t deserve her anyway.”

AUGGH! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” Rarity aggravates dramatically out of nowhere.

For some reason, Rarity rushes over to Pinkie Pie before pleading to her, “Pinkie Pie! I really hate to ask you for this, but I really need to do this for Rainbow Dash and Ford Mustang! Please, Pinkie! Just let me break this one Pinkie Promise! It’s very important that he finds out about this right now!”

Pinkie Pie thinks this over carefully upon this rare request from Rarity. “Hmmmm… Okay!” the pink mare answers in her usually cheerful tone. But as Rarity sighs happily from this, Pinkie Pie gets dangerously close to Rarity as she warns her with grave significance. “BUT JUST… THIS… ONE.” Pinkie enunciates as she pokes Rarity’s chest sternly with each word she just said.

Rarity laughs nervously to herself at Pinkie’s sudden threat before composing herself as she speaks to me. “Ford, there’s something you need to know! The dress Rainbow Dash was wearing tonight… that was my present for her on her birthday last week!” Then, I remember Rarity’s present, on how there was a shimmering, purple aura from the opened box. It’s the same aura that Rainbow’s dress was illuminating this evening.

“But there was more to it than that!” Rarity continues her explanation. “The dress she asked for wasn’t just for the Gala, it was to also impress you, Ford!” Now that is something I didn’t expect to hear!

“Me?!” I exclaim in immense surprise.

“Yes!” Rarity happily responds. “She even made me Pinkie Promise to not tell you about it! Also, it was my idea to invite Rainbow Dash along at the fair last week so I can orchestrate the double date fiasco! I figured that might help out between the two of you when she asks you out to the Grand Galloping Gala this year.”

“Wait, so was it your idea to have Rainbow give me her extra ticket?” I ask Rarity.

“Umm… actually, it was my idea.” Fluttershy adds gingerly. “You see, when she told about me about her feelings for you less than a month ago, I was the one to suggest to her on asking the princesses for an extra ticket to the Gala, so that she can give it to you.”

“So… she… did all this… for me?” I stammer at this revelation. “Wait a minute! Did all of you know about this?” They all gladly nod at me, but I am more surprised to see Applejack nodding with them.

“Even you?!” I point at Applejack. “But I thought you said last week that you didn’t know if Rainbow likes me or not!”

She just smirks at me before saying, “Ah only said that Ah couldn’t say, sugarcube, since Ah also promised Rainbow to not tell ya all about! So technically, Ah didn’t lie about anything!”

“Then… does that mean…?” I flabbergast greatly.

“Yes, featherbrain…” AJ says to me with a chuckling smile. “…it means that she loves ya!”

I… I don’t know what to say! I just… couldn’t believe all of this! Rainbow Dash actually loves me! Me! I begin to feel fresh tears pouring out of my eyes. I couldn’t tell if these tears are expressing happiness over this unexpected news, or if they are expressing sadness over the fact on how much of a full-blown idiot I was towards Rainbow. My mixed feelings start to lean more towards overwhelming grief than joy right now.

“Oh no… what have I done to her?!” I realize this tearfully. “I should have told her my feelings first before this whole mess I’ve made for myself happened!”

“It’s not too late, darling!” Rarity encourages me. “She’s waiting for you in her castle up in the clouds, and you’re the only one who can rescue her from her own tower of despair!”

“Just ask yerself this, Ford.” says Applejack. “If you had a choice between going back to yer homeworld, or stayin’ here with the pony you love most, which would it be?”

As Applejack points this out to me, I immediately recall something that Hindel the Dragon once said to me months ago.

“Eventually, you will reach a crucial point where only you can choose your next destination, but once you find the answer you seek, I am certain that you will make the right decision for yourself.”

I smile on this recollection from the dragon’s wisdom as I believe I have finally found that answer all along.

“AJ… could you untie these ropes for me?” I ask her sincerely. “There’s somewhere I have to be right now.”

“Sure.” AJ replies with a satisfied smile. And in a few minutes, Applejack gently unfastens the ropes off of me, and I stretch out my wings and legs in satisfying relief.

“I supposed I should tell you all the truth about myself, huh?” I ask them concerningly.

“You don’t have to tell us anything, Ford.” Applejack surprisingly reassures me. “But Ah think there’s only one pony out there who you should talk to about right now.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” I chuckle lightly. “Thanks everypony, for knocking some sense into me.”

“Well next time, if you ever try to hurt Rainbow Dash like that again, then we’ll literally knock some sense into ya!” Applejack threatens me playfully before giving me a quick hoof punch to the shoulder.

“I’ll… be sure to keep that in mind next time!” I respond with an awkward smile as I rub my briefly sore shoulder.

“Good! Now go get her, sugarcube!” AJ smiles and winks at me.

I smile beamingly at the support of my friends, and take off to the sky once again to set things right this time. I know I’ll have a lot to answer for when I see her again, but no matter what, I have to persevere… and not just for myself… but more importantly, for Rainbow Dash this time!

Chapter 25 – No Holding Back

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Chapter 25 – No Holding Back

With renewed determination, I swiftly arrive at Rainbow Dash’s cloudhouse. It looks just the same as it was before when I first arrived here to pick her up for the Gala this evening. Except when I see her house now despite how beautiful the night is, it feels… empty and gloomy. Maybe it’s just me considering all that has happened to me tonight. I brush those negative feelings aside as I concentrate on what’s important right now: Rainbow Dash.

After making my hasty landing, I approach her door and knock on it several times. Strangely enough, my rapid knocks hardly makes a sound. Of course! Her door is made out of clouds. It isn’t dense enough to produce any kind of sound. I’m just about to use the doorbell this time, but my equine ears pick up something from the upper floor. I can hear soft sobbing from a dimly lit window above me, and I think I know from whom.

I ascend slowly into the air to follow the source of the grieving sound. As I peek through the opened window, my heart breaks into two as I see what’s before me. I see Rainbow Dash, still in her Gala dress, crying brokenheartedly as she lies on her bed with her fore legs crossed over her face as she tries to muffle her constant weeping. The only source of light in the grimly dimmed room is from a small, pink-shaded lamp sitting on a nightstand. On the floor near the foot of her bed, I see the once-beautiful white rose I gave to her, now it’s a complete mess with all of its plucked petals scattered across the cloudy floor. I really despise myself for what I’ve done to her, and I know I have a lot to make up for putting her in this miserable state of hers.

After swallowing a difficult gulp in my throat and taking a deep breath, I muster my courage as I speak out to her softly, “Rainbow Dash…” After perking her ears, she looks up and stares at me in surprise with tearful eyes.

“Can we talk for a minute?” I ask her gently. And the answer to my question is in the form of a firm smack in the face with one of Rainbow’s flung pillows.

“Go away.” she frowns at my return as she turns her back against me before plopping her head on her only pillow.

“Please, Rainbow…” I plead to her as I take a few steps toward her bed. “…I really need to speak with you.” In response, she throws her remaining pillow at me as it hits me right on the muzzle.

“I said go away.” she says angrily without even looking at me. “I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Sorry, Rainbow…" I say with resolve as I stand my ground. “…but I’m not going anywhere until I have a chance to speak out my mind.”

Suddenly, she soars out of her bed and she hovers right into my face with a menacing stare from her infuriating, teary eyes. “GET OUT RIGHT NOW, OR I SWEAR I’LL BUCK YOU OUT OF THIS HOUSE MYSELF!” she screeches at me with all of her fury directed towards me.

Her sorrowful rage shakes me to the bone, but it only makes me more immensely regretful for what I’ve done to her as I drop on all knees before her terrifying presence. “Rainbow Dash, I’m sorry!” I apologize greatly to her. “I know I have made a terrible mistake by hurting you like that! And I know that I can’t take everything back I’ve said to you, but that wasn’t my initial plan when I asked you out onto the balcony! That’s why I came here tonight, to tell you what I really should have said in the first place! Please, just give me this one chance, and if you like, I… I promise I’ll never have to show my face in front of you ever again!”

She calms down a bit, but that did little to reduce her sour mood at me. “Why should I?” she coldly asks of me.

“Because right now, you’re the only pony important enough to deserve the absolute truth about me.” I appeal to her sincerely.

Rainbow Dash takes a moment of silence to think about my pitiful request. Without saying a word, she sharply turns around and walks toward her bed. After taking a seat on the end of the bed, she scoots over to left side of the bed, and I notice an empty spot right next to her. Once I understand her subtle gesture, I smile a little at this chance I have been given as I slowly approach my empty side of her bed. As I take my seat, while also making sure I’m not sitting too close to her so I don’t make her feel uncomfortable around me, I take a deep breath to calm my nerves before beginning my confession.

“Do you remember when we first met and I told you about how I lost my memories?” I ask her gingerly. With Rainbow Dash still not looking at me, I see her nodding lightly to my initial question.

“Well… that part was a lie unfortunately.” I admit shamefully. Then, I see her quickly turning her head as she stares at me piercingly with barely concealed anger.

“I know!” I respond remorsefully to her as I briskly turn away from her intimidating gaze. “It was terrible for me to do that, especially towards you, and I hated myself for lying like that! But you see… I did that to not only protect my own identity, but to also protect on what I know about Equestria, about your friends, and… about you!” Her frowning expression softens up a bit before turning her piercing gaze away from me.

“You see, I was never a pony to begin with!” I continue my confession. “I was… a different species as well as from a different world for that matter! Maybe even from a different dimension all together! Yet somehow I ended up here as this pathetic pony you see before you!” She looks at me again, but this time with an unemotional, yet confusing expression on her face.

“Initially, I started to fear on my own actions when I came to magical world of yours, and I sought to return to my world as soon as possible! But overtime, I grew to love it here! I’ve enjoyed company of your friends, I’ve enjoyed the benefits on being a Pegasus Pony, but more importantly, I’ve enjoyed being here... with you!” I glance at Rainbow to see her showing a softer, sympathetic expression before continuing my statement.

“You were my first friend when I arrived in Ponyville.” I smile warmly to myself as I recall those wonderful memories we had together. “You were the first one to offer me your home, even though I couldn't properly fly yet. You were the one to show me the joys of flight despite my struggling fear of heights. You were the one who took care of me when I was sick, and I was glad to return the favor when you caught my illness. You’ve done so much for me and more, that I don’t think I’ll be able to make it up to you in full return. I know that I’ve lied to you about my initial appearance, but the one thing that will never be a lie is my true feelings for you! And that’s why I came here tonight! To tell you what I should have told you at the Gala this evening! What I really wanted to say to you… is that I love you, Rainbow Dash!” After finally admitting the truth, I finally catch Rainbow off-guard as she stares at me with wide-eyed surprise and perhaps a rosy blush on her cheeks.

“Yes, I was to going to tell you on how much I love you, and how much you matter to me so much! But all that changed when Twilight Sparkle informed me that she found a way back to my homeworld. I was so focused on wanting to tell you about my personal feelings tonight, that I completely forgot about on how Twilight was going to help me get back home. I was so disarrayed from this unexpected news, that I figured that it was pointless tell you about my affection for you! And I handled that very poorly when I was saying my goodbyes to you, but more importantly, I was a complete fool for not realizing on how much I’ve hurt you after that, and for that, I am so, so sorry, Rainbow!” I wrap it up sobbingly. “I’ve never intend to break your heart like that, but I was too stubborn and selfish for not foreseeing the grief that I’ve caused against you!”

As I shed a few tears, I look at Rainbow Dash once more to see if she’ll finally be able to forgive me. However, to my disappointment, I only see the back of her lowered head. Seeing this heart-stricken gesture, I know now when to cut my losses. “Well, thank you for taking the time to listen to me.” I say to her as I wipe my small tears. “I know I must have sounded really pathetic right now. I guess… I should just take my leave now--”

But before I get up from the bed, I’m pulled by an unforeseen force as my head comes into contact with a cushion of blue fur semi-wrapped in a glittery, silky, purple fabric. With wide, startling eyes, I look up to see a familiar face. I see Rainbow Dash nuzzling on my mane, with her eyes shut tightly as soft tears flow through them. And not only that, but I feel a tight, warm embrace around me as I continue to look at her warm smile. Understanding on what’s going on here, I cry uncontrollably as I immediately return her affection by clingingly wrapping my forelegs around her body. It feels just like the first time she hugged me like this when I was breaking down at my welcoming party. Only this time, this kind of embrace isn’t just to comfort me; it’s also to show me on how much she really cares about me. I continue to break down into blissful tears while we are still locked into each other's forelegs.

“Can you ever forgive me?” I ask her whimperingly.

“I’ve already have, Ford.” she answers sweetly as she pats my mane softly.

Eventually, once our tears have dried up, I lift my head up to gaze into Rainbow’s beautiful, magenta eyes. She smiles dreamily at me, and I smile the same way back. Then, to my surprise, I see her leaning her muzzle towards my own. I have a good feeling that I know what she’s about to do. And although I’m excited for what’s to come, I know that I’m not out of the woods just yet.

“Wait, Rainbow!” I interrupt her as I raise my hoof between our lips. “Before you do anything that you might regret later, I think it’s time that I tell you the truth first!”

“You don’t have to do that for me, Mustang.” she sympathizes with me. “If your secret is that important to you, I understand, and I won’t force you into revealing it for me.”

“No, Rainbow!” I dismiss it steadfastly. “I need to do this! I’ve already put you in enough turmoil from keeping secrets to myself, and if I want to make this work between us, then it’s only fair you get to know the real me!”

She nods to my resolve before giving me a bit of space after breaking our hug. As I stare down at the floor, I hesitate as I start to tremble uncontrollably once my fears start to work their way into my aching heart.

“Ford, are you okay?” Rainbow asks out of concern.

“Sorry, Rainbow… I’m just… so scared.” I admit fearfully as I continue to shake like an autumn leaf. As I struggle with myself, I feel something resting on my hoof as it surprisingly calms down my nerves. Inspecting my grasped hoof, I see it another hoof belong to Rainbow Dash, who smiles warmly at me.

“It’s alright, Ford.” she assures me tenderly. “I’ll be here for you no matter what.”

“Promise?” I inquire softly.

“Pinkie Promise.” she grins at my while going through the usual motions of a Pinkie Promise.

“Okay, here it goes…” I say to her with relaxing smile before taking a heavy sigh and beginning my story. “First off, what do you know about humans?”


And so from there, I tell Rainbow Dash just about everything there is to know about me when I was a human. I told her where I lived, what kind of life I’ve led, what were my hopes and dreams as an artist, and what were some of my interests that I partook in. Astonishingly, Rainbow Dash is silent the whole time as I was speaking to her. Never did she interrupt me, nor ask me questions right away. She just listens attentively with a very stoic expression. Eventually, I’ve decided that it’s for the best that I tell her the truth about the My Little Pony cartoon that’s connected with this world I’m in now. Although I did decide to leave out some of the details regarding with the fanfiction craze; I figure it would be best to not mention them at all. I know that there might be some risk in revealing something so obscured, but for Rainbow Dash, she is well worth it. After my explanation of the cartoon, Rainbow is still very silent as she takes the time to gather up her thoughts before speaking to me.

“So, let me get this straight, Ford… you’re a human… from another world called ‘Earth.’”


“And on ‘Earth’, there’s a cartoon called ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’, where it stars Twilight, myself, and the rest our friends as main characters for this show.”


“And it’s gotten so popular, that not only is there a huge fan service dedicated towards us, but despite the fact that it was intended as a show for girls, a lot of those fans happened to be an older, male audience who called themselves ‘Bronies.’”


“And you happened to be one of them.”

“Well, I don’t usually like to address myself like that, but… yes.”

“Wow… that sounds…” Strange? Weird? Deplorable? Overwhelming?

“…AWESOME!” she surprisingly shouts in unbridled joy.

“WHAAAAAAAT?!” I yell out loud in perplexity after taking a brief moment to comprehend on what she just said to me.

“I can’t believe we’re the stars of a hit TV show on another world!” Rainbow continues to glee ecstatically with an exciting grin. “This is so cool!”

“Rainbow, you’re scaring me.” I say to her with a twinge of fear. “You’re taking this all way too well.”

“Oh come on, Ford!” she chuckles grinningly. “Can’t I just enjoy my moment in the spotlight? Wait, this show doesn’t record everything we do, does it?!” Rainbow asks worryingly.

“No no no! Of course not!” I reassure her hastily. “This is a kids’ show! Not some sick reality TV show! Well… more or less.”

“Oh, thank Celestia!” she sighs in relief.

“Then… you don’t have a problem with me being a fan of some fictional show based off your actual adventures?” I ask her cautiously.

“Not at all! It’s no different from me being a fan of the Wonderbolts or Daring Do, is it? Although, the title of this show does sound a bit too… girly for my tastes.”

“Yeah, that’s what my initial reaction was before being hooked on it.” We take a moment to share a brief laugh together at the agreement over the distasteful title. Once that is over, I feel more comfortable and relaxed now that Rainbow Dash seems to have accepted me.

“So… does that mean you still like me?” I ask her.

“No, silly… I don’t like you.” she giggles with a smile. I ponder in confusion over this contradictive sentence, but then I feel her soft hoof on my cheek as she directs my attention to her mesmerizing eyes and her gorgeous smile as she devotedly says to me, “I love you.”

My heart must have skipped a beat when she said that to me. Then, my cardiovascular organ pumps like mad as I try to figure out what my next move should be from here. I’m certain that this is the right moment for me to just go for it. As I slowly lean closer to her face, I see her mimicking my subtle movement. I then see her closing her eyes and I do the same. With my instincts guiding me, my lips finally make first contact as I’m finally sharing my first kiss with Rainbow Dash!

It’s everything that I have ever imagined and more! Our lips pressed against each other’s gently, yet I can feel the raw passion from this heartwarming affection she’s giving to me! I’m lost in the vast sea of love as it feels like time itself has frozen before us! As we continue our tender kiss, I get to sample the taste of her sweet lips! She tastes… so refreshing! It makes me think of morning dew during a sunrise setting, or the cool, fresh springs of some exotic location! It was this kind of cool sensation that I never want it to leave from me! As we slowly separate our first kiss, time starts to flow again as we gaze into each others’ eyes lovingly.

“Wow.” She grins dreamily.

“Yeah… wow.” I agree with a dazed smile.

We sigh in content as we pull each other into another affectionate embrace. She nuzzles into my chest while I rest my head on her nicely brushed mane as I stroke her soft, exposed back. As I gently caress her smooth coat, Rainbow quietly purrs to herself like an adorable kitten getting the attention she deserves.

“So, Ford… can you tell me which one is your favorite character from the show?” she asks with an all-knowing grin.

“As if you need to ask!” I chuckle heartily while I continue to stroke her back.

“Then humor me!” she goads at me. “Tell me what she’s like! Describe her for me!”

“Well let’s see…” I ponder for a bit as I tap my chin with a free hoof. “She’s a blue-coated Pegasus with rainbow-colored hair just like you, who’s courageous, daring, athletic, awesome, and above all else, loyal.”

“Mmm… Go on…” Rainbow eggs me on with a self-absorbed grin as she moans at my affectionate petting of her.

“Of course, she’s also hotheaded, impatience, stubborn, extremely egotistical…” I knowingly tease her with a smirk.

“Alright, alright. I get it.” she responds grumpily.

“…and she’s quite beautiful.” I say to her sincerely.

She stares at me in surprise at my latest compliment as she blushes intensely. “I’m… b-b-beautiful?” she stammers in disbelief.

“Oh yes… very beautiful.” I coo to her tenderly as I brush some of her hair with my hoof.

She smiles a little at my kind gesture before turning her head away from mine as her smile starts to fade away. “Ford… I-I appreciate the compliment…” says Rainbow Dash as she nervously fiddles with her flowing hair that’s laid across her shoulder. “…but I know that I’m nowhere near as beautiful as the rest of the girls in town like Fluttershy or Rarity.”

“Why would you say that to yourself?” I ask in skepticism.

“I’ve… never cared much about fixing up my mane or applying any that makeup stuff.” she admits faintheartedly to herself. “It would just get in the way when I perform my stunts out there. That’s why I wanted Rarity to make this dress special for me, so that I can show you that I can be just as pretty as any other girl when I need to be.”

“Rainbow Dash… you didn’t need do that for me.” I say to her with a sincere smile as I direct her attention towards me with a gentle fore hoof. “Don’t get me wrong. You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress, but you didn’t need that to show me just how truly beautiful you are already! Besides, in my opinion, too much makeup would just unnecessarily cover up that radiant beauty of yours.” I see her breaking into a lovely smile again after acknowledging her beauty.

“And I know I was just teasing about you being hotheaded and arrogant.” I continue with my uplifting speech for her. “But you know what? I like all those characteristics too! I like how expressive you are when you speak your mind out loud! I like how cool you act whenever you boast about your latest aerodynamic accomplishment! Those are some of the characteristics that I don’t have, and yet surprisingly, what I look up to as well! I love you, Rainbow Dash! I love everything that makes you who you are to this day, and I don’t want you to change one bit for me!”

She is completely stunned by my affectionate words for her. Rainbow struggles on what to say in return for my kindhearted sincerity. After being lost for words, she expresses herself better through action as she surprisingly lunges at me for another kiss. This time, the second kiss is rougher than the first, but nevertheless, I welcome it endearingly. I feel her tongue exploring the insides of my mouth as it tries to maintain domination over my own tongue. I try to put up a good fight with hers, but I’m too drawn in with that deep kiss she’s giving me. Suddenly, she breaks up our kiss as she looks at me with hungry eyes and an appealing smile on her face, and before I even know it, she says something to me with such anticipation upon which I never would have expected so quickly from her!

“You. Me. Bed. Now.”


After an immeasurable amount of time, we were just finishing up our very first, passionate lovemaking as we lay in bed together. While an exhaustive Rainbow Dash hugs closely onto my naked chest, I enjoyably stroke her slightly messy hair. As I lie awake in her bed, I begin to reflect all that has happened here tonight. Everything is going so perfectly for me, and yet, I feel that there’s only one thing I need to make sure of before I come to my final decision, which could change my life forever!

“Hey Rainbow?” I coo to her softly.

“Mm-hmm?” she responds in a near-sleepy state.

“Why do you love me?”

“Why do you even need to ask?” She asks bewilderedly as she opens her eyes for me.

“I mean… what is that makes me so special to you compared to the rest out there? I’m just a stranger in these lands, and I still don’t even have my own Cutie Mark! Sigh… sometimes, I feel like that I just don’t deserve to be with you at all--.” Quickly, she diverts me from my moping by bopping me right on the forehead.

“Ow!” I groan as I rub my slightly sore head. "Geez! What was that for?!”

“Are you still going on about that?!” she chastises me with conviction. “So what if you still haven’t found your Cutie Mark yet! So what if you’re from another world! Those petty things don’t matter to me! You have a lot of things that I admire about you! You’re kind, gentle, caring, hardworking, and very humble towards others! But you know what I really love about you? You’re always there for me in so many ways!” she affirms with a blushing, recollective smile. “You were there when I needed somepony to cheer for my awesomeness! You were there for me when I needed somepony to fly with! You were there for me when I need somepony to read along with! You were there for me when I was really sick, and you actually took good care of me! And just recently, you were there for me when I needed somepony to see me just as an attractive mare! If anything else, your loyalty matches that with my own! I love you, Ford Mustang, and don’t you ever forget that!”

I feel a single tear running down on my cheek as I beam brightly at her expressive devotion towards me. Without hesitation, I pull her in for another tender hug as I wrap my forelegs tightly around her, never wanting to let her go no matter what.

“Thank you, Rainbow Dash.” I say to her with immense gratitude for her affection for me. “I really needed to hear that.” At last, I am certain on what my ultimate decision is going to be! One in which I will go all the way as long as I have her at my side! After loosening my grip a bit, I come face to face with Rainbow Dash to announce my resolve.

“I’ve decided!” I say with determination.

“Decided on what exactly?” Rainbow asks perplexingly.

“I’ve decided to stay here in Ponyville!” I confirm happily.

“Like… for a little while longer?” she inquires hopefully.

“I was thinking more like forever actually!” I answer grinningly.

“R-really?!” she gasps in startling surprise by my decision. “But I thought you really wanted to go home as soon as possible! Surely you must have missed it an awful lot by now, right?!”

“You're right, I do miss it. I’ve missed a whole lot of things back home. But there’s only one thing that Earth will never have compared to what I’ve already found here in Equestria.”

“And what’s that, Ford?” she says puzzlingly.

“It wouldn’t have you, of course.” I answer with tender sincerity. Rainbow smiles very warmly towards my response.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is this…” I press onward as I gently grasp hooves with my beloved mare next to me. “Rainbow Dash, will you be my marefriend?”

From this huge step I’m making for both of us, Rainbow Dash takes the time to comprehend this improvised proposal I’ve made to her. Fortunately enough, I know what her answer is going to be as I see her eyes getting watery once more and an endearing smile emerging on her face. And before long, she dives in for another deep kiss, and this time, I am well-prepared to return it in full force.

Once we take a moment to catch our breath from that kiss, she finally answers to me with an affectionate grin, “I thought you would’ve never asked!”

After one last gentle peck on the lips, we finally succumb to our overdue slumber as we continue to be in each other’s embrace for the rest of this magical night of ours.

“I love you, Rainbow.” I smilingly whisper at her.

“I love you too, Ford.” she whispers back at me as sleep takes hold of her.

As I drift off into dreamland, I take one moment to myself upon reflecting this memorable night we’ve shared together. If I were to describe how all this went for me, it would just be in three little words:


Chapter 26 – A Brand New Day

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Chapter 26 – A Brand New Day

With the sunlight beaming down on my face, I gradually wake up with a warm, satisfying smile on my face. Despite the fact Rainbow Dash and I slept very late last night as well as how exhausting our late-night “activities” were, I feel as refreshed as ever, like I just had the best sleep of my life. After a good stretch of my fore legs, I look around my surroundings. Beyond the foot of the bed are most of our Gala clothes scattered across the floor. Heh, Rarity wouldn’t like that if she knew we weren’t taking good care of the clothes she made for us. On my right, is the framed picture I’ve made for Rainbow for her birthday last week sitting on a dresser drawer. I’m quite surprised she didn’t break it in frustration after all the heartache I put her through last night. Maybe I did hold a special place in her heart even before I finally confessed my feelings for her.

And to my left, I see my new marefriend, who’s soundly asleep as she bears a blissful, dreamy smile on her face. I’m so thankful that this wasn’t all just some cruel dream to me! I’m about to rest my eyes a bit longer so I can snuggle some more with the girl of my dreams, but then, I get a marvelous idea to myself as I figure I should take this opportunity to pull off a romantic cliché I always want to try: breakfast in bed!

Excitedly, I’m about to spring out of bed so I can get started on our special meal together, but suddenly, I feel a strong pull on my left fore hoof. Turning my head, I see an agitated Rainbow gripping my hoof while she’s still sleeping.

“Mmm… don’t go.” she mumbles troublingly through her sleep. “Stay with me.” I smile lovingly at her continuous affection for me, so I lean forward, gently brush a little of her mane out of the way, and kiss her softly right on her forehead.

“Don’t worry, Rainbow.” I cooingly whisper to her. “I’m not going anywhere. I promise.”

With my sweet words reaching her subconscious, she shows a relaxing, pleasant smile once more as her vice grip finally lets me go for the moment. With her back into her peaceful sleep, I swiftly and quietly fly out of her room to prepare our breakfast.

In the kitchen, I scurry around on what I can use to make around here as part of our breakfast this morning. I look through the cupboards, the pantry, and the refrigerator to verify my resources until at last I come up with a plan. Not sure as to figure out what’s her favorite breakfast item, I decide to go with the basics: scrambled eggs, toast with jelly and butter set aside, an improvised, mixed fruit salad, a couple glasses of orange juice, and my personal favorite, blueberry pancakes (I hope she likes them too) with a small pitcher of maple syrup. And thankfully, my cooking skills haven’t gone rusty thanks to Granny Smith for letting me help out in the kitchen every now and then. After half-an-hour of cooking, my bountiful banquet is all set on a large carrying tray as I giddily flutter back to her room to awake my sleeping beauty.

Once I’m back inside the bedroom, I sigh happily to myself as I see that Rainbow Dash is still resting soundly in her bed. I’ve made it just in time to wake her. Setting the tray on the nightstand momentarily, I crawl on top of her like a graceful cat walking by himself before waking her up with a morning kiss on the lips. I am about to part away considering that I figure that would be enough to awake her by now, but then, I feel her forelegs tugging around my neck as I’m pulled back in for a longer making-out session. I moan slightly in bliss at her return of affection as we finally part lips to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“Good morning, angel.” I greet to her tenderly.

“Morning, Mustang.” she responds sweetly with a soft giggle for the nickname I’ve given to her.

“I hope you didn’t mind, but I’ve made some breakfast for you.”

“D’aww, that’s really sweet of you!” she comments affectionately on my sweet gesture. “You didn’t have to do that for me, Ford.”

“You’re right, I didn’t have to, but I really wanted to.” And that earns me a quick peck on the cheek from my contented marefriend. “Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I’ve made this morning.” I say to her as I bring the tray of food onto her lap.

“Wow! You’ve made all this by yourself?!” she gasps in amazement as she stares at the feast I’ve prepared for us.

“Well… considering how many calories we must have burned off during our passionate night together…” I remark smoothly as I slide back in bed as close to her as possible. “…I figure a good, hearty breakfast might be a good way to start our day together.”

“Boy, you sure know your way to a mare’s heart, don’t ya?” she says grinningly as she slides the tray right between our laps. “Anyway, this all looks delicious! Let’s eat already!” Rainbow licks her lips as she rubs her hooves in glee over this bountiful meal we’re sharing.

After seeing Rainbow Dash taking her first bite of my scrambled eggs, I grin with pride as I am rewarded with a squealing smile from her delightful satisfaction over my prepared meal. We eat in contented silence together for quite some time afterwards.

“So, Ford… what’s the plan so far?” she asks me in the midst of our half-finished breakfast.

“Well, first off…” I say to her. “…I’m going to see Princess Twilight this morning so I can convince her to let me stay here permanently.”

Rainbow suddenly pauses from eating as she ponders on something before speaking up hesitantly, “Do you think… Twi and the other princesses will allow you to stay here forever?”

I smile over her concern for me as I respond to her assuringly, “I think we’re giving our princesses, especially Twilight, far too little credit on how reasonable they can be towards their subjects, let alone their friends for that matter. I’m sure it will all work out just fine. And if worse comes to worse, I’ll still stand by my resolve for as long as I have you by my side!”

“Well, what kind of Element of Loyalty would I be if I won’t be willing to do the same for you?” she smiles back as she lays a reassuring hoof on my own. This time, it’s my turn to award her with peck on her cheek. After that, we reassume over the remainder of our breakfast.

“Mmm! These pancakes are so good!” she compliments ecstatically as she munches over the stack contentedly. “How did you know that blueberries are my favorite?”

“Umm… lucky guess?” I answer with an awkward grin. She chuckles at my awkwardness before kissing me with her maple-flavored lips. Mmmm… never thought she could taste any sweeter than before!

“Well, you certainly hit the jackpot on that one!” she grins before finishing the last bites of her food as I too am finished with mine. “Thanks again for breakfast, Ford! Where did you learn to cook like that?”

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking even when I was a human back on Earth.” I answer as I lift the tray off our laps. “But as a pony, I’ve managed to rework on my skills whenever I was helping out with the Apple Family in the kitchen.”

“I guess being trained under the Apples must have really paid off!” she chuckles with a smile as I am about leave the room with our empty tray. “Maybe you should just live with me so that we can cook and eat together!”

Before exiting the room, I immediately pause in mid-air after hearing Rainbow Dash saying that. I wasn’t sure if she was just joking or if she was actually serious.

“Wait, say that again?” I flabbergast as I turn around to look directly at her with wide eyes.

“I-I mean… if you really want to move in with me, that’s fine by me of course!” Rainbow stammers greatly with an uncontrollable blush. “I’ve got plenty of room to spare! Plus, I’ve already invited you over to my house once before! But if you’re not ready yet since you’re already well situated with Applejack’s family, I can completely understand that! I just figure since… we kinda in a relationship together, and you can fly right into my house anytime you want, I was just thinking that we… You know what? It was dumb of me to suggest that to you! I’m probably just approaching all of this way too fast like usual! Maybe you should just forget what I said earlier and--!”

As she rambles about the proposition on me moving in with her, I smile broadly on this unexpected opportunity she’s offering to me. I couldn’t contain my excitement any further. I quickly set the tray aside, and immediately rush over towards the bed as I give the flustered Pegasus mare the biggest kiss I can offer on this fine morning of ours. Her rambling lips are silenced instantly as she tenses up to my sudden affection, but ultimately, she moans relaxingly at this unexpected embrace as her pressed lips break into a satisfying smile while her fore hooves drape over my backside.

Once I finish my kiss, I say to her blissfully, “Rainbow, there’s nothing I would love more than to cook for you, to share the same bed together, and to wake up in your tender hooves each and everyday!”


After finishing our breakfast and such, I make my way to Canterlot where I join up with Princess Twilight in her room for some morning tea. There, I tell her about what happened last night between me and Rainbow Dash, well… leaving out the explicit details of course. Eventually, I come to end of my story as I wrap it up from here.

“…and so you see, Twilight, I don’t want to return back to Earth. I’m far too happy with being here in Equestria, and more importantly, I fell in love with Rainbow Dash, and she loves me as well. So I’m asking you… no, I’m begging you, princess!” I determinedly plead to Twilight as I get down on all knees before her. “Please don’t send me back home! I don’t think I can bear it to myself if I never get to see Rainbow ever again!”

She stares at me speechlessly as I look at her with pleading eyes. After a moment of silence, she breaks out of her stunned trance as she finally speaks to me, “Oh, Ford, you must have been mistaken by what I said last night! I wasn’t planning on forcing you back to your homeworld! I only wish to discuss this more with you!”

“…What?” I respond in quiet disbelief.

“You see…” she continues. “…while I did perfect this inter-dimensional spell, there is a downside to that. From my research, I have discovered that your world doesn’t have any source of magic like what we have here in Equestria. Basically, this spell is a one-way ticket; if I send you back to Earth, then there is no way for you to come back to Equestria without any kind of magical aid from us. That’s why I wanted to discuss this with you first, so that you can be absolutely sure on your final decision before I cast it.”

“Then… does that mean…?”

“Yes, Ford!” she says with an approving smile. “You can stay here in Equestria for as long as you like!”

It takes awhile for me to accept this joyful news, but eventually, I increasingly break into a wide smile as I without hesitation get down on all four knees and kiss her fore hooves repeatedly. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” I say to her with extreme gratitude as I continue my groveling.

“Okaaay.” Twilight responds uncomfortably. “That’s enough, please.”

I stop at her command as I gradually stand up before her. “Sorry, it’s just that… I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear you say that for me! Thank you, princess!”

“You’re welcome, Ford Mustang.” she smiles sincerely.

“Do you think… the other princesses would mind me staying here as well?” I ask gingerly.

“Not at all, Ford! You’ll be more than welcomed here and treated equally just like the rest of us!”

“I’m sorry that you did all that research for nothing, Twilight.” I apologize to her. “I only wished that I’ve come up with my decision sooner.”

“Don’t be!” she surprisingly responds with a gleeful smile. “In fact, I’ve quite enjoy it a lot while discovering another world! It’s quite a contrast compared to our world in so many ways! I was deeply fascinated with how advanced you humans are when it comes to your technology! Phones, televisions, video games, music players, computers! The list goes on and on!” I begin to smile a little when I see just how excited she is over the discoveries of my world.

“And I’m especially intrigued when I discovered a popular cartoon series featuring magical, talking ponies!” But then, my smile drops instantly as I fear on what Twilight is referring too.

“In fact…” Twilight continues with an all-knowing grin while rubbing her chin. “…these six main ponies from the show kind of look and sound just like me and my friends! And their adventures are quite similar to ours! Why, they even share the same names as us! What was it called again… ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ or something like that?” I remain motionless as I frantically shift my eyes around while keeping my mouth shut.

“You won’t happen to know anything about that, would you?” she asks grinningly.

“I… might have come by it ever once in a while.” I give my answer timidly.

“It’s okay, Ford.” Twilight reassures me with a gentle smile. “You don’t need to hide it any longer.”

I smile in relief as I say to her, “You’re surprisingly taking all of this too well, princess.”

“Why do you say that?” she puzzles at me.

“I mean… aren’t you supposed to be freaking out by now upon this startling revelation?!”

“Ford, I hang with out with Pinkie Pie while dealing with all of her constant shenanigans and randomness on a daily basis.” Twilight smirks at me. “Considering with what I have learned when it comes to finally accepting her Pinkie Senses for what it is, a cartoon show based on our universe isn’t going to going to cause me to go through another mental breakdown. Besides, I’m a princess, and I must learn to act like one when handling these kinds of things in life!”

“Plus…” she adds. “…it’s not like the show is a hundred percent accurate.”

“How so, princess?” I raise an eyebrow curiously.

“Well for one thing, we don’t spontaneously sing random, musical numbers right on cue.”

Oh, thank God! I think contentedly to myself.

“Also, Princess Luna didn’t appear as her younger self after being free from her Nightmare Moon persona. It was just a pilot episode, and they haven’t confirmed the final design for her character yet. All those ‘animation errors’ and misuse of continuity don’t relate to anything with our history or with our lives.” I nod my head as Twilight’s analysis starts to make sense to me.

“And for its featured film, ‘Equestria Girls’ was it…?” she continues her statement.


“Yeah… that never happened.” she confirms while shaking her head.

“Heh, figures!” I mutter to myself.

“My point being…” she reaches her conclusion. “…is that no matter what the show depicts in their next episode or what we do in our own lives, neither of our actions would have any consequences between our two worlds!”

“Then… all this time… I was worried for nothing?”

“Pretty much.”

“Wow… that’s… kind of anticlimactic.” I admit with a chuckling smile.

“Are you disappointed by this?” she asks puzzlingly.

“Not in the slightest.” I confirm with a smirk.

“You know, when I first arrived here…” I reflect on this with an amusing smile. “…I’ve been really worried on whether I’ve been dreaming all this time or not! Even now, after all that has happened to me recently, I still find it hard to believe that all this is so real to me!”

“Well… I can think of a way to put those worries to rest.” she grins at me.

“Oh, really?” I smirk at her. “And how do you plan on doing that--? OW! OW! OWW!” I yelp repeatedly in pain as I feel an orb of Twilight’s magical aura pinching my cheek harshly.

“There, does that hurt?” she asks me after her magic vanishes from my face.

“Yes, of course it hurts!” I confirm sharply as I rub my poor, sore cheek with a hoof. “What did you do that for?!”

“Good, you acknowledge pain!” she glees with a smile that borders right between innocence and deviousness. “You wouldn’t feel that if you were dreaming just now, would you?”

I pause briefly after Twilight once again proves her point before I answer with a chuckling grin, “No… I guess not.”

“Then that settles that!” she says with a prideful smile.

“Well… not quite everything just yet.”

“What else is there?”

“I still haven’t figured out on how I got here from Earth to Equestria, and why I’ve been turned into Pegasus Pony as well.”

“Oh yeah. We still have a mystery on our hooves, huh?” Twilight contemplates while rubbing the back of her head. “Well… I may not be able to tell you on how you got here, but I can at least theorize on how you’ve been transformed into a pony. You see, compared to our two universes, each of them has their own cosmic sets of rules ranging in physics, genetics, and sometimes even magic. Your human genetic makeover must have been so complex to our universe, that when you jumped from one dimension to another, the magic in our world must have reconfigured your genetic structure into a more suitable form.”

“Okay, but why was I transformed into a Pegasus instead something else like an Earth Pony or a Unicorn?”

“Maybe this world’s magic must have answered some of your preferences subconsciously such as favorite colors, lifestyle, or perhaps a secret desire upon which you never would have experienced back on Earth.”

For my favorite color, it’s definitely blue, which shows on my coat, eyes, and mane. But as for secret desires, usually, my biggest desire is to be some kind of superhero. Since flying is a traditional superpower, perhaps that's why I became a Pegasus. But then, I start to think about Rainbow Dash. How I’ve always admire her heroism and her immense freedom of flight. Maybe… that was it all along; to be just like her.

“The only thing I can be certain is that no great amount of magical properties happened here around the time of your arrival. So, there’s no connection that may link to your mysterious appearance. Other than that, I’m sorry I can’t provide all the answers for you.” Twilight wraps up regretfully.

“That’s okay, Twilight.” I say to her with a reassuring smile. “Some of life’s mysteries are just best left unsolved I guess.

“In that case, why don’t we head over to the Golden Oaks Library? I hear from Pinkie Pie that there’s a special party going on down there to celebrate the newest couple in Ponyville!”

“Really?” I smile sarcastically. “Who could that be?”

She giggles smilingly before responding, “Well let’s go and find out!”

“Wait!” I stop her before we take our leave. “There’s something I want to ask first!”

“What is it, Ford?”

“Instead of another life form…” I ask curiously. “…can your inter-dimensional spell send something inanimate, like a piece of paper for example?”

“Of course!”

“And with this spell, you can send it to any specific location, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct!”

“Well… in that case, may I send something else in my place instead?”

“I think I can do that! What would you like for me to send?”

“A long-overdue letter… to my family.”


It’s been three long months since my stay in Equestria. By now, my parents must been having a depressing time after my sudden departure. Since I plan to stay here with Rainbow Dash and the others, I figure that the best thing I can do for my folks is to tell them that I’m alive and well, and more importantly, I’ve found love. Of course, I don’t want to reveal everything, considering it would too hard for them to believe that I’m in a world of talking, magical ponies. So for this letter that Twilight is nice enough to send for me, I can only pray that my final words will give my family some peace and comfort over my mysterious disappearance.

After finishing up the letter, Princess Twilight, her number-one assistant, Spike, and I pick up Rainbow Dash before we head off towards Ponyville’s library where Pinkie Pie and the rest of our friends throw Rainbow and I a party to celebrate our new relationship. There, I decide to tell the others about the fact that I was human and to tell them what kind of world I came from. I am a bit worried by their initial reaction, but those fears are put to rest as all of them give their full support for me.

Before we left for the party, I asked Twilight if it’s safe to inform our friends about the otherworldly cartoon show about them. She said to me it may not be best to tell them that due to some of the reactions we might come to expect. Most notably, we didn’t want to scare dear Fluttershy if she constantly fears over an immense group of anonymous fans watching her every move from another world. I agree with Twilight and so did Rainbow Dash before we enter the library. And thankfully, nopony questions me about that.

At the party, I start to think about Hindel, the dragon I’ve encountered a couple months ago. Considering that it was some of his wisdom that helped guide me where I am today, I haven’t thought of a proper way of thanking him for that. Seeing Spike, I get an idea as I ask him what his favorite kind of jewels he likes to eat. The little, purple dragon ponders about this, but then he informs me that his favorite kind is usually sapphire. After getting the info I needed, I ask Rarity if she knows where I can find sapphires. Luckily enough, she has plenty of sapphires back at her shop she can spare for me. After the delightful party, Rarity leads me back to her Carousel Boutique as we prepare my cargo.


“Hindel! Hindel, are you in there?!” I call out to him in the once-familiar cavern as I carry a harness on my back which is balanced with two buckets worth of sapphire gems. Can’t believe I’m able to remember this location after so many weeks since our fateful encounter.

Then, I hear a thunderous yawn from the awakened, golden dragon before saying to me, “Ahh… once again, my sleep has been disturbed by an unwanted guest.”

“Hindel, it’s me, Ford Mustang!”

“Yes, yes. I know it was you. What brings you to my chambers so unexpectedly?”

“Well… I haven’t had to chance to properly thank you since the last time we met, so I brought some sapphires for you, as a token of my appreciation!” I smile at him as I unload the buckets on the ground next to his ginormous bed of coins and jewelry.

“You didn’t need to do that for me, little pony.” Hindel says to me with a gentle smile. “I have plenty of food here to last me for another century.” Then, I see his large claw reaching for my gift as he dumps the blue jewel shards onto his other claw. “However… I do appreciate the exquisite flavors of these tasty jewels you’ve brought for me, so thank you for your kind generosity, Ford Mustang.” he says with graditude as he eats his favorable gems.

“You’re welcome, Hindel! Actually, that’s not the only reason why I’m here to see you.”

“Oh?” the blind dragon responds nonchalantly as he munches on his snack.

“I thought I should let you know that I’ve decided to stay here… indefinitely!” I announce happily.

He pauses momentarily before he breaks into a toothy grin and says to me, “I see that you’ve made the right decision for yourself then.”

“You knew what my choice was going to be all along, didn’t you?” I inquire with a smirk.

“Well… I may have foreseen that happening…” he all-knowingly smirks at me. “…but not everything is set in stone, little one. The choice will always be yours, Ford Mustang, and no one else’s.”

“In any case, I don’t hold any regrets from here!”

“Then I’m glad to hear that from you.” He smiles at me as he finishes his appetizing meal before reassuming his sleeping position with his back facing at me.

“Say Hindel…” I ask timidly


“Do you think… we can be friends?”

He tilts his head with his enlarged frilled ear facing to my hesitant voice. Then, he turns his head away from me as he answers casually, “I don’t see the harm in that. It’s been a very long time since I had someone to talk to. Sure, why not? Feel free to drop by anytime. Just… be a little quieter next time, will you?”

“I’ll try my best!” I chuckle a bit before making my exit out of his cave. “See you next time, Hindel!”

“And it doesn’t hurt to bring in more jewels every now and then!” he calls out to me before going back to his usual napping.


Late in the afternoon, I go back to Sweet Apple Acres to pick up what’s left of my stuff and packed it all up in my saddlebags. Once my bags are all set, I meet with the Apple Family outside on the front porch to say my goodbyes to them before taking my leave to Rainbow Dash’s house.

“So, you and RD have finally got into the swing of things, huh?” Applejack asks of me.

“Yep.” I respond happily as I strap my saddlebags onto my back. “Rainbow offers me a chance to move in with her, so I want to take this opportunity to see where our relationship goes from here. She’s also going to help me get a job as a weather pony here in Ponyville. It might be nice to make good use of my capabilities as a Pegasus now that I’m staying here for good.”

“Well, Ah’m very happy for ya, Ford!” AJ comments with a pleased smile. “Ah’m sure you and Rainbow are gonna get along just fine!” Applejack then gives me a big hug before Applebloom approaches me with a cute, pouty expression.

“Will we ever see you again, Ford?” Applebloom pleadingly asks of me.

“Don’t worry, Applebloom.” I reassure her with a soft smile. “I’ll still come by every once in a while in case you need an extra hoof around here. I’ll even stop by on the weekends.” Satisfied, the little filly gallops to me before hugging my foreleg tightly. I gently pat her red mane before she reluctantly lets me go.

“Take care, Ford.” Big Macintosh says to me as he extends a hoof towards me.

I shake his hoof with my own as I reply back, “Thanks. You too, Big Mac.”

Next up, I lower myself to Granny Smith’s stature, and I gently hug the kind, elderly mare as she hugs me. “Here, sweetie.” Granny says to me kindly as she places something on my fore hoof. “Something to help ya along the way.” I gasp in surprise as I stare at Granny’s gift for me: a bag containing some jangling coins for me! There must be less than a hundred bits in there.

“Granny, I… I can’t accept this!” I try to dismiss her gift politely to the sweet Apple matriarch. "This is way too generous for you to give me something like that!” Of course, like all grandparents, they won’t take no for an answer when it comes to giving their gifts.

“Well, there’s no harm in spoilin’ yer own kin every now and then, now is there?” she winks at me with a smile. I stare blankly at Granny Smith for her choice of words. She considers me as one of her kin?

“Sugarcube…” Applejack grabs my attention gently. “…when Ah said to you on Cider Season that you’ll always have a special place with us as a member of our family, Ah really meant that! You’re a part of our family, and family always looks out for each other! So don’t be a stranger in these here parts, ya got that?”

I… I couldn’t contain myself any further as I start to break into soft tears. I weep joyfully over the Apples’ touching affection for me. As I wipe my tearful eyes, I say to them tenderly, “Well… since you’re my family now… can I… get a group hug?” Without any need for words, the Apples pull me in the center as they embrace warmly in this heartfelt moment we’re sharing together.

After we gradually end our group hug, Applejack says to me with a smile, “Y’all come back now, ya hear?”

“I will! And thank you for everything!” I wave goodbye to them before taking off to my new residence.


As fast as possible, I finally reach Rainbow Dash’s floating mansion. As I land on the front entrance, I stare at the door for a brief moment. I couldn’t believe all that has happened to me since last night! I’ve confessed to the mare of my dreams, we’ve spent the night together, and now I’m moving into her home... our home! Life has been very good to me recently, and I have a good feeling that it’s just getting started!

After a deep, contented sigh, I open the door as I am greeted with the lovely presence of my marefriend. As she turns around to see, I greet to her warmly, “Hi, Rainbow. I’m home.”

She smiles at me before floating up to me and giving me a nice, welcoming kiss. “Welcome home, Mustang.” Rainbow says to me lovingly.

My heart flutters at her affectionate greeting before I respond to her with a endearing smile, “Thanks.”

Epilogue – One Month Later…

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Epilogue – One Month Later…

Dear Princess Twilight Sparkle,

I am happy to announce that on this afternoon, Rainbow Dash has finally become an official Wonderbolt! And if you ask me, it’s about time too! You should have seen her, Twilight! She was absolutely flawless! The Wonderbolts who were judging her, including Spitfire & Soarin, just couldn’t get enough of her after her demonstrated performance! Anyway, I’m terribly sorry that you couldn’t be there to see it yourself, but don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it once Pinkie Pie sets up the party tomorrow afternoon in honor of Rainbow Dash’s most commendable achievement. Just don’t tell her about it though; it’s a surprise!

After her acceptance into the team, we went out for dinner to celebrate. Over our meals, Rainbow’s been pretty worried on how her schedule as a Wonderbolt might put some distance in our relationship. I couldn’t tell you how touched I was for her to be so considerate of me, so I reassured her to not worry about that as we can work this out eventually. We only have two weeks to ourselves before Rainbow Dash begins her first day as a Wonderbolt, so we’re definitely going to make the most of it!

As for me, I’m doing really well! My new job as a weather pony is quite exhilarating and I’m progressing really fast thanks to Rainbow as my supervisor of course! In fact, I’ve completed my schedules so fast and efficient, that I’m allow to take my leaves earlier than usual, which means more time to spend with my marefriend! Even though she completes her routines much faster than I do, she still sticks around to wait for me or to help me out with what’s left. She’s so sweet! It’s going to be kind of sad for me and the rest of the weather ponies to say ours goodbyes to her, but I know that they'll be just as proud of her as I am.

Now, I suppose as a princess you want to hear what I’ve learned from all that has happened to me since my arrival in Equestria. Well, I guess what I’ve learned is that you don’t need a Cutie Mark to prove anything to yourself or to others. I used to think that it’s essential to have one in order to not only fit in amongst the herd, but also to prove your worth in life with whatever talents you have. But as time went on, I’ve learned to accept myself for who I am and for what I have, including my artistry, my good friends, and more importantly, my very own special somepony, Rainbow Dash, who was the first to accept and love me for who I am to this very day. I’ve never been happier in all of my life, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything else in this world or the next, not even for a Cutie Mark!

Well, that’s all from me, Princess! See you tomorrow afternoon for Rainbow Dash’s surprise party!

Your Humble Friend,

Ford Mustang


“Ford, where are you?!” I hear Rainbow Dash calling out to me upstairs. “I’m almost done here!”

“Coming!” I call back to her from the living room as I neatly roll up the letter.

Then, I wrap the scroll with an enchanted ribbon containing Twilight’s name and address. Since we don’t have a specific baby dragon at our disposal, Twilight was kind enough to give us these magical ribbons and seals that can teleport our letters in an instant. Once Twilight’s letter is all set, I place the seal onto the ribbon to activate the enchantment's triggering mechanism. Soon enough, the floating letter glows with a magical aura, and then, it vanishes in a puff of glittering smoke.

After the letter’s disappearing act, I eagerly make my way through the hallway to enter the bedroom. I pass by the enclosed bathroom along the way, where Rainbow Dash in still inside preparing her "special surprise." Once I’m inside the bedroom, I enthusiastically sit at the foot of the bed as I could hardly contain my anticipation any further.

“Okay! I’m here!” I joyfully shout out to the bathroom across from me.

“Awesome!” her voice rings out from bathroom’s enclosed door. “So about giving me a little intro to my stunning appearance, will ya?”

I chuckle a bit before replying back with a smile, “If you insist… Ahem…”

“Fillies and gentlecolts!” I proclaim while impersonating a traditional announcer. “It is with great pleasure and privilege that I introduce you to this season’s newest Wonderbolt! The coolest, fastest, most daring, most amazing, most awesome--!”

“Don’t forget 'most radical!'” Rainbow interrupts my exaggerative performance.

“Hey, who’s doing the introduction here, me or you?!” I retort at her.

“Fine, fine! Carry on!”

“Now where was I? Ah, yes… most radical mare you will ever meet in all of Equestria! Give it up for RAINBOW DAAAAASH!

Making her grand entrance outside the bathroom, Rainbow Dash steps forward into our bedroom as she shows off for the first time in her newly tailored Wonderbolt uniform, including the official goggles resting on her head! I like it that way; it allows me to continuously gaze at those mesmerizing, magenta eyes of hers. And of course, Rainbow does her boastful and surprisingly sexy pose as she looks at me with her bedroom eyes.

I stare at her speechlessly as I’m not sure what to say first. Of course, my body instinctively has a way of expressing that for me…


Following my throbbing wings’ cue, I simply say to myself with an approving smile, “Swag!”

“I take it you like what you see?” she asks me with a smug grin as she pulls off another pose in front of me.

“‘Like it?’” I smirk back at her. “Rainbow Dash, I’m never going to keep my mind off of you if you keep strutting around in your uniform like that again!”

She giggles like a schoofilly as she happily jumps onto my lap while showering me with a multitude of kisses. “I still can’t believe that I’m finally a Wonderbolt!” she glees ecstatically. "Everything is happening so fast!”

I recline on the bed as Rainbow continues to nestle on my bare chest. Suddenly, her snuggling comes to a stop as I look at her face for a minute. To my surprise, she looks sad all of a sudden as she lays her head on my chest.

“Maybe…too fast.” she mutters quietly to herself.

“What do you mean, Rainbow?” I puzzle at her reaction.

“I mean, we’ve just started our relationship a month ago, and now… now I have to leave you. And honestly… I really don’t want to go. I want to stay here… with you.” she admits halfheartedly.

I stroke her mane gently as I kiss her forehead to get her attention for me. “Rainbow, I know that you’re worried about all of this.” I tenderly comfort her. “But cheer up! The days will go by quickly and you’ll be back in my welcoming arms in no time!”

“I think you mean ‘hooves’, Mustang.” she chuckles with a small smile.

“Right… sorry.” I say embarrassingly. “I’m usually more careful about that.” Rainbow giggles a bit more as she starts to relax in my embrace.

“Anyway, if you like…” I continue. “…I can always send a letter to you each and every day.”

She quickly lifts her head up as she stares at me with wide eyes. “You’ll do that… for me?” she asks surprisingly with a small, hopeful smile.

“Cross my heart! Hope to fly! Stick a cupcake in my eye!” I promise to her as I go through the motions of a Pinkie Promise.

“But… I don’t know if I’ll have time to reply back for each letter you send.” She admits timidly.

“I’m okay with that!” I reassure her. “Just as long as you don’t mind how boring my letters could be!”

She shows a bright smile and responds to me, “Of course I won’t! Besides, as long as they’re from you, they’ll never be boring for me to read! Actually, if I recall correctly, the Wonderbolts should be able to get free guess passes for most of the shows we tour in! Maybe you can stop by and see me in action!”

“For you, I wouldn’t miss it for anything! But you see? No matter how far the distance is between us, we can make this work, together!” I look into her majestic eyes as I grasp her fore hoof tenderly.

“Why do you gotta say the sappiest things to me?” she grins at me.

“Because you love it and you know it.” I tease her with a cocky smile.

“True.” She nods grinningly before giving me a soft peck on the cheek.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay by yourself, Ford?” she asks me. “For one of the major tours, I might not see you within a month.”

“Hey, I’ve waited this long for a chance at love. What’s a few months going to do to hurt me now?” I answer with a shrug.

“I wish there’s way for me to return the favor by helping you out with your dream as an artist someday.”

“But you did help me with my dream, Rainbow. You’ve helped achieve a new dream for me.”

“Oh, and which dream is that?” she inquires with an all-knowing grin.

“The one where I hope to spend with somepony special for the rest of my life!” I answer determinedly.

With a contented smile, Rainbow gives me a soft, passionate kiss as I embrace her closely with my tender hooves wrapped around her. We hold on to that kiss for quite some time before we gradually part lips as we gaze affectionately into each others’ eyes.

“I love you, my big, strong Mustang.”

“And I love you, my beautiful, blue angel.”


Sequel – The Epic Quest of Ford Mustang

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The Epic Quest of Ford Mustang

It's been over a year since the Arrival of Ford Mustang, a former human being from Earth, now a full-fledged Pegasus in Ponyville, and things have been going really well with him and Rainbow Dash ever since they became a couple nearly a year ago. With their one-year anniversary coming up, Ford decides it's time to pop the question and ask Rainbow for her hoof in marriage. However, an unknown force of darkness rises from the shadowy depths of the earth and achieves his ultimate plan that can not only seal the fate of Equestria, but for the rest of the world as well.

Now, without the aid of the Princesses and the Elements of Harmony, it's up to Ford Mustang and his elderly dragon friend, Hindel, to set things right and stop this monstrous tyrant once and for all. But is Ford up to the daunting task at hand? What kind of allies will he run into along the way? And what is Hindel's connection with vengeful pony from long ago? Stay tuned for the continuing adventures of Ford Mustang!